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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 July 2014
Hi, I bought this tablet 2-weeks ago and have some 1st impressions albeit after only 2 weeks of use. I am a very experienced computer and tablet user and it is from this perspective that this brief review comes.

I have given this tablet 5 stars as I really can't justify dropping any when considering the price of this
tablet, it's apparent build quality and it's ability to perform the function/s that an owner of this machine
is led to expect from the seller's description of it's capabilities.

So, my initial experience of this tablet is as follows:
*****value for money - excellent, this is a very capable machine for a very affordable price.

*****build quality - very good and definitely beyond what might be considered adequate, this
tablet isn't 'flashy', has no notable ergonomic features or fancy materials such as a non-slip
casing but is smart and feels substantial in use. All buttons and sockets work perfectly and are
easy to access.

*****capabilities - excellent, this machine simply worked straight out of the box and off the charger.
Everything has worked first time for me on this beauty. The consequence of this is that the new
or inexperienced user is very unlikely to face any of those problems due to incompatibilities and
instability that can quickly totally wreck any enjoyment, confidence and productivity that
may have been anticipated.

This machine is very slick, very fast, very reliable, very stable and a pleasure to use.

A couple of words of advice if you're new to tablet PCs.......

1) Give it a reasonable amount of charge straight out of the box - this is a little difficult when
you have just run out of the house and greeted the post/delivery man as though he's your
long-lost best friend, snatched it from his grasp and ripped the packaging to shreds in
the excitement of the arrival! (at least this is what usually happens when I get a new gadget...).
Give it at least a couple of hours to start with. When using it for the first 2 or 3 times try to let the battery
run right out then give it a long (about 4-6 hours should do it) charge to 100%. If you do this every couple
of weeks you will get optimum battery life and performance.
2) Make the very first thing you do after turning on the (tablet's) WiFi and connecting to your network, the addition
of your Google account to the tablet. This is in my experience a very helpful thing to ensure the correct
working of applications without frustrating problems. This really will be beneficial - don't start with anything
else, get this done and you'll probably never look back.

Oh yes, the screen is to my eyes very nice indeed and has plenty of resolution and clarity for everyday use.

I know this is a very brief and a touch insubstantial review but I haven't had it long and can only give my
opinion on this basis. I'll try to update this review with another after a month or so.

I hope this has helped a little bit. My parting advice to anyone considering this tablet is simply to
purchase one as soon as you can as you will not regret it - it really is a cracking piece of kit for
an excellent price that does what you expect and want it to! I love it!
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on 15 April 2014
First things first - this is not an iPad or Kindle Fire so don't expect the best screen in the world. Also do not expect the same rugged feel as a top of the range tablet. Putting that aside this is outstanding as a device in it's price range. on the subject of the screen this is more of a widescreen (landscape mode for video) shaped product than page shaped (portrait mode for reading) device. It works either way but it does seem more suited to video when compared to a kindle which seems better suited to reading A4 pages.

It is fast. Fast boot ups, fast browsing, fast applications. It's fast. OK. Got that? Great. Screen resolution is accurate and finger input is accurate as well. Battery life seems pretty good. I have not caned it on a HD movie stream yet but having watched some BBC iPlayer content and still had a whole day of battery left (or two days light usage) then that's more than enough. More than my phone can do.

I am not a gamer but have tried a driving game (using the tablet as a steering wheel) and that was great fun and all worked as expected. So if you have kids and they want to play then as long as they are not heavy handed then this will do the trick. There seems to be millions of games out there so you will not get bored. Really really want a decent email client though. All the usual apps are there though (Facebook, BBC, Office, email clients, Twitter, loads of little utilities etc. etc.) so you should find what you need.

i tend to buy the latest 'thing' when it comes out and then throw it away when a newer one comes along. For once unless something absolutely amazing comes along then I cannot see the point. This is a good little tablet. Just remember to download everything you want before you leave the house as there is no 3g/4g option.

I have added extra memory out of habit but I can't see that it really needs it unless you absolutely want to load it with films. I have an adventure cam on the front of my bike and copied the footage to this device and watching it back was really great.

