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4.4 out of 5 stars270
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2014
This is a much better transfer than the previous blu-ray release.
Same length also though it says Director's Cut.
Also one of the best sci-fi movies of the 80's that have more than quotable lines and memorable characters.

Special Features :-

Q&A with the filmmakers inc, Paul Verhoeven, Peter Weller & Nancy Allen- 2012 - 42mins
Flesh and Steel - The making of Robocop - 37mins
1987 featurette - shooting Robocop - 8min
1987 featurette - making Robocop - 8mins
The boardroom - storyboard with commentary by animator Phil Tippet - 6min
Deleted scenes - 3mins
Villains of old Detroit - 17mins
Special effects - then and now - 18mins
Robocop - creating a legend - 21mins
Paul Verhoeven - easter egg - 1min
Audio commentary with Director Paul Verhoeven, Writer Ed Neumeier and Executive Producer Jon Davison
Theatrical trailer
TV Spot

The Q&A was interesting and the villains of old Detroit has new interviews with the likes of
Kurtwood Smith reminiscing about the filming in the summer of 1986.
Can really recommend this version for a top level upgrade.
I'd buy that for a dollar!!!
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on 1 February 2014
The image quality is fantastic, the restoration is outstanding and the sound quality (DTS HD) is faultless throughout.

There are some nice extra features, including retrospective interviews, trailers and so on.

A worthy addition to any sci-fi movie fan's collection.
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on 2 February 2014
Fantastic improvement over the last Blu-ray release. Picture Quality is amazing and the extra bonus features are vast. Loved every minute of this new 2014 Remastered Director's Cut. 10/10
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'Detroit City' is riddle with crime, gangs rule the streets, cops are being taken out.
There is corruption within the system, with no-one able to expose it.
'Alex J Murphy'(Paul Weller) is a well respected officer that has been transferred
to the 'Detroit Police Department' he is teamed up with Officer 'Anne Lewis' (Nancy
Allen) who'll show him the ropes of his new posting.
'Murphy' and 'Lewis' become involved in an incident, which see's 'Murphy' left for
dead by the gang led by arch-villain 'Clarence J Boddicker' (Kurtwood Smith)
The O.C.P have been trying to develop a peace-keeping Cyborg, as yet, not without
it's problems.
A opportunity has arisen for the Organisation, they decide to rebuild the barely alive
cop, part Human-part Robot, in effect a machine that can be programmed to enforce
the rule of law on the streets of 'Detroit' --'Robocop'
Unlike the Cyborgs that have been unsuccessfully tested, Robocop will have the
additional element of a part-machine capable of making decisions the 'Cyborg' couldn't.
Robocop makes an instant impact on the City Streets, Crime-levels are beginning to
fall, but the elements of corruption within the system and it's involvement with the
gang that had all but ended 'Murphy's' life remains in tact.
One thing the O.C.P. have not counted upon is the possibility that 'Murphy/ Robocop
has vague memories of his previous life, 'Robocop' wants revenge against the gang
that had more than contributed to what he has now become.
I have recently watched and reviewed the 2013 version of this 1987 classic, because
I hadn't seen this version for some considerable time, I could not honestly make any
comparisons, the new -version is perfectly watchable and does contain up to date
Special-Effects the 87' movie didn't have access to, however, there is quite a gulf in the
content between the two, this version has much more attitude and a whole lot more action
on-board, along with more graphic violence....not sure this would be given an '18' by the
'Censorship-Board of today, however, as mentioned earlier there is quite a gulf between
the two versions.
An Action-packed Sci-Fi Classic (The 'Cyborg' isn't that good on a stairwell)
Picture Quality --Maybe not the best at times, however a very noticeable upgrade on the
DVD version.
Special Features -
* O and A with filmmakers (2012)
* Flesh and Steel - The Making of Robocop.
* 1987 Featurette - Shooting Robocop and Making Robocop.
* The Boardroom Storybook with Commentary by Animator 'Phil Tippet'
* Deleted Scenes.
* Villains of Old Detroit.
* Special Effects then and now.
* Robocop : Creating a Legend.
* Paul Verhoeven : Easter Egg.
* Commentary with Director 'Paul Verhoeven' - Writer 'Ed Neumeir' and Executive
Producer - 'John Davison'
* Theatrical Trailer.
* T.V. Spot.
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on 18 February 2014
What can I say. The best version I have ever seen. I have owned this on vhs dvd bluray and now this remastered version. I am halfway through and the picture quality is amazingly sharp. And the sound has been upgraded to dts. Im just hoping my neighbours forgive me...... its def worth purchasing this. The news bits are obviously still grainy and outdated but the film has gone through a major clean up and it has payed off..... buy it you wont be disappointed.
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on 4 March 2014
I'm sure I'm not the only one that has bought this movie more times that I'd care to admit, from VHS,, Criterion DVD, blu ray, remastered blu ray and various DVD and blu ray steelbook versions.

The remastered blu ray steelbook has attracted some justified criticism for the artwork. But overall this is a delightful release. The remastered blu ray isn't perfect, but this is an old fairly low budget movie; the remastered version makes your older blu ray look dark and muddy. The audio is 5.1 DTS HD; purists may actually prefer the older blu ray's 4.0 soundtrack that mimicks the theatrical dolby surround mix.

