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on 6 November 2013
My family and I liked our iPad 4 so much the only problem was sharing it among 5 people so I decided to get another iPad but waited for the "Air" so can now compare side by side.

Weight savings are very noticeable with the Air at 469g compared to the 652g of the iPad 4. That's 28% lighter. The difference feels more pronounced though because in truth the iPad 4 was a tad too heavy. The Air is much more manageable in the hand and feels somehow more like half the weight. The difference is actually between "a little too heavy" and "quite light". The Air is nearly 2mm thinner and whilst this is pleasing I think the weight drop is the more noticeable change.

When working off the same wireless network, same distance away, the Air opens websites slightly quicker, perhaps up to 1 second quicker. That is not a lot but when surfing it speeds things up somewhat. If you stream an HD video then not only does it open faster but the buffer on the Air establishes a greater margin than on the 4. In other words the Air is less likely to stall and more able to stream higher definition content.

The speakers on the Air are noticeably better. They are less tinny in general and have more bass than the 4 although neither are exactly Hi Fi.

The Air looks smaller than previous iPads as when in landscape, the outer upper and lower border is narrower making it 16mm smaller than the iPad 4. Same actual screen size though.

The screen images are the same quality on the Air and the 4. Same screen so not very surprising. I cannot detect a snappier or smoother response, both screens seem to be the same. Cameras appear to be the same also.

About a year ago after much musing and hesitation I bought an iPad 4. This has been in high demand with all family members ever since and is great. The Air is even better and will no doubt get heavy use. If you are wondering about needing a tablet and which one to get I would say that either the 4 or the Air are great tablets and are fun and useful tools. I tend to use MS Windows for general computing but somehow Apple has definitely won me over on the tablet front. I am actually surprised by my own statement at some level. I would recommend you try.

The downsides are the lack of Adobe Flash and camera flash, the ridiculous cost of extra storage and no SD/micro SD slot and the fact that the charger for the Air is not compatible with the 4. Personally I can overlook those issues but for the sake of balance they are worth a mention.

These are my initial impressions and I may add once I have played with the Air some more.
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on 29 December 2013
Apologies if this review appears a duplicate. Amazon have aggregated products and reviews appear to be duplicated. You can see the full review (hopefully) at the top of the list.
Also take a look at the latest iPad - search for "iPad Air 2"
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VINE VOICEon 10 November 2013
I've upgraded my iPad every two releases so have had the the iPad 1, iPad 3 and now the iPad 5 (or 'iPad air' as Apple are calling it, even if that name isn't actually anywhere to be seen on the actual product).

Apple confused issues last year by releasing two versions within 6 months of each other; the 3rd and 4th generations weren't too different from each other but upset a lot of earlier adopters and I'm sure have had a few of those hesitating before making the jump here in case we get another update in early 2014.

So it's with that in mind that I'm writing this review.

I use iPads to surf the net, play music online, play the occasional game, make a bit of music, watch online videos and listen to the radio at home, so I don't need more than 16gb and wifi.

The iPad Air is a far more beautiful item than the last two generations and feels a lot lighter and smaller than I was expecting and so you're far less likely to bop yourself in the nose or mouth when your arm gives way whilst lying on your back watching something.

The wifi is also better, I found myself waiting for a site to open before noticing that it actually done so in the blink of an eye. Nice.

GarageBand has been revamped with loads more tracks and the new 64bit processor handles complex projects easily. Aside from that there are no new apps to take advantage of the new release.

And that's the crux I guess, should you wait for 6 months until a load of smart new apps have appeared? And by then there could be an iPad 6 (or 'iPad Air 2'...) with trendy fingerprint sensor, new cameras and that cool slow motion thing? I'll be gutted if Apple release that, because I won't be upgrading for at least another 18 months.

So verdict; having sold my old version I'm really happy with the new one. It's so much nicer to own and is noticeably faster. Taking into account selling on my old versions it costs me about £2 a week to own an iPad and I think, given how much I use it, represents a massive bargain.
If you have an iPad 1 - buy it
If you have an iPad 2 - buy it
If you have an iPad 3 - buy it if you hate the design and want faster wifi
If you have an iPad 4 - wait until 2014
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on 5 July 2014
After searching online and against retail shops i decided to purchase this I PAD AIR some £130.00 cheaper than retail and the best value for a new I PAD on line! Order place with fingers crossed .Delivery was quick and it was exactly as advertised new sealed box originally for the USA market buy supplied with UK adaptor ! Early days but all seems fine and as a big fan of my I PHONE 4 S Im sure i will get plenty of use both at home and with my work !
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on 7 November 2013
If you have a iPad 4, I wouldn't consider upgrading, due to the fact that the Air is better, but not by the price difference. I have not personally owned an iPad before, but have extensively used my girlfriends, and was delighted when I purchased the Air.

It is very responsive, loading web pages and streaming videos and using apps are noticeably faster, and also Siri is faster on the Air. The lower weight is obviously the main thing, and it is extremely comfortable to hold, even for long periods - the slick back does make it slightly slippery though. The 'official' cases are pretty good, even just the Smart Cover, as they have a screen friendly cleaning layer, and come in some nice colours too.

Even though the cost of larger capacity iPads May be silly, I do recommend going for the 32GB version. You only get 12.85GB on the 16GB version, and considering The Avengers film in HD is 6.5GB, (most films are not this big) it changes how you think about apps, movies and music. Apple stated you could get 10 hours of films, apps etc, I managed 10 hours streaming NFL and 5 hours using apps and internet, as well as 10 hours in standby, for a total of 25 hours of on time, which is mighty impressive for something this light!

