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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars887
4.8 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: BlackChange
Price:£125.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 9 March 2014
1. Sound quality. Highs are crisp, but not too bright; mids are good; bass is punchy and tight. It is difficult to find *better* sounding headphones in this price segment.
2. Build. They are very solidly built and ergonomics are great. There is no complex suspending system, so there is nothing to break.
3. Portability. Both cups rotate horizontally 180°, and they fold vertically, to make the headphone's dimensions quite small and portable-friendly. The supplied pouch comes in handy.
4. Unlike their predecessors, the ATH-M50X arrive with three detachable cables: a long straight one (you can use it to connect to a source that is further away), a short straight one (very handy when connecting to a smartphone, or if your computer is located very near to where you sit), and a medium-length coiled one (for mixed purposes). The insert-and-turn locking system secures the cable to the left cup.
5. No sound leakage. These are closed-back headphones, so you can use them in a room, filled with people, or while commuting, without the need to worry that you might disturb someone.
6. With an impedance of 38 ohms you do not need a headphone amp to drive them.

1. Cable connectors are proprietary. But then again you get three cables in the box, so it is unlikely that you will be looking to buy new cables any time soon.
2. At 285 g (10 oz) plus the cable, the ATH-M50X are a little heavier than similar-sized headphones I have owned. But making them lighter would most probably affect build quality.
3. I have watched video reviews, making the argument that the ATH-M50X are not exactly audiophile quality (that is, their response is not as 'flat' and 'neutral', as it should be). This could indeed be the case, as Audio-Technica has other models (like the ATH-A900X), positioned in the higher and more expensive segment, but the latter are not meant to be carried around or enjoyed in the street. In my opinion ATH-M50X have been built to produce enjoyable (rather than analytical) sound. Consider this carefully.
4. Comfort is good, but not great. These are actually on-ear headphones, so they do press on your ears. They are sturdy, but also a bit heavy and rigid. This is difficult to convey in words, but I had a chance to compare them to Philips Fidelio X2 (true over-the-ears headphones), whose cups are so big that your ears completely fit inside and comfort-wise Fidelio are the clear winner.

When all of the above have been taken into consideration, Audio-Technica ATH-M50X might be the best value for money headphone on the market today.
1. They may not sound as neutral as AKG 702 (but the latter are not portable, there is serious sound leakage, and you cannot drive them adequately with your smartphone).
2. They are not cable-free or as light as the Bluetooth Sony MDR-1BT, but the ATH-M50X sound much better.
3. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is the overall winner if you are looking for enjoyable full-bodied sound, sturdy build, detachable cables, and a no-nonsense look. You simply cannot go wrong with them!

Recently, I have come across a new product that will help you turn Audio-Technica ATH-M50X into wireless headphones, so that you can take advantage of their sturdy construction and great sound quality – on the go! It is a Bluetooth dongle, called "BTunes VXB-25 2.5 mm Model" and can currently be bought from (the US version of the site) for $99.95 USD. You can read my full review here:
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on 22 December 2014
Whilst working away on tour in the US & Canada I started thinking about treating myself to a new pair of headphones ready for returning home to a package containing my new Pono hi-res music player.

Earlier in the year I had purchased a pair on Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones. I have always liked the sound, style & build quality of Sennheiser but having clocked up a lot of listening hours with the Momentums whilst away, I felt the low end on this model was somewhat too warm / fuzzy / unfocused … I hope you get the general idea I’m trying to put over ; )

Many people kept suggesting Grado models for the sound I was hoping to achieve. Now I also love the sound and style of Grados BUT their open back design is a complete non-starter for me! A closed back design with minimal sound leakage (IN & OUT) is essential for me if I am to avoid drive fellow colleagues travelling with me on tour buses crazy or when I want to listen to some jazz at home (“j-a-z-z” being the only four letter word that offends my wife). So, unfortunately, Grado = NoNo.

