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4.5 out of 5 stars765
4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 28 February 2014
This has been in the pipeline for a while now with PS4 gamers especially wanting a wireless stereo headset to complete the experience, although it's worth pointing out that this particular headset will also work with the PS3, Vita and PC. Please note that the 7.1 surround sound only works with the PS3 and PS4! Also note that it only works wirelessly with the PS3 and PS4 so if using with the Vita or mobile device you will need to operate it via a cable.

The headset comes well packaged and has a decent weighty feel to it, before I talk about the actual headset I first want to mention what you get in the box. Besides the actual headset you get the dongle part that acts as a receiver and plugs directly into a spare USB port on the device you are using it with. You get a very short Micro USB charging cable to charge the headset with; you also get a headphone jack cable for use with tablets and other such devices, a travel pouch and warranty documentation. Again before I talk about the actual headset I must be honest and say I was shocked at the size of the wireless dongle, it's not exactly small and compact and indeed sticks out from the console. The one question I would ask is why does the headset use wireless technology and not Bluetooth since the console has that capability built in?

On to the headset itself. It features a standard wrap around design which is well padded and each side can be extended up and down the arm so you can easily get comfy and everyone from people with larger heads to those that have smaller heads should be well catered for, the headset itself can be folded to save space during travelling but also the earphone part is better protected. For those wondering where the microphone arm is let me please you by saying the microphone itself is built in and does not stick out and I can confirm that even if you speak slightly on the quiet side your voice will be picked up, to quote my friend my voice was "spot on"!

This headset is noise cancelling not only in isolating exterior noise but also reducing the amount of background noise the microphone picks up and I can confirm it does a really good job of that, so much so I got told off by my other half for not listening to her, she was in the next room shouting for me but genuinely I couldn't hear her. Not that my excuse got me very far! The ear cups themselves are very comfy over long gaming sessions and don't apply any uneven pressure!

Audio quality in Chat and game audio is fantastic. Surround sound is stellar!!! No really it's fantastic and 7.1 really does impress. So much so it puts the turtle beach pair I had a few years ago to shame. Let me put it this way, you never get bored of hearing footsteps behind you and bullets flying past your head and indeed I would say it takes the gaming experience to another level. Controls wise you have volume buttons, mute and a rocker to choose between game and party sound (so you find the right balance between your friends talking and audio from the game) and a mode button.

Now battery life has been suggested at around 8 hours, I'm managing to get around six and a half hours, admittedly I was talking to friends as well as using it for surround sound at the same time so on the whole I can't complain although I will be investing in a longer cable so I can continue to use them and charge it at the same time as the cable supplied is a joke!

Other things worth noting are that the side plates are removable so you will be able to snap on different colours and designs I'm guessing at some point in the future for those that want to customize the headset to their individual tastes! There is also a companion app so you can download pre-set profiles for specific games making the experience even better and there is also a status display of the headset on screen so you can keep an eye on the battery level at all times.

Pros: Feels sturdy like it will last * very comfy * excellent stereo audio quality with 7.1 surround sound with compatible games * Compatible with PS3 and the Vita * good quality microphone that is built in * MUTE button * battery life seems pretty good * Works with PC * EXCELLENT value considering what you get!

Cons: Uses Wireless and not Bluetooth which seems stupid considering the PS4 has a Bluetooth receiver built in* If they had used Bluetooth and not wireless the battery life would be even longer * the wireless dongle takes up an additional USB slot and seems like an afterthought rather than a neat and compact device * charging cable is pathetically short

VERDICT: For the price you are probably getting the best value wireless headset on the market and when you factor in the quality you won't be disappointed. Don't get me wrong there are a few things that indicate that they cut corners like the fact it uses wireless and not Bluetooth and the dongle itself could have been smaller. All the small things aside I love this headset and the fact there are no wires is a big bonus especially with pets running around the house and indeed the other half not watching what's on the floor so I couldn't be happier and like I said earlier the price and quality is right!


