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on 1 September 2015
I bought this for going on a trip where there were several people and only one socket for charging. I kept my smart phone (which needs charging every day) and my camera charged for the whole weekend. I think I can get about 5 full iPhone charges out of this pack.

I thought the torch LED on it was a bit of a gimmick before I bought it but soon found it to be useful when delving around in a bag for cables in a tent or boat; a double press of the power button toggles it on and off. The torch is not bright compared with the one on the iPhone but it's adequate.

A note on the power button: it is quite small and slightly recessed to prevent accidental presses and, especially as the unit feels completely symmetrical, I end up turning it round a couple of times in my hand to find the switch and turn the torch on. If you're using it to turn on the torch, the chances are it's dark so you have to do it by feel. This is a minor thing, though; I bought it for the battery store feature, not for being a torch and it's excellent for its primary purpose. It's just that the torch turned out to be more useful than I anticipated.

I have now been using it for a month on camping, driving and boating trips. I can slip it into my back pocket and connect it to my phone while I'm moving around and still use my phone while it's charging.

It seems beautifully made - the black aluminium case has a real quality feel to it - I'd say it feels slim but rugged. The power pack switches itself on and off when it detects that you have connected or disconnected something from it although sometimes it detects the cable connecting to it even if there is no phone attached (some cables have a simple detection circuit).

Also it switches itself off when your device is no longer connected or stops charging which is sensible. The one very minor drawback is that I have plugged in my phone (already 70% charged but switched on) at 10pm and gone to sleep. When I woke in the morning I found that the phone had become fully charged during the night, the pack switched off as designed and my phone kept running and so was back down to 65-70% again by morning. In this respect it is different to a mains charger. If you want to wake up with your device fully charged, make sure that you turn it off after connecting it to the power pack. (The iPhone turns itself ON after you connect it to a charger so you need to connect first and then switch the phone off). I would rather have it this way round because it means that the charger isn't flattening itself topping up a phone that is switched on but not being used.

The small 4 white LED power indicator is intuitive but at night I have sometimes found I had to turn the unit over so that it isn't too bright.

It seems to hold its charge quite well when you don't use it for a week or two. I haven't tried it for longer.

Charging works flawlessly - this is the whole purpose of the unit
Well made
Easy to use
Torch surprisingly useful
Good value

Stops charging when your device is full - you need to make sure your device is switched off otherwise it begins to discharge again once the charging has finished. Simple if you know in advance.f.
Some USB cables cause the power pack to turn on even with no device attached.

It can be a bit fiddly to find the power button (especially for the torch) if you aren't looking at it.

Very well made, convenient and easy to use. In my opinion the 'cons' don't justify reducing the score and they are more observations than disadvantages, hence the 5/5 score. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it, buy it as a gift or purchase another one for myself.
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on 13 September 2015
I was sent this 10000mAh power bank by EasyAcc for an unbiased and honest review.

::::::::::THE GOOD::::::::::

EasyAcc sells a variety of different smartphone accessories but by far I am a huge fan of their power banks. They are always well priced but also offer huge capacities and good build quality. This 10000mAh power bank is no exception. It offers a sturdy design, minimal branding but overall nothing to extravagant. The colour choice is black and orange which I personally don’t mind but the orange accents are kept to a minimum. There are two USB ports which are said to be “smart” as they deliver the correct and optimum output current to charge your device the fastest. So far I can testify that there is a noticeable improvement in charging times with this battery pack compared to others I have used. There are two USB ports on the side which deliver up to 2.4 Amps which is 0.2 Amps greater than the vast majority of other battery packs. Located in the middle is the flashlight which can be helpful at times. Also, in the corner of the battery pack you will find an LED Indicator of remaining battery level. This battery pack holds its battery well even if not in use but with my phone of 3000mAh capacity I was able to charge it 3 times comfortably with some to spare. Overall, EasyAcc offers a nice sturdy battery pack that does its job well.

::::::::::THE BAD::::::::::

I have found that the LED light on the side is not very bright at all and is only useful in very dark conditions. I have to say that this battery pack is a bit weighty and quite a bit bigger than the average sized smartphone, but if kept in a bag this shouldn’t be a big problem. Another minor issue I’ve had is that the button which starts a charge or activates the LED does not feel very tactile and is a bit slim therefore making less accessible to the touch. Other than these minor flaws the overall functionality is not compromised and is great on EasyAcc’s battery pack.

