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4.5 out of 5 stars3,832
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 16 June 2014
I've always used a traditional approach to hard skin on my feet. I usually soak them, dry them, then sit rubbing them with a foot file or pumice stone. It's worked for me, and I didn't see any reason to change my method. Until I tried the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi.

I was quite excited to receive it, and my first pleasant suprise was how easy it was to get out of the packaging, which sounds a minor detail but as this product would be really useful for elderly people, I think it's worth mentioning that they won't struggle to even get it out of the packet.

It's a very simple product - you put in AA batteries, then turn the silver ring on the handle and it whizzes into action. Just hold the spinning bar against your hard skin and watch it fly off in a fine white dust.

It's beyond easy, and can be used on dry feet so no need to soaking which means I can do my feet daily if I want or need to, keeping them super-soft and gorgeous all the time.

I found the comfortable ergonomic handle really nice to use, and although I'm very flexible, it was nice not to have to bed so much as when using a foot file - the extra length provided by the handle means it would be great for people with mobility problems such as the eldery or someone pregnant.

It's also a very manly device. In blue and silver, it's not girly, and my husband was happy to grab it and give it a go - "it's like a power tool for feet!" he said, which I think is a positive vote.

Yes, it seems pricey at first, at around £40 (although it's on offer on Amazon at the moment), but as it can be used safely by all the family, will last forever apart from occasional changes of the rotating bar, and is extremely portable, it is definitely worth it.

Mine has earned a permanent place in my bathroom, and my poor foot file is feeling rather neglected.

Easy and quick to use
Attractive item in non-gender-specific colours
Good for people with mobility/flexibility issues

Initial cost

Overall, I'd definitely recommend the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Over the years I've bought and reviewed hard skin removers and I've received a few of these devices to test and review from Amazon. So I have a little experience of the benefits of these machines.

They all are much of the same BUT I guarantee that when you actually get one and use it you too will be amazed at just how good the results are

I have hard skin on my feet.
When you reach a certain age this is one of the things you develop along with.... Well I don't need to go into that here do I??

I was quite frankly amazed with the results.
After singing the praises of this machine I persuaded my wife to try it.

Now she does have hard skin from years of Badminton, squash and sports.
The results were excellent also so we are both converts to this form of getting hard skin from your feet.

So when offered the Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi Electric Hard Skin Remover I was very interested as most of the others have been Emjo machines.

So this review may be slightly different from others in that I actually am comparing hard skin removers from different companies.

The first thing you notice is that they actually operate on the same principle.
The coarse covered roller is powered by a battery and spins.
You hold it by the handle and apply to your foot's hard skin.
the machine is similar to the Emjo and works well.
Really well.

You will be amazed at the cloud of 'dust' which comes off the soles of your feet.

And compared to the Emjo it works just as well.
Where the Emjo has the edge, if you will pardon my pun, is that the Emjo come with two rollers with differing coarseness. So you can pick and chose but have two for the price of one.
Scholl have missed a trick here maybe?

Now a few tips from an old pro.

1. To get the best results you should wash your feet well first- this gets rid of a lot of stuff and lets the dog see the rabbit so to speak.
In other words soap and water are a heck of a lot cheaper than the roller replacements.
If you can get rid of a whole lot of hard skin easily before this means you are not wasting the rollers life and in a way your own by time.
Make sure you really dry the feet before using the rollers

2. Don't press too hard- this only slows the rollers and makes the motor groan like a 'past its sell by date Zeppelin'.

3. Apply gentle and I do mean gentle pressure ensures the roller really smoothes the hard skin.
Let the machine do the work for you.
It's just like going for a professional manicure. You don't file your nails down you let her do her job. Likewise you let the machine do its job.

4. A warning- there's dust! A fine cloud of...... well let's face it.. it is `you', your dust that is given off so make sure you do it somewhere where bits of you won't clog up stuff? Over the bath/toilet/bidet seems fine.

5. It says you can clean the rollers and machine with water under the tap.
I think an old toothbrush ensures a good clean and makes the rollers last longer.

6. Don't waste money by buying a replacement set of rollers until you have actually tried the machine.
Refills cost under a tenner for two from Amazon at the time of writing.
Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi Hard Skin Remover Refills
I think they are brilliant but some may not.

Think of all those bread machines that people bought and stored away?

