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3.9 out of 5 stars98
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 1 February 2014
I've had the excellent WiFi Withings weight / body fat / air quality scales for sometime now and have been very pleased with them. They are sleek and elegant but are also very practical if you - like me - have bought into the 'big data' revolution and want immediate submission of your data into the 'cloud' for ongoing analysis.

I'd been holding back from buying the older wired blood pressure monitor from Withings as it shipped with the old iPhone adapter and I don't like using the fiddly adapter for the iPhone 5/5s for retro-fit. I also hoped they'd bring out a wireless version that is far more future proof and of course will work with non-apple products. So along come this brand new wireless version in Jan 2014 so I just had to try it!

As with all Withings products it is beautifully designed and put together. The gorgous packaging and fine materials of the device itself gives you a premium feel similar to that of opening an Apple product for the first time. In the box is the Withings wireless blood pressure reader, a back-up wired connector (very useful just in case the wireless fails or you don't want to use Bluetooth), a quick start manual and a more detailed manual. The 4x AAA batteries are pre-installed so the product is ready-to-go out of the box.

Set-up is a joy via Bluetooth and took literally just a couple of minutes with intuative step-by-step instructions on-screen through the Withings app on my iPhone 5. The Withings unit is seamlessly controlled via the app on the phone during use with no need to mess with any setting on the actual device after initially switching on. It turns off automatically after use.

One of the nice surprising new features is the "Auto" feature that you can set to automatically conduct 3x measurements in succession (with obviously a short gap in between for rest) with the average taken for even more accurate measurements just as my doctor asked me to do when using a manual traditional blood pressure monitor.

Other really nice features include:

- automatic time of day capture with each blood pressure reading that you can later analyse between am and pm readings and understand how your blood pressure changes throughout the day automatically via the dashboard in the app
- auto capture of your resting pulse
- real-time readings being sent to the app on the phone so you can see what's going on whilst the devise is working
- battery charge indicator through the app

For those geeks / power-users out there who want more, the best and most useful feature is of course the seamless ability to capture all the readings from the device which are then sent 'to the cloud' and shared with the other growing number of apps in the wellbeing/health eco-system that you give permission.

For me I use:

- Combination of Withings BP monitor & Scales for my weight, fat percentage, pulse-rate and blood pressure readings
- Jawbone UP for my activity tracking 24/7 and sleep tracking
- Sleepio for personalised CBT sleep training (which seamlessly integrates to Jambone UP)
- MyFitnessPal for food and drink tracking
- Run Keeper for fitness tracking
- The ability to easily send data through to your doctor and/or 3rd party as required via email
- and all the data from all the above automated & manual inputs analysed and reported by TicTrak

And what does all this data tell me? Well, that I am over-weight with high blood pressure who eats (and drinks) too much and spends an awful lot of time sitting around and not enough time exercising.

Sadly non of this wonderful technology replaces personal motivation, some personal discipline and lifestyle change. But SURELY there must be an app for that I hear you cry!?

In summary, the Withings wireless blood pressure monitor is highly recommended and a joy to use and own.
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on 3 December 2014
I confess that I'm a fan of Withings products. I have an old set of Withings Wifi Scales and I have a Withings Pulse. This Blood Pressure Monitor came up on Amazon Black Friday Lightning Deals, so I took the plunge.

First impressions first - it is very green. By which I mean the colour and not "environmentally friendly" :) If you don't like green you're out of luck! Inside the box I found a little booklet titled "Quick Installation Guide". This is, perhaps, not the best title for instructions sent with a medical device. Or perhaps it was just my weird mind that had me giggling at the possible places they might be suggesting I install it. I was relieved to find it was actually just talking about installing the app on my iPad/mobile device. Subsequently the instructions weren't as interesting to me, so I ignored them. Installation is simple and the app guides you through it. This part of the process is slick and easy.