UPDATE 16th December 2014: Headset is still working and very much still recommend it, battery life is holding strong at around 6 hours!
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on 8 October 2015
I read a lot of the reviews on here and for a casual gamer like me, forking out £70-£80 on a set of headphones seemed pretty steep. But the fact these were wireless, had an in-built mic and had surround sound persuaded me otherwise, looked cool - combine all that with the positive reviews, sometimes you get what you pay for, so I went for it.

I'm pleased to say I've not regretted this purchase at all. When I first put these on and resumed playing Evolve, the game was suddenly so much more immersive and it's made me fall back in love with the game. It truly makes you feel like you are there and a part of the action. The sound quality is brilliant. I also like how with the wireless function I can kick back and watch the TV in bed with these, watching the Rugby/Football without disturbing those I live with. I've also done a 12-hour non-stop gaming stint on these after a full charge, the longevity is great. The mic quality is fine (when in a party with others - not so good outside of party - but meh). It's also helped me play better - the surround sound is great in pinpointing where you hear sound (which for example, on evolve is important when trying to track the monster, it's been also when playing FPS). Totally recommend, it's got a ton of positive reviews for a reason - the price is justified by the quality. Not everybody who buys these are absolutely minted ;)
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♦ Brief ♦

I've been through all the past official wireless headsets that have come out (7.1 Stereo Wireless Headset &Pulses) and have always been impressed, so when this one was announced I was more than eager to get my hands on them.

With the previous models, the Pulses were the "successor" to the 7.1 Stereo Wireless Headset, however with this newer version (also known as the 'Gold Headset' in the US), I'm rather unsure whether these are a successor to the Pulses... They both have certain features which are better than each other.

That said, these are undoubtedly very high quality in both sound and comfort.

♦ What's in the box? ♦

7.1 Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 | USB Dongle* | Micro USB Cable** | Stereo Cable*** | Carry Case | Manual/Documents.

* This is vital to connect your PS3/PS4 via a wireless connection, do not lose this as you can't buy these separately.

** Unlike the Pulses, these actually come with a charging cable, HOORAH! Except the cable is rather short.

*** This cable is used to connect the headset to a Vita or a Dualshock 4 controller; using it this way will mean you don't need to turn the headset on, nor does the headset has to have any charge.

♦ Set-Up & Using ♦

As I'm sure you're aware of, this headset works with the PS4, PS3 & PS Vita, whichever console you're planning on connecting this headset to, the set-up is very simple and easy to do, just follow one of the steps below.

- PlayStation 4 -

Wireless Set-Up:

1) Insert USB dongle into the PS4.
2) Turn the headset on.
3) Select the user profile you want to link the headset to (asks every time you turn them on).

If you have two of these headsets, you can actually use them both at the same time using two different user profiles, this means you can even both participate in the same party chat.

Wired Set-Up:

1) Plug the stereo cable into the headset.
2) Insert the other end of the cable into the Dualshock 4 controller.

Whichever set-up you go for, if no game sound is going to the headset, follow these steps:
Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings > Output to Headphones > All audio.

Alternatively, hold the PS button down and go to "Adjust Devices", you can also tweak the settings there.

- PlayStation 3 -

Wireless Set-Up:

1) Insert USB dongle into the PS3.
2) Turn the headset on.

The PS3 should configure everything automatically.

- PlayStation Vita -

Wired Set-Up:

1) Plug the stereo cable into the headset.
2) Insert the other end of the cable into the Vita.

♦ Headset Functions ♦

There are many functions on the headset itself, most of which are only usable when wirelessly connected.

- Pre-Set Sound Mode -

When turning on the headset, if you skip over to '2' rather than '1', you can select to use a special pre-set sound mode which enhances the sound to that specific genre, such as "shooter" or "music" etc...

Though you will need to set it up by firstly downloading the 'Headset Companion App', then connect the headset to your PS3/PS4 and upload a sound profile to it through the app.