So if you want a good tablet for occasional use and you do not want to pay silly money for it then buy this one. It's great. The customer service is good as well. First time EVER that I have had active engagement with a vendor between placing the order and it arriving. Can't fault that!
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on 18 July 2014
I've been using this tablet for about six weeks now and feel ready to give it a review now it's been put through it's paces.

I bought it primarily to use for email, browsing and also to be able to read legal documents without having to lug bundles of papers around with me. It does all of these well.

No issues with the set up on the tablet, wifi connects well in a crowded home wifi network and holds signal and the built in email clients link to my accounts easily. I installed Opera as a browser, as that's what I use on my phone. I can't comment on the supplied browser, though.

I've not tested the battery to the point of it going completely flat, but after about 2.5 hours of heavy screen use, using Adobe Acrobat to review and mark up some documents, it was showing about 40%. I guess 3 - 3.5 hours will take the battery from fully charged to flat, which is OK for me.

Output via the mini HMDI works fine - it's simply plug and play,

The documentation supplied is limited and for some users might be a real down-side. This isn't the first tablet or Android product I've owned, so familiarity certainly helps here, not only with usage but also simply in knowing what Apps I want to install. I think the documentation would be enough to get a relative novice started, but I would be less sure that a first time tablet/ smartphone user would be in the same boat.

The only glitch I found (which turned out to be my fault) is that the 32GB of on board memory is shown as two separate 16GB cache - an internal memory and a 16GB internal SD card. I thought for about half an hour I'd been shipped the wrong unit with only 16GB, but reading the system screen in more detail explained the situation. The retailer responded quickly to my query on the memory and on this small test, after sales support seems good. Other reviewers post similar experiences.

microSd card slot and the USB host both work well. USB host is a nice feature – the tablet comes supplied with a micro-standard USB cable and the tablet can use USB drives connected over the cable.

It can be charged from one of the microUSB ports or from the supplied charger and the round-pin charging socket. In theory, you could charge it up while using both USB ports, but I'm not sure how likely this would have been in practice. It would have been nice if the charger came with leads for round pin and USB charging to give a bit more flexibility. I've only used the charger a couple of times, the rest of the time I use the USB, either leeching from a laptop or with a USB charger for a phone. This works fine and charging doesn't seem to take any longer

I was able to have a couple of days with this tablet side by side with a Samsung 10.1 Pro. So, is the Samsung worth the extra £175? The Samsung screen is higher resolution and visibly sharper and the Samsung feels better built, is slightly lighter and has a slimmer casing. This one isn't a brick, though. The rear view picture on Amazon does it no favours, making it look thicker than it is. The plastics on the case are good quality, but there is a just a little more "give" in the build than I found with the Samsung, which had a real feel of very high quality. At the price, though, it should.

The trade off between this and the Samsung comes down to the screen. If you're going to make heavy use of the screen, for photo or video editing or even if you don't have any other screens and the tablet is going to be the only way you watch movies, iPlayer etc., then you might want to look for a dearer tablet with higher resolution. For me, that would be the only reason. There's nothing wrong with the build quality, the speed, functionality and – for my purposes – the screen of this tablet. £175 is a big premium to pay for a brand name product. For about £100 it’s difficult to find fault with this.

Beware of cheap imitations? Beware of expensive ones more like.
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on 18 August 2014
I have had this tablet now for about 3 weeks and what can I say, it does everything I want it to and it does it very well. I should point out though that I'm not a heavy user on many applications all the time so I didn't want to fork out a huge amount on something that I wasn't going to get the full benefit from.
Saying that, I use it every day and have only met with one tiny niggle that remains unexplained to me. The niggle was that after a couple of weeks I turned it on and the pad had reset itself to default, as if I had just unpacked it from the box again, all my apps and settings had disappeared. Now as I didn't have much on it at that point it wasn't a huge chore getting it back again but still, I hope it doesn't happen again later on down the road. (Not sure if I didn't do something on boot up that made it reset, lol)
The screen is alright for what it is, though it's like the old flat screen TV's and doesn't have a great viewing angle as if moved too far the screen will fade out or polarize, other than that the screen display is great and the touch sensitivity is bang on, not too sensitive like others I've tried and not unresponsive either, they seem to have the balance just right.
The sound isn't very loud on a lot of apps even on full, but then I didn't buy it as a boom box or music player so I assume headphones would sort out that tiny issue.
Oh, and Netflix works flawlessly first time on the pre installed app.
All in all I love this tablet, it's fast, no glitches or freezes as yet apart from that once. I'm very very pleased with it and as a new guy to the world of tablets I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who isn't a complete tech head and wants a quick and easy step up into the world of pads. The price for what you get is just amazing too when compared to others out there.
So, buy it! :)
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on 5 December 2015
For £85 which the price was roughly including postage, I think this is very good value for money.

