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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars588
4.8 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: BlackChange
Price:£92.38+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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152 of 160 people found the following review helpful
on 9 March 2014
1. Sound quality. Highs are crisp, but not too bright; mids are good; bass is punchy and tight. It is difficult to find *better* sounding headphones in this price segment.
2. Build. They are very solidly built and ergonomics are great. There is no complex suspending system, so there is nothing to break.
3. Portability. Both cups rotate horizontally 180°, and they fold vertically, to make the headphone's dimensions quite small and portable-friendly. The supplied pouch comes in handy.
4. Unlike their predecessors, the ATH-M50X arrive with three detachable cables: a long straight one (you can use it to connect to a source that is further away), a short straight one (very handy when connecting to a smartphone, or if your computer is located very near to where you sit), and a medium-length coiled one (for mixed purposes). The insert-and-turn locking system secures the cable to the left cup.
5. No sound leakage. These are closed-back headphones, so you can use them in a room, filled with people, or while commuting, without the need to worry that you might disturb someone.
6. With an impedance of 38 ohms you do not need a headphone amp to drive them.

1. Cable connectors are proprietary. But then again you get three cables in the box, so it is unlikely that you will be looking to buy new cables any time soon.
2. At 285 g (10 oz) plus the cable, the ATH-M50X are a little heavier than similar-sized headphones I have owned. But making them lighter would most probably affect build quality.
3. I have watched video reviews, making the argument that the ATH-M50X are not exactly audiophile quality (that is, their response is not as 'flat' and 'neutral', as it should be). This could indeed be the case, as Audio-Technica has other models (like the ATH-A900X), positioned in the higher and more expensive segment, but the latter are not meant to be carried around or enjoyed in the street. In my opinion ATH-M50X have been built to produce enjoyable (rather than analytical) sound. Consider this carefully.
4. Comfort is good, but not great. These are actually on-ear headphones, so they do press on your ears. They are sturdy, but also a bit heavy and rigid. This is difficult to convey in words, but I had a chance to compare them to Philips Fidelio X2 (true over-the-ears headphones), whose cups are so big that your ears completely fit inside and comfort-wise Fidelio are the clear winner.

When all of the above have been taken into consideration, Audio-Technica ATH-M50X might be the best value for money headphone on the market today.
1. They may not sound as neutral as AKG 702 (but the latter are not portable, there is serious sound leakage, and you cannot drive them adequately with your smartphone).
2. They are not cable-free or as light as the Bluetooth Sony MDR-1BT, but the ATH-M50X sound much better.
3. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X is the overall winner if you are looking for enjoyable full-bodied sound, sturdy build, detachable cables, and a no-nonsense look. You simply cannot go wrong with them!
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47 of 50 people found the following review helpful
on 3 June 2014
I have have probably reviewed most headphones in mainstream electronic stores in the UK which include brands from Bose all the way to Beats, Sennheiser to Bang and Olufsen, AKG to Sony and can absolutely say that these are absolutely my favorite pair of headphones I have ever heard under the £350 price tag (not to say I have actually heard anything above that)!

In a nutshell, these headphones have a fantastically well balanced, detailed and powerful sound not heard all together in one single headphone. The highs are detailed, crystal clear but not to over powering, the mids are very well represented with a natural sound and the base is detailed, punchy and can be very fun if you decide to crank it up a bit!

Close your eyes and these headphones help you believe that you are their with the musician. These are seemingly a very technically advanced headphone which truly does well across all music genres I have listened to (Rock, Techno, Dance, Pop, Classical

I will however leave you with a note of caution, these headphones represent the audio very clearly, therefore if you have a poor quality audio track, then you will hear the poor quality in all more detail, however if you have a high quality audio track, boy are you be in for a treat!
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72 of 77 people found the following review helpful
on 22 December 2014
Whilst working away on tour in the US & Canada I started thinking about treating myself to a new pair of headphones ready for returning home to a package containing my new Pono hi-res music player.

