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on 11 April 2016
This is by far the best mouse I have ever had, which include high-end brands such as Steel Series! It fits to my hand as if it was made for my hand specifically, and every single thing about it just feels right. I love that I can adjust the sensitivity so easily with the buttons under the mouse wheel, and I love the side buttons for MMO RPG gaming. The buttons are well placed and it is easy to hit the right ones. The little dent on the "5" and "6" buttons makes it easy to orient the buttons without looking.

However, after about two years, my left click button started misbehaving, giving me double clicks even though I was single clicking, which was insanely annoying. I bought a new one (warranty on my old one was out), and although I still love this mouse, the new one's mouse wheel is a little bit heavier to roll at one point. This was not a problem with my previous one, although it may be that it will get better with use.

All together, I love this mouse so much that even after it broke after a relatively short period (two years) compared to how long my mice usually last, I still just had to get the same one as a replacement. Best mouse for my hand, no question about it!
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on 12 May 2014
Pros -
Cheap by comparison to other similar mice.
Lots of programmable buttons.
Easy to use software.
Spare feet came with it.
Gold plated connection
Braided cable (seems durable)

Cons -
Feels cheap (texture is a little rough and the plastic seems very thin).
Very light (can't see anyone needing to remove any of the weights).
Can't easily/obviously repeat the settings for one configuration to another (can get around this by saving the configuration, selecting a different profile and loading the configuration you saved from the other profile.) A copy or clone configuration option would be a simple addition.
Manufactures website is slow to load making support difficult if you loose/damage you disk with the software on it.
Profiles only cycle, you can't go from profile 3 to 1 without cycling through 4 and 5. You also can't disable a profile, you have to have all five. I want 2 profiles which I can easily and frequently switch between so I've made profiles 1, 3 & 5 identical and 2 & 4 identical. Fine until you reach profile 5 and the next inline is 1 which is the same.

If you just want more programmable buttons, for the price this is a great mouse.

If you want a mouse you're going to use everyday for long periods of time invest in a razer mouse or similar. There's a reason it's so much cheaper.
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on 5 August 2014
This is a typical MMO gamer mouse, but I didn't purchase it for the intended purpose:
a few months ago I had an accident, I broke my left humerus and my radial nerve was damaged; as a consequence, for a good while I won't be able to move my left hand's wrist and fingers properly. Unfortunately, I work as a software developer, so being unable to use both hands when typing prevents me from using several key combinations (even something as simple as Ctrl+Alt+Del is hard for me to press).
This mouse helped me a lot: I mapped my 15 most used key combinations on its buttons, plus three macros on its top buttons, and it really helps! I can't say my productivity is back to what it was before my accident, but it definitely improved.

I would suggest any software developer out there to look into MMO mice, as they are probably more useful for our job than for games, actually
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on 12 April 2016
I've been using this mouse for over 2 years now, it hasn't failed me once and is perfect for MMO games as it makes using the numeric keys so much easier. For the price this is an absolute bargain, I've paid much more for for a decent gaming mouse in the past and they have not performed as well as this mouse.
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on 7 August 2014
I have been using this for a month and so far it performs as advertised. For your information, my computer is Windows 7 and my "mouse pad" is a 300 x 300 x 1 mm PTFE sheet.

Sensor: no detectable tracking errors at 16400 cpi, no detectable cursor drift or angle snapping, no acceleration by default (can be changed)

Weight: too heavy for me with removable weights but centre of mass slightly too far forward without removable weights, since the cartridge for removable weights is quite far back.

Feet: very slippery from day one to now. No perceptible change in shape or slipperiness due to wear, after one month..

Surface: different to the other kinds of non-slip found on other mice, but does its job. I don't recall ever having slipped my hand in this month.

Cable: the outer layer looks like and feels like nylon or some other kind of fibre which can be hold force. Feels very durable. Only problem is that its surface is rough and sometimes catches the edge of my mouse pad.

Buttons: Side button 11 is quite stiff. (requires about 4 times as much force to activate, compared to other side buttons) All other buttons click well. The side buttons are slightly angled so gripping the mouse tightly is unlikely to activate them by mistake, but if you angle the direction of push then not a lot of force is needed to activate the button.

