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4.6 out of 5 stars224
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 March 2014
It's so great to see Logitech employing an optical sensor in one of their higher end mice. It's about time people finally realise lasers are not the answer for gaming - they all have the inherent problem of hardware side acceleration of anywhere from 2-10%, something gamers do not want! Optical mice track 1:1 - perfect.

The goods:

- Optical! - The superior sensor with no built in acceleration compared to laser mice. It's not the most recent optical sensor but I cant detect any jitter or tracking issues in paint. Would have been nice to see them employ the new ADNS-3310 though.

- Shape is great, very similar to the G700/S but with a better 'ledge' for your ring/pinkie to sit on making it easier to pick up. The extended thumb rest allows the thumb to sit relaxed and comfortable.

- Build quality is outstanding. It really is the best build Logitech mice I've had the pleasure of using - on my desk sat next to it I have the G500S, G700 and G700S and this knocks them all out of the park. The sandpaper like grip on the previous mice has been refined and is now much smoother and nice to the touch while offering good grip. The top of the mouse really stands out though! The buttons employ a soft matte paint somewhat akin to the Roccat mice - great to touch and after a days use there are no sweaty fingerprint marks at all. The rear 'patterned' area is rubbery and very comfortable/grippy and gives a unique design.

There are no rattles like you experience on the G700. ALL the buttons are much more clicky and defined compared to the 700's mushy feeling side buttons.

- Claimed battery life is big and I'm looking forward to seeing how far it'll stretch. After a day its nice to see it at full still whereas I'd now be thinking of charging my 700!

The OK's:

- It weighs a fair bit, like the G700. However it isn't so rear heavy so its easier to lift. It can also be run on one battery (I'm doing this) to reduce weight by around 20g. It feels perfect to me with one.

The bads:

- Mouse wheel feels somewhat mushy to scroll. Its much less defined and it's easy to scroll too far without feeling it. I'm not a fan of Logitech's rattly hyperscroll wheel though and I'm glad they didn't use it.

- 500hz max polling rate. This is gonna put a lot of people off. Why? I dont know. I can't notice any difference between 500hz and 1000hz. Unless your monitor refresh rate is 1ms you aren't going to care.

Overrall I'm going to keep this mouse. It feels of higher quality than my G700S due to it being a totally newly designed product opposed to a sensor upgrade. The comfort is top notch and its simply really, really nice to use!

Would heartily reccomend this mouse.
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on 1 February 2015
It might not be the best gaming mouse in the world, but it could certainly enter the competition with confidence. I've used/owned a lot of mice over 15 years, so I do know what I'm talking about.

125/250/500hz Wireless, no 1k, but I'm not an Android so i'll live with it.
Refined surface textures...logitech have been trying to get this right for a while, the textures on this mouse all make sense and feel great.
Phenomenal battery life in eco mode
YES it does have tunable weight, you can use one *or* two batteries, and go 1x lithium primary for ultralight or 2x NiMH rechargeables for heavy...see? :)
Basically perfect sensor, does what you want it to - Centrally placed too, my g700 for example has it to the front, and it's noticeably not ideal.
Very comfortable for my hands, the thumb rest is just right, suits a claw grip really well imho.
Great sized slippy pads, placed on the four cardinal points, great support.
Lots of actually useable buttons that have a great tight feel to them, no wobbles.
Stunning crisp click action, really firm and quality feeling, without being obnoxiously loud - usable when on teamspeak without causing people to hate you for your noisy cheap sounding mouse clicks from other well known brands.
The mouse buttons are leagues ahead of those you find on other gaming mice that are cheaply moulded into the shell and thus have utterly dreadful conformity, acoustics and lateral movement to varying degrees depending on the plastic and shape, De Rigeur on Razer, Steelseries, some logitechs, Zowie, et al.

Beware gimmicks: RBG lights with 16 million colours and only 6 of them are ever usable, changeable microswitches (all mice have this when you have a soldiering iron) 32bit CPUs, etc. It's a mouse, you need it to be the best mouse it can be, not a lightbulb.

And the price, low-mid forties? puts most gaming mice to shame on that alone.

I am genuinely impressed by this mouse and how all it's features come together.
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on 6 December 2014
They didn't try to be fancy, to use gimmicks, they just focused on what matters and delivered a classy, well built, great value product. I waited almost a year to review this to check its durability. This bad boy is still going strong, with no signs of click deterioration and I'm a heavy user, both with games and work. The button switches they use are rated at 20 million clicks and so far I have no reason to doubt this claim, (plus I've seen a video of the Logitech testing facility that other brands don't seem to bother much about as long as they work to start with), that's twice the number of clicks than a certain other wired brand of gaming mouse, favoured by MMO players for its large amount of side buttons, I'll let you guess/research which I am referring to. This one does have fewer side buttons, but if the main buttons are gonna last twice as long, which would you rather have?
The build quality is amazing for any mouse, let alone at this price, which is already cheaper than the £60 I paid, but I don't regret not waiting, it was well worth the extra to have it for the last year. Not having cables tugging at your mouse, pulling it off the mouse mat, tripping over them etc., if you've wanted to try wireless but were deterred as I was over poor battery life, you need to get this (with some good rechargeables, although it comes with two normal). I use one battery only as it makes it lighter, does feel kind of heavy with two, but one will last about two months of heavy use on economy mode, which is perfectly fine for MMO's and most games, if you like twitch shooters and feel like you need an extra boost for an important match then whack it on performance mode, but you'll be hard pressed to notice much difference. It's so good I'm thinking about buying another just for a backup in case they don't make such an all round amazing wireless mouse again.
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on 23 September 2014
Paid £40 for this. Was going to get a more budget one but was swayed towards this as Logitech is my favourite company and I trust them. The only other mouse I've owned is the Sharkoon Fireglider which, at the time, I thought was great. It does not compare. This mouse is phenomenal.