I do like this product, and would recommend it to anyone (barring the new iPad Mini 2) but I really don't think there is any need to upgrade for it, but if you have money floating around, there aren't many other tablets that do all this so we'll for the price.
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on 9 November 2013
Since Apple announced the iPad Air and the new iPad mini I trully wanted to get my hands on these. Unlike the new iPad mini, the Air is available for anyone who wants to upgrade from the previous generations iPads or get an Apple tablet for the first time. I already own the 4th gen iPad , but I couldn t miss the newer edition for anything in the world, now that I knew it was lighter and more powerful.

No offence to the Android community, this iPad is hands down the best tablet in its category. Continue reading below and some of you may agree with me. :)

The latest generation of iPad, the iPad Air, took its name because of its weight and its form factor in general. Apple decided to reduce the weight and the bezel around the screen, managing to create a bigger...ipad mini. A sleek design of aluminum, packs a 9.7 inches display with the same retina resolution as the previous ones. The colours look alive and the photos look crispier as ever. The screen is responsive in every command without glitches or lagging; after all i can t remember of any Apple touchscreen product that ever had lagging issues.

Rear camera remain the same while the front camera is packing a 1.2 MP lens recording in 30fps. For some the same rear camera and the lack of a flash is a drawback while for others it doesn t matter at all. Personally, I would enjoy a flash on the iPad Air since there are moments I use it in darker environments where I want to take photos or record a video. Also, the lack of the slow motion recording that the iPhone 5s camera packs is a thing that its missing and will be probably added in the next gen.

In terms of audio quality, Apple added stereo speakers on this device, although you won t enjoy stereo surround when you hold the tablet in landscape since both of the speakers are located on the bottom side of the tablet. I think that not only iPad Air but tablets in general didn t do huge leaps improving sound quality.

Apple claims that iPad Air is twice as fast as the previous generation and believe me, it is! The new 64 bit A7 is really fast! Before I sell my beloved and long used iPad 4th gen I had the chance to compare them side by side. The difference in terms of speed is huge, while the battery holds the same 10 hour efficiency. iOs is operating beautifully under this new beast and free iWork & iLife apps is a welcome addition for any new owner of iPad air.

One of the biggest let downs is the lack of the touch id that is supported in iPhone 5s. Why do tablet owners always have to wait for next generation to get features which already exist in the latest smartphones? The technology is there and they can use it. For the money that iPad Air cost, they should have packed Touch id! Period!

+ Lighter & smaller
+ New faster 64 bit A7 chip
+ Free iLife & iWork suite

- No rear camera improvement
- No Touch Id

Besides the drawbacks, this is the best tablet available in the market at the moment. If you love Apple's ecosystem, go for it. If you ve never been a part of it, this is your best chance!

*Forgot to mention: iPad Air is available in 16 flavors in total -> wifi & wifi + 4g X 2 colours (silver & space grey) X 4 storage options (16,32,64 & 128 GB ). Personally, I prefer the space grey colour and for my needs the 16 GB - wifi + 4G. What about you?
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Unit reviewed: iPad Air, Wifi, 16GB

Firstly, sorry for the low quality video, Amazon only allow 100MB videos to be uploaded so I had to reduce the quality to fit everything in.

I'm not an Apple user, this is the first Apple product I've bought/used. I've been really impressed with how fast this works compared to my old tablet. Setup took a while, as a new user I had to setup an Apple ID, but it was a simple process that only needs to be done once.

Overall design is very nice, it's fairly light with a thin bezel around the screen.

Browsing the internet is rapid, especially with it connecting to my Virgin 60MB internet connection, there is almost no delay in loading web pages or app info (such as Amazon searches) as you can see in the video.

As an Android/Windows user I normally plug the device into the PC and can then drag and drop my files over. I found I couldn't do that with the iPad, I had to use iTunes to transfer files. On reflection I can see why Apple do this, it likely makes it much simpler for new users.

The lack of SD card could also be a problem for some who don't want to splash out on models with bigger storage space, but as this iPad will be used with a lot of cloud services (e.g. Netflix for films or Google+ for viewing photos) I don't think this will be a big problem for us.

The apps are brilliant, designed for the iPad and they work really easily. I've found apps such as Amazon, eBay and Ocardo to all be much better on the iPad than on my Android devices.

Games also look good and are silky smooth, there is no juddering or slow loading times. The tablet integrates really well with the various social media accounts and email accounts, something that was a worry coming from an Android device background.

Overall this is the best tablet I've used to date. It's fast, looks good and gives you so many possibilities via the app store.
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on 4 August 2014
Ipad is great - exactly as expected. Happy went for the Ipad Air - so light and slim. Would have given five stars but have knocked one off due to the rubbish recharging lead as it just stopped working after 2 months! As the Ipad is so expensive you would think Apple would sort this out - I know I am not the only one to have this problem.
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on 4 January 2014
I have been deliberating on whether to get an iPad since they first came out. After much consideration I decided to get one for work and all I can say is" I love it"
It's easy to use, the apps are good and it's nice and light to carry.
The picture quality is fantastic and the sound is quality is good to. So if you are thinking should I get one? Would I use it? Trust me you will love it. I've hardly put mine down since It arrived.
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on 25 August 2015
Sold By " Supply Chain" "Stored, Packed & Dispatched by Amazon! UK" This ipad has a US plug although they do jam a Knock Off Uk plug in the package which just detracts from buying an Apple quality product also the knock off plug i received stated it was compatible with ipad4 iphone6 ipod etc. no mention of IPad Air wouldnt want to try it either so, Cheers. Great gift for someones Birthday! would return it but it's a present due today

So Long story short don't feel all warm and comfy when it says "Stored, Packed & Dispatched by Amazon!" you can still end up with crap
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