When it comes to the app. On Apple devices you require iOS 6.0 or above. On android you require Android 4.0 or higher. On my iPad I had to install the iPhone version of the app.

To me it's a nice looking piece of kit with the good build quality I'd expect of Withings. I was, however, a little bit surprised by its size. If I roll my sleeves up and put the blood pressure monitor on then it barely fits and the tubular bit of the device presses against my lower arm. It's not particularly comfortable. I'm tall and with long arms, people with short/smaller arms will probably not find it easy to use.

The monitor can take your blood pressure using one measurement or as an average of three measurements with configurable intervals (e.g. 3 measurements with a 2 minute gap between). This seems a brilliant idea to me. However, to use the latter mode you have to turn it on in the app each time you use it. That's rather inconvenient when I forget and I wish it would just remember my settings. Not the end of the world but a bit niggly.

I have taken about 30 measurements, it has failed to read properly on two occassions. This is slightly frustrating but the failure rate is on a par with just about every other blood pressure monitor I've used. When it does this I merely check that I've not actually died, do indeed have a pulse, and try again. This has, so far, always proved a successful strategy! Based on what readings I would normally expect to get, the results it provides seem reasonably accurate.

For a relatively high price you get a well built, bulky, average performing, blood pressure monitor. The distinguishing feature is that it stores your results to your Withings account and the app for you. As a gadget lover I'm a big fan of that. Realistically though, you're going to have to be a gadget lover to justify the price for that one feature and not just write your results down with the, old fashioned, pen and paper approach.
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Like a lot of these gadgets they are good in theory but in practice. If I didn't have high BP before I made this purchase I do now!

It syncs with Android and IPhone without a hitch. The problem is the times one receives a failed reading suggesting the cuff is not on correctly. One then spends time shuffling the cuff about ensuring its perfect only to be told its cant take a reading? maybe one in five times it works.

There is an "automatic" system where it takes ones BP three times one after the other. This is near impossible as it appears to take the first two then says its faulting on the third. I have managed to get an automatic reading only twice. Irrespective of how one places that cuff this device is erratic and that is being polite.

AS for the ten minutes of fighting with the device my BP ranges from great to seek medical help!

I have an Omron and that produces first class results first time every time. The Withings is not cheap so it should perform much better than it does.
I like the sync action with my mobile I also like the fact Withings will keep a record of my BP. I don't like the false or failed readings and the reading I do get vary vastly. Not a good purchase. I suspect an updated model is due shortly?

Put simply, great idea poorly executed.

Update. Returned the device today. Very temperamental with its behaviour. I got so frustrated and angry when receiving a failed reading especially after waiting for the multiple 3 usage would fail.
Disappointed as I liked the idea and love the gadget factor however its just so annoying to receive frequent failure notifications. BTW this was the same running on Apple iPhone 6 with IOS and Galaxy S6 with Android. Returning to my Omron. Again the Omron is an awful lot more accurate too!
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 March 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Unfortunately it took many attempts each time to get this to connect to my Samsung Galaxy S2 or my girlfriend's Galaxy Tab 2, and turning on/off the phone, cuff and bluetooth in different combinations was a huge waste of time - and didn't identify any method that made connecting more likely. I also tried connecting via the included USB cable to my phone, but couldn't get a working connection that way at all.