- Sound/Chat -

This allows you to adjust the ratio of chat to in-game audio; you can have it balanced, or more swayed to one or the other.

- Volume -

Will adjust the overall volume.

- VSS (Virtual Surround Sound) -

Hold this button down to disable/enable, with VSS enabled, you will get the 7.1 VSS.

- Mute -

This will mute/unmute the microphone.

♦ Comfort & Sound Quality ♦

This headset is extremely comfortable overall, both the headband and earpads are super soft which make these very comfortable over longer periods of time.

Sound quality is great, especially when using the specific sound profiles available on the headset companion app. I've used the shooter profile on games such as Battlefield 4 & Resogun and am pleased with the results; great sense of direction with clear and crisp sound.

I've had to ask others for their opinion of my mic quality as I can't hear it myself, and everyone I've asked has said they can hear me very clearly, which is good as the microphone is completely hidden.

There is one downside to this and the other previous models which didn't used to bother me, but has been recently, and that has to do with there being no playback when talking on the microphone. Due to the over-ear design, you can't really hear yourself when talking, so as the volume gets louder, you'll find yourself talking more loudly.

I hope they can implement an update sometime in the future that will sort this issue out...

♦ Gold Headset -VS- Pulse Headset ♦

- Gold Headset -

+ Foldable design making it easier to store.
+ Slightly more comfortable than the Pulses, probably due to it being more lightweight as well as extra width of headband.
+ Sound has been improved a bit from the Pulses.
+ Longer battery life (up from 6 hours to 8).
+ Cheaper in cost (I paid £75 on first release which is £20-£30 cheaper than the Pulses).

- Pulse Headset -

+ Slider controls rather than buttons.
+ Bass impact (was a love or hate feature).
+ Multiple sound profiles available to select through at once.
+ Has an aux port on the dongle for additional wireless usage with certain devices.

Both are great headsets to which both also have their ups and downs compared to each other, however I seem to be using the Golds more.

♦ Overall Opinion ♦

This is a pretty solid headset that's available for a premium price, though I honestly believe it's money well spent... They're comfortable which means I can wear them for long gaming sessions, and with its crisp sound & VSS feature, it makes me feel more immersed with the gameplay.

I've been using these for almost two weeks now and couldn't recommend them enough.


EDIT - DECEMBER 2014: I've owned these for about half a year now and still don't regret purchasing these. A great buy!
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on 1 September 2014
I purchased these headphones for two main reasons; I'm a firm believer that good sound makes a game, and the other half was complaining I had the TV too loud!

First impressions out of the box are good, the headphones are good quality and easily adjustable to fit pretty much any head size. Like pretty much any wireless device these days it needs a charge for a few hours before use to top up the battery. I also highly recommend that PS4 users download the free headphone app from the PS store (it works fine without, this just provides some extra modes for specific games so well worth it).

Overall I am extremely impressed with the sound quality, especially with the 'virtual' 7.1 surround sound enabled, this adding a real extra dimension to the gaming experience. The integrated microphone also works extremely well, with both multiplayer chat and PS voice control working well through it. Any gripes? Well, the charge cable is pathetically short but not much else to be honest, I tend to use my Samsung phone charger to charge my PS peripherals anyway. The USB dongle is a bit big too, but not really an issue for me. I've also tried the headphones on PS3 and PC (PC using the included adaptor through the headphone jack as normal) and found it to be a very competent performer, although you don't get the 7.1 sound through PC.

