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4.6 out of 5 stars164
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 October 2012
Delivery as all the other reviews have mentioned was excellent - I was helped to unpack and lift the treadmill out of the box given a quick run down of the assembly (I didn't pay for setup so this was a very nice touch).

It took no more 30 minutes to assemble. I used pliers to hold two of the nuts in place, without this it may have been a little fiddly with the provided multi-spanner.

Instructions are decent, the guides to assemble and maintain are handy especially as I needed to adjust the belt initially, which was a couple of turns of an alum key.

Lubricant needs to be applied under the running belt during periodic maintenance which has been included in the pack.

The actual sturdiness feels very similar to what you find in a gym. Speed and incline are very good. I hit around 12-13 kph (7.5-8.0 mph) when I hit my limit and cannot go much faster (or I could but it would be like running down the side of a hill where your feet go faster than they should!).

There is two sets of speed and incline buttons on the arm rails and on the display. Also, you can jump to 3, 6, 9, 12 kph or incline at a push of a button, very handy for interval training.

Included are hand weights and a water bottle which are both very good quality and durable.

A few negatives, but they don't detract from the 5 star rating based upon price Vs quality/service.

Cut off cord - very easy to snag because it has little resistance other than a small magnet.

No pause button meaning even a short break will reset your progress unless you leave the motor running.

No physical copy of the programs manual although it was emailed to me upon request.

The programs are highly under-tuned. Speed programs have walking at 1-2 kph (0.6-1.2 mph) for up to 6 minutes continuously.
Every speed and incline program includes on at least 6 x 1.5 min x 1-2 kph intervals.
I could understand if there were more challenging programs to accompany which keeps a higher minimum, but they don't.
In defense the program manual does state "The programs are designed for beginner and intermediate levels, for advanced training please use the manual program...."

If there was a pause button and better tuned interval programs then they would have been the icing on the cake. For me, I am more than happy with my purchase.
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on 16 September 2014
This treadmill is great. I spent ages looking round for a treadmill as i have used them in the gym but never owned my own one. I looked on other websites before Amazon. But i kept getting drawn back to this treadmill and company. The reviews on here stood out and really made this treadmill appealing. So i decided to go with my gut an purchase.
I am not disappointed in my decision. Maxima called me to arrange a convenient delivery day for me. I ended up opting for there set up option (small additional cost compared to the added service). They delivered when they said they would into my upstairs room. Set the treadmill up and showed me how to use and even how to look after it. I was very impressed by the young lad that did this.
I really didn't believe the other reviews about how great maxima fitness customer service was. But I can honestly say that i was blown away. The best I've had in a long while.
The treadmill itself works and looks great. Haven't used all the programmes yet but they all seem good even if a little short. But a small issue as normally i just set a timer on it for a 30min run and then speed up and slow down and raise and lower the treadmill my self. The weights i haven't really used but can see how they would help. Oh and one more thing. Having the additional buttons on the arm rails is a great idea, so easy to use.
To sum it up, i think the treadmill is great, i think my decision to buy this model was the right one and can't fault the customer service, which is really refreshing in this day and age!
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on 6 April 2011
Ordered the treadmill because it met my budget and functionality requirements. Also received an email from Maxima to, confirming my order requirements. The treadmill was delivered on the due date, and I had it assembled within 15mins. The booklet is straightforward, and operation of the treadmill is simple, which is what I wanted.

The programmes all work, with plenty of variety so that you don't get bored with the routine. Used my ipod with the speakers, and they are clear and a reasonable volume. Folding away the treadmill is a simple one person operation that takes 5 seconds.

The running surface is fairly large and comfortable to walk / run on, and the structure of the treadmill is solid and looks very durable. Incline and speed are easily adjusted on the hand rails too, which makes life a bit easier. Also tried the heart measurement, which works fine.

Received detailed programme information from maxima on the exact incline / speed profile for each programme, which allows you to identify your favourite programmes.

Superb treadmill and excellent service, recommended without hesitation.
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on 22 December 2014
Let me start by saying this is a great treadmill, it’s very solid and robust. On first use the belt slipped a little below 5kph but that stopped after a couple of uses. In operation the motor is smooth and pretty quiet. It’s plenty fast enough for me as a casual runner and feels just as good quality as the ones I had been using at the gym. I don’t use the weights but they are a nice touch if you want a little arm workout while running. The speaker is ok but nothing special for playing music, I much prefer to wear headphones so I can feel more immersed and not have to listen to my feet pounding on the footplate. I tried the incline and it goes to a decent level but it’s not something I would really use often so can’t comment on how good it is in practise. I can imagine it would be good for simulated hill walking.
I have knocked a star off because the manual and listing say it has 40 programs but there is nothing supplied to tell you what they are. I can pick a program on the control panel but I have no idea what it is going to do while I’m running. I have tried emailing Maxima for a program list but had no reply from them. Just hope they are not the same if there is a problem with the runner.
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on 9 February 2013
I've had this treadmill for over a year now and it's still going strong. Great for regular use, easy maintenance and well fast enough for me. Only down side is that the programmes may not be hard enough for some people.
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on 17 April 2011
This machine is honestly fantastic. The mechanic came and set it up for me and gave me a complete run through of how to use it properly, and sent a booklet containing 84 different training modules. There are 5 of us in the family and every one of us have used it virtually every day without any problems whatsoever. The mechanic also said that should I have any problems or simply forget how to fold it / use it / make the most of it / whatever, I was to call him and he would pop round as soon as possible. I recommend this machine to anyone, great value for money and fantastic aftercare. Can't do much better for the price.
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on 12 December 2011
Dealings with the firm were excellent - detailed call in the evening talking me through the machine, assembly & delivery. Communications re delivery perfect. Assembly not too bad - all necessary bits & spanners etc provided & instructions clear. Two screws a bit fiddly but I'd say it's well within most peoples' ability. It's heavy though and that's where it is a 2 person task.