I will start off with the bad things about this product.

The build quality is quite solid but definitely not the best.
The screen gets scratched far to easily. It is some kind of plastic that is very poor in comparison to a tablet I have had before. I bought some fusion5 screen protectors and even they get scratched far too easily. I will just have to accept this as a downside. I tend to use this tablet with a mouse and keyboard now anyway and avoid touching the screen.
The display is definitely pretty poor. Th resolution is a bit to low even for this price. My old 7 Fusion5 tablet had a resolution that suited its screen size better and that was £39. The text while browsing is a bit grainy but for my eyes, still very easy to read.
This is now what a lot of people would have returned the tablet for. The screen seems to shimmer quite a lot in one specific area. This is whenever a small amount of pressure is put on the back of the screen. I think this is a one off but is doesn't bother me as I pretty much never use it out of my keyboard case now. It is fine when in that.
Another disadvantage is both the audio and the headphone socket. I expected the audio to be poor but I really expected it to be louder that is is. It is really quiet. I never use it though. I use headphones the whole time when I want sound. I am into my audio quality and the headphone socket seems to sound really really thin. The bass is very weak compared to pretty much every other device I have plugged my headphones into. That quality of that sound isn't that bad, it just doesn't sound correct. Maybe it is something to do with Android. I'm not sure.

No GPS. My previous fusion5 tablet has this but didn't have enough space to install any app that would work with it due to its hopeless 1.1gb of built in storage. I didn't even think that there would be a chance that it wouldn't have it since this was twice the price. This is a bit of a disappointment.

Others have said this too. The viewing angles are very poor indeed. So poor in fact that I have actually put the tablet into my keyborad case upside down! Looking down on it from slightly above seems to be the best position. It can look pretty good but only from a very limited range of angles. It being upside down hasn't really affected anything as it has just flipped everything around to the correct position.

This next issue doesn't bother me much but it will bother others. In a room with very bright light or outside on a sunny day, the screen brightness is pretty poor. One of my previous tablets was much worse than this so it isn't that bad. I think I have just been a bit let down by that fact that my previous fusion tablet that was £39 had a much clearer and brighter display that was pretty good outside.

Now to the advantages.

This tablet is extremely quick and responsive. Although I hardly use the touch screen, when I have, it is very responsive compared to my previous 2 tablets. no delay between touching something and the tabled responding. The speed when browsing is pretty impressive too. This is one of the strong points about this tablet. If it wasn't for the browsing speed, it would easily loose one star. Another advantage is the pin charging port. I really wish more devices had this. It seems to charge quite a bit faster than USB even if you use a 2A USB charger. It gives you the option of charging it quickly while you are transferring data or using the port for something else.
I also really like the fact that it has 2 micro USB ports. My old tablet had 1 full size USB port. I would like it even more if this tablet had one too to replace the micro HOST port. Even so, they are still very good. I have my £6.99 10.1 keyboard case plugged into one of them and a wireless mouse in the other, I now have what is pretty much a laptop. As I said. even with these connected, I can still charge my tablet via the pin charger. I actually use a portable USB charger and this cable to charge it.

I then don't need to have it plugged into a wall. I use pretty every port on the tablet. The mini HDMI is very good too for when I plug it into my TV or monitor.

Yet another advantage is the amount of storage space. 32gb is pretty generous for the price of the tablet. Others did mention this. the storage isn't all in one place. It is instead 2 lots of 16gb. Only one of the 2 lots of 16gb storage seems to be able to store videos. The other works fine for apps you install and still gives you a lot of space.