Earlier in the year I had purchased a pair on Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones. I have always liked the sound, style & build quality of Sennheiser but having clocked up a lot of listening hours with the Momentums whilst away, I felt the low end on this model was somewhat too warm / fuzzy / unfocused … I hope you get the general idea I’m trying to put over ; )

Many people kept suggesting Grado models for the sound I was hoping to achieve. Now I also love the sound and style of Grados BUT their open back design is a complete non-starter for me! A closed back design with minimal sound leakage (IN & OUT) is essential for me if I am to avoid drive fellow colleagues travelling with me on tour buses crazy or when I want to listen to some jazz at home (“j-a-z-z” being the only four letter word that offends my wife). So, unfortunately, Grado = NoNo.

Towards the end of my trip I headed to The Headphone Bar in Vancouver ready & willing to spend up to around $500 to $600 (£300 to £400), maybe more, for something that offered the WOW! factor.

Being a specialist headphone emporium rather than one covering all aspects of hi-fi, The Headphone Bar have a very impressive array of products; Grado, Beyer Dynamic, Sennheiser, AKG, B&O, etc.

Having read lots of reviews and articles prior to my visit (I know that one should always treat reviews with a certain amount of scepticism but they can be very useful in pointing one in the right direction in a market with so many possibilities), I thought that one of the models in the Beyerdynamic range may well be THE ones … possibly the T70P.

However, having listened to several Beyer models (T51i, T70P, T90) it was clear that they were not to my taste. These all featured Beyer’s Tesla technology and to my ears all sounded harsh, tinny & thin with no low end “Ooompf” whatsoever. I’m no drum & bass fan, but I do like a solid bass line and good attack on drums. (I know the Tesla models need to be run-in but these were all display models that had had plenty of run-in time).

I also tried the Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ears which whilst representing a step-up from my existing On-Ears shared much of the Momentum sound characteristics.

The B&O H6 sounded quite nice but for me did not warrant their price tag.

Next were some models from V-Moda that I had not heard before. Their M100 model was far more the sound I had been looking for although I wasn’t particularly taken by their design & looks … but a possible nevertheless. Added to the shortlist.

I then happened to pick up the Audio Technica ATH-M50x phones which I hadn’t previously tried as they were in very much the same price bracket as my existing Sennheisers.

The immediate WOW! factor was there from the first few bars of Foo Fighter’s Congregation; solid, rich low end (without being overblown), crystal clear high-end (without being harsh), a great soundstage and a wonderful sense of space around all the instruments.

I’m a drummer, so I tend to always notice how drums sound on recordings. With the ATH-M50x phones kick drums had far more attack and depth than on my Sennheiser Momentums and snare drums and cymbals had great resonance and space around them. Some test tracks featuring Messrs Peart, Hawkins & Collins all sounded fantastic.

I have a very broad taste in music and so tried out the ATH-M50x’s with some Foo Fighters, Nick Drake, Rush, Bob Marley, Genesis, Gregory Porter & Debussy … everything sounded amazing!


The comfort factor was also there; even for a glasses wearer. Over the last few days of my travels I listened to LOTS of music on my MacBook Pro and iPhone and didn’t experience either ’tired’ ears or any discomfort from prolonged wearing of these phones. With an iPhone some people might want them to go a little bit louder if you are into metal or dance music, but a Pono player only needs the volume at around 50% for PLENTY of volume.

There is no in-built mic/remote on any of the supplied cables but that’s not a big issue for me as I usually also carry a set on Klipsch in-ears with me as well.

… and the WOW! factor was taken to another level when I got home and plugged the ATH-M50x’s into my Pono!

Audio Technica market this model as professional studio monitor headphone rather than for domestic use (on their website it shows under the MONITOR category rather than the Hi-Fi category), so you may need to do a little hunting to find them, but it is definitely worth it.

Anyone in the market for closed back headphones up to $600 / £400 should definitely audition this product!

For me, this model represents AMAZING value for money … I was willing to spend more than double the price of the ATH-M50x’s but couldn’t find anything that (to my ears) bettered this model.