All in all?
This is a machine that works a whole lot better than the old emery board methods.
It produces faster and MUCH BETTER results.
It is Ultra safe when compare to those old razor bladed 'safety' cutters.
It's a whole lot easier to use than fiddly boards where you may not be able to see your soles.
If you intend wearing sandals and are concerned about the appearance of your feet then this is the machine for you.
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on 17 June 2014
When the Scholl Express Pedi arrived on my doorstep, I was quite surprised by the size of it - much bigger than a simple foot file and more technical to look at. I admit I was a bit scared about using it. I was really worried that I would press too hard or even overuse it, and end up taking off to much skin. Ouch!
So tentatively, I opened up the packaging and set to work. It comes with batteries included and is pretty much ready to use. I switched it on and the roller head started to rotate at speed. I put it against my very cracked heel and was pleasantly surprised when it wasn't as 'hardcore' as I thought it was going to be. In fact if you do press too hard it actually slows down so it's actually pretty difficult to over do it. The instructions do say not to do the same area for more than 3 or 4 seconds so I used that as a handy guide to go by.
Now I am always on my feet and as a result, my feet must have some serious issues, judging by the foot dust (TMI!) that came off but I just did it over a bin to try and minimise the mess which did the trick. Immediately after use, my feet felt immediately much smooth but as my heels were covered in dust it was hard to tell how well it had worked. As it was just before my shower, I just jumped in and had a wash but a quick rinse would have sufficed. Once dried off I had another look at my feet and the difference was incredible. Where before I had unattractive, visibly cracked, dead skin, there was now lovely smooth, soft and very touchable skin! Quite a notable improvement, as the pics will show.
I was also sent Scholl Velvet Smooth Intense Serum and even though my feet felt softer than they had in ages, I rubbed the serum into my heels. It felt a bit sticky initially but once it had absorbed properly, my feet felt lovely and soft. Using it straight after, it absorbed deeper into the skin, really making it work harder. As a result, my feet felt soft and smooth for a lot longer than they normally do, just using a foot file.
I am really pleased with how these items work, and very impressed with how they work in conjunction to keep your feet softer for longer. Plus, the Express Pedi is currently at a really good price so now is definitely the time to stock up. After seeing first hand how well the system works, I certainly will be!
I received this product from BzzAgent for reviewing purposes.
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on 11 July 2014
Excellent product. The only problem is that it sends skin flying everywhere. So do it outside or cover with a towel
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on 19 June 2015
I am 44. Prior to owning and using this product I had always considered my feet to be hooves. Now they are beautifully smooth, and resemble a human foot. I wish I had used this product earlier! Fabulous stuff.
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on 17 May 2015
I purchased one of these from my leading high street retailers and and I was so disappointed with this, as soon as you put any pressure on it this stops. You would run out of battery power if you were to just skim over your hard skin, I was quicker using my foot file I purchased for £1. This was a waste of £39.95
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on 30 June 2015
not as good as advertised i would not recommend
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Prior to trying this, I was using the more expensive Emjoi Micro-Pedi Professional. I had high hopes for the Scholl branded version but it's nowhere near as good as the Emjoi. Let me explain...

The unit itself is sturdy and ergonomic so it feels comfortable to hold and manoeuvre. There's one speed setting (Emjoi Professional has two but I tend to only use the high setting anyway) and the rollers are easy to change: there's a little switch at the side that you push which will allow you to pull the roller out or push back in. It's a larger & heavier unit compared to the Emjoi Professional (about 3.5cm longer) and it takes 4x AA batteries compared to 3x AAA for the Emjoi Professional.

The device makes a lot of noise - the Emjoi Professional is much quieter. On top of this, the fine skin dust flies absolutely everywhere: inhaling it is unavoidable (unless you have a mask) The Emjoi Professional is so much better here, I think because only half of the roller is actually exposed so it stops all the skin flying upwards and does a good job of directing skin flakes downwards. The other thing is, the roller on the Scholl, doesn't do as good a job as the standard Emjoi roller. The Scholl feels coarser and I've found it's just not as effective in buffing away dry skin. You need to spend more time with the roller over a couple of sessions, to get the same kind of results you get with the Emjoi Professional in one short session.

