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262 of 273 people found the following review helpful
on 24 February 2013
This product arrived last week and I have purchased it to get me through the Glastonbury Festival in the summer.

I have been running an experiment on my iPhone 4 since last Monday afternoon charging my device with nothing other than than this product and it works a treat. Today (Sunday) was the sixth day and it finally ran out of power.

During the last 6 days I have charged my device 9 times with varying degrees of battery power left in the phone. The table below shows (Start of charge battery %, End of charge battery %, Total charge % & No. of powers bars left on device ranging from 1-4)

38% 99% 61% 4 bars
41% 97% 56% 4 bars
0% 83% 83% 3 bars
17% 97% 80% 3 bars
18% 96% 78% 2 bars
15% 97% 82% 2 bars
32% 95% 63% 1 bar
44% 100% 56% 1 bar
24% 66% 42% 0 bar
Total charge 601%

It took approximately 90 mins to do a full charge.

Overall a very good product and should do me nicely at Glastonbury.
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on 23 November 2014
This is my honest review of EasyAcc® 15000 mAh Powerbank. In this review I will provide you with the things that matters most when we are talking about gadgets - consumer experience.

In the box you get: powerbank, 2 USB to micro USB cables and user manual (read it first!).

Powerbank is quality build and the surface is covered with black rubbery - smooth plastic (similar to Nexus 10 rear side).It's fingerprint friendly (no fingerprints left on the device). On the front side of powerbank, there are 4 USB output ports for charging your devices. On the edge of the smooth plastic surface are four indicators for battery level. Each indicator represents 25 % of power capacity. Using powerbank is very easy, just connect device you want to charge and it will start charging automatically. If for some reason doesn't start to charge, just press the power button. During charging, indicators show you how much battery power is left in portable charger (4 indicators for 75 - 100%, 3 indicators for 50-75 %, 2 for 25-50 % and 1 indicator for 0 -25 % of battery level).

Firstly I fully charged powerbank and then take it to the first test. In this test I evaluated the efficiency ratio of the powerbank. In the first discharging cycle I charged separately : iPhone 5S from 20-100 %, Nexus 10 from 15-100% (airplane mode) and iPad mini Retina from70 - 100% and first generation ipad mini from 50 - 72 %. Both ipads were on airplane mode. After that powerbank ran out of power.
Device battery size:
iPhone 5s: 1570 mAh
Nexus 10: 9000 mAh
ipad mini retina: 6471 mAh
first generation ipad mini: 4490 mAh

80 % of iPhone 5s battery represents 1256 mAh, 85 % of Nexus 10 battery represents 7650 mAh,30 % of ipad mini retina battery represents 1941 mAh and 22 % of first generation ipad mini battery represents 988 mAh. Combining all mAh together, we get 11 835 mAh.

Efficiency ratio for powerbank is 78,9 %. This efficiency ratio is very good, especially if we know that this was only the first fully discharging cycle. Battery will probably be even better after few discharging cycles. I have no complaints over efficiency ratio, on contraryI think it's great.

Even if you aren't charging devices, you know when powerbank is empty. Just press the power button and 1 indicator will start to blink. This means that battery level is below 5% and you can't use it for charging.

Charging time for EasyAcc Powerbank from empty to 100 % was 9.5 hours, using EasyAcc Desktop Charger with 2.4 A output.

In first test I charged devices separately, one by one. There were no overheating problems, actually there wasn't any noticable change in temperature (like it is,when powerbank is off). With the next test, my intention was to evaluate, if there are any overheating problems, when you are charging four devices at the same time. For this test I charged three tablets and a smartphone. It was the same story again.When I was charging four devices at the same time, there wasn't any change in temperature. Powerbank charged all four devices with no problem whatsoever. During test I also noticed that charging speed decreases when we are charging four devices simultaneously. iPhone 5s needed 2h and 10 minutes (30-100%). When I charged just iPhone 5S it took 1h and 40 minutes. For me it's quiet understandable that powerbank will charge with decrease in speed, because it has a lot of capacity to charge from four USB outputs simultaneously.

Conclusion: Overall powerbank is a great device.I recommend this powerbank to anyone who are going on camping for a weekend etc. and don't have access to wall socket. This powerbank will have you covered. I am also very satisfied with effieciency ratio of the device (almost 80% with the first cycle). Many times we buy some powerbanks with huge capacity, but when you charge the devices you get only half of that supposed capacity power. That's not the case with this charger.If you want to stop charging devices for a moment just press power button. When you want to continue charging, press power button again. Would like to see some included pouch for carrying the device.

This product was sent to me by the manufacturer in exchange for fair and unbiased review.
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115 of 123 people found the following review helpful
on 2 October 2013
First off - I apologise if any of this is patronising; it will likely contain points which may be obvious but I feel it's right to raise them to make sure people purchase the right tool for the right job. I purchased this unit to replace a failed Anker 8000mAh unit I purchased last year.