Official Website:

Example Prices:

Sennheiser Momentum On-ear £170 rrp but typically around £130

Audio Technica ATH-M50x £180 rrp but typically around £130

Beyer Dynamic T70p £456 but typically around £385

V-Moda M100 £250 rep but typically around £220
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
The ATH-M50X really ooze quality. Their sleek design, top notch build quality and performance reflects great attention to detail.

These headphones deliver amazing crisp sound with excellent balance from treble to bass whilst retaining loads of detail. I particularly find the bass sounds so deep and only matched by much more expensive headphones. And be it classical or rock, these drivers will handle anything you throw at them with ease, rewarding you with an immersing musical experience.

The ATH-M50X are built to last, thanks to the sturdy materials and solid build quality. The 3 supplied cables are reinforced at the extremities and fit snugly and securely to the headphones.

The other two variants have a non removable cable and are the ATH-M50 which comes with a coiled cable and the ATH-M50s, where "s" means that the cable is straight. All 3 versions produce identical high quality sound.

I simply love these headphones! And at this price, they definitely don't come any better.

Highly recommended.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 1 September 2015
I am not an audiophile but I have tested several pairs of expensive headphones including the Beyerdynamic T51i, V Moda M100, B&W P7s and have a pretty good idea of what sounds good to all but the snootiest headphone geeks out there. If you're looking for a good sounding pair of headphones that sound dynamic, exciting and punchy no matter what you're listening to, stop reading and order a pair of the m50xs now.

Since it's the biggest and best aspect of it, I'll start with the sound quality. When using most headphones I always find they need to be eq'd to get them sounding just right. Right out the box, listening to 320kbps tracks from spotify on my iPhone 5, these sounded awesome. Sub bass was really strong so there's a sense of physicality to music and transparency across the mids and highs was excellent. In lamens terms these headphones deliver a sound that almost anyone will love. They're an extremely clean and bassy sounding headphone with a well done V shaped sound signature. Despite the big bass and slightly withdrawn mids these headphones never sounded boxed in like the m100s as instrument separation and placement was very good. This means that you'll be able to hear almost every peripheral detail in the music and you also get a 3d sense of scale as sounds come from the side, in front and behind you. Listening to these headphones really is an immersive and fun experience. In fact the sound was so well judged that my only adjustment to the eq on spotify was a very slight raise in the upper bass/ lower mids region since this headphone has a neutral rendition of this frequency which makes the vocals sound quite thin and cold and detached from the bass. By upping this frequency, it created a sound that transitioned clearly from lows-mids-highs.

If I were to nitpick the sound, I'd say that the mids are probably the weakest aspect. Having been spoilt by the Beyerdynamic T51s which have hands down the best mids in any headphone I've ever listened to, the m50xs have a slightly cold, texture-less sound that reminds you that you're listening to a pair of headphones and not in the recording room with the artist like the t51s gave me the impression of. The mids aren't bad but they get the least attention out of all the frequency range. The highs on this headphone are very extended and have a shimmery, sparkly character. I personally liked this but some people may find it bit too aggressive sounding. When comparing the treble to the B&W p7s, I noticed that while the m50xs sounded clearer and more open initially, the treble sounded artificially so. After A/B comparisons the p7s had a more natural and realistic albeit dark sound. I think for the majority of people the treble on the m50xs will create a nice, lively and open sound as its tuned for fun rather than accuracy. I still prefer the sound of the p7s but considering the m50xs gets almost the same sound for a fraction of the price, it's hard to deny the value on offer here.

In terms of the build and style, these headphones are functional but not particularly great. I have the limited edition green colour scheme and I think this looks really nice in theory but in practice it still has the same chunky design of the originals. These headphones are pretty big and when they're sitting on my ears I can see the earcups sticking out in my peripheral. I haven't gotten any funny looks but it is something to be aware of. Comfort is pretty nice, no complaints. Headband cushioning could be better and creates an initial rough feeling but unless you plan on wearing these things all day, you should be fine. And if you're using these just for your daily commute, forget I even mentioned the headband cushioning.

