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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 29 July 2015
I don't write many reviews, but it would be against everything I stand for if I didn't write one for these headphones. Hands down probably the most clearest, frequency accurate, responsive headphones I have owned, I work in a professional studio environment with headphones 7x the price of these and they still give them a run for their money. If you are a headphone shopper even remotely thinking of BEATS headphones then for the love of god avoid them and buy these instead, not only will you save a ton of money but you won't believe how good these headphones sound against practically all models out there. They are simply superb, i'll say it again, they are SUPERB. I am blown away by the clarity & perfectly balanced frequencies. As an example how clear they are on older recorded songs you can virtually hear the analogue tape noise where the music was recorded. You can't say that about many sets of headphones. If you've read this and have a short list of headphones your deciding on, then BUY these, trust me you will not be disappointed. Fantastic and every credit to Audio-Technica!
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on 9 January 2016
At this price point the ATH-M20X headphones are a great choice, but please make sure you know what you want them for. The headphones come with a sturdy 3m cable with 3.5mm and 6.3mm jack options, but this cable is not detachable (other models in the M-series offer this option) nor do the cans fold up. Although they can be driven happily by portable devices, the M20Xs are clearly designed for home/studio use and it is a shame that some reviewers are criticising them when they don't seem to have researched them properly. I use mine for TV viewing as well and I find no annoying hum this way which I have experienced before with headphones with a thinner cable.

The headphones themselves are well built and look and feel more expensive than their price tag. The earpads and headband are well padded and comfortable, but they do grip the sides of the head quite tightly. Their sound is very good for the money - well balanced and accurate. Obviously, if you spend more money you will get a deeper and richer soundstage, but for £32 (at time of writing) these are great value option.
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on 27 February 2015
Bought these to replace my Sennheiser HD205's.... the M20X are just phenominal for the price in my opinion! build quility is sturdy, fit is confortable and sound quility is just amazing. My HD205's were ok, but these just blow them out the water for around the same pricepoint. Very Happy with my purchace ^^ think I may have just found myself a new fav brand of headphones.
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on 10 April 2015
These are as good a set of headphones as I have ever had. Quality is high and clean. Fitting is comfortable (even for prolonged use), but not loose - people with large ears might want to find some with bigger cups, though. Not sure what the 1 - 3 star views are about. It does have a long cable, but that's a plus, not a negative - it can always be tided with a wire tie (or similar). Has a single cable, which is nice and thick. Optional plugs are gold coated. As good as they look and good value.
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on 8 May 2014
I have owned these headphones for over 1 month now and I use them every day. The headphones are amazing for the money.

These M20x aren't the most attractive of headphones, however I would only ever wear them indoors so thats not an issue. The design is more functional and practical than attractive. I wouldn't call them ugly (in fact quite the opposite) but like I mentioned they are designed for a function and their design suits that to the ground.
The headphones have the Audio Technica logo on each ear cup with the model number on the ear cup support arm. The headband also features the Audio Technica logo and branding as well. They are very simplistic and the word I am looking for is professional.

Build quality
Although mostly plastic the headphones somehow dont feel cheap or poorly made, they are very solid and quite robust. I have dropped the headphones (accidentally) on more than one occasion and there isn't a mark on them. The headband adjustment is metal and is fairly smooth and allows for easy adjustment. The headband is very nice quite a lot of padding and quite good quality.
The ear cups again like the headband feature ample padding and are very comfortable.
The cable is very thick,well made and very high quality considering how affordable these headphones are.

Because of the M20x's over ear design these headphones are probably the most comfortable headphone I have ever owned. The headband is very soft and provides a lot of weight distribution across your head. The headband also doesn't have too much clamping force but yet manage to remain secure on your head.
That being said the headphones are very lightweight which only adds to the comfort. The ear cups are again very soft and have plenty of padding, the over ear design may be big but my ears fit inside with no problems at all. I wear these headphones pretty much every day, whether it be listening to music, video editing, audio monitoring and even gaming. This use can vary between 30 minutes to well over 4 hours and the headphones remain comfortable throughout.

In use
Using these headphones as much as I do, you get to know their strengths and weaknesses. These headphones only have one tiny flaw that I dont like. That is the cable, don't get me wrong the cable is very high quality and very robust, but its just too long. At 3m it can get a bit irritating as it is forever getting tangled up and it just gets in the way. Now that is just for me, the cable length is too long for me but it may suit your needs better.
As for audio monitoring and video editing the headphones are amazing. For audio monitoring and audio editing the headphones is response is very flat and you can hear all the imperfections in the audio, now that might not sound good but when you want to get high quality audio for your videos removing imperfections is key. SO for their main function and for the money they are simply amazing even regardless of their price.

Sound quality
Like I mentioned before the sound is amazingly unbiased and very flat now that might not sound exciting but the sound quality is sublime and dare I say it the best sounding headphones under £50. Yes the response is unbiased and flat but that can easily be solved by adjusting your eq settings. But because they are so flat everything just sound right, the vocal reproduction is very good, voices sound very clear and you can hear every intake of breath and exhale and they sound really really nice. The bass is present but not overpowering, it has an abundance of detail and can still hit hard when required. The mid range is again very well judged and surprisingly neutral, its not cold or warm and sits right in the sweet spot. The highs are very controlled and don't sound tinny or harsh and really go along way to complement the sound.
For gaming I found that their flat response didn't excite and was a bit lackluster, however speech and small details are very defined and you hear details really clear. Although there is no sense of directionality they remain composed even in intense action sequences. However you want a bit more excitement adjust your eq and add slightly to the lower frequencies and although not a comparison to a gaming headset, explosions and gun fire have a bit more vigor and improve the experience somewhat.
But if you want a headset for gaming look elsewhere and get a dedicated set.

