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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars52
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 9 May 2014
I bought this printer for printing out photographic prints for sale as a small side business. I couldn't find many reviews online, but the ones i did find were very complimentary.

Happily, I can say they weren't wrong. For photo printing at least (I haven't used it for anything but printing photos on glossy photo paper using canon's branded ink tanks).

The printer is a good bit larger than I imagined it would be from just looking at pictures of it, taking up about 1.5 a3 sheet lengths in width, 1.5 a3 sheet widths in depth with the top loading tray open (the front output tray comes out about a foot in addition to this). That said, it still manages to be decently compact for the size of paper it handles.

Photo print quality seems to be great, with my only complaint being that colours come out a little darker than on-screen, which is easily remedied by either tweaking the picture or the print settings.

Speed wise, it spits out a borderless a3 full colour sheet pretty quickly (maybe a minute-ish) at the highest quality setting.

Ink usage seems reasonable, but i haven't used the printer enough to make a full judgement as yet. I'll update this review if it turns out to be an ink hog.

overall - im very happy to say i have an a3 colour photo printer that does a good job without costing a fortune.
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on 8 April 2014
I purchased this inkjet for doing A3 posters for events and for printing home photographs, not for text documents.

First Impression
First impressions are good. The printer is well packaged, it feels solid enough but is bigger than expected. The build quality looks ok to me.

Unpack and Setup
Do not expect much documentation on how to setup the printer. The foldout instructions were a little misleading - for example you can not install the inks until after you turn it on due to the location of the printer head - but actually it wasn't that hard.
I setup over WIFI following onscreen instructions, which again needed re-reading several times to work out what was actually needed. All in all it took about 15 mins to get the printer ready for its first photo.

Photo Image Quality
This is what its all about. I printed out a series of sample pictures A4 borderless on the both the Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II and the everyday Canon GP501 Glossy photo paper. The pictures included a black and white portrait, colour portrait, a beach landscape and a clip art style poster. Every single picture absolutely blew my mind. The quality if amazing. Its not premium photo lab quality, but it beat the last round of internet mail order photos from Tesco. Its good enough for us to use in the photo frames around the house, and i consider myself picky. The print speed was pretty good also. It was very hard to see a difference between the everyday and the premium glossy paper, but there was a slight difference.

Text Image Quality
Its very acceptable, for an ink jet. I have a big office laser printer for text and you can easily see the difference, so this doesn't bother me at all.

I would recommend this printer without hesitation.

A note also on the consumables. For those wondering, the ink cartridges that came with the printer seem reasonable full to me. I have done about 10 full A4 pictures and used maybe 5% of the ink. I have no idea how this compares to the full retail versions.
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on 28 December 2014
After researching A3 inkjet printers to use for checking graphic design projects and for printing my own photos, I decided I wanted to get the iX6850 printer.

I was unable to find an iX6850 in my country, but I managed to track down an iX6840, which appears to be an area-specific variant of the exact same printer. (Specs are identical - print resolution; paper types, sizes and weights; paper sizes for which borderless printing are supported; ink yield estimates in number of standard documents and photos.) The only difference I could find was ink cartridges used. The iX6840 uses CLI-451C, CLI-451M, CLI-451Y, CLI-451BK, PGI-450PGBK, whereas the iX6850 uses CLI-551C, CLI-551M, CLI-551Y, CLI-551BK and PGI-550PGBK.

I assume that my experiences could be helpful to users of the iX6850 as well.


Over-all impression:
It's a thing of beauty, and I'm very happy with the overall performance, a very worthwhile purchase!

Print quality:
Photos printed using Canon's `My Image Garden' software supplied on the disc came out professional-looking and crisp.

Very good graphics prints on multi-purpose paper. It is possible the dark colours could appear more solid, the multi-purpose office paper might be too absorbent. I will be looking out for inkjet-specific paper, possibly 90gsm instead of the current 80gsm.

Compact (584 x 310 x 159 mm) and fairly light for an A3 printer at 8.1kg. The front tray folds out quite far so it needs installation space at about twice the depth of the printer.

A few minor problems, but managed to iron them out. Details below.
(Note: I'm running Windows 8.1)

Hiccup: Wi-Fi setup

During the Wi-Fi setup, I kept getting the error that the printer could not connect. The blue Wi-Fi light came on and stayed on, but going by network stats printed off by holding in the triangle button until the white lamp flashed 6 times, no IP address had been assigned.

I used the WPS button on the back of my router for Wi-Fi setup. After running unsuccessfully through the connection setup a few times, rebooting the router resulted in the printer being allocated an IP address, and after that I was able to connect ok!

Hiccup: Printer ceased to be connected to the Wi-Fi the next time I switched on my computer!

The next day, when I switched my computer and printer on, there were three printers showing up in my control panel in devices; the default printer (which had worked the previous night) was offline, and one of the other printers (which had no IP address) appeared to be online. I think it was showing copies of the device because I ran through the installation sequence multiple times.

Delete the non-default printers, reboot the router, switch computer and printer off and back on. Now the problem is sorted - I only have the working printer visible in my devices.

Hiccup: Photos printed on photo paper print too dark from Photoshop and Windows image viewer

I had not wanted to install unnecessary programmes during setup, so had not tried printing photos using Canon's software.
I inserted the installation CD again and added the My Image Garden software. Printing photos using My Image Garden resulted in the photos having much better colour.

