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4.5 out of 5 stars225
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 September 2014
Much better than expected. I'm not sure why but this Metallica concert film was ignored by every rock fan I know, maybe it was seen by everyone as a 'make Metallica some more money' or due to over exposure. Here in England we have been treated to Metallica playing a lot of festivals. I have seen them live about 4 or 5 times in the last ten years. I watched this film free on a plane, I probably wouldn't of watched it otherwise.
They are one of the best bands to see live so i'm not sure why the film was ignored but onto the review.

This is Metallica blowing the budget off a couple of million and boy to they make it into a great live show. Metallica playing in the round, TV screens under their feet, a giant 'Lady Justice', fire, massive floodlights and Metallica playing a great really well. The fans in attendance at this arena got a great show, that energy gets transferred when you watch it at home.
The story can be taken or left it is an extended Music video storyline. It does link in with some of the songs and keeps the energy up, seeing the city on fire.

Watch this if you want an apsolulute stonker of a Metallica show.
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on 8 April 2014
Was a little unsure about getting this after a few bad press reviews.
Firstly the picture and sound is the best I have ever come across on a concert blu ray. The DTS HD master audio is awesome, my only complaint is the drums seem to dominate the mix a little.
The performance by the band is first class as you would expect from Metallica.
They play songs from each of their studio albums except St Anger (this is not a bad thing).
It's good to see Justice and ride the lightning played.

BUT the film parts are not needed and they don't work. I am not really sure what they trying to do.
Probably seemed a good idea on paper.

I have a lot of their VHS / DVD and blu ray concerts and leaving out the film parts this is the best.
Personally I would have preferred more songs making it the definitive Metallica live performance.

One last thing where was seek and destroy with the giant toilet?

If they thought it would not have fitted in the film could it not have been an extra on the disc?
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on 3 March 2015
I am much more of a melodic metal fan than a fan of thrash. But this group is so good it even appeals to me. And this 3d blu ray gives you a great show and it was filmed in native 3d. Which is awesome. All concert films should be done like this. Metallica puts on a great show and we see why they have remained popular all this time. Even there stint with the later great hall of famer Lou reed was interesting. he joined them for a while. Metallica of course is a hall of famer too. and they will be the only thrash metal band to ever get that honor probably. Only megadeath is close to this group in that genre. If you want a great 3d concert this is it. And the blu ray has a stunning picture as well.
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on 24 September 2014
This is a concert film and the centrepiece therefore is the actual gig, the story feels a lot like an add on or break more than it does an essential or integral part but nonetheless is pretty enjoyable.
Seeing as the set is essentially a Metallica 'Greatest Hits' (although with quite a few obvious absenntees - 'Whiplash,' 'Fade To Black,' 'Welcome Home/Sanitarium,' 'Blackened,' 'Sad But True' in particiular) there is little room for a cohesive storyline which feeds off of the songs as Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' does, but it works quite well.
The sets are spectacular; 'Ride The Lightning's' Tesla Coils, '...And Justice's,' statue and the 'Master Of Puppets' sets are my favourites. Some are lot more stripped down e.g 'Creeping Death,' but the strength of the song and its performance makes it enjoyable nonetheless.
The extras, whilst plentiful are for the most part filler really. The Q and A session a the Orion Festival in particiular drags on and although I am a big fan of the band, found it very dull as it was only questions that had more or less been answered by either watching the film or the more enjoyable 'Making Of' segment. It could be interesting to some, but honestly, save yourself some time and buy the normal version without the dull extras.
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on 31 December 2014
This is quite simply the best concert I have ever seen. I say "concert" because 90% of the movie is concert footage. But not normal concert footage like some of metallica's or other bands blu rays or dvds. The first thing I noticed was the camera work. The footage is taken from movie like camera angles instead of the typical front stage and close ups with quick switching from each band member that we usually get. It made it more immersive to see top down views from the roof of the arena drawing in on Lars and his drums, or the camera flying through the stage from one side to the other while seeing the band jamming.

I don't think I need to mention sound quality as it's always great but I think this is the best the band have sounded in my home theatre. It has a full 5.1 DTS MASTER AUDIO TRACK which is incredible if you can support it, but if you can't it's still the best Metallica has ever sounded on any home media. The bands performance is amazing and dare I say it better than Quebec magnetic and the other blu ray offerings like Francais pour une nuit, Orgullo pasion y gloria, and The big four (No offence to Anthrax, Slayer and Megadeth).