Well what can I say for £39 I am simply astonished at how good these headphones are. They are designed for a purpose and they do it extremely well. The build, comfort and sound is unbelievable for this price point and I really do love the headphones.
I just cant believe that Audio Technica have managed to do this for such a low price.
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on 9 December 2014
I bought a pair of these to replace a pair of very old Sennheisers (15yrs old) on which I had replaced the cables on at £60 recently, and now the ear pads have at last fallen to pieces.... Now I know that undoubtedly there have been leaps and bounds I am unaware of in the last few years in headphones, but my Sennheisers cost me £330 all those years ago, and these cheap new phones are just as good!

Maybe not quite as comfy if I am totally honest (some of that will be because I am graced with large jug like ears and the pads need to soften a little to the shape of them ;) ), but I can easily wear them for 4-5 hours listening on my laptop, Hi-Fi and iPod Classic! I had read somewhere that the iPod may need an amp to get truly good sound out of it, but unless I want to be deafened permanently I definitely have enough volume! I am 57 but I have also had my hearing tested recently due to my job in a noisy industry and I have been told it is perfect, so the sound I am hearing is warm and well rounded and not overtaken by bass lines....

I listen to all sorts of music, from modern pop, through rock, heavy metal and onto folk and into classical, and so far I have been much more than happy with these Audio-Technica ATH-M20X, in fact I was going to save up for a much more expensive pair of headphones to replace the old Sennheisers , and these Audio-Technica were meant to be a temporary fix for now, but they have now become the fix for my listening drug! I may even buy another pair for the wife - if she is lucky ahah
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on 2 June 2014
Having worked in the recording industry for 25 years and having used dozens of brands including BeyerDynamic, Sony, Fostex to name a few, I've always had a preference for using Audio-Technica and Oktava for Microphones, I thought I'd give this headset a try...after a few days of use mainly with Desktop Audio Workstation software such as Logic Pro and Presonus all I can say is Audio Technica are giving these away for nothing!! The price is totally ridiculous, the precision is sublime and I wish I bought a few more, the construction is excellent and lightweight, the pads encircle most ear sizes, the degree do spatial dynamics is absolutely fantastic, I cannot fault them at all, even if you're looking for a set to use with the newer audio workstation apps for ipad, I'd recommend these 100% - they work well for iPhone too if sound neutrality is your priority, that said, the cable is about 3m which for studio or DJ use is ideal but for mobility might be lengthy - I'm guessing most users are looking for a mobile set in which case there are more suitable options like the Sennheiser Momentum which has a shorter cable and mic controls, but for musicians and studio use, you cannot go wrong with the Audio-Technica ATH-M20X
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on 9 February 2016
what can I say read the reviews so I bought them omg these are the best headphones I ever heard they replaced my dr dre beats which cost £140 they fit perfect sound brilliant ive had them three months cant say anything bad about them.oh yea only downside is they cancel out all outside noise so you wont hear your phone or anyone knocking on your door changed my mind that's another good thing.
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on 2 December 2014
Yea never buying cheap headphones again after a pair of these.

Do appreciate sound so much more now after using these.
The sound that comes out of them is just amazing. Audio nerd mate of my loves them too. Says they are close to studio quality at more than a quarter of the price.

Had a few bits of AT stuff before, great brand, know how to make good products adorable!
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on 21 January 2016
By far the best sounding headphones (not comparing to 30x or above). These have the clarity that I have come to expect from every headphone. They fit like a dream on the ear. Provide essential isolation from the surrounding sounds. These are built very solidly and I can imaging they could take some beating over a period of time and still perform.

Here's what they were lacking, from my point of view:
- Bass - they're not known for it, ofcourse these are Monitor headphones, but given now they're being sold to / bought by general public for their sound quality, a bit more bass is expected
- Comfort - extremely comfortable over-ear, but if you have to stop listening to music for a bit so you can figure out which tube you need to take, these will be uncomfortable. Putting them around my neck rendered my neck immovable. The ear cups hold your jaw in a firm position and you can't turn to look. The ear-cups don't fold and I didn't think that would be a problem, but it is. I don't intend to hang my headphones around my neck and walk around, intention is to listen to them, but its a usability issue. If these could be placed on the neck and I could still look around, all will be good with the world. They only swivel 15 degrees, which doens't help in that position. As a result, if you are not listening to them, they need to be taken off your head altogether
- Chord - The chord is not some small thin cheap chord that will break. It comes with a fixed thick chord, which is just too long if you want to take them outside your house / workplace. I tried to wrap it up and keep them next to my phone, but it was just uncomfortable to do that. The big lump between the head and the phone always ended up hanging down while changing music.

If you are going to be using these mostly indoors, then these are the headphones for you. These are the lightest in weight in the ATH-M series and provide comparable & equal performance when compared to the whole lineup. But if you want to walk around with these, you need to think for alternates in the M series.
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