Once it was connected, it worked very well with the Withings software starting automatically and the result coming back quickly; the figures it gave seemed consistent with my other most recent blood pressure checks so it does seem to be accurate. The software does a good job of keeping track of readings over time. Unfortunately for me, with this example and my devices, connecting the cuff was too frustrating for me to keep using it.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 11 March 2014
It is not value for money product. The only value added function is the coonection with smartphones, but dosent,t work properly with my 4s of apple, crashes every use and restart is nnede ( by battery removing). product underdeveloped, it is not worth any of money in my opinion
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 21 August 2015
After purchasing the Smart Body Analyser from Withings, I was interested to see what else was on offer so I ordered the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor. The first one I received did not function properly for me, so I contacted Withings Support. I expected the usual rubbish from Technical Support. I tried the information they sent me but it did not work. Brilliantly, without question, they sent me a pre paid postage label and asked me to send it to them to test. I expected a long drawn out process but I couldnt have been more wrong. Less than 24 hours after sending the package to them, I received a reply apologising for the product not working properly and instructions on how to order a new one from their website with free shipping to replace the defective unit. Within 2 hours I received confirmation that the replacement was on its way to me. Absolutely fantastic customer service that quite a few tech companies could learn from!. The second unit works perfectly and has a different product code so I may have received an older version (Not from Amazon) It is a fantastic piece of kit and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who loves technology and their fitness. I think I was unlucky to get the first one not working (Like all technology, some are bound to not be 100%, its then you find out the quality of the company). The setup was painless and the information integrates with the Healthmate app and sends information to my doctors which I think is fantastic. Yes, its expensive, but for a glimpse of what technology can do and how easy it can do it, this is well worth a purchase!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 23 February 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Never would I have thought I'd be able to describe a blood pressure monitor as cool but with this Withings model you know it's going to be from the moment you get it out the box. The excellent design of the box itself is just a temptation of what's inside - a blood pressure monitor that challenges the fact that monitoring your heart health has to be boring.

The device itself is like an armband with a small tube attached which you put round your arm and tighten using the Velcro - anyone who's had their blood pressure taken at the doctors will be familiar with the procedure but this time it's without the wires. Instead with a press of the button the device connects to your iOS or Android phone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled piece of kit and with the help of the Withings app kicks off the process. The band will the tighten around your arm, to quite a tight number before delivering your results and recording them in the app.

The whole end to end experience, from getting the very well built item out the box to the app and recordings is absolutely fantastic. While this isn't one of those things you're going to be wearing every day it is small enough that if you wanted to record your blood pressure regularly it wouldn't be a pain and get in the way! alongside delivering accurate results.

Overall, while the first time you use it the tightness can be a bit of a shock this helps to deliver accurate results from a good device - from me it comes highly recommended.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 31 July 2014
The device feels very high quality and is very simple to operate however I cannot get any consistency in readings, if I take 3 readings one after another my diastolic measurement varies by up to 30 and the systolic about 15. It also fails to take measurements more often than I think is acceptable even after carefully ensuring the band is correctly wrapped around the arm etc. I would estimate that about 1 in 4 measurement fail and I have to re-test. Overall I'm very unhappy with the product and even more unhappy with Withings support whom I contacted about this issue and got no response.
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on 19 February 2014
I received my Withings BPM a few days ago and paired it with my Sony android phone. I am very disappointed with the device. 9 automode measurements out of 10 fails. I have carefully wrapped it on my arm according to the instructions in the manual. The air pump does not lift start pressure high enough, most often only up to 160-170mmHG, which is not enough to measure my often high blood pressure. The electric motor with 4 small AAA batteries seems too weak and under-dimensioned, not giving pressure enough and stops pumping too early. This causes the measurements to fail. I have tried with 3 different brands of alkaline batteries, all fresh batteries. Did not help.
My old device, an Omron M7 with a similar type of cuff works without problems. It always lift start pressure above 210 mmHg. It has a far much more effective pump powered by 4 AA batteries. The Withings device is a useless toy compared to my old Omron.
The wireless connection is nice, but wireless connection does not compensate when the meter itself fails.
I also have a Withings WS-50 scale which is a great device, the scale is accurate and Wifi a most nice feature, but their BPM is useless.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 27 December 2014
I have mixed feelings about this product. The ability to easily record your blood pressure is brilliant and you can easily see fluctuations. The cuff however is quite bulky and can be difficult to position correctly resulting in many failures to record your pressure. Whilst I am still using mine I'm not certain I would buy this product again. Expensive and less effective than a much cheaper BP machine.
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