This is the 'unrated' version of the movie - and it is region free, so international buyers can buy without fear of disc/player incompatibility.

There was a limited edition steelbook of the older blu ray; its difficult to find now. Overall this is the version of the movie to buy. You have a great remaster of an iconic movie packaged in a very nice steelbook (with some questionable artwork).
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on 24 March 2014
The picture has been completely cleaned for this hi def release and all the hard work has paid off, the film looks stunning and still holds up against much more modern fare... Justifiably a classic...
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With the marketing and talk about the "new" Robocop film (which I have seen and no you are not missing anything not a patch on this film), it's easy to overlook one of the more interesting movies from the later 80's period.

Paul Verhoeven sits in the Director's chair and does a fine job, taking a bit of a chance by veering things off the beaten track and pulls it off in style. Robocop manages to mix a blend of film styles which is usually risky, and often's a serious film at times, but with a strong element of tongue in cheek, notably violent in places (there are several cuts of the film on disc one being no punches pulled gore or language wise), sad and emotional, and yet funny in places too.

If this sounds like a jack of all master of none film, you'd be mistaken...Verhoeven pulls it off and very well. Peter Weller puts in a fine performance as the lead character of Alex Murphy, the cop who becomes Robocop, a strong supporting cast featuring Nancy Allen, Miguel Ferrer is the ambitious OCP executive who comes up with the Robocop design, Kurtwood Smith (who makes a convincing gang leader) and old hands like Ronny Cox who's the no. 2 at OCP and priming himself for the top job and in leagues with Boddicker (Kurtwood)

A special mention has to go to Jesse D. Goins who's gang character Joe Cox has a unique and infectious well as some truly classic phrases during the film..: "does it hurt..does it hurt?" "a new toy!" (you can't appreciate this performance until you see it)

Story wise it's a blast from start to finish, but with attention paid to please all corners. Murphy's fate is sealed in unfortunate circumstances he then becomes the part man part machine Robocop. we then see him wrestle with his past..and trying to deal with the problems of corruption at OCP the company that made him. Script is excellent and worth of note are the "adverts" typical cynical tongue in cheek portrayal of what the future might have been, this inserts are quite humorous and only add to the feel of the film.

It's a difficult film to portray in a review, but for me it works and has become (deservedly) something of a cult classic for many film lovers. It's quite a unique film in many ways, and whilst some might prefer a more serious take on the story I think Verhoeven's approach works. It's not your typical sci-fi film by any means, but it's fresh and entertaining, funny when it can be..but there is also a serious message and a human story too.

I've watched the film many times, and even to this day it's a personal favourite. Highly recommended
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 10 October 2011
They'll fix you. They fix everything.

On his first day out on the streets of Detroit, Officer Murphy is brutally killed by known thug leader, Clarence Boddicker. Scientists at OCP are able to use what remains of Murphy's body and build a new heavily armed cyborg police officer, one that could rid the streets of crime forever.

Paul Verhoeven has been called many things in his career, bonkers, challenging and visionary, here with his first perceived block buster American feature, he showcases all of those things. Robocop on the page {and with its title} looked like your average run of the mill sci-fi shoot them up, with its basic premise not exactly oozing originality either. But Verhoeven had screenwriter's Edward Neumeier & Michael Miner in his corner, and they came up with a superior script to fully realise his vision. That Robocop is a satirical critique of totalitarianism and corporate corruption is now a given. Yet it wasn't at first evident to the summer block buster crowd, but Robocop has stood up well to critical re-examinations and the depth digging that so many have afforded it.

So with the script he wanted in place, Verhoeven utilised his memories from childhood, where his Netherlands home was taken over by a stomping German army, and added in the destruction factor, with no amount of technical expertise as well. Verhoeven paints an unhinged portrait of this Detroit {actual location shoot was parts of Texas}, with skew whiff angles and bizarre twists lining the picture, the special effects even today looking tremendous. Robocop is extremely violent, especially in the directors cut that's now widely available, but even during the most wincing scenes, it stays brisk and sparky, and on his side is that his characters are as inhuman as the title protagonist is!. Thus the fusion of berserker sci-fi and human realism sits easy with the viewer, with the result serving notice to what a fine director Verhoeven can be.

Peter Weller dons the Robo suit {enduring agony for weeks on end apparently} and does what is required, and Nancy Allen kicks buttocks as Murphy's partner, Anne Lewis. But it's with the unsavoury characters that Robocop gains its acting kudos. Ronny Cox, Miguel Ferrer and a wickedly vile Kurtwood Smith dominate proceedings, helped immeasurably by the nature of the script. Verhoeven is thought to be a hard character on set, demanding much from all involved, even driving the normally amiable Weller to thoughts of violence against his director. But few, if any of those involved in Robocop can now say the final result wasn't worth it, because between them they made a genre classic. 9/10
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on 4 October 2015
Love this movie but I've had too delete it and just stick with my bluray as this Amazon digital movie is faulty explosions show up like bright green and it was downloaded in full hd dount purchase this... the bluray is great the Amazon download is not. so save yourself the hastle and get the disc plus you get all the extras too
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