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on 1 November 2014
As someone on a tight budget, I chose to purchase a mouse which was good looking, promises good performance with a relatively cheap price tag. This mouse ticked all these boxes, so eagerly I ordered the Red Dragon Centrophorus, despite advice from family members to bide my time until I could afford a "proper" mouse from more well-known brand, such as Razor or Steelseries. It's a very good good thing that I am renowned for being stubborn and headstrong, otherwise I wouldn't of discovered the truly underrated potential that this mouse possesses, at such a good value for your money too.

The pros of this mouse is that, for me, ticked all the three standards that I set. The appearance of this mouse is visually pleasing, with a red LED back and side lights give this mouse a professional look, though given that the large glowing dragon on the back, in some eyes, looks rather tacky, but given the price I paid for this, I am more than willing to forgive that opinionated flaw. However, the mouse itself is not the only part that is aesthetically pleasing, as the USB wire is actually a fabric cable, with a very nice looking red and black pattern along the length.

The Centrophorus promises a wide range of functions for the best performance it can offer, and it sure does deliver. The adjustable DPI settings is just a click away from finding your comfortable speed for gaming, with a small button below the scroll wheel allowing you to quickly adjust your settings with ease. The two programmable buttons on the mouse can be changed in game or on a driver you can download from Redragon's website, allows you to allocate keys to each button for swifter actions as your disposal. Adjustable weights inside the mouse are easily accessible from the bottom, allowing you to remove as many as you wish to achieve your ideal weight, and the smooth gliding motions you can make with this mouse is certainly impressive, even to the point that when compared to my brother's Razor Abyssus, he admitted that he preferred the performance and feel of the Centrophorus over his Razor brand mouse. Overall, an impressive mouse.

But however, as much as I like this mouse, I would be a liar if I were to say that it didn't have its flaws. There are a few problems I have with this mouse to which I will talk about now.

Problems concerning the design on the mouse is that I find that the right and left mouse buttons seem to be positioned a bit too far apart for my comfort. I tend to find that my fingers feel slightly uncomfortable after a while of playing, though this is probably down to the fact I have small hands myself, this mouse wasn't designed for us size impaired folk in mind.

This factor is the one that is definitely worth pointing out is the physical factor of this mouse. This mouse does not feel sturdy, and the plastic does feel 'cheap'. While this is not a problem for me, since I do not tend to get angry whilst gaming, I can certainly recognise that there are many people out there who tend to take out pent up frustration on their mice. I would imagine once this mouse is slammed, something inside would be damaged, guaranteed. I would not recommend this mouse for those who are prone to 'game rage'.

So all in all, this mouse has really impressed me, with the pros outweighing the cons by a long shot, I would definitely purchase the Centrophorus again, despite the button distance. The performance this mouse offers is unbelievable compared to the amount of money you're paying for it. I would definitely recommend this to new and experienced players who can keep a cool head on while playing. For those who tend to animated during gaming, I would recommend finding a sturdier mouse that can withstand your wrath.
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on 6 November 2015
Bought this to replace a Logitech marble mouse as I need a scroll wheel for games based on Arma. The "DPI" switch under the scroll wheel doesn't actually increase its DPI sensitivity... it just causes the mouse to move the cursor either 1, 2 or 3 pixels at a time, which has the effect of increasing movement speed but at the cost of losing the ability to move 1 pixel at a time on the higher sensitivity settings. It also isn't as accurate as my old trackball which I prefer to use for web browsing, image editing, etc. because this mouse skips and behaves unreliably when you try to make very slow/small movements (eg. when you're trying to line up for a distant headshot or move the cursor onto a specific pixel). See attached image for an example of how the different DPI settings affect cursor movement.

Also, the two buttons on the side are different from each other - the one closest to your thumb is nicely positioned and easy to click, but the other one is awkward to reach and requires a lot more force to click, which often causes you to slip and move the whole mouse. Odd design choice.

Overall for £15 it's not bad fopr general use but the DPI switch is absolutely no use for online or competitive gaming or tasks requiring any level of precision. It should be regarded as a shiny, glowing 1000 DPI mouse.
review image review image
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on 23 July 2014
First of all this is one sexy looking mouse, and the price is VERY good, more than reasonable.

I really wish more gaming mice put the DPI switch button easily click-able on the top of the mouse, IDK how I lived without it, I sure hope this mouse starts a trend of this with other mice.

It has a nice weight to it, adjustable weight of-course, the adjustable weight compartment also makes a sneaky hiding place to hide encrypted Micro SD cards ..amongst other things ;P

It glows very bright red, not distracting when ur hand is covering it though, the bright red glow looks dope :)

The side switches make it easy for me to flick back and forth between web-pages on websites.

One thing I can't praise this enough on is that it requires no special drivers or ridiculous software unlike other 'gaming mice', just plug and play and it all works, even on Linux (I use a Linux OS (Xubuntu).

So why did I knock off a star?: well maybe knocking off a whole star was a little harsh but this means a fair bit to me, the buttons are way too curved-up where they meet the center, and they are also far apart so I have-to really stretch-out my fingers, this effects my gameplay quite negatively. still usable though.

