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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars225
4.4 out of 5 stars

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on 30 November 2013
I have liked a couple of products from this company before and so this seemed to be a good "2 in 1" purchase. As it turns out I think I will use them separately - I will explain..

FIrstly though, I'll detail the packaging. It arrived next day from Amazon and was in a recycleable cardboard box - no plastic and no waste. Inside is the Case, keyboard, Micro USB charging cable, instruction booklet and returns information. Anker seem to like producing very small instuction booklets with tiny fonts - I'm not sure why.

The part I really like is the keyboard. It is a definite 5/5.

The on screen keyboard that is part of an ipad, is fine for most things, but if you have a long email to send or letter to write then an external keyboard will save you a lot of time and effort. The detatchable bluetooth keyboard is very easy to pair with your device. A 4 digit number comes up on the device screen and you type it in to the keyboard - that's it. The Bluetooth keyboard is light, responsive and for those of you used to Apple OS has several of the Apple "command/option type symbols" on the keys.

The keyboard is well built and has a solid feel. There is no separate 1-10 numeric keypad on the side, but that wasn't a problem for me. A massive added bonus is that the keyboard pairs eaily with my Apple TV and I can use it for searching rather than use the old fashioned apple TV "on screen" menu.

The other good thing about the detatchable keyboard is that it is magnetic. Firm enough not to fall off all the time, but not so strong that it is hard to take off.

For me though, I will probably keep the keyboard and the case separate. The reason is that with the keyboard attached it closes on to the screen of the Ipad and makes it just a little bulky. Also, I would usually only need the separate keyboard at home.

The case is a strong rigid plastic in very dark grey. The Ipad air fits very snugly in the case which protects the back as well as the front of the Ipad. There are the correct cut outs for the Ipad controls/ camera and headphone socket. It is a case rather than a stand. In a future generation that should maybe look at this.

The lid is hinged and protects the screen when folded back. I know that the Apple screen case has built in magnets which make the Ipad sleep when closed. This case does not have that and so you have to remember to press the sleep button to save battery life.

There is a very nicely designed closing flap which keeps the lid in place when not in use.

For a case/keyboard combined for less than £30 this was amazing value. I would say 5/5 for the keyboard and 4/5 for the case.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 4 December 2013
I received this a few days ago, and as usual the packaging is minimal but functional.

The box contained the case, keyboard and a USB charging cable, they have chosen to use the most common charging adapter which means that I can use my blackberry charger or my wifes HTC charger although to date the keyboard battery has yet to run down, the keyboard also works whilst it is being charged.

The case is functional and fitted my ipad perfectly, holding the tablet firmly in place and all the cut outs were in the correct position and I would say offers reasonable protection.

The case is smart looking and would look good on any business mans/womens desk without drawing too much attention to whats inside.

I would have liked the closing clasp to have a stronger magnet as I felt the clasp was a little weak and the case did not automatically switch of the ipad which is a little disappointing.

The detachable keyboard is small but very usable, finished in black brushed aluminium it looks super smart and is extremely light weight, I was also pleased to see a CAPS indicator which was missing from my Anker Galaxy Tab Keyboard.

The keys on the keyboard are great and feel very tactile and have a good spring action.

The unit synchronized with my ipad without any drama and I was using the keyboard in less then a minute.

I have also synced it with my PC and Raspberry Pi, again no problems.

I would very much like to give this a 5/5 but will mark it down a couple of notch's as the clasp I felt was weak and the fact that it does not switch off the ipad when closed means I shall award it 4.8/5.

Other than that I can recommend the unit highly, and as a salesman always on the move this has improved my typing on the ipad significantly without adding bulk to my briefcase.

I should point out that I have purchased a number of Anker items in the past and one of the main reasons I chose this product over other makes.