Towards the end of my trip I headed to The Headphone Bar in Vancouver ready & willing to spend up to around $500 to $600 (£300 to £400), maybe more, for something that offered the WOW! factor.

Being a specialist headphone emporium rather than one covering all aspects of hi-fi, The Headphone Bar have a very impressive array of products; Grado, Beyer Dynamic, Sennheiser, AKG, B&O, etc.

Having read lots of reviews and articles prior to my visit (I know that one should always treat reviews with a certain amount of scepticism but they can be very useful in pointing one in the right direction in a market with so many possibilities), I thought that one of the models in the Beyerdynamic range may well be THE ones … possibly the T70P.

However, having listened to several Beyer models (T51i, T70P, T90) it was clear that they were not to my taste. These all featured Beyer’s Tesla technology and to my ears all sounded harsh, tinny & thin with no low end “Ooompf” whatsoever. I’m no drum & bass fan, but I do like a solid bass line and good attack on drums. (I know the Tesla models need to be run-in but these were all display models that had had plenty of run-in time).

I also tried the Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ears which whilst representing a step-up from my existing On-Ears shared much of the Momentum sound characteristics.

The B&O H6 sounded quite nice but for me did not warrant their price tag.

Next were some models from V-Moda that I had not heard before. Their M100 model was far more the sound I had been looking for although I wasn’t particularly taken by their design & looks … but a possible nevertheless. Added to the shortlist.

I then happened to pick up the Audio Technica ATH-M50x phones which I hadn’t previously tried as they were in very much the same price bracket as my existing Sennheisers.

The immediate WOW! factor was there from the first few bars of Foo Fighter’s Congregation; solid, rich low end (without being overblown), crystal clear high-end (without being harsh), a great soundstage and a wonderful sense of space around all the instruments.

I’m a drummer, so I tend to always notice how drums sound on recordings. With the ATH-M50x phones kick drums had far more attack and depth than on my Sennheiser Momentums and snare drums and cymbals had great resonance and space around them. Some test tracks featuring Messrs Peart, Hawkins & Collins all sounded fantastic.

I have a very broad taste in music and so tried out the ATH-M50x’s with some Foo Fighters, Nick Drake, Rush, Bob Marley, Genesis, Gregory Porter & Debussy … everything sounded amazing!


The comfort factor was also there; even for a glasses wearer. Over the last few days of my travels I listened to LOTS of music on my MacBook Pro and iPhone and didn’t experience either ’tired’ ears or any discomfort from prolonged wearing of these phones. With an iPhone some people might want them to go a little bit louder if you are into metal or dance music, but a Pono player only needs the volume at around 50% for PLENTY of volume.

There is no in-built mic/remote on any of the supplied cables but that’s not a big issue for me as I usually also carry a set on Klipsch in-ears with me as well.

… and the WOW! factor was taken to another level when I got home and plugged the ATH-M50x’s into my Pono!

Audio Technica market this model as professional studio monitor headphone rather than for domestic use (on their website it shows under the MONITOR category rather than the Hi-Fi category), so you may need to do a little hunting to find them, but it is definitely worth it.

Anyone in the market for closed back headphones up to $600 / £400 should definitely audition this product!

For me, this model represents AMAZING value for money … I was willing to spend more than double the price of the ATH-M50x’s but couldn’t find anything that (to my ears) bettered this model.

Official Website:

Example Prices:

Sennheiser Momentum On-ear £170 rrp but typically around £130

Audio Technica ATH-M50x £180 rrp but typically around £130

Beyer Dynamic T70p £456 but typically around £385

V-Moda M100 £250 rep but typically around £220
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on 8 May 2015
My first purchase to Audio Technica Headphones and I'm so happy to get the limited edition. The chocolaty color looks cool. Awesome crisp clear sound quality. Really the price, it's worth it ...
review image review image review image
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on 3 June 2014
I have have probably reviewed most headphones in mainstream electronic stores in the UK which include brands from Bose all the way to Beats, Sennheiser to Bang and Olufsen, AKG to Sony and can absolutely say that these are absolutely my favorite pair of headphones I have ever heard under the £350 price tag (not to say I have actually heard anything above that)!

