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on 11 July 2014
The U28D590D (which I'm going to call the 590D from now on) is incredibly easy to set up. The stand is solid and takes up very little space on the desk. You’ll find it a little wobbly if you have a tendency to prod at your monitor, but seems stable.

You can tilt the screen up and down through about 15 degrees but there’s no horizontal rotation except by moving the entire base. You won’t be able to raise or lower the monitor on its stand, nor turn it to portait orientation. There are also no VESA mount holes, so you’ll have to hack together your own solution if you were hoping to wall-mount or use a monitor arm. The screen itself is great non-reflective matte surface.

The monitor comes with a HDMI and a DisplayPort cable. You’ll need to use the DisplayPort if you want to hit the max of 60fps gaming as it uses HDMI 1.4, which is limited to 30Hz (i.e. 30fps)

I did notice a small bit of backlight bleeding at the bottom of the panel. Not enough to annoy me but definitely present. Happily, there are no dead pixels.

For a TN, rather than IPS panel, the colour reproduction is pretty good. Purists will notice a bit of colour distortion around the edges or when you lean left or right. For general gaming, that's perfectly acceptable at this price.

I've not found a good use for the Samsung MagicBright or MagicAngle features.

Most Windows software isn't ready for 4k just yet. Windows itself does a pretty good job of scaling up explorer windows, folders and text but I found plenty of software that won’t go above its 1080p scale, so I have really squint at the monitor to read their text.

Games themselves, however, tend to play quite well. Metro: Last Light, Crysis 3, Sniper Elite 3 and The Witcher 2 all worked fine at 4k. I didn’t notice any lag that would affect my aim, nor ghosting. Colours looked great and the finer details were beautifully sharp. BioShock Infinite had extremely small prompts but still discernible on this 28-inch screen. Dragon Age: Origins, however, had an almost unreadable HUD.

Occasionally, the monitor refuses to turn itself on from standby and AMD’s Catalyst Control Center reports a problem with the link. I’ve found that disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable fixes this every time but still haven’t figured out the root cause.

As long as you’re not photo-editing or doing other tasks that require perfect colour, Samsung’s U28D590D is a sharp, 28-inch 4k monitor at a decent price. The 28 inch screen means you’re not (often) squinting at the screen, while the picture is lovely and clear. If you’re already comfortably running Crossfire/SLI machines or if you don’t mind being limited to 30 frames per second then this could be the 4k monitor for you. However, I don't recommend it PC gamers less experienced with managing their own hardware.
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on 22 August 2014
I have been looking for something that will do my Retina Macbook Pro justice, as the retina display is gorgeous and its dissapointing when you plug in an external display and it doesnt look half as good.

I refuse to pay out 800+ for an Apple Thunderbolt Display so was absolutely delighted when i plugged this in and it instantly gave me that Retina look.

It comes bundled with a HDMI cable (v1.2 i believe) that supports the max resolution, so you do not need to use a mini DisplayPort cable.

Make sure you run the Apple colour calibration program under System Preferences -> Display as it makes a big difference.

The only downsides iv'e found are that it doesn't support VESA mounts, and you cannot adjust the height.

All in all a great monitor at a significantly lower price than the Apple Thunderbolt Display
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on 23 May 2014
Like many of you, I too pre-ordered this monitor on the 2nd April, and was disappointed but not
surprised by the delay in shipping on May 1st. I don't have any connection with Amazon but
feel that this was more likely due to Samsung's speculative shipping dates than anything else. . .
Even Overclockers (who made the statement they would be first with stock to the UK market)
know their initial published date will not see the arrival of this much sort after monitor.

So, having waited since April 2nd, and now having had no futher shipping date announced by Amazon,
I cancelled my order and obtained a Korean direct unit (via Ebay source) . . . and the upshot is. . .
I'm very pleased I did . . . This monitor is truly amazing! 4k in all it's glory is well worth the price
of admission. As for the famed TN issues with vertical shift in colour . .. Samsung have included
in the monitor menu something called 'Samsung MAGIC ANGLE" .. which I have in "Lean back
mode 1". This completely removes the slight amount of vertical shift there was. I was very impressed
and happy with results of that feature .. A very smart move by Samsung. In addition, I very much doubt
that the Amazon units (whenever they do arrive) would be any different from this unit,
no dead pixels, no screen alignment issues, no issues whatsoever.

I'm in the process of putting together a more powerful system (you'll need lots of processing power
and a very fast graphics card to run 4K at full frame rate). In the meantime, I have been running
this monitor from a 2011 quad core mac mini (display port to HDMI adapter / HDMI 1.4 cable) .. needs
SwitchRES-X to get OSX to play ball with 4k resolution, I'm getting 3840x2160 at 30hz and can manage around 10FPS
of Full 4k video from YouTube. Looking forward to using this monitor with a better specced machine soon.