This review was written using the Anker keyboard.
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on 24 January 2014
Received the Anker ultra slim folio keyboard case for the iPad Air yesterday. I dont have an iPad air just yet but going the get one on my 70th birthday in April. I paired the keyboard with my Original iPad 1. First time it wouldn't recognise the ipad with the four digit numbers on screen, second time it recognised it and a different 4 digit number came up on the screen. It works fine, keys are great and not too small. There is no lag when typing quite fast on the keyboard and the rechargeable battery is a great idea. All the keys are marked correctly so no problem in finding the £ sign. I wont be carrying the keyboard within the case very often so I will use the soft inside packing to protect the iPad and replace the empty space for the keyboard. I did notice today that the price has dropped by £5 so wish I had waited another day before ordering it.
The instructions are concise and the packaging is re-cycle so that is also a good idea. I do a lot of writing, stories and poems, and use email many times every day. The keyboard instantly reacts quickly whenever I am writing or sending emails and it works with all the APPS on my iPad. The magnets hold the keyboard very securely on the case and support the iPad angle which can easily be adjusted by moving the keyboard.
So far I am very satisfied with my purchase and can't wait to get my iPad Air in April.
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on 13 July 2014
I was looking for a keyboards and case in one, as my job entails a lot of typing.

After doing a lot of research, it was between this Anker Case/Keyboard, Belkin Qode and Zagg Zaggkeys Folio.

I decided to go for this case as it had a removable keyboard.

My main concern was that the keyboard magnet wouldn't be very strong and would constantly fall off. However, this is certainly not the case, the keyboard is very securely attached.

The auto on/off feature is fantastic as it works with and without the keyboard, it has a light for low charge, and caps lock.

The quality is absolutely stunning, makes it look very professional and formal, always proud to show it off!

Keyboard layout is normal, which is not the case with the Belkin Qode. Just getting used to the keyboard, as it is a little small, but that is expected.

The "stand" is absolutely fantastic, works at a nearly vertical angle.

If there was one recommendation, that would be to have a slot in the keyboard, so the ipad doesn't wobble if it is placed in the lap.

Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this case, and would definitely purchase one for my next iPad.
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on 20 June 2014
After trying out loads of iPad cases, this was my second favourite. The case itself (i.e. the fabric cover) is pretty good. It fastens securely using a magnetic clasp (which isn't too bulky, although does overlap the front of the case a bit, obviously). The viewing angles achievable *without* the keyboard are good.

But the keyboard is what really lets it down. For a start, it's a basic OEM model which you could probably get from any Chinese wholesaler. It is supposed to attach to the case using magnets, but it always falls out when you open the case, unless you treat it very gently.

With the keyboard on, you really can't get a good viewing angle for typing on a desk. It just doesn't go flat enough. You have to pull the keyboard down, off the case, and on to the desk, to achieve a better angle. And this is obviously not ideal, at all.

I tried the Zagg Folio case and found it leagues better.
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on 1 September 2015
I absolutely love this case. Here are some of the amazing features:
1. It looks very classy and doesn't add much bulk to the iPad Air. Pairing was very easy.
2. The keys on the keyboard have a lovely tactile feel and are not too noisy. The keyboard is encased within a lovely velvety material that looks very classy.
3. The numeric keys are smaller to accomodate the smaller keyboard but that's not a problem for me.
4. The Caps lock has as indicator light when it's activated unlike another keyboard I've tried.
5. The iPad attaches upright to the keyboard via a very strong magnetic strip. The bluetooth facility activates automatically (after initial pairing) when the iPad is attached to the magnetic strip and disconnects when it's detached hence saving the keyboard's battery.
6. Easy access to all the ports.
7. iPad Air held very securely within the case and protection robust.
8. This is the most impressive function for me. I use an app called "Vmware Horizon Client" which allows me remote access to my work desktop on my iPad. The other keyboard I tried didn't work well with this app but this Anker keyboard works very seamlessly with it allowing me more screen space for work as I now don't have to rely on the onscreen keyboard.

I've never used an Anker product before but I liked this keyboard so much I've bought the iPad 4 version for my wife's iPad 4. I can't recommend it highly enough, I watched several youtube video reviews before I bought it and I can now see why all the reviewers were so pleased with it.
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on 16 December 2013
Totally brilliant product. Holds up my tablet really well, the keyboard connects quickly and even though it's quite small it's very easy to touch type on. The battery lasts a long time and charges quickly. The cover is sturdy and I don't feel worried that my ipad will be damaged.

