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on 23 June 2014
I'm going to attempt to review this monitor by answering the questions I had when contemplating buying it myself.

I needed a monitor that would:

- Offer a better experience for photo-editing than my previous (TN-Panel) monitor (colour accuracy, etc)
- Had generous viewing angles as I intended to have a multiple-monitor setup
- Offered a usable (lag/blur/motion/ghosting-free) experience for gaming
- A good stand or VESA mount options


I read review after review of this and other monitors and ended up drowning somewhat in the sheer number of different criteria that need to be considered when buying monitors. Things, in truth, I still can't even pretend to understand with any real depth (gamut, contrast stability etc. etc.). In the end I trusted the review from TFT Central - which was very good for this monitor - for the technical bits and was essentially sold as far as the Photography aspect was concerned, but still had concerns over gaming.

I'd recommend the TFT Central review for anyone more knowledgeable with what to expect from a monitor they intend to use for photography. All I can really offer is that photos look noticeably better than on my previous monitor. Colours look vivid and sharp and these monitors do come factory calibrated (note: you need to manually change the preset to sRGB to access the factory calibration). Despicable Me looks very impressive and shows off the colours nicely! Whites look.. white. Blacks look.. as black as I'd expect. I can't say I've noticed any IPS glow, but I believe this is most visible when sitting in a completely dark room, which I don't tend to do.

There were a number of negative reviews of the Dell U2412m recently discussing a yellow-tint issue and I remember seeing one or two mention a similar issue when talking about the U2414h. I'm pleased to say that I haven't noticed any such issue. I'm also pleased to report that there is not a dead-pixel in sight and I bought three of these.


To qualify everything I'm about to say, I would not regard myself as a serious gamer. I spend a lot of time playing games but I don't play in serious competition and don't play many multiplayer FPS titles either. I do play racing games (The Grid series, especially) online and many single-player first-person games. I have never used a 120hz monitor, however my previous (60hz) monitor was rated at 2ms response time, which is probably about average/good for gaming monitors. I did therefore have concerns for gaming when moving to 8ms response time of the U2414h. If you drop into threads on gaming/hardware forums discussing monitors you will see response time figures banded around regularly and broadly speaking refresh rates and response-times are the law. Higher refresh rates and lower response times win. Simple as that. So if, like me, you've already decided on an IPS-panel, then these forums can be a frustrating place to be.

So it is with great delight that I can say I have noticed zero difference in terms of motion blur or 'ghosting' effects moving from my 8ms response time monitor vs my old 2ms response time monitor. My old monitor might have been a lie. Maybe it's not noticeable in the games I've played. Maybe I just can't tell the difference. Regardless, for me, games have only became more enjoyable as the colour accuracy is now better and I have the option for nVidia surround.

Display port:

You may have noticed the lack of criticism so far, mostly as now the monitors are up and running I'm yet to have any real complaints. Getting them set up, though, was a little trickier:

It's easy to say display port is terrible on this monitor and, from my experience, it is, but I don't know for sure whether this is a Dell issue or an nVidia issue. All I know is that I could not get it to work, particularly when trying to Daisy Chain the monitors. I suspect that there is blame on both sides and with nVidia cards being quite common I guess "who's at fault" is irrelevant if there are other monitors out there that simply don't have the issues. I've docked a star for the display port issues but if Display Port does not concern you (I use HDMI instead) then this would be 5 stars all the way.

General Design/Build Quality:

In a word, brilliant. The bezels on this monitor are fantastic, placing side-by-side, the combined width of two bezels is less than that from one of my previous monitors. They look superb in nVidia surround and I presume they would in Eyefinity as well. The monitor stand is surprisingly solid and very easy to adjust and I think there is an option to VESA mount the monitors if needed (Though I think you need a special 'VESA mount kit' from Dell to do this. Tut tut, Dell).

A (very) minor complaint is that I found it quite awkward to plug display-port/hdmi cables into the monitor once it was on the stand. I found it a bit easier by tilting the monitor backwards to give myself a bit more room but it was still awkward. The stand can be swivelled and allows for the monitor to be moved into portrait mode, I haven't really used either since setting them up but these features seemed to function as well as you'd expect.

The absence of DVI inputs, particularly given the Display Port issues, is an issue. I had to buy two DVI to HDMI cables. Not particularly expensive but inconvenient nonetheless.


