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on 31 October 2014
I bought this to work with my Dell Laptop (M3600) and existing Dell P2412U monitor. With three displays running simultaneously I'm maybe pushing the capabilities a bit.

The monitor itself looks good, appearance matches the 24 inch monitor and has a similar tilt / swivel/ pivot stand, once i'd worked out how to link it up and select the mini-display port input it works fine. It comes with Dell display manager software, which allows the 4k screen to be divided up into regions.Seems to work well.

All criticisms are therefore general to any 4k monitor:
With Windows 7 you have to have the Display scaling the same for all monitors, so if you make the text big enough on the 4k one its clumsy on the others.I understand this is fixed from 8.1
As others have noticed the refresh rate is limited to 30Hz, not a problem for me but may be an issue for gamers.
I also found that running CAD software a lot of activity on the big screen caused weird artefacts on the others - I suspect I'm pushing things a bit far.
In general i found that 4k was rather too fine resolution or this size of display, I suspect an intermediate setting (maybe 2560 x 1440 but my driver doesn't support this) would be better.
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on 2 July 2014
In order to be used at its higher resolution ranges, the refresh rate has to be at 30hz, which is very hard on the eyes and was giving me a headache. I was forced to reduce it to the recommended, mid range resolution (with a refresh rate of 60Hz), which is nothing remarkable, making it just an expensive ordinary, albeit large, monitor. Colours are also not great. I use a Spyder 3 colour calibration tool and three separate monitors on the same system (including this one), and while I can get the other two to match exactly, the Dell is always too purple. It's not bad by any means, but side by side with my Wacom Cintique and an older Dell, it isn't great.

Overall, it's not bad, and it's the cheapest 4K monitor around, but I wouldn't recommend it as it falls short of its promise.
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on 10 August 2015
From my past experience with monitors, I would class myself as your average joe middle of the road type person when it comes to experience, knowledge etc..

I found this monitor below par for me, I felt it was simply unusable at 30Hz refresh rate and the 4K didn't offer a noticeable difference from stepping up from a standard 1080p monitor at 60Hz for example.

I think I speak for most by saying that we take the 60Hz refresh rate for granted and almost de-facto nowadays and it seemed as though Dell wanted to jump on the 4K market with the cheapest possible monitor they could build without considering the user experience of this monitor.

There is the option on Windows I believe to use 60Hz refresh rate and a lower resolution but I did not find this near as good as just using a standard monitor anyway.

I wouldn't particularly recommend this monitor simply for the refresh rate alone. I'm probably the general user as mentioned above, designer and gamer.

I did try this with the Xbox One and funnily enough in preset mode "Game" it seemed to perform about average and I noticed that playing in 4k made a big difference in the gaming aspect.
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on 10 July 2014
I received the monitor today, so will give a fair review.
Looks good, stand it excellent.
You get a Mini Display Port cable and a HDMI.
Once connected to the Display Port my Windows 8 operating system picked up the drivers and changed the resolution to 3840 x 2160
Input lag was noticed instantly, mouse moves sluggishly and sometimes unresponsive, on speaking to dell its lag is 200ms and cant be fixed with firmware.
The biggest let down the maximum 30hz it runs at, I was led to believe that it would deliver 60hz on Display Port, but it does not.
This is very noticable even playing Blizzards Hearthstone, imagine what it would be like on Crysis 3 etc....

I strongly recommend you do not buy this, as you will be disappointed.
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on 26 February 2015
White balance on this unit is off the charts. I had to use windows to reduce gamma output to zero as there are no controls for gamma on the monitor itself.
Once calibrated it became usable, but white is still too white. Almost as looking through the fog. For 2D and CAD work is OK, but mouse is lagging compared to 60Hz second monitor.
If you want the best-est quality out-of-the-box - don't buy it. If you are on the budget and can live with monitor that is slow-ish and too bright, then go ahead. I would not recommend this to a friend or relative. Maybe to an enemy to see them suffer as I did through calibration process.
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on 26 December 2014
If you are interested in using this for gaming DO NOT BUY IT!!!

The input lag (The time it takes for you to move your mouse in real life, and it to then move on the screen) is HUGE. I have a £1200 gaming rig and this screen ruined it, returned it the day I got it, simply not suitable for gamers DO NOT IGNORE THIS IT REALLY ISN'T!
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on 15 December 2014
I take posting negative reviews very seriously but this monitor is unusable, plain and simple.

Mac pro fully kitted attached to it, 64gb ram, dual radeon 700s, octocore - and this screen refresh slower than my olivetti back in the 90's.

Yes, the image quality is amazing, but what good is it when you can't even move the mouse across the screen without at least 200ms lag? Everything feels sluggish and even writing a word document quickly becomes an exercise in frustration. I can't believe Dell is even selling this.
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on 13 November 2014
I'm a programmer - not a gamer. I also use this monitor with Linux (haven't got a machine with Window$ to try it with). For me there are no issues. I've been using it for over four months now and cannot complain at all. It is the best monitor I've ever had.

To be able to get as much information on the screen as I am able is fantastic. Refresh rate is not a problem at all (even under overhead fluorescents) as I don't play games on it. Have not experienced any mouse lag; I did wonder whether that was to be an issue after reading some reviews but certainly under Linux it is not a problem......mouse is responsive and quick.

Overall, for programming and web dev. it is brilliant!
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on 18 October 2015
ok after reading the poor reviews for this monitor i would like to thank the neg ones for that reason the price probable more than halved if like me you need a monitor to view movies and normal desktop work get one now i paid £210 new with a 3 year warranty excellent picture quality running with mini display lead my card nvidia quadro 600 got of ebay £28 great pic quality if wanted it for games i would give it a miss but plays the free windows stuff fine
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on 18 July 2015
Seriously good monitor for the price. Something these cheaper IPS monitors do suffer from is having a poor viewing angle but I've got a £1000 Dell U3014 next to it and it is otherwise identical in most respects. This is a very decent monitor for a great price, and being widescreen plus having a tilt function means this is amazing for viewing pages since portrait mode is best suited for documents and web pages.
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