The version I'm reviewing is the 12000mAh version. I can't speak for the other capacities just yet (but I will be ordering one soon).

This unit is great, and it has come in handy all ready. Some points follow which may be good or bad for your usage. Either way, they should be handy if you're considering this...

This thing has so far charged everything I've thrown at it. A 2013 Nexus 7, two Kindles, a HTC One X and an old HTC phone. You get a couple of leads with it and a bunch of converters to make up iPhone/Nokia leads, etc. However, you've probably got a bunch of USB leads lying around that will work just as well.

It charges through its Micro USB port on the side. Personally this was one of the selling points. When I travel I like to carry as little as possible. Most things I take charge off Micro USB, so the lead will not be a problem. Then, I only need to take one USB wall charger.

That's if it needs recharging whilst you're away. I took this to keep phones, tablets and sat-navs fully charged when we were travelling without power. At our destination it had hardly made a dent in its capacity. I dare say that if you were taking a phone on a camping trip it would keep it powered up for your duration.

Beware that - although it charges up over Micro USB - you can't just plug it into your laptop's USB port and fill it up. It will need a decent wall charger and a fair bit of time to fill it up. In fact I think it refuses to charge unless you give it enough juice (not tested fully).

Although this might seem obvious, it's worth pointing out - you need to realise that this thing has the battery capacity of over 8 iPhone 4's. This means that it takes a while to charge (I haven't tested full charge times yet - mine was pretty much full on receipt, and I've kept topping it up since), and it might be a little larger and heavier than you're comfortable with.

This thing is about the size of two HTC One X's on top of each other (so two quite large smart-phones). It's also quite heavy. Whilst it's possible to carry it around with you in a pocket, its bulk makes it more suited for a bag or ruck-sack. Or to keep in a vehicle (although you'd likely have a car-charger). It's not huge by any means, but it is a bit bulky. And it has to be to cram in all of those mAh's!

My previous power pack (8000mAh-ish) was just about practical to carry around in a coat pocket all the time in case of power requirements. Not so with this - when I purchased it, I went for the largest capacity Micro-USB power bank that I could find. Having thought it through, I'm still very glad that I've got it, and it will come in handy, but I will be getting a smaller-capacity version as a carry-about.

In summary, this is a really great unit, but consider the size and weight required to support its capacity. If you want something more portable, you may have to compromise on capacity. If this is the capacity you need, then this is the unit for you. When you then factor in the price, it's a no-brainer.

Fingers crossed for a smaller and lighter breakthrough in battery technology...
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 10 September 2013
I can't really add much more about this product, so no point in doing a full review, as everything has been said already. I purchased this after getting a new phone and tablet and this is much better than getting a spare battery for the phone, as I can use it for various devices now and in a future. There's also no need to remove the phone case the change the battery, which is a huge bonus as I have an Otterbock Defender which is a bit of a pain to remove regularly.

This is a solid piece of kit, especially at the price point. Mine came with a case, which is marginally smaller than it should be, but still protects from scratches and keeps the ports free so you don't need to remove it when you're charging. I just leave mine in my rucksack and forget about it. Although I'd generally use the cables that came with my device, the supplied ones appear to be of reasonable quality, which was a nice touch. The ports with different power ratings are a nice touch, although likely to confuse technophobes a little (although that's not necessarily a bad thing).

This is a really excellent example of a product that is well designed and does what it is supposed to do properly. Due to the various sizes available, I won't go into the charge times much, but my 120000mAh one seems to carry an appropriate charge for the battery.
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on 4 September 2013
Nowadays we have so many gadgets and they all have so much power and so many functions that the chances are that unless you're near a charging outlet often, something will be running flat. Whilst phone batteries are usually in the region of 1500 to 2500 mAh, I wanted something that would charge a few gadgets and something that would do it quickly.

This power pack has a huge capacity of 12000mAh, meaning that in theory, you could charge a mobile phone from empty to full approximately 6 times. In practice, nothing is 100% efficient and when it comes to power packs, the actual capacity is also often less than what is stated. Despite this, I have achieved 5 full charges of my Galaxy S3 from my power pack.

Another thing I like about this is the fact that over time very little capacity is discharged. Whilst it's best to fully charge it before going away to rely on it, if you have forgotten, this power pack seems to hold its charge well.

It charges quickly with USB ports of various Amperages.

I would say that if you're expecting it to be nice and light and small you're in for a surprise but then that's a physical and chemical restraint based on the properties of matter and a matter best discussed somewhere other than an Amazon review.

If you want piece of mind, you can't go wrong with this.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 10 September 2013
I bought this just before a family holiday to France - primarily to make sure the kids Tablet computers were always available should we need to entertain them with a film on the journey, but also to keep the grown ups Phone's and Kindles running too.