::::::::::USABILITY AND SETUP::::::::::

As any battery pack is, there is virtually no setup. I have noticed that the included Micro USB cable is quite small and not very practical. I recommend using other longer cables.

::::::::::THE BOTTOMLINE::::::::::

EasyAcc offers a sturdy, high capacity battery pack at a very low price. Build quality is sleek and the colour choices and design compliment this battery pack well. It charges your devices a bit quicker than others but still holds it huge 10000mAh capacity without any compromise. Overall, I would highly recommend EasyAcc’s battery pack.


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on 27 June 2015
This little marvel saved the day for me this afternoon. Family gathering to meet a relative over from New Zealand. I grabbed my LG G3 which I use as my camera as it takes amazing quality photographs. Oh nuts! Only 23% power. That would never do. So I unboxed the powerbank and set off to the hotel - only a 15 minute drive away. Well, in 15 minutes this had powered up the mobile by 40%. I left it connected as I went in to the hotel and I took my photos and still came away with 68%. Not sure about the techy stats, but it saved the day, and for me this is the reason I bought it. Two leads with it. One is a good length and the other is ridiculously short. If you had a 1metre lead you could have this in a back pocket or jacket pocket, leave it connected and work away with your device. Very happy purchaser.

UPDATE: My LG G3 was at 13% today. Took 75 minutes to get to 100% (without any use during charging)
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on 7 September 2014
Having never heard of EasyAcc, I was somewhat reluctant to buy this portable battery, but I can definitely say that it has been one of my best decisions.
As soon as I received it, I set about testing their claims that it could provide enough electricity to recharge an iPhone 5 to 6 times. I fully charged the battery and then charged my iPhone from empty to full each night and the 4 led indicators are a very simple but nice feature. After 5 charges, the lowest led was the only one lit but battery managed to charge my iPhone to 100% again, so it managed a total of 6 recharges before needed a recharge itself. By any standards, that's damn good. They haven't made exaggerated claims about it, it looks pretty nice too, especially in white, although as with anything in a bright colour, it gets marks on it pretty quickly.
I'd seen portable batteries that were more expensive and had less capacity, but were from a more reputable company. I was going to buy one of them, to be on the safe side, but I've had this one for more than a month now and I haven't had a problem with it. The warranty should also help if anything goes wrong. You can also charge two devices at the same time, which is nice.

I should probably point out that it doesn't come with a plug to charge the battery and although I noticed this before I bought it, those unfamiliar with how these things work might be confused when it arrives. I just used my iPhone plug to use the cord that came with the battery.

Another important thing I should point out is that while I'm extremely happy with the capacity, EasyAcc can't defy physics. The battery takes an eye-watering 10+ hours to fully charge from empty. It took roughly 13 hours for me to charge the battery back to full from empty. It obviously not a design flaw, but just something you need to take into account before buying it. The battery is for use when you don't have access to electricity, but to charge it up, you need access to electricity for more than half a day. Obviously if you only discharge it half way (which is what happened to me every day on my holiday), it takes half the time to charge it back up, so charging over night is more than enough to get it back to full.

It's well worth the £22 I payed and it will probably get cheaper over time. It's also fulfilled by Amazon, so it came the next day despite the delivery estimate being a week from the order date.

I've seen the negative reviews on this battery and all appear to be because of faulty batteries. It's not unusual for there to be faulty products, especially when they involve batteries, so I think and hope that it's just bad luck. Judging by the number of happy customers, I assume almost all of the batteries work perfectly. If there's a problem, I would have though the first thing you should do is return it for a refund or replacement. I don't understand why people won't do this when presented with an obvious faulty item?

Anyway, I'm a very happy customer and I definitely recommend. I hope my review helps somebody make the right decision, and I apologise for any typos. Despite the long review, it only takes me a few minutes...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 October 2015
Really nice power bank. Besides looking good its affordable for the autonomy that gives us.
On my testings charging a Zopo Speed 7 Plus i can charge it 3 times and a half, so its great for travelling.