All in all, I am absolutely chuffed with my purchase. I am notoriously hard to please but these headphones have met and exceeded my expectations. If you're looking for a fun sounding, comfortable pair of headphones that sound good with every genre, grab a pair of the m50xs now and believe the hype. They really are that good.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 7 August 2015
Have had these for just a week . so no Burn in .. Love them
Played via Amp , Via Fiio E12A ..
I do have the Sennheiser HD650s which are better but they are open, harder to drive and not really portable
I have the AKG 451 , which are serious VFM ,at half the cost and the Sennhieser on ear Momentums ( similar cost) different sound
.. so lots to compare ..
Both are great but these are simply in a class of their own for the money ..
I was considering the AKG 720s .. but I have no regrets at all going for these ..

I lie about burn in , one week is probably enough . The Bass is really just enough without being overpowering , and comfort .. can be achieved by tweaking .. but though the the fab looks and finish are, superlative Plastic but not at all cheap looking)
.... I cannot fault the sound quality at all ..
If it has any, it is that it exposes poor audio sources ( mostly YT uploads done badly) but give it better... it just shnes and some YT uploads are excellent
.However I Played a few CDs through a Home Setup and Wow .. I was reminded why I like CDs as opposed to poor bitrate encoded Mp3s . That says it all
I give it 5 stars without hesitation ,
and Nope .. I do not work for Amazon or Audio technica .:)
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 29 August 2015
I used to wear Dr Dre beats Mixr headphones, and after they broke i was looking for a replacement. Although my budget wasn't very high compared to before, i decide to go for these Audio-Technica ATH-M50X studio headphones not expecting it to be as good as the beats. To my surprise, these headphones had amazing comfort compared to the dr dre beats, and the sound quality was just as good in my opinion. The main point of this review is to point out: don't waste your money on very expensive headphones when you can buy these that do the same job and are just as good!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 6 April 2015
These are my first pair of expensive audiophile quality headphones. I have previously owned various £30-50 Sennheisers and I have a £700+ hifi setup so do have experience with quality audio equipment, if not at the very high end.

These arrived quickly and well packed. The included carry case is decent , the addition of the three removable cables (the X on top of the M50 is for these) is good and all three feel thick and sturdy. The headphones carry this forward, feeling reassuringly chunky and weighty, yet light enough not to cause headaches and be comfy on long listens. They are conservative in design but still look cool. They fold small for slipping into their carry bag and all the joins and build makes me think they will not be falling apart any time soon when being stored like this.

The sound is brilliant. The whole scope of instruments in my music (mainly rock and metal) comes out more than I've heard with any other headphones. Every part of the recording is distinct, clear and powerful, little details being dug out even on the lowest quality mp3s, while uncompressed audio sounds truly immersive. Going back to cheaper headphones suddenly feels masochistic. I couldn't recommend these enough.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 5 August 2015
I thought i would really give these guys a good try before writing the review. Its 8 months later, and i regret nothing!

First of all, build quality is great, the ear buds are soft and i can bearly feel the phones on my head now. There have been complaints of heating, but i only get hot ears after 6 hours plus of solid listening (and by that time i didnt really want to listen to any more music). The construction is solid, if a ti y bit creaky and grindy but i dont mind that, especially given the amount i use these per day ( i take these literally everywhere i go- these things have been slung in a bag more than anything else i own).

Now, sound wise, i love these. They offer a decently flat sound, not totally so i wouldnt use these for reference or for mixing, but it is still beautiful. The sound is crisp, but still offers nice rich bass with clear highs and mids. Detail is excellent.

Overall, i adore these babies. If these ever break i will probably not ever need to get anything else. Notice how i haven't even said "for the price" yet either. These really are brilliant as a quality set of cans. I cant recommend enough.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 24 September 2015
Bought them today, they are extremely comfortable, sound is clear and the Bass is really nice, for £90 these are amazing. I would recommend these to everyone.

Extremely comfortable
Clear Sound
Very good Bass
Quite strong structure
Brilliant noise cancellation.

After some time you tend to get really warm
review image
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