So, well made, comfortable, great sound quality and the other half is happy, highly recommended
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on 27 January 2016
The headphones themselves are great, excellent in terms of sound quality, ergonomics and very comfy for regular use. I have owned a set for just over a year. Unfortunately there is a flaw in the strength of the plastic fixing in the hinges which over time causes then to break. Mine have broken after a year and 7 days (so out of warranty) and I have had to repair and reinforce them with epoxy resin and plastic struts. They still work but only fold on one side now. I was very careful with them and don't have an enormous head so I was really surprised when they broke today but apparently it is quite common (two other members of my clan had similar issues after 4-6 months). I really didn't not want to give these 3 stars. If they replaced the hinge with a metal fixing so it doesn't break it would have been a definite 5 stars. I'd still recommend them but just be aware of this issue.
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on 23 April 2015
Pretty good sound for the price / wireless. Not fond of the fact that there's a dongle taking up a USB port on the PS4. If you're thinking that they sound interesting due to the 2nd sound mode found on the headset don't. There's very few games that support it and if I'm honest I don't really hear the difference. One of the awesome features found on this however is the fact you can control how much of a channel you hear. If you're in a MP game where you have someone blazing their mouth off every few seconds you can actually lower the voice and increase the game sound until you can only hear the game and no voice. Vice Versa, only voice and no game, which is awesome for team MP games.
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on 13 February 2015
I purchased this headset off the back of all the great reviews they seemed to get. I didn't pay too much attention to all the negative ones, as usually I don't experience the same issues as people tend to moan about, but this time it was different.

The setup is simple plug and play, and they worked brilliantly for about 60 seconds before as others have said and as you will read about if you Google them, they then disconnect. They will stay disconnected for a few seconds, then re-connecting again. This would happen over and over until they disconnect again and don't reconnect. You can get them working again by unplugging the USB dongle and plugging it back in again and switching the headset off and on again, but after 60 seconds or so they would disconnect again and around the loop you go...

I returned the first headset back to Amazon who were great as usual and provided a replacement, but I had the same issue with a replacement set as well.

I tried everything again to get these working... Switched off a second Wi-Fi router which was near to my PS4, tested all 12 channels on my original Superhub 1, replaced the Superhub 1 with a Superhub 2, turned off the 2.4GHz frequency, tested all the other 5GHz frequencies, plugged in a 5m USB extension cable to move the dongle away from the PS4 to about 2ft from me and the headset, reset the headset, reset the dongle, but none of these made any difference.

THEN... I plugged a 4 port USB hub (mine was a powered type, but without using the power) into the PS4 and the headset dongle into that and HEY PRESTO no more disconnects!?!?!?

Definitely seems to be a PS4 firmware issue, but it's been going on for more than a year and no update seems to have yet solved the actual problem.

Once I did get them working they are indeed fantastic and worthy of a full 5 stars for sound, quality, comfort and price. If only Sony can sort out the issue so I don't need to have a 4 port USB hub sticking out the front of my PS4 I will update my rating... Thankfully my PS4 is out of sight!

I hope this helps others with the same issue.
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on 8 November 2015
These are brilliant for the price. They fit comfortably, better than expected and sound great.

On top of this you can download the companion app on the PlayStation store and default audio settings for games to sound at their best are right there!

Wireless but also provided is a wired audio cable so you can use on the go with PSP or I would assume anything with a standard jack like your iPhone or similar.

Overall extremely pleased with this purchase

Bonus to also get a pouch for storage and transport of the headset.

Well done Sony 👍
review image
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on 9 August 2015
I've been using these for the best part of a month now and overall I am very happy with them. The surround sound is good across a wide variety of games, with some selected titles having their own audio setup which is a bit gimmicky as the difference between the "standard" setup and the specific setup is very slight.

The headphones are very comfortable for several hours use and I've had no issues with their durability, when I was looking for headphones I saw some people have complained the hinges are poor but if you take care of them I don't see any cause for concern.

Slight downside I have noticed with the headphones and some other reviews may mention it, is that you can sometimes hear a very low level beeping through one or both of the speakers. It isn't a massive or constant issue and is only really noticed when playing at low volume.

I'd recommend these headphones, the inbuilt mic is great as is the sound performance. They're comfortable for several hours and a single charge will last a good few days of casual gaming and recharges quickly too! No reason not to buy them!
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on 16 October 2015
Fantastic Headset IMO. Sounds great (though I'm no audiophile), Wireless, comfortable and it also works great on any Windows based PC as it comes with a USB connector. Good value for the price as well.
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