I tested it at home and used up the almost full charge it arrived with, charging my Sony Xperia T 4 times and my Kindle Touch once. Charging it up took all day, then on holiday we used it to charge one Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7") once and the Xperia T twice, plus my wife's Galaxy Note once. There was still around a quarter of a charge left in the device.

All in all I'm very impressed.

The only weaknesses are cosmetic - I'd prefer a more durable surface, glossy black is going to get very tatty quickly - especially without a carry case. I'm happy to use my phone charger to charge it up (albeit slowly) - but just adding the recommended charger and case (which doesn't get good reviews anyway) practically doubles the price.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 13 December 2014
I've been wanting to buy one of these for a long time but kept putting it off, now that I've finally got round to buying one I don't know how I managed without it! Great design, slim, compact, portable, lightweight and simple to use. I use it to charge both my Samsung phone and tablet and it normally last around 4-5 charges on average when fully charged. I love how I never have to leave my phone or tablet near a wall socket any more and wait until they're charged before I can use them again, with this I never run out of power and all my devices are with me and ready to use at any time. I wish I had purchased one a lot sooner! If you're thinking of buying one of these then do it without hesitation, you won't regret it at all!

One little thing worth mentioning is that It doesn't come with it's own charger to charge the power bank itself but you can simply use your current phone charge to charge it.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 8 August 2014
Nothing bad to say about this. It feels well made, and seems to do is job without any problems. It comes with its own 2A charger but as it uses a standard micro USB it can be charged just fine from any of the chargers I have, its simply slower from a typical 1A unit intended for a phone. Each of the four outputs has different current rating and seem to be designed for different devices (android/iphone/tablet etc). Three of the four outputs work fine with a number of android phones that i've tried, the phones reporting they are changing from AC and complete in the same length of time that they would from their respective mains chargers. The fourth output is marked as being 0.5A and from that my phones say charging USB and take much longer. This is ecactlly what I woul expect. I've tried two phones at once and they charge as normal simultaneously. I've also tried a few tablets with it. My own Toshiba is horribly picky about it charger and only seems to charge at full rate from its own charger. Sure enough this says USB charging from any of the EasyAcc's four outputs, and consequently is very slow. My partners nexus 7 however charges at full rate from the 2A output. My conclusion from this is that the EasyAcc is fine for charging tablets in general, but that some model may require a specific own brand charger for full speed (God nows why manufacturers make things so awkward). As I haven't got any Apple devices I can't comment on that aspect of its performance. The unit seems to be able to handle several phone charges without going flat, so I would say its quoted 12000mAh capacity seems fair. All in all the unit seems trouble free and reliable and does exactly what's it's supposed to do. A god send when traveling and very reasonably priced. Recommended.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 4 September 2013
I am using the EasyAcc to power a 7-inch Android tablet that lasted about 1 hour on a fully charged internal battery. I need about 3 hours away from a mains charge. Also I need to have the tablet on a table for easy viewing of the tablet screen. A trailing lead from a power socket and mains charger, if one was accessible, would have been dangerous for tripping.

I had to buy a "special" USB power cable to connect the EasyAcc to my tablet power socket. The tablet I have can't be powered through the micro USB socket as is becoming standard on most Android tablets.

The battery capacity is very good. I have played videos and browsed for over 4 hours on one charge of the EasyAcc.
The 4 USB sockets allow several devices to be powered or charged at once.
The 4 LED display is a simple but effective way to show the amount of charge left in the battery.
the Easy Acc can sit on the table next to the tablet.
I don't know how many recharges the EasyAcc will last - all rechargeable batteries eventually fail after a number (hopefully many) recharge cycles.

The battery, quite naturally given its capacity, is relatively heavy. However, it is compact and much more convenient than trying to find a convenient power socket for a mains charger.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 12 May 2013
I owned two similar items and was so happy with them that I decided to purchase the superboy 12k as a gift. Delivery was fast and when it arrived, before wrapping it up I charged it (takes quite long but hey it's 12000 mAh) and tested it with a mobile, a tablet, a psp and a mobile router. The four USB ports sure come in handy when you have so many items that need charging. They all charged well and the 12k mAh is big enough to charge all the items from almost discharged to full charge at least twice. The wide range of adapters included in the pack is great. I kept it for myself and am extremely happy I did (gave one of the other batteries as a gift).
After using it for around a month I still am not able to find any negatives for this item. If really pressed and threatened with a horrible death I would name that when charging an item that does not give feedback whether it is fully charged or not to the superboy, the charger goes into standby and thus does not charge the item. This is because the charger 'knows' when no item is charging off its power and it goes in standby. All three brands of battery chargers had the same issue so the problem is my old mobile...

All in all the Superboy 12k does what it is meant for and it does it great.
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