You get the mouse, nano receiver, Logitech software to program the buttons and pointer and a receiver extender for use with a desktop. The software is miles better than the Sharkoon one. It assigns profiles based which .exes you open, and a light flashes informing you that a profile has switched.

- Great feel. I use a claw-type grip with mice and this works nicely. It is on the heavy side, which I prefer.
- Very responsive
- Excellent build quality and battery life
- Great software and support

- The two forward-most buttons are a bit of a stretch for my thumb, but then I do have small hands.

If you want a multi-purpose wireless mouse that is good for gaming, get this. You won't be disappointed.
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on 21 April 2014
I'm a PC gamer who enjoys a variety of different genres, from FPS, to RTS, to MMO games. After previously owning a Razer Naga Molten Edition mouse which featured 12 side buttons, I had become so used to using these side buttons as in-game macros that it was vital I could do the same thing with the next mouse I buy. This is the reason I went with the Logitech G602, as it features enough side buttons to satisfy MMO and RTS games, alongside a comfortable design for FPS games.

Build Quality:
The G602 definitely feels like a solid mouse. The external casing implements four different materials; a textured 'sandpaper' feel to the area where your thumb goes, a rubberised soft layer where your palm sits, a matte plastic for the two main buttons and finally a plastic silver trim to give the mouse a sleek look. What I like about Logitech mice is that they don't go for the stupid gaming designs with pretty lights and funky designs, they make their mice from high quality materials with a professional look and feel. The buttons themselves feel rigid and have a nice click to them, and the mouse is the perfect design for avoiding finger prints due to minimal gloss. I definitely feel that the G602 could take some beating, and if you ever dropped it, it would very much stay in-tact.

Comfort and Responsiveness:
Compared to my old Razer Naga this mouse feels a lot more ergonomic and feels particularly nicer when I'm just casually using my PC and not gaming. The mouse itself is fairly large and the side thumb rest ensures my fingers aren't dragging across the mouse mat, something which happened with my Razer Naga. Personally I have long fingers and my thumb is perfectly capable of reaching the macro buttons all over the mouse. However, sometimes I find my hand resting quite far towards the back of the mouse and I accidentally click the middle side button instead of the ones nearer the front. This is just something I will need to get used to though as it is a brand new mouse. As mentioned before, all the buttons feel good and responsive, and you won't accidentally be hitting the side buttons with your thumb whilst gaming. The one part of the mouse I really do dislike however is the scroll wheel. The scroll wheel feels very stiff and requires a lot of finger movement if you're trying to scroll quickly. In addition, the scroll wheel material has a really slippery rubberised surface which my finger constantly loses grip of. Unfortunately this mouse doesn't support settings for changing the scroll wheel sensitivity.
In terms of responsiveness and latency, there are no issues whatsoever. My main concern with switching to wireless was the possibility of lag, but there really is no difference between this and a wired mouse. I'm not even using the USB extension cable which comes with it, and it still feels great. The difference between performance mode and endurance mode is very subtle, with endurance mode running at 125Hz compared to performance mode at 500Hz. I myself can notice the difference in games, so switching between the two modes is something you'll have to get used to. One amazing thing to mention about this mouse is the battery life, which I'm sure you've already seen in the description for the G602. Batteries last for months, it really is amazing for a wireless mouse.

Problems with the Mouse:
The first problem I came across with this mouse was the driver software, and you'll be amazed at the solution to this problem. If you're running Windows 8/8.1, you'll likely find that the driver installation software freezes at about 60% and the only thing you can do is turn off your PC to get rid of it. I looked online for a solution and it turns out... you have to unplug your optical drive inside your PC in order for the installation to work. Don't even ask me why, I have no idea, but it seems to work for the hundreds of other people who had the same problem, including myself. This to me is a very serious issue with Logitech's software, as not everyone has the experience/knowledge to open up their PC and fiddle with cables, especially if you own a laptop. I even tested out a friend's Logitech G400 mouse a few months ago on my PC and the same driver issue occurred back then, Logitech have yet to fix this after months of it being a major problem. Once the software was installed though I was able to setup my macros and DPI without any problems.
The next issue is the weight of the mouse. Even with just one battery inserted in the mouse it still feels quite heavy. I play at a low DPI sensitivity and so if I'm turning fast in-game, I have to lift my mouse up and down off the mouse mat in order to do so. I find that the mouse slips slightly from my grip every time I lift it, which is an annoying problem in fast paced FPS games. Due to the batteries being at the back of the mouse, it also means the back of the mouse is where you lose grip first when you pick it up because it's heavier in that area. The weight isn't a major issue and I can still play games perfectly fine, but I just wish it was a bit lighter.