This really surprised me. It works with 64gb micro SD cards. I have a Lexar one. It said it would work with a max of 32gb. I have now got a few apps and well over 50gb of videos. However, it is pretty slow as putting stuff onto the card through the tablet. I tend to take it out and use a USB 3 micro SD card reader and put stuff on that way.
I am now wondering if there is a chance it could work with 128gb cards. The issue there is that the price for that storage is still far to high so that isn't worth trying.

Another thing this tablet does well is playing videos. It seems to make poor quality videos look a bit better than they are somehow. Maybe it up scales them a little. It even runs well with 1080p videos. This is when the screen does look its best. You do notice something sometimes though. When on a bright background You can sometimes see the pixels a little to easily. As they look pretty large, this shows that the screen is a low resolution. (1024*600)

Wi-fi range is good compared to one of my older tablets. Once it is connected, it rarely drops of when moving around from room to room.

Overall, I think this is a really good tablet for the money. It won't be comparable to Samsung tablets and the like but then that are a whole lot more expensive though. One think I recon though, I don't think they will have 2 USB posts plus a separate port for charging. So few products seem to have this and it is only my 2 fusion 5 tablets that I have that have as many ports as this.

Great tablet.
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on 4 May 2015
Having looked into getting onto the tablet bandwagon, i wanted to see what would be a decent one to get but wasn't too expensive. One of my work colleague owns a fusion5 tablet (an old model) since 2012 and he influenced me in purchasing this new tablet.

The whole process was handled really well, the item arrived very quickly, on initial inspection the tablet was perfect for what i wanted and the set up was easy. This model is fusion5's latest addition. This tablet is an excellent value for money and glad I purchased it. Thanks John, I owe you one!!

My only negitives were the power lead is too short and when you attach it to the tablet it only goes in halfway (this isn't just this model though as my wife has a Samsung and her's is the same) and being very thing it will be easily damaged.
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on 30 March 2014
For the price this is a great tablet. Dispatched very quickly. And i have found fusion very helpful when i asked question about this tablet. Works great through the LG TV with the Hdmi cable, super picture.
Would recommend this tablets to every body, for the price a great buy.
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on 31 May 2014
Received the tablet 2 days after ordering, 1st class seller. It came in excellent packaging inside the manufacturers boxing. The tablet is thinner than my previous one which makes handling very easy. It has a white back cover which gives an overall good appearance. The wireless connection is excellent and overall the unit is 1st class. Would have no hesitation in recommending this unit.
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on 24 June 2014
Bought this asa a first tablet a couple of weeks ago, mainly for watching TV/Films, internet surfing and games etc whilst away from home. I must say that it's been an excellent buy. Internet access is fast, movie playback is very good and it can very easily be connected to a TV using the HDMI port, game playing is also very good (although I'm not a gamer by any measure). Some people cautioned me about the screen resolution, but I have no issues with this - the playback is sharp and smooth. Battery lasts a resonable amount of time, I'm charging it every few days when not using it intensively. Overall, it's been a great buy.
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on 24 June 2015
Writing this after a week of owning, I am very impressed with this tablet. Boot time is quick (better than my Nexus 7 2nd Gen), the screen quality is very good (admittedly the viewing angles are a tad narrow horizontally and vertically - but not as noticeable side to side however watch the preloaded video "straight on" and you will be amazed at the quality of the picture. I've watched a few DVD rips that I have loaded on a separate 32Gb micro SD card (recognised straight away) and the picture quality is almost on a par with the £200+ Nexus 7. Have yet to try the HDMI output.

Sound seems good, really very good through headphones.

Good to see a limited amount of preloaded "bloatware" on the tablet - easy access to Google Play to download apps.

The Android OS would seem to be a couple of iterations behind the one resident on my Nexus 7, however that is no bad thing - the version installed on this tablet is (in my experience) more robust and less "glitchy" than the updated version I have on the Nexus - so I don't plan to update it if I can avoid it !

In summary, I was a tad sceptical about all the positive reviews, however I need not have worried - this tablet performs better than its price belies and I would not hesitate to buy one again.
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