If you're looking for a monitor that is a step-up from a TN-panel for photo-editing/other colour work, happy to play on a 60hz monitor for gaming and have no major affinity for Display Port then I would recommend these completely. Hope this can help people who were on the fence as I was!
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on 14 March 2014
This is the first time I have bought a monitor. In the past I have made do with a TV monitor. Not good. Now that I have space to work, I decided to take the plunge and get a proper monitor. After doing a fair amount of research (not just googling "best monitor for a mac") I decided on Dell, in particularly U2414H. This monitor covers everything I need:

- 2 HDMI ports
- 2 Display ports (1 of these being a mini port too) I'm on a Macbook with a thunderbolt connection, mini-display cable plugs in and works, no need for an adapter.
- 4 port USB hub
- 1920 x 1080p (perfect as I'm work in video)
- Great colour control
- Screen size = Large 24inch
- Bezel = Tiny

There is so many great things about the monitor, I even connected my ps3, so I no longer need a TV. Perfect, more space.

2 things you should note:

- This monitor doesn't come with internal speaker. Don't be disappointed, I wasn't, as internal speakers are normally rubbish. Dell sell speakers for this monitor, AC511, which I have ordered. If they're any good I'll add my review for that product here as well.

- It was a little confusing to get it working, be patient. I had to fiddle around with the cables until it magically linked up. If you're on a mac, don't bother with the disc either. All it has is win drivers and what not. I haven't had to download any drivers to get it working on my mac, which is ace.

This is a great monitor and I would recommend it to any one on a mac who doesn't want to shell out for the thunderbolt display. To me, this is just as good and saves me a bundle! I will update my review if I have any problems.
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on 27 January 2014
Have just received this monitor in the last few days. First impressions are excellent, the monitor is beautiful, the bezels are tiny, the colours are fantastic.

Being IPS the viewing angles are fantastic but there is a slight glow.

On first setting it up I dropped brightness significantly as by default for me it was too bright, but the response is nice and linear and the colours didn't change so this was no problem. I'm using the factory-calibrated mode as it looks best to me, much better than other IPS panels I've used. Compared with a wide gamut screen I use it holds its own, excelling for a 6+2 bit screen. The screen doesn't use PWM to control the brightness so is fine for those who notice the effects of this. Black levels are good for an IPS monitor but not great - though no IPS panels are great. If you're looking for great contrast ratios then go for a VA panel.

It was easy to set up, the stand is nice looking and doesn't waste loads of desk space while being easy to adjust. Build quality is mostly great, however there is some backlight bleed in the bottom left corner. In normal use this isn't noticeable so I'll not be sending it back or anything, however in dark scenes this is visible and could annoy some people. The anti-glare coating is light and inoffensive, giving a cleaner looking picture than the coating on the Dell U2313HM that I also have. As I have not used it in a high glare environment I can't comment on how well it does but no reflections are visible in normal indoor use.

Connectivity is more of a mixed bag - it has DisplayPort (I'm using this) and HDMI which is fine for me but may cause trouble for some nVidia graphics card users as these cards will think it's a TV and send a restricted colour range. Fixable, but irritating. Had they included DVI as an option then this problem could have been sidestepped. No VGA may be a problem for old laptops but most have come with HDMI for quite some time now and VGA isn't as good as the digital options anyway.

Pixel responsiveness is very good for the end user, as the overdrive is done well, making it faster in real-world transitions than my old TN panel despite double the quoted response time. An excellent result. I have no way of measuring input lag easily so couldn't comment on this though several reviews suggest it is excellent in this regard also.

I'd highly recommend this monitor to anyone wanting good colours and viewing angles in an attractive package. Being pre-calibrated it's a good option for those needing accurate colour who don't have their own calibration devices, but if you already own a calibration device you could go for the cheaper P2414H instead (though most likely you'll not be looking in this market segment at all)
It is a decent option for gamers who don't want to go for the poor image of TN panels. For the money I know of no better option.
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on 1 November 2015
I'm not a fan of the buttons, which are touch sensitive and sometimes don't notice your fingers. But for the money this monitor has earned all of its stars. It adjusts through a huge range of heights, it rotates around its Y axis and the screen around its Z axis and the screen also tilts around its X axis. The screen is a nice size, enough to fit a browser on one side and an editor on the other with a terminal window too, and that's very useful if you're a web developer using some kind of live preview ala Brackets' editor. The colours are absolutely sumptuous too, I had no idea how beautiful my computer environment really looked until I plugged this screen in! You'll notice more of a difference if you have a nice video display card, like a higher end NVidia or something, but oh my is it worth it when your whole life revolves around computers in one way or another! Yes the touch sensitive control panel is a bit lame, but it honestly isn't enough to take a whole star away from this thing.
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on 15 April 2015
I am a historian who uses Mac products only, for my research and my writing: a new iMac at my office, a Macbook in the archives and while travelling, and a 2007 iMac at home. Alas it's time for the elderly iMac to go (Dropbox, Photos, and Yellowstone are just too speedy). But a new iMac just isn't worth the money when I have a reasonably new and speedy Macbook.