Hiccup: Trying to print mock-ups of graphic design projects on multi-purpose office paper looked washed out.

I cleaned the print heads, performed a print-head alignment, and used different settings which resulted in much better quality. Which settings you use makes a HUGE difference.

Best settings for print a Press quality PDF:
In Adobe PDF print dialogue, click on "properties" next to the printer at the top.
Select "standard" in commonly used settings.
Media type: plain paper
Adjust printer paper size as required
Change print quality to "High" (it's on standard by default)

For maintenance:
Go to Control Panel > View Devices and Printers
Double-click on your printer
Click "Display printer properties"
Click on the Maintenance tab
Click on Print Head Alignment or Nozzle Check and follow the instructions for each.
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on 4 December 2014
Print quality and speed are fine - not as good as my 6 year old, perfectly functioning Canon i9950 - but sadly Canon refuse to update the drivers to work on the latest operating systems, so that machine is now nothing more than a rather large paperweight. I'll try and Freegle it locally, otherwise its off to landfill. Shame on you Canon.

Pleased to see this machine at least offered wireless printing via Wi-Fi on the router and was very well priced.

Appearance is a bit severe - first thought was it looked like a coffin for a cat. The high-gloss black finish looked good when I peeled of the protective plastic film. 30 seconds later, after I'd dared touch it, it was looking a bit less lovely - every finger mark and speck of dust shows horribly.

Early prints seem of very acceptable quality - lacking perhaps the colour range of the now obsolete i9950, but hardly surprising as it uses only 4 colours, plus a second black. Its predecessor had 8 colours, including red, green and tinted cyan and magenta.

One thing Canon gets horribly wrong is its user manuals. They seem to have been written by a techie who assumes the end-user has almost as much knowledge and will understand the terminology.

Now, a printer should be plug-and-play, and 99% of the time they probably are. But I had problems setting up wireless printing, as the printer and my router couldn't 'find' each other wirelessly. Canon's instructions were of no use whatsoever in this instance. About an hour's Googling and tinkering and I had a usable workround, which involved delving into the setup of my router(!).

While the issue was probably my 3 year old router (which didn't use WPS protocol apparently), Canon's obtuse instructions were of no use - I can't be the only user on the planet who doesn't have the latest router?

Incidentally, if anyone is having similar problems, the option to set up for wireless via USB cable proved the way to go for me. The printer seems to find the router via the computer - you'll just need the router password and you can then remove the USB cable for truly wireless operation.

**** UPDATE **** Having initially printed OK by wireless connection, my computer suddenly can't 'see' the Canon printer. Have reinstalled drivers twice, but no help. The printer is only 1 metre away from the router!! A search online shows this is not uncommon. Infuriating, time-wasting... back to cable clutter - not impressed. Am considering sending back.

Lastly, I would warn against installing all of the bloated software that Canon offers through its default installation - just the essential drivers and manuals. The worst culprit is 'My Image Garden', which is a 'design' application, whose only function seems to be to suck as much ink out of your printer as possible. Apart from needing HUGE amounts of disk space, it's truly horrible, clunky and crashes and/or freezes frequently, usually taking the computer with it. Nasty.

Canon, please just stick to the hardware. Oh, and write in helpful, simple, plain English.
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When I checked some review sites this printer was getting a very average press. Then I looked in detail where it had been marked down. No card slots - never use them. No Pictbridge - never use it. No paper cartridge - don't need it. Poor text print results - that's what I have a Laser printer for. Then I looked at photo performance and it was reported as impressive.

Totally agree. The performance as a photo printer is considerably better than the price point would suggest. It's reasonably fast, even on A3 although it shows Canon's normal faffing about at start up. It was no problem to install wirelessly on either my Mac using the driver download site and my Windows 8 (yuk) laptop using the supplied DVD.

For me Canon have got it right with this one. Don't include Pictbridge, SD slots, cartridges etc. that few people need especially if you have a normal A4 office printer, just make a printer that spits out super quality photographs on A3 at a sensible price.
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on 2 June 2014
OK , it is only a printer and not an all in one , but it prints in great quality as you would expect from Canon , would highly recommend if you want great photos , fast delivery too .
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on 19 April 2014
Fast service and good price. The printer is much better than I thought it would be. The photo quality is very high standard and I would recommend to anyone wanting to print at home. And with the freedom of having A3 it's a bonus if you want to print large blow ups. It's pretty quick too. Very pleased
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on 19 November 2015
I have owned this printer for about 8 months now. And it's still going strong!

Photo quality is amazing when you use official Canon photo paper, but I recommend going for some good third part inks, they are just as good as Canon's inks.

The printer itself looks very, very nice. I did have a strange issue where it was printing, and it was making some strange squeaking sounds, but I ran some of the tests Canon provides via software to clean up the internals and it's been fine since.

I should also mention i'm a photographer who at the time couldn't afford a more expensive printer, and even if I can now, I don't see a need to, all my clients are happy with their prints from this machine.

Can't fault it! a MUST buy.
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on 28 August 2014
If you want a no frills reasonable price A3 printer with excellent print quality look no further when you see your first A3+ print coming through the machine having come from A4 machines it's very impressive only top loads though and requires quite a bit of space wifi very easy to set up and works very well.
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on 26 May 2014
Great printer! Am a little daunted by the Wifi set up bit, as I don't have wifi fully installed in my place yet I have ( doh! ) realised my problem;?! Other than that a good solid fine quality , speedy workhorse!
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