In a nutshell, these headphones have a fantastically well balanced, detailed and powerful sound not heard all together in one single headphone. The highs are detailed, crystal clear but not to over powering, the mids are very well represented with a natural sound and the base is detailed, punchy and can be very fun if you decide to crank it up a bit!

Close your eyes and these headphones help you believe that you are their with the musician. These are seemingly a very technically advanced headphone which truly does well across all music genres I have listened to (Rock, Techno, Dance, Pop, Classical

I will however leave you with a note of caution, these headphones represent the audio very clearly, therefore if you have a poor quality audio track, then you will hear the poor quality in all more detail, however if you have a high quality audio track, boy are you be in for a treat!
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on 3 February 2016
The best headphones around in this price bracket. Let me start this review by saying i am not an Audiophile and i will try to reduce technical language to make this review understandable to everyone. The ATH-M50X is the newer version of the famous ATH-50s which developed a good reputation but the problem was they were a little unfriendly for users wanting "Everyday plug and play" headphones. The M50x keeps the great sound and has tweaked it a small amount to add more bass. It also comes with 3 detachable cables, allowing the user to choose between studio style cables and shorter phone style cables made for portability. This makes it more user friendly than the previous models fixed long cable. The headset is light and comfortable in my opinion but usage will vary and others have disagreed online. The sound quality is the main reason you will buy these of course and i have to say it’s the best i have heard for this price point. The clarity is amazing and you can clearly separate instruments and pick up on small details you would never notice with cheap headphones. For my personal taste the bass is lacking a little but this can of course be fixed with equalizers or a bass booster app. Don't get me wrong the bass is not poor and its better than the old 50s its just not overpowering like some people may want. This is of course done by design, by having high bass you often get a less clear muddy sound so a more neutral bass helps with the pin point clarity the headphones have. Build quality is a mixed bag with decent metal parts next to fairly sturdy but plastic parts. The cups make a loud clicking noise when flipping them which is audible every time you put on or remove the headphones. I have reached out to Audio Technica for comment on the issue and build quality and will update my review if they respond, but from my online research this appears to be a common problem. Overall I would recommend the ATH-M50X for its superb sound reconstruction and clarity, anyone used to cheaper headphones will be amazed at the difference. If the price is a little high for you could wait as every few months there is a sale usually about £25 off maybe a little more. If you do buy these remember all headphones have a “Burn In” time where over the course of about 50 hours play time the sound quality will improve marginally (Check Audio Technica website for more information). I hope you can now make an informed decision on whether to buy these headphones and if you found this review helpful please mark it so :)
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on 29 August 2015
I used to wear Dr Dre beats Mixr headphones, and after they broke i was looking for a replacement. Although my budget wasn't very high compared to before, i decide to go for these Audio-Technica ATH-M50X studio headphones not expecting it to be as good as the beats. To my surprise, these headphones had amazing comfort compared to the dr dre beats, and the sound quality was just as good in my opinion. The main point of this review is to point out: don't waste your money on very expensive headphones when you can buy these that do the same job and are just as good!
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on 22 August 2015
Believe the hype people, these headphones sound great and you wont be disappointed at this price. The rugged build quality and added accessories of matching soft pouch and 3 different cables make these headphones a cut above the rest.

Only rating 4 stars because I found the stock ear pads to be a bit on the small side and didn't completely go around my ears without touching - maybe I just have big ears. Bought some larger and more comfortable replacement ear pads however and now this is no longer an issue.
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on 9 December 2015
After hearing and watching videos full of praise I decided to buy them and here's what I'll say.
I do believe they are worth 5 stars but...
They look good.
They are light weight.
You get flat response (these are studio monitors, not pleasure headphones).
Very balanced sound (people who complain about the "lack" of bass fail to understand what they are made for - flat monitoring! And as such they have beautiful rich lows).