This Dell Ultrasharp monitor is ideal - truly ideal - for Mac users. Within 5 mins, I had unboxed this monitor, plugged into the Thunderbird port (cable to HDMI input is included) - and I was off to the races immediately. Splendid resolution, and the Dell goes to sleep with the Mac too.

I am very happy. I also like the look of this machine: very narrow side and top frame (5mm or so), and sturdy and solid base. Plenty of inputs, too.

Excellent and easy choice for Mac users. No need to buy an iMac - no need whatsoever.
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on 22 August 2014
This display replaced a similarly priced Samsung and the difference is huge. I'm using it for semi-pro Photographic work with a MacBook Pro Retina and I'm very happy with the colour and sharpness. This display looks and feels like a quality product that should cost more.

Unlike other reviewers, I've had no problem at all with displayport. Cables were included and it worked right out of the box without problems.

I read a lot of expert reviews and the consensus seemed to be that for anything except the most high-end specialist tasks, this is good all choice. My own experience bears this out.
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on 5 February 2014
I've used many brands of monitor in the past and I've always found that Dell's are the best (in my opinion). So when I decided I was fed up of my lower resolution, poor colour reproduction TV as an auxiliary display, I turned straight to Dell for its replacement.

This monitor was definitely the best choice I could make as as soon as I took it out of the box, it felt very sturdy and well built and looked very nice. When I was wiring it up, I noticed that it has 3 display port connections: one full-size IN, once miniDP IN and one full-size OUT. I can only guess that this is intended for multiple monitors out of a single display port connector, but I haven't used that feature so I cannot say for sure.

I have 3 Dell 2312HMs that I love and was tempted to just buy another instead, but I thought I'd spend a little more and get something that looks even nicer and it was a great choice. The monitor looks amazing and the bezel is absolutely tiny! I think the spec says that the bezel is 6mm but I swear it's only 3 or 4mm, though it does have the bigger bezel on the bottom. That means that it wouldn't suit an Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround setup in portrait (which I use my 2312HMs for) but would be amazing for landscape.

I'm no monitor expert, but the colour reproduction looks very good and I love the screen - very clear, even backlighting and media looks great on it.
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on 25 December 2014
- Nicely designed monitors
- Good image quality
- Good support from Dell over Twitter
- A variety of inputs, outputs and USB ports

- Colour consistency between panels is awful. I started with one 'neutral' monitor and added a second which had a green tint. This was then replaced by Dell with a new monitor that had a red tint. I gave up in the end, kept the neutral and red monitors and got the colours pretty close with the custom RGB settings (the image shows all three on factory settings)
- Touch buttons are a little annoying to use
- Display Port daisy-chaining doesn't work due to firmware issues
- No online support as individual monitors don't have the serial numbers required to register online
review image
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on 4 May 2015
Plus points: this is a bright and accurate monitor, and the narrow bezel is great when running multi-monitor setups.
Negative point: I have been unable to get this to work reliably using MST daisychaining, driven by the updated Dell Precision m3800 with the latest drivers. Occasionally, the monitors come out of power saving mode quickly enough for all to work. However, most of the time, anything downstream from the first monitor fails to present as an independent display and the best I can get is a mirrored display. I'm really disappointed, and have had to buy a separate MST hub and give up altogether on Dell's implementation of DisplayPort 1.2
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on 4 March 2014
I'm very happy with this monitor - love the super-thin bezel, very good image quality, easy to set up and a great price.

Despite giving this four stars for the quality of the monitor, I'm actually going to spend most of this review with a complaint and warning to others. I was told, incorrectly, that my early-2011 MacBook Pro 15" DisplayPort supported the DisplayPort 1.2 protocol. Turns out it doesn't. So when I enabled DisplayPort 1.2 the screen went blank, as the instructions said it might. No biggie, you'd think - just get the on-screen display (OSD) up again and either disable DisplayPort 1.2 or do a factory reset. Thing is, you can't get the OSD up until a source is correctly connected to the display. Which means that you can't reset the display, which you want to do because you can't connect correctly to the display, until you correctly connect a device to the display. And so on and so on.

There is no other way to do a factory reset, therefore the only way for me to reset the monitor is to go and buy a mini-DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable so I can connect to the monitor that way and do a factory reset. I confirmed this with a call to Dell tech support, too. I can't imagine quite how the thinking went when designing the firmware. How on earth do you design a monitor where the only way of doing a factory reset is when a device is correctly connected? A major flaw, but it'll only affect you if you don't know this in advance, hence this review.
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