Driver: macros you record yourself have a long delay when activated (about 1.5 seconds), making them unusable in games; standard actions (left click, right click etc) and built-in macros (triple click, Ctrl, Shift etc) have no detectable delay. Package comes with a small CD with driver software; it is also available from the official website.
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on 7 October 2015
For reference I bought the Perdition mouse.

I had previously owned a Razer Naga Epic, and had gotten used to a ridiculous amount of buttons on my mouse. So when my Naga broke I went looking for the same thing.

As some others have said, I found this mouse quite wide compared to the Naga. It's also lighter. But I've been using this mouse for several months now and I have got to say, its held up better than Razer's mouse! I had many problems with Razer's cables not working, the lighting on the mouse breaking etc, but I've had zero issues with this one, nothing has, even for a second gone wrong.

The keypad on the side is contoured so that the buttons are easier to reach, which is great.

The one con was getting the drivers. I don't have a CD driver so I had to download the drivers, and the website must be hosted somewhere pretty far away, it was unbelievably slow for me. Luckily it wasn't a big download! To save you some time finding it, the driver is located here :

My advice? If you're looking for a 19 button mouse, save yourself a lot of money and get this instead of Razer's offering.
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on 25 February 2015
Good Build Build Quality & Design Perfect for Gamers (Personally find it great for MOBA's however it does have a number of buttons for various uses.

With a good product like this there is very little to comment on but I'll tune in on the design to give some clarity - First is the overall texture of the mouse which almost feels rock like allowing for extra grip (Feels better than certain rubbery mice which can slip), Second is the buttons design & placement which makes it extremely easy to navigate (Last thing you need whilst playing a furious game is to be bothering on your peripherals) & Finally is DPI function which is built directly onto the mouse (2 Buttons below the roller) which allows you to decide between 5 Settings in just a matter of milliseconds.

So if you're looking for a high quality product (Made by the researchers behind some of the more expensive peripherals out there) which looks great and comes with a brilliant price - This product is for you.
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on 10 May 2014
There were no surprises, mouse is comfortable but I find the top coating strange and a little cheap feeling. That is probably my biggest complaint... It feels really cheap. I don't think it will break fast but the plastic feels cheap and the paint doesn't cover every corner (the middle part between the two clicks doesn't have paint on one side) and the mouse and software both have Chinese writing on them. If the mouse was a crappy $15 option this would be fine but for more I do wish they would remove the Chinese and bother to fully paint it. Also, I wish I could change the colours for the lights for each DPI option. The default colours seem a little random.
It is however a very good mouse. Comfort is spot on and most (the number pad would be better as separate buttons spread around like the cyborg mmo7 imo, hard to reach some buttons there comfortably) buttons feel easy to reach and have a lovely definitive click to them. The mouse movement is extremely smooth and clean without any problems even plugged into a low power port on my keyboard. The 16,000 DPI is ridiculous though, it's very hard to accurately use a mouse at half that on lowered sensetivity, but it's nice to know its there even though I would never spend extra money on it.

My advice to redragon for their next mouse is to remove the Chinese writing and offer a mouse with more ergonomically placed buttons rather than the pad like this one does. I would happily buy again for that, but this is still a great mouse and a reccommendation for sure.
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on 10 December 2013
I was a bit dubious about buying this mouse as nobody had reviewed it before?
So i took the plunge and bought it for less than half price of the Razor model that looks the same?
The mouse comes in a well packaged box with full instructions,disc with drivers & a small round box to put the weights in that go under the mouse for personal weight adjustments.
I left all the weights in the mouse as it felt ok.
Mouse has incredible 16400 DPI thats to much for me and can be altered again with the software provided. (i have it at 7000 DPI)
Lights on the mouse can be adjusted for any colour under the rainbow? easy to do.
The cable is braided so no tangles and you don't know it's there?
18 programable macro buttons that are easy to programme.
All in all a very good mouse that feels solid and well built and i fully recommend to anyone.
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on 12 May 2015
My Self i love this mouse but others may find it hard to adapt to due to the 12 buttons on the side. after 2-3 weeks i adapted to it and could play all the competitive games i had played before at the same lvl or better. can use any color under the rainbow( not joking XD) for the breathing effects. not a great image for the mouse but its to the right of my keyboard. just as good as a razer if not better for the price £30 at the time reduced from £70 great deal!!!
review image
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