The sections of the film focusing on the roadie character are well done and fit well with the music, with some nice references to songs and albums. But you are not going to remember this film for the character and his journey, you will remember it for the concert which is personally my favourite Metallica concert caught on film to this date. The only thing I wish is if it was longer so I could enjoy it even more.
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on 22 July 2014
I've seen Metallica live twice (Newcastle in 1996 and Hammersmith in 2001) and on both occasions left feeling disappointed - the sound quality was poor and they didn't seem to gel as a band. The concert part of this film shows you how good they can be when they are really on top of their game. Sound quality is fantastic, you can hear all the individual instruments clearly and they play together like a well-honed machine. You still get that exciting "live" edge too though, and many of the songs sound better than they did on the original recordings (especially those from the earlier albums which had a somewhat tinny edge on CD but here come across in full bass-heavy glory).

The story is a little silly but if you just relax into it and treat it as a bit of a music video, you can enjoy the soundtrack for what it is. God knows what they were thinking with the fake "accident" on stage, but again, just ignore all of that and enjoy what is one of the greatest recordings of a live gig ever.
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on 31 May 2015
Fantastic concert, amazing songs, REAL music and awesome 3D! If you have a gaming headset with surround sound I highly recommend having a go with them plugged in you can practically feel the kick drum bashing your ears and you can hear every string hit so clear so powerful. This is METALLICA, and everythings gonna be ok.
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on 16 October 2013
Yes "Metallica: Through the Never" has arrived and after much hype from a rabid fanbase and a certainly mixed response - I got my chance to see it and had a mixed reaction. This movie is essentially two parts - the live Metallica concert and the plot that surrounds, or rather is on the side of it involving a young roadie sent out on a mission to get a piece of kit - and getting caught in a vicious riot which he must survive.

Because for the most part the roadie's story is tagged onto the end and beginning of songs with a few exceptions, the two are better to look at as separate entities. The concert is brilliant, excellently well filmed and edited, filled with special effects and epic set pieces from an electric chair and lightning bolts, the fall of Lady Justice and crosses rising during "Master of Puppets" - the band is on top form with energy, chemistry and passion and their usual cool appraisal (even when things begin to go wrong in the third act). The audience, which at times is as loud as the band is energetic, moshing, singing and cheering the whole way through. The set list varies over the entire band's career as early as "Hit the Lights" up to "Cyanide" from Death Magnetic with two songs from the Reload, 10-11 from Kill Em All - Black Album and the aforementioned Death Magnetic. All of it is perfectly well done and flawless in its presentation.

The movie part is the let-down of the film. Whilst Dane Dehaan acts the role perfectly, barely saying a word but very capable with his facial expressions and gestures, he has very little to do but mainly walk, run or look terrified as the world goes mad around him. The movie segments though are ultimately too short and have very little meat on the bone, they mainly book-end songs and whilst they're capably filmed, it doesn't have much to invest in and the pay-off is non-existent. It does have exciting, powerful, empathetic moments but ultimately is somewhat weak in how little screen time it gets.

Despite that though I would say watching this was a worthwhile experience at the cinema just for the band and an awesome live show with the movie being just action extras on the side and has some freakish imagery to accompany. If you want to see a Metallica DVD / Blu-Ray which won't cost you an arm or a leg to see Lady Justice fall, this is the one to go for.
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on 26 March 2014
Hey all. Ok with this review I don't mean any offence to anyone ok! My view of this 3d blu ray was: The 3d was amazing, well done really did look cool, the band were storming as always although kirk seems lost in his own little world a bit lol, Lars seems to want a tongue battle with miley cirus the amount his sticks out too lol. Just messing. Great concert and great idea for 3d. BUT... Just bill it as a 3d concert ok. What was with all the rubbish in between? Don't get me wrong was good rubbish could have done with a lot more of it and a dash of explanation and may have been a different "movie" but we got what we got. Im guessing that someone forgot their luggage charges in this mystery bag? Lol. Overall a great concert by the world's best metal band but feel a.bit blagged by the "movie" bit. Sorry if you don't agree.
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on 29 July 2014
Good live performance with movie like bits inserted in between the tracks. A young roadie must get gasoline to a point in the city while the band is playing away, but he is met with riots and an apocolyptic style horseman. The images in these movie bits are quite good, especially in the last few tracks, but they are not long enough to be music videos on their own, and they don't make the live show better, they just make it different as the songs match up to events in the videos. Check the track list out. I'm not a massive follower so i found some tracks better than others. There is also an intentional stage collapse in the show to match a video, but just looks weird having stage hands getting fake hurt in front of a live audience
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