I'd recommend buying this mouse, even with that last minor fault, as after looking at a-lot of the other gaming mouses on the market, this one is a sure winner.
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on 8 June 2015
Redragon® Lavawolf 3500 DPI Gaming Mouse

Bought this for my daughter for a bit of gaming fun thanks to the flashing lights. Turns out this is actually a really good mouse beyond the gimmicks.

She tells me the movement is really smooth and more accurate than her previous Microsoft wireless mouse (FPS type games).

Size is suitable for small-medium hands - those with shovel-hands might find it too small. Very comfortable to use as it is relatively low profile - it's lower than a MS 3500 mini-mouse, despite being larger overall. The textured upper surface is nice and grippy.

Nicely weighted to feel positive and substantial without being too heavy. All buttons have a reassuringly positive click (not too loud) and the wheel is covered in thick textured rubber with a very positive action.

Software is good, allowing you to easily change all manner of settings for sensitivity, lights, macros etc. The quick-switch DPI setting buttons on the mouse itself are really handy for dealing with different types of games and software.

I don't play games myself, but think this would actually make a very good 'work' mouse - the high dpi settings and smooth movement would be good for accurate pixel work, 3D modelling or any high-density user-interfaces.
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on 24 June 2014
I grind 8 hours a day @ 1200 hands per hour and this mouse is perfect for the job. Here is a list why.

1. Comfort. Just feels great.

2. Not too many buttons. The choice is either a non heavy duty mouse, or one built specifically for gamers with too many buttons that get in the way.

3. Build quality. Solid case, no sign of any problems with buttons so far after a month and the heavy duty cable. Great for those tilt induced rages.

4. Price. As cheap as a "standard" mouse.

I only have one problem with it though. LED under the logo is a bit too bright. But I think that's just me being too picky. Managed to fix that with a permanent marker anyway so not a problem any more.
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on 23 March 2015
Honestly have no complaints. I'm currently using this on Windows 8.1 and I can confirm it works fine.
The side buttons are helpful, but I don't use them all. I use about 6 of them, being 1,2,7,10,8,12. It's a very light mouse, and very comfortable. When the weights are in the center of gravity is a bit far back, so you end up lifting the front of the mouse slightly sometimes, but it's not too much of a problem. The cable is well-made, about the thickness of a thick shoelace meaning that it is very hard to break. I currently use about 4000dpi of the 16400dpi available, and that's enough for me.
Overall I would recommend this mouse. It's very comfortable in the hand, looks very nice (with all the customisable colours. Not sure about 16 million, but you can use a wheel to select what you want.). It moves very nicely (currently using a cloth mouse pad) and has exactly 0 problems so far.
review image
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on 15 June 2014
I normally purchase the cheapie ones from supermarkets but this time around I decided to opt for a higher spec, and I am extremely pleased that I chose the Redragon.

It has perfect response to touch, the speed settings are great, though I normally use the lowest for standard use and when gaming I press the button once to make it speed up a little. I've had this mouse for around two or three months (I think) and it's absolutely brilliant, colour, lights, grips, feel and quality are brilliant for the price.It has removable weights in the bottom which is a great addition to the mouse.

As for durability, I've dropped mine about 5-6 times on concrete from my table and it has no damage whatsoever. Since I purchased this mouse two of my friends have purchased the same mouse and they think it's superb.

I'll definitely be sticking with this brand.
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on 3 October 2015
Perfect mouse for my needs. A bit flashy for some tastes maybe (although the pulsing light can be soothing lol), but has a named sensor (Avago ADNS-3080) so you know exactly what your getting and can google its characteristics before you buy. Very comfortable in my hand, and looks much better than all of those other gaming mice with weird jagged appearances in my opinion.

3500DPI is higher than most people need IMO (even though many mice go higher...I think this is a gimmick), but being able to switch settings easily using the buttons is great for precision tasks before you are used to 3500DPI.

Best gaming mouse for £15 posted, and from Amazon so its a safe purchase.
review image
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on 23 June 2014
First of all I would like to say how well this mouse performs.It is perfectly responsive and to be honest I haven't had any problems with it at all. The programming menu is completely understandable and easy to read. The buttons on the thumb side felt pretty natural to use. The huge variety of mouse DPI (sensitivity) was cool to have, however I dont think 16000 is quite necessary!
I do really like all the colour customization and the brightness levels.
If I had to make an improvement then I would explain what everything on the menu does because a few of the options, I had no idea what they meant,..just so people can better understand what they are getting into.
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on 5 August 2014
This is a typical MMO gamer mouse, but I didn't purchase it for the intended purpose:
a few months ago I had an accident, I broke my left humerus and my radial nerve was damaged; as a consequence, for a good while I won't be able to move my left hand's wrist and fingers properly. Unfortunately, I work as a software developer, so being unable to use both hands when typing prevents me from using several key combinations (even something as simple as Ctrl+Alt+Del is hard for me to press).
This mouse helped me a lot: I mapped my 15 most used key combinations on its buttons, plus three macros on its top buttons, and it really helps! I can't say my productivity is back to what it was before my accident, but it definitely improved.

I would suggest any software developer out there to look into MMO mice, as they are probably more useful for our job than for games, actually
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