The Scholl isn't bad overall and I think 2 stars would have been too stingy - but there is something so much better on the market. Personally if it was a choice between the Scholl and a foot file, I would much rather have the Scholl - it's going to make lighter work of buffing and if you've got really dry, coarse skin on your feet you'll be there for ages with a manual foot file. But a choice between the Scholl and the Emjoi Professional, I would choose Emjoi every time. It's quieter, there's far less skin flying around and it does a great job of buffing away dry skin. For really soft feet, I also recommend using foot cream after using whichever Pedi device you have (I recommend Scholl dry skin instant recovery cream)
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on 13 June 2014
I was lucky enough to receive one of these to try via bzzagent and I've now been using it for a few weeks. It's very easy to use and you do notice a difference straight away, especially if you pair it with the School Velvet Smooth serum.
The device itself is nice and comfortable to hold and use. It runs on batteries so no wires to get tangled up in. The roller itself is fairly solid and clips in to the head and while you can buy replacements, I think this will last pretty well and will just need to be run under water once in a while to keep it clean. I know some have been unhappy with the on/off button (the silver band in the middle the moves from side to side) but I don't think that's really an issue. At least you can't accidentally turn it off.
When using, you do not need to press down at all. Just let it glide over your feet but do not keep it on one area for more then 3-4 seconds. It has worked really well for me and I only spend a couple of minutes, a couple of times a week using this and it has made a real difference. I'm not quite so concerned about cracked and dry looking feet!
The only reason I've not given it 5/5 is because of a few minor issues. They wouldn't stop me from recommending it, but it would be perfect if these issues were addressed. It is quite noisy - you can't use this discreetly! A little quieter than an epilator for comparison. Because of the design of the roller and handle etc. the dust does go absolutely everywhere, so you ideally want to use it in the garden or in a room with no breeze! The final issue, which is the main annoyance for me, is the clear plastic cap that fits over the head of the device/roller. It pops off as soon as you look at it! The minute I put it down it usually pings off so I'm keeping it slightly raised to help avoid it.
All in all a great little device that I would not usually have purchase but will certainly be using from now on.
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on 11 June 2014
I am a bzzagent and I received a Scholl velvet smooth pedi as part of my latest bzz campaign for free, they retail at around £39.99. I was very excited to receive this, as the skin on my feet has been prone to dry hard skin for a while, so I was keen to give it a go.

**What is it?**
This is an electric device for pedicuring your feet, pedicuring is when you file off the dead dry skin. This runs on 4 AA batteries. It is effectively a plastic device with a blue rubbery handle for easy grip, a silver collar, which twists to turn this on, and then the white head section which houses the removable grey file. There is also a plastic shield to protect the head when not in use. The files are removable as they will need replacing over time.

**Using it**
To use it having inserted the batteries you simply turn the collar to switch it on, you will know it is working as there is a loud buzzing noise and the grey file will be rapidly spinning. You then use a gentle to medium pressure to run this over your feet, and heels. If you use too much pressure it will stop spinning. This will spit out dust (well filed skin) pretty much everywhere, so you are better off either using it before hoovering or in the bathroom. To remove the file heads you simply press in the button that is on one side and the head pops out, to reinsert it is as easy as pressing in the plastic that is on one side of the file and inserting it in the holes.

Costs to consider when you have one of these will be the replacement heads are a rrp of £12.49 for two, and the cost of 4 batteries.

**What do I think?**
I enjoy using this and have found it quick and effective to use. About a year ago I started to develop really bad dry skin on my right foot, and even with a lot of foot cream and moisturiser I found the problem hard to control In fact it didn’t start to clear up until the upstairs neighbour moved out, and the year old carpets were ripped out due to dog feaces, hmm I wonder if there was a connection?

Anyway that foot in particular has been left with a tendency towards very dry hard skin. I have found that with regular use of this pedi, even without moisturiser it has practically eliminated the problem. With the moisturiser that I was lucky enough to receive as part of the bzz campaign the difference to my feet is pretty amazing. I still get dry patches, but as I am on my feet all day at work that’s not surprising, but this really does get rid of them.

I usually use this on my feet for a couple of minutes, and like to move the file from left to right or in a small swirly pattern gently over my feet. As I have said for me this does the job. I use it most days as it is so easy and quick to use. I find it easy to hold, even with my small hands and light enough to use for a few minutes at a time, I also quite like the sensation on my feet. The only complaint is from my husband, who does occasionally complain about how loud it is.

In conclusion as you can probably tell I really recommend this device, at £39.99 it is quite expensive, it is sometimes on offer at £29.99, but I feel that the difference it has made to my feet makes it worth every penny.

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