Overall the mouse is great and I'd definitely recommend trying it out. If you're like me and play a mixture of game genres this will suit you well, and the wireless feature makes it a lot less messy on your desk. Amazon only lets me choose 4/5 as the rating, but I would have it set to 4.5/5 instead. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment!
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on 10 December 2015
It's ok as it's wireless but it's really too heavy, also it slips out from hand when lifting due to it's shape - it's ok on the thumb side as there are buttons above, but there's nothing on the right side...

The sensor captures movements when you lift up the mouse and that causes the cursor (or view/aiming while playing) to change the position significantly.

The logitech gaming software is limited for this mouse and you cannot map the buttons the adjust the Windows volume - there is a walkaround - I use 3RVX software to control the volume - check the picture attached - so you set for example Ctrl + Shift + - in logitech software, and then set the same keys in 3RVX.

My advice to reduce the weight:
Use only one AA battery to power the mouse, ideally an alkaline one (not rechargable as these are heavier).
Ideally use one alkaline AAA battery with an AA to AAA Battery Adapter.
review image
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on 25 February 2015
I've been using this for a couple of weeks, not for gaming but as a general work mouse. I was after a wireless one, with good battery life, additional buttons and comfortable ergonomics. While it delivers on most of these, one comes with very specific caveats: The ergonomics.

Before I elaborate on the drawbacks, I'll add it's got a solid enough weight to it, it's large enough in size for big hands and the left and right mouse buttons feel much more responsive compared to a stock mouse - I'm sure my double click speed has halved.

Now, about those shapely caveats:

Firstly, it feels primary suited for those that use a palm or possibly claw grip. This is fine as it is comfortable in this position, but I'd be wary about how this affects dexterity during game play. Definitely less suited if you tend to lift the mouse off the mat often a-la fingertip grip.

Secondly, and the reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5, it seems to be designed in such a way where you are forced to use the following finger positions:
1. Left button: index finger
2. Scroll wheel: middle finger
3. Right button: ring finger.

When held like this, it is a comfortable, smooth mouse. Unfortunately this isn't the configuration most of us are used to (is it an MMO thing?). If you use index and middle for the left and right buttons respectively you find that your pinky ends up with nowhere comfortable to rest/grip the mouse.

Finally, the G6 and G9 buttons (those side buttons closest to the wrist) are just a little too far back to be used effectively.

So in all, great for a specific style, but far from well-rounded.
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on 9 April 2015
I've been putting this mouse under some heavy usage over 350 hours on the high performance setting and only just needed to change the batteries.

Easily the most power efficient wireless mouse I've used and very easy to handle too. Plus the weird little ledge on the side of the mouse that I dismissed initially as odd, is actually very useful, never realised how much my thumb dragged until I used this mouse and my thumb was separated from the mouse mat by that odd looking ledge.

Would recommend this mouse to any PC gamer or general user.
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on 10 September 2014
I am an avid gamer, I play a bit of everything so wanted a good all rounder. Looking at the available wireless gaming mice out there, with their incredibly high DPI laser sensors and zillion reports a second they all have one thing in common- utterly awful battery life. Some of the top rated mice recommended will last literally just 10 hours on a charge, ludicrous if you ask me. Probably perfect for professional competitive gamers who believe 1 millisecond makes all the difference, but surely infuriating for most people that use their mice for a mixture of games and browsing.

I had a Logitech performance MX (battery life just about acceptable, 7 days typically with heavy use), but found the build quality to be less than satisfactory. The problem lied mainly with the scroll wheel, while trying to please everyone with smooth scrolling and a stepped function, they made it good at neither with an annoying middle button difficult to reliably click to boot. While an attractive thing, it feels quite flimsily built.

I swapped for this, cheaper, 'poor man's' optical sensor with lower DPI, but the reality is, it is more than sensitive enough for someone not in a pro gaming tournament, built sturdier than the MX/G700S and many others twice the price, with a battery life even on the 'performance' mode that should comfortably last a demanding user a month minimum with quality rechargeable batteries.

Unless you really crave a elite laser gaming mouse that works for a day before needing a charge, this is about as good as it gets for an all round gaming mouse you can use for everything else as well.
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on 29 May 2015
Middle mouse button became unresponsive after about 1 year of constant use. And it's a given, there are lots of people complaining about this button on the net. Other than that its an amazing mouse and the best that I have ever had. I still use it, even tho I kinda miss that middle mouse button in games like Guild Wars 2, where I used to cast Elite skills with it. Sigh... If not that button It could have easily gotten 5 stars...
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