Machine is robust, easy to use controls with speakers to plug into phone, laptop etc. I can't fault it and I think that it's good value for money as it is so solid and secure. I see that delivery & a mat are free this month - that makes it even better value.

The only thing lacking in the package is a personal trainer to encourage me to use it every day!!
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on 8 December 2015
Have bought a similar model 2 years ago which I now use for my 3 shih tzus when it's raining. Three and me on the threadmill ended up a bit too crowded so I decided to buy another similar model a month ago in Nov 15. Had it set up by Maxima Fitness and all went great up until when I tested the new model with the dogs later that day and found out that the electrics ie beeps of the machine's speed and incline going up and down didn't work properly ie the sound was sporadic and then silent and when I was on the treadmill with the dogs, the machine increased it's speed in silence on the console, which happened to spot out of the corner of my eye; and then whoosh, the running belt suddenly increased it's speed just like that from slow to super fast; and I jumped off straight away otherwise I would have fallen as it was too fast for me.

I reported the fault to Maxima Fitness straight away and while they were great in offering me a higher better model, I needed the same model as I have two treadmills side by side in a smallish room surrounded by dog pens, and it would look unbalanced with one small and one large machine and size was limited. While MF have been trying to help, it has been almost a month and I'm still with a machine that is faulty and not too happy with the inability to have the machine I originally purchased.

Review of the older treadmill in general is it is great; runs well, inclines well, is silent, comfortable, dogs love it, I love it; it's just the second treadmill is not so good in that it's heavier strangely, makes a different noise, belt is a bit noisy, and the sound on the speed button and incline buttons do not work properly and the machine belt speeds up unexpectedly.

I'll keep you posted as to the outcome.

Update: 22 Jan 2016
The treadmill was finally picked up by Maxima Fitness reps and replaced supposedly with a new model; but that too was faulty; and I was fairly disappointed when the engineer kept making excuses as to the replacement also had a faulty console and a very noisy belt. It was supposedly unpacked and pre-assembled in the warehouse prior to delivery and tested; instead of being sent a newly boxed treadmill which I was not happy with. I paid a lot of money for a new machine and expect a new boxed machine. I am hugely disappointed. The MD of Maxima Fitness has intervened and said he is happy to help sort the issues out. Let's see what the solutions are offered following today's disappointment in another faulty model.
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on 27 October 2014
For personal reasons I had to cancel my gym membership, not wanting to lose my level of fitness, I bought this treadmill so that I could work out in my own home. I wanted it for my spare room - I wasn't sure if the delivery team would be able to manage a flight of stairs but I need not have worried! More on delivery later.

Ordering was easy. Price competitive. I asked some questions to the company directly and got speedy and helpful reply.

Set up was excellent. Really friendly company to deal with. Maxima called me to arrange a convenient delivery day for me which is a nice touch as I obviously had to be home for set up to be completed! Is nice that they can fit in the delivery with you as opposed to the normal company policy I have had in the past of telling you when you need to be home and then you wait in and they don't turn up in the time slot! Having agreed a time for delivery - I was impressed the door went at almost the exact time I was told!
I was shown all the functions and informed how best to care for the treadmill so that it lasts me the test of time. Obviously when you pay for an item you want it to last and so I found the tips and care advice really handy. Most of this will be in the manual but it is nice for someone to take the time to tell you directly.

The quality of the item is as described and does exactly what it should. Love all the extras like bottle and weights. Makes for a really good workout.

The professionalism of the company really adds to the overall experience. Would order through this company again if they have any other items.
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on 28 April 2011
The Maxima Treadmill was delivered on time by two delightful men who took the trouble to set it up properly and explain to us the minor adjustments we could make to the running belt. They did not leave until they knew we were happy and understood their explanations and the treadmill has worked perfectly ever since with a little minor adjustment as they suggested. We use the treadmill every day and find it really excellent. We would have no hesitation in recommending Maxima Treadmills, not only for how good the product is but also how excellently it was delivered and set up for us in the room of our choice.
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