Personally, I find them realistically comfortable. Meaning - I can wear them for hours and hours without unreasonable discomfort and they are fairly pleasant as well. Soft circumoral padding. However, I do have a small skull and very small ears. I don't even need to use the extenders at all. I just wear them as they are. If you have a very big skull and big ears you may not find them as "like a glove" as I do.
For the price (bought for £87) they are decent.

Here are my "issues":
They are 38OHM. This gives you the flexibility and the ability of not using an amplifier and use them as regular headphones as well with your phone or player but there is no doubt that sometimes this will be an issue compared to 80-250 OHM ones. However, it all depends on just how petty you need the end result to be. If you're recording pod-casts and YouTube videos they are more than sufficient but if you're working in high end production you will likely prefer the Beyerdynamic DT 770 or DT 250.
I do find them plasticy which is something not too many people talked about and I find surprising. They don't appear as robust to me. I expected something a bit more for the price but I suppose, realistically, if they were made from titanium the price would triple!

I don't like the way the cable connects, it makes it go down too much. It drags along your shoulder.

Here's why I DO think they are worth 5 stars:
As a full package, a "deal" if you like, they are the best option for most people.
Again, if you are a professional working in Hollywood recording sound for the new Batman film... you're probably working with better headphones! But, for someone like me who knows that no matter how well I record my audio in the end podcasts sites and YouTube will not give it the justice it deserves then there is no point! These headphones are good enough (better really) than what most people would need. they are accurate, good looking, foldable, practical, you can use them to watch films or listen to music, you can improve by using an amp but you're not tied down to one so you can use them on a train with your mobile phone. They come with three cables at three different lengths and they don't have something I absolutely despise!!! Exposed wiring. God, I bloody hate it when super high end headphone have their wires just popping out. For Christ sake run the wires through the band and through the connectors the way the M50x do. This is a major key for me and these ones are doing it right.

I would definitely not say that they are the best or make silly ignorant comments like "they are better than headphones double their price" that's just BS people. the DT 770 are better, period. However, they are heavier, unfoldable and for proper work require an amp.

For me these are the best practical all around best option.
You do your own thinking!
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on 5 November 2015
Allright, I have finally decided to write a review concerning this jewel! I was in desperate need of a good pair of headphones as a great music amateur I was sick of the biased sound that my previous in-ear earphones provided, after looking at a jillion of reviews/videos/comparisons I told was convinced to buy it, now one must understand that as a student with no fix revenue I couldn't just buy these acting on impulse, which would clearly explain my skepticism...
This headphones have a very good range, the bass isn't too loud nor is it mute, the sound is articulated and clear and I ended rediscover my favourite songs, I think it lacks a little clarity when it comes to acoustics, but that's really subtle and nearly unnoticeable.
The headphones are not too heavy, however I'm conscious that they're on my head, it fits perfectly around your neck, and it offers a good sound isolation without cancelling ultimately the sound outside.
The only problem I have with these (yes coz it can't just be all unicorns and fairy dust) is that after at least 3-4 hours use my ears burn up, it gets too hot in the cups, so I'd advice some intermediary breaks if you're planning on using it for long hours.
I've read some comments saying that these aren't the best choice for gaming, I disagree I've played the witcher with these on and apart from the fact that my ears were really hot there wasn't any BIG disadvantages that could restrain anyone from buying these for gaming.

Allright , so overall I'd recommend this headphones to anyone who wants a product of quality with a GREAT sound, and it comes with a storage sock-like thingy. Remember you might not feel the same concerning the 'hot ears' however if you do just take break ^^
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on 22 March 2015
Very nice. Good for your ears. Get 'em inta ya!
review image
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