Tiny niggles: it doesn't lock your ipad automatically when you close it like some covers do. The keyboard doesn't have anything covering it so if you put it inside the cover it is just flat against your screen. I was a little worried it would scratch it (although I don't really think it would) so I made a little pouch for it with some spare material. Just like a bit of felt or something in between would do.
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on 3 December 2013
I have used many products from Anker before and always found them to be very well made. This iPad case is no different with great packaging and instructions included inside the box.

This case aims to offer screen protection and a Bluetooth keyboard while remaining as light as possible. The plastic frame's design allows for easy installation, and does a reasonable job of protecting an iPad's edges without intruding into the bezels. The Inset cuts permit access to ports, buttons, and switches and these are all really easy to get to and use.

The case is closed by a magnetic clasp and it is really strong which means you do not have to worry about your iPad falling out into your bag when carrying it around. The keyboard is also excellent with the keys being well-spaced and reasonably large, making them about as easy to type on as any laptop.

The front of the case is a hard plastic that feels pretty solid. The keyboard is completely detachable as it is magnetic which is a very nice feature as its so easy to take it on and off. The battery on the keyboard also seems to last a very long time as I have only charged it once since using it.

The iPad positioning is also good as you can have it at any angle that you want.

Overall great product and I highly recommend for £30 as it is a lot cheaper than the competitors, which from what I can work out look to be very similar. 5/5
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on 1 December 2013
I've tried one or two bluetooth keyboards and this one seems to pretty much beat them. This keyboard case has quite a lot of attention to detail, and this is also the first ios optimised keyboard I've used so far. What surprised me was the addition of ios specific buttons. This includes a home button and lock switch. It even has media controls to control audio. The dedicated buttons make this case so much easier to use and enjoy

The Case feels rigid and is ideal for use as the keyboard is magnetically attached to it allowing you to remove the keyboard and use the iPad as a proper "laptop". I constantly write notes for work and so the computer styled setup makes this really easy. In addition to this, the way the case can fold up allows you to use this as a stand for enjoying movies. This makes sharing videos with my family over christmas that much easier.

If I were to express any concerns, it would be the strength of the keyboard by itself. Anker has somehow made this keyboard impossibly thin, but as a result the keyboard can flex quite a lot and it could even snap. In addition to this the flip cover doesn't wake or lock the iPad so I don't think this case has the magnets required for that.

I've already dropped my iPad about 75cm and it seems to be fine, so the at least the case does its job properly. As a keyboard case it does make the whole unit thicker than I would have liked but I can understand that it cant get any smaller. The soft coating was useful when it dropped as I heard a muffled bang as opposed to a harsh noise that makes you feel the worst has happened to your tablet.

All in all, its a fairly decent product and seems to be quite good value for money. The keyboard would be worth £20 and the case is well worth the £10 left over. In effect, its a pretty good bundle deal.

The good service and product made me get another case for the iPad 2. Its very similar and has dedicated buttons for ios control instead of having to use the existing buttons. I can personally vouch for both these cases being extremely well made and as I said earlier, its already saved me once.

I've bought quite a few products from Anker I can say that this product keeps the build quality of their products consistent which is pretty good.
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on 31 January 2014
I have given this item 5 stars, as yet again Anker has provided a no nonsense useful technology support product. As usual it arrived in the minimalistic recycled packaging that is standard for their produce. From the start of unpacking the case, to using it with my iPad air took all of about 5 minutes....well maybe a little bit more as I stopped to read the instructions/description. These were clear and simple if a little brief.

The case as has been commented by other is exactly as described and there is only one minor gripe is that the magnetic tab if left obscures the screen a little. (solved by tucking it between the clasp lining and the case). It remains to be seen as to whether this will damage either.

As to the keyboard itself, it is well made compact but very useable, with a very satisfying click on tapping a key, so that you know it has registered. I have yet to get completely used to the compact nature, but am confident that will come with time.

So to summarise, another good product from Anker.
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