So to conclude. It's a fabulous quality screen, everything I hoped it would be a more.Hope you
guys still on the Amazon pre-order list don't have to wait much longer.But the Korean import works for
me. I'm very, very happy with it.
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on 3 June 2014
I have owned this monitor for about 3 months having bought it from Korea (identical product, different plug).

You will notice when you get the monitor that you appear to have a lot more screen space to work with. Icons become very small, text is small and clear. One issue I have found is that text in some programmes can be too small. Because not everything (or very much) is optimised for 4k the text in a programme may become 1/4 of it's intended size. For most things you can zoom or chance the text size in windows settings.

You should remember when buying this that it is a TN monitor. It'll be quite a clear chance if you've been using IPS / PLS for the last few years. You have to make sure the monitor is angled correctly to avoid colour shift but the 1ms response time is good. I don't know if that's completely accurate but it does feel faster than my previous Samsung PLS monitor.

With regards to graphical power, it is useable at this time without too much need for change. I have an AMD 7580 (costs about £150) and it can just about do the job. Where as I used to run everything on high to ultra I now run it on mid with no AA etc and there has been a big drop in frame rates but it's still ok for games. I'd suggest if you were to build a new machine or upgrade your graphics card you should be ok with about a £200 card.

There are a few issues with this monitor. Sometimes I cannot turn it on and need to unplug it for a few seconds and plug it back in to make it work. Also it will sometimes start up and run in HD or 1440p but this may be more of an issue with my graphics card / DP drivers.

4k video looks good but there is very little content currently.

I'd say you're better of buying a decent HD IPS monitor for the time being until 4k improves (support, content, graphics cards, IPS) but if like me you end up getting it anyway it's pretty decent.

It'd also be worth noting that I bought this for less than the Amazon price from Korea. I'd recommend to anyone looking for a new screen to look at what you can import from Korea and make significant savings. As I understand it Samsung will still have to repair this in the UK if anything goes wrong.
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on 14 July 2014
Cant fault it for the price its everything I hoped for when looking for a cheap 4k monitor.
Very happy with the purchase and none of its downfalls apply for me as once in place I dont plan on knocking it about or changing my viewing angle.
Picture quality is excellent and great to game on.
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on 22 July 2014
Unbelievable monitor!
Awesome colour range, intense response time, Incredible fidelity!
For normal PC use it has little quirks, i.e. slightly blurry text on some programs that don't support 4k scaling. However when gaming, and you have the grunt to run 4k, It's truly ridiculous to have that much fidelity! Very little need for any intense AA.
Also games that run in 1080p still look great, no difference to looking at a normal monitor!
Highly recommended!!
Hint: turn response time to "Normal" not "Fastest" as the latter leaves big black borders around moving images in games
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on 5 June 2014
And not just vertically , but horizontally too.

Even sitting directly in front of the monitor, there is enough of an angle between your eyes and the edges that what is white in the center of the screen looks orange at the far edges of the screen

also the stand offers basically zero adjustments, you can tilt it back SLIGHTLY, and thats it, there is no vertical adjustment at all.

i ended up returning it as it was simply awful.
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on 20 October 2014
For the price this monitor can be found it's a decent option for those seeking a 4k monitor.

It lacks any kind of adjustment and on close inspection the bezel and stand are very cheap but the image quality is decent for TN and I couldn't discern any lag or response issues so would make a pretty good gaming monitor given the right hardware (GTX 780 SLI+)
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on 22 June 2014
Yes it took ages to arrive, yes there is some slight colour blending on text at the highest resolution, but for the price you can't go wrong.

I use mine on a new Mac Pro with HDMI with out of the box settings, no issues at all. Although as I do text based work I am not that bothered by 30Hz but have ordered a mini display port to display port to try. OSX 10.9.3 adds scaled resolution and I use mine in 3008x1692 as this replaces a 30" Apple Cinema display and thats more than sufficient for me and gives good text resolution and gets rid of the colour issue. Getting rid of the 30" Cinema Display will also reduce the heat that unit used to push out.

I also do turn the timer to off on the screen as with HDMI it doesn't want to wake up when you come back to the system, but a small niggle.
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on 11 November 2015
After a lot of research I decided to buy this as an external monitor to my MacBook Pro with retina display. Comparing it to the Thunderbolt monitor I use in the office, this is so much better! I am very happy with the image quality, colours and everything. I've also hooked it up to my PC and it's still brilliant. I haven't used it for gaming yet, so I can't comment on that aspect.

If you're thinking of buying this to use with a MacBook Pro, I totally recommend it. The only thing that Thunderbolt does better is that you can use it as a dock, but the Samsung is better in every other way and at less than half price it is a no-brainer.
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