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on 3 October 2014
Can't belive how thin this tv is and yet still have very clear sound. !!!!! Picture is lovely and also the tv is so light to pick up compared to my old Panasonic. The only reason we bought a new TV was so we could put old tv in our caravan which we have just bought in cornwall. Wish I'd gone for the 39in instead as it could have fitted in fine but still very pleased with it.
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on 16 May 2014
We have gone from an old cathode ray Sony massive beast of a Telly to this one. Quite a change indeed. First impressions are very good.

1. Setup, really easy, took all necessary software updates from the go, and put a few apps on. Plugged in the HDMI cable, ethernet lead, tv aerial, composite video (for the Wii) and all ready to go in minutes.

2. Picture - very impressed. I have held off on LED tvs as they seemed to be a bit shadowy and not as good as old fashioned tvs. not any more. the HD channels in particular, on freeview, and from my humax freesat box all look very good.

3. Sound - the TV sound itself is fine for us but not stellar, I was not expecting that to be brilliant. What is good though is being able to feed optical surround sound from the tv to the surround sound system we have, and because that is also Panasonic the volume syncs so you don't need to change remotes, nice! Movies over freeview through the surround sound kick a nice 5.1 surround sound out, maybe not as bassy as a DVD, and also the volume has to be really pushed up to be right, so remember to turn the volume down again before you switch to a DVD!

4. Apps - This was suprisingly good. We don't have superfast broadband and our previous attempts at iplayer on the humax or wii have been dire, and youtube on the laptop leaves a bit to be desired. On the Panasonic Youtube, iplayer, and now our netflix trial all work fine, no buffering. I guess the technology has moved on a bit and somehow these things stream better. HD videos of cycle stunt riders on youtube never looked so good! I do use eurosport player on the laptop from time to time, I get the crowd pass for some months of the year, May in particular for the Giro d'Italia cycle race. Unfortunately this APP on the Panasonic is dreadful. It stops and starts all the time and then goes black, and does not recover. This does not happen at the same time of day when the same thing works fine on a laptop and netflix/youtube etc all work fine on the Panasonic at the same time of day. So assuming Eurosport have not got a very reliable App there so raised a support call with them.

Any down sides? There should be more HDMI ports, 2 is not going to be enough for the future. There is bound to be another device we want to plug in soon. Also why is there no SD card part. The thing I like on other Panasonic TVs I have seen is being able to put an SD card in from your Panasonic video camera and play videos straight from there, nice an neat but sadly missing from this TV. One final minor gripe is the Home button and the up arrow are too close together, I keep pressing home when I am half way through typing in a search on youtube, ARGH!

Overall. Could not be happier with it. I could have got a 42" but its simply too big for the space we have, so 32" is just fine and has really improved our enjoyment of vision and sound in out living room. Hard to believe that these things now come so cheap compared to a few years ago.
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on 4 September 2014
Early days but so far and we love this TV especially that we can watch Youtube as a family in the living room. However one fairly minor issue is with the TV speakers which at times, especially with deeper tones of bass, annoyingly vibrate and buzz. We did not though feel this problem severe enough for us to return the set as everthing else about it seems in excellent order! Instead after much research I puchased, again off Amazon, these USB powered speakers:
Krator 2.1 Multimedia Stereo Home Cinema Surround Sound Theatre System TV PC Speakers Subwoofer

PROBLEM that Panasonic do not make you aware of! I plugged in the speakers all seemed fine at first with very nice sound, BUT when I turned up the volume (headphone) via remote the volume died. The speakers had lost power, I then tested the USB port with a memory stick as I feared the USB was damaged, the memory stick was not detected. I unplugged the TV and powered on again, thankfully this time the USB was working again. I decided not to risk these speakers again in the TV in case it breaks something again.
I then contacted Panasonic, the lady informed me that under NO CiRCUMSTANCES should USB speakers be used with this TV, I should in fact only use optical or HDMI speakers. I queried why this was not made clear in the Panasonic information sources and she could only apoligise, I stressed that I would complain to Panasonic and post reviews on Amazon to warn unsuspecting customers that these speakers are unsuitable and may break their TV. Quite annoyed about the inconvenience we have been put through and almost felt that Panasonic were fobbing us off.
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on 6 February 2015
Excellent TV. Can lift it with one hand which surprised me! One scart and two HDMI. Only criticism is that there is no ITV player in the app section. I bought this TV because it has the Amazon instant video app and I have not been disappointed. In all a good picture, fast response and fun to use. I just wish I could have afforded a larger size.
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on 15 October 2014
Great. I can finally see the numbers on the footballers' shirts and recognise the Formula one cars from the comfort of my settee, instead of sitting up close to a smaller screen. The picture quality is excellent and the narrow edging to the screen is very smart.
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on 11 December 2014
Nice telly, 32 inch just enough for me before it becomes a show-off in the house. Might try and source a keyboard that would enhance the wifi experience rather than trying with the remote control. Would recommend for the price, good buy.
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on 25 November 2014
I'm on my second one, the courier apparently having handled the first roughly and broken the screen. Unfortunately you don't see the shatter marks or know that it isn't working till you have connected it up. I had taken the old telly down and altered the mountings to suit the new one before I discovered it didn't work. That's a lesson learned, Always connect any device with a flat screen and light it up so you can see any shatter marks before you fit it.

The second one is all connected up and working. It's OK but the picture and sound are not nearly as good as the older Toshiba it replaced. Unfortunately the Toshiba had an intermittent fault which couldn't be located and I didn't want to risk not having telly over Christmas. The picture is rather dark, a quick tinker with the available options din't improve it much. I certainly won't be showing it off and will probably turn it off if we have visitors so they don't tell me how much better the one they have at home is. Can't be arsed sending another one back. My advice is spend a bit more.

It'll do. I like the extra connectivity of this more modern tele, though I find the internet connection is too restricted and clunky to be of any real use.

I'm sorry I didn't spend more and get a better one but it's difficult to pick one from the descriptions given on Amazon and I just got fed up searching for fuller descriptions of other tellys. The information on the types and capabilities of ports given on Amazon is often either sketchy or incomplete.
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on 22 February 2015
I'm extremely happy with this Panasonic model. Thin and lightweight, HD is brilliant and the power consumption is super low. That could be important if you're hoping to keep your energy bills down, or you're using a solar system etc. I watched last year's World Cup tournament on this model. Excellent colour.

The last TV I bought was 2009, and this model was a vast improvement in every way. The technology is getting better all the time.
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on 24 July 2014
Very impressed with this television, great picture quality and very easy to set up. Would recommend.
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on 26 August 2014
For the price an excellent TV. Picture and sound are good and the SMART side is very easy to use.
Just a couple of points the apps available are quite limited, it says catch up TV but in reality this is just BBC iplayer, none of the others like ITV player or 4od are available. Plus it doesn't work with Amazon Prime.
Only other small issue is the layout of the buttons on the control, may be just me but I keep pressing the home button instead of the up arrow to go through the menus.
Overall though I find it to be good quality, the setup was easy and for the price I am really not complaining.
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