Its built of a high quality plastic and well designed.
It has 2 USB connectors so we can charge 2 devices at the same time.

Theres also a small button as showen on my photos that if we press will give us a light indication of how is the battery state (Up to 4 lights max) and if we hold the button it turns on a light that can be very useful if we are on a dark room.

Also included is a USB to Micro USB to charge the Power bank.

Recharging the Power bank can take some time, approx 5-6 hours connected to the wall socket so my advise is to connect it and leave trough the night. Non the less i see this device as a travelling device so its something that we wont be charging every day, at least on my opinion.

My final thoughts are that it is indeed a very well constructed Power Bank, solid and at the same time delivers the power for long peridod when we dont have a power socket near by.

Also having in mind the price that it costs i have no problems recommending it to anyone.

Note: I received a sample unit to test and give a honest review / feedback.
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on 5 August 2014
What a fab gadget, most people with an iPhone will know you'll be lucky to get a full days battery power with it. But this light gadget is great, and fitted in my handbag. Lasted for several charges over 4 days at a festival. Tip if you have a iPhone charging on airplane mode charges it much quicker :-)
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on 29 October 2015
After having owned many power banks, the EasyAcc 2nd Gen 10,000mAh power bank  has become my favourite for many reasons...

Inside the packaging, you will find the unit itself, a micro-USB cable and documentation. Upon first impressions, I was very pleased. The unit was solid, light and the design was eye-catching. The black and orange colours contrasted very nicely giving it a premium look.

The power bank tips the scales at 226g making the unit very portable for travel. The footprint of the device is similar to that of an iPhone 6+ with rounded corners making it easy for you to grip the power bank comfortably. At the top of the unit, we have two smart output USB ports and a flashlight. On the right-hand side, we have the power button and on the opposite side you will find the micro-USB port for charging the device - which takes 6 hours to charge fully.

The EasyAcc power bank is designed very nicely, the only flaw being the power button. The button is small and lacks good tactile feedback. Sometimes I had to press the button considerably harder than normal to switch on the device.

Charging my phone posed no difficulties. Thanks to the smart output technology, my phone charged at normal speeds. This means the EasyAcc power bank can identify the type of device and output the suitable current for your device - leading to optimal charging times. I was able to recharge my Nexus 5 (which has a 2,300mAh battery) three times which was pleasing.Another useful feature is the ability to charge your power bank at the same time as charging other devices. This makes it much more convenient.

In conclusion, the EasyAcc 10,000mAh power bank is my favourite power bank up to date because of its reliability and form factor. For just £12.99 the power bank is a great buy.
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on 10 July 2015
What a superb gadget. When a device is plugged in to charge, it starts automatically; the lights come on briefly to show the charge remaining, then go out to save power (and avoid the annoying glow in the dark). When the unit itself is being charged, the lights remain on to show progress. The leads provided are designed for charging only: there is no data connection; use these in preference to a normal USB cable, for the difference in charging speed can be significant. The high capacity means that I can fully charge my Nexus 7 tablet twice and still have power to spare.
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on 6 July 2015
Bought this as I was going to Glastonbury festival and wanted my iphone to last the 5 days I was attending. Was using it to message, make calls and take photos. Charged it once a day and a friend borrowed it too - still left on the Sunday with three bars of charge to go! Was surprised by how quickly it would charge, after reading some reviews about this being an inconvenience. The practical size meant that it fit in my bum bag for charging on the go, and now I carry it in my handbag for working days.
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on 13 December 2014
I've been wanting to buy one of these for a long time but kept putting it off, now that I've finally got round to buying one I don't know how I managed without it! Great design, slim, compact, portable, lightweight and simple to use. I use it to charge both my Samsung phone and tablet and it normally last around 4-5 charges on average when fully charged. I love how I never have to leave my phone or tablet near a wall socket any more and wait until they're charged before I can use them again, with this I never run out of power and all my devices are with me and ready to use at any time. I wish I had purchased one a lot sooner! If you're thinking of buying one of these then do it without hesitation, you won't regret it at all!

One little thing worth mentioning is that It doesn't come with it's own charger to charge the power bank itself but you can simply use your current phone charge to charge it.
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