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VINE VOICEon 23 April 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much from this camera as i'm always a bit weary of '30x optical zoom lenses' and how practical they will be in real life situations.

Upon opening the box, the camera is a lot smaller than I was expecting, it is not normal SLR size, but much more compact and very light which was nice initially. The menus are all very self explanatory and I just switched it on and started shooting it is that easy to use. It has full auto settings and also full manual controls including manual focus which is great if you want the freedom to be able to select your own aperture and shutter speeds. There are some nice effect options as well like tilt-shift and fisheye which are fun.

Onto the 30x zoom! Well, I'm impressed to be honest! The image stabilisation works really well, even at the full 30x optical zoom (although in darker conditions it does struggle a bit to focus). The digital zoom from 30x to 60x is where it does get a bit gimmicky and the results are grainy and can only realistically be used in good light on a tripod, but the function is there if you need it I suppose.

Images are really good too, colours are natural, although sometimes they can be a bit too on the safe side of natural. But you can make adjustments to get the desired results in the end. Both indoor and outdoor shots look good and the exposure is pretty accurate.

The only negatives I feel I need to mention (but they are minor niggles in what is a great performing camera) are the menus. If you're used to using a Canon SLR, you'll have to get used to using the menus a bit more for making some adjustments as there is not enough room for more dials and buttons. Also, for me, although the camera is light and compact which has obvious advantages over an SLR, it does feel a bit small in your hand. I suppose this will just take a bit of getting used to.

1080p Full HD movies are pretty much expected on cameras nowadays but the results are nice, especially in good sunlight, the colours look lovely and natural. However, because the focus and zoom motors are near the microphone, it does annoyingly pick this up when zooming in and focusing.

Overall though, if you're after a compact camera which is capable of taking lovely shots with the bonus of having full manual control and a really usable 30x optical zoom, this should not be overlooked.
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on 13 December 2013
To put this review in context .. my main camera is and EOS 5D digital SLR, and I bought the SX510 as a more compact / lightweight alternative for times when either carrying the full SLR kit would be inconvenient, and for events where 'professional' / 'interchangeable lens' cameras are not permitted.
My main requirements were a good optical zoom and good manual override functionality, in a small lightweight body ... and this little beauty comes up trumps on all counts. Although in online photos, this camera looks very much like a SLR, do look at the dimensions ... it will sit comfortably in the palm of your hand and is really lightweight.
Image stabilisation is very effective when making use of the 30x zoom, and it has a good range of manual settings, including the aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, live view and a number of 'scene' settings. It is very capable for close-ups too, still being able to focus with the lens almost touching the subject!
Despite the small sensor size, the camera produces excellent results and exceeds my (rather demanding) expectations ... and even takes video footage too!
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VINE VOICEon 23 February 2015
This little superzoom/bridge camera was nearly 300 pounds on launch and I got a terrific bargain at 120 near the end of its life. It's only got a small sensor but it is the newer CMOS type and it's not as bad as I expected in low light, especially with videos. It's not going to replace any of my other 3 cameras (Pentax kr SLR, Nikon J2 and Fuji F660) but it does give me something new - a brilliant zoom range of 24-720mm in a fairly small package. The swan photo was taken in evening light at 620mm. It will fit into a coat pocket easily enough and is much smaller than it looks from the pictures. It didn't come with a wrist strap so I bought one (the neck strap is too much for such a little and light camera). It also came with incomprehensible wifi instructions and no PC cable but it connects fine through any micro USB cable, eg the one for my Q2 internet radio. So I'll choose any of my other cameras over this one for low light stills but the Canon makes a good video camera and is superb at capturing distant subjects. There's even a button to help locating far off subjects which really works.
review image
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on 15 March 2015
amazing camera! I received this as a gift for my 13th birthday a few weeks ago. The camera is small, convenient and is a pleasure to use. I have taken some amazing photos as well!! Highly recommend for photography lovers!
review image review image review image review image
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on 12 April 2015
I had a canon 16mp camera and lost it. It was no longer available from Canon or Amazon so I decided to look at other cameras. Six months ago I bought a Sony 20.1MP bridge camera. I mention these two because my experience of them sets the scene for my comments about the SX150. First of all I never got a bad picture with my first Canon, regardless of lighting or scene. The reason I decided to buy another Canon was because the Sony is just too large to be conveniently carried around. I took it to Greece and it performed fantastically in bright light. But in dim conditions it couldn't cope unless I used the flash. So the SX150 sounded good, but I was unsure about dropping to 14 MP. I needn't have worried, the reduction in MPs has made no difference to picture quality.
SO - the SX150 is slightly chunkier than my previous powershot ( a later model) but i like this. It feels like a proper camera but is still small enough to wear discreetly on the belt in just about any situation. I have it with me at all times and it's never a problem. I've read elsewhwere that people have difficulties with the battery life with this camera but that has not been my experience. i have used it daily for over two weeks, taking shots, zooming and reviewing pictures and the cheap AA batteries from Aldi are still going strong - so i suspect the people commenting on that may have had a faulty unit.
The camera is very easy to use - it comes with the usual disc that make severything simple. I have mainly been using it on full automatic and it is literally a point and shoot business capturing outstanding photographs. I have found I can enlarge the pictures without any problem
The camera has a number of easy use settings and I've given them a go and achieved great results. The vivd colours setting has produced photographs that look like oil paintings, just amazing shots, but nothing so extreme that it's obvious that they aren't real.
The auto-focus on this is excellent - I have taken shots of moving dogs, in low light and of landscapes, and the camera hasn't produced a single blurred shot.
I did a little reasearch before buying and read about the whole sensor/pixels debate and can add my voice to the argument that lots of mega pixels don't necessarily mean better cameras. This is only 14.1 MP and I can vouch for its ability to create vivid and clear photographs without any identifiable noise.
The dial layout is extremely easy to undertsand and use, and the video facility is first class with not only good picture quality but also very good sound - I have recorded some live music with this camera and it didn't distort what was a very loud signal.
Clearly I'm writing a positive review here. I have had disappointing cameras in the past which have produced too mmany blurred shots - the SX150 isn't one of them. If I can avoid losing this camera I plan to stick with it for as long as it lasts. I'm a very happy customer and intend to stick with Canon cameras for good.
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on 11 June 2014
not professional photographer but got this for my wife and she absolutely adores it a great quality a good picture no problems well packaged fast delivery
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on 16 December 2014
Fab camera! Small and compact and takes good quality photographs. Basically does everything our Canon SLR does.
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on 10 November 2014
This is a magnificent camera. I have bought five as gifts for friends and family, all of whom admired the original one which I bought for myself. Why on earth have Canon discontinued production? They were on to a sure fire winner here, and I never tire of demonstrating its capabilities to everyone I meet. It has rendered my expensive SLR virtually obsolete, and at its current reduced price it is undoubtedly the bargain of the year. Come on Canon, bring it back and keep it going! It never ceases to astonish me.
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on 17 January 2014
This camera is hardly any heavier than the slimmer Canon Powershot SX170 IS but packs a far larger zoom range. If you want a camera to slip in your pocket, this is not for you. At the other end of the size range, and approaching the size of a DSLR, sits the Canon PowerShot SX50 HS, which is a much heavier beast but with a longer telephoto lens. So, depending on what you can carry, here is your full range of non-interchangeable lens cameras.

None of these cameras will compete with DSLR in low-light situations. Where they leave the DSLR standing, though, is in versatility. Imagine the cost and weight of a set of DSLR lenses to cover this range of telephoto. Plus, by the time you have changed lenses your once in a lifetime shot may be gone. (Unless you carry several cameras, like the pros of course!) Canon's speed of zoom is legendary, as is their image stabilization and auto-focus. This camera is a real bargain when you see what it can do. Go along to Canon's web pages and download the full user manual if you don't believe me.

Amateurs often judge a camera on how easy it is to de-focus the background in a portrait shot. The DSLR solves this using a low f-stop, but one hint with this sort of camera is to step back and make use of the zoom. Get it right and you will have the subject beautifully focused and the background out of focus, and also your subject will not suffer from the big nose effect that getting too close causes!

This camera has no viewfinder, but the screen is good and clear. Like the full range of bridge cameras from Canon, there is a plethora of settings, right down to complete manual control of aperture and exposure and manual focus if you ever need it. (Set it at infinity, and a long exposure, two second delay and resting on a wall or tripod, for some wonderful night shots.)

The controls on these cameras are some of the best on any bridge camera. For instance, if you want to adjust the exposure of a shot with high contrast, just press the +/- button and spin the selector wheel for instant under/over exposure.

I don't think you will be disappointed if you buy this camera. Given a DSLR and this one, I know which I would get more use out of.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been looking for a digital camera to compliment my 6D. It needs to have the following attributes:

- Portable: I love the 6D but when I need reach the 70-300 lens I use is a monster
- Good IQ: I like to shoot sports (especially hockey and cricket) so it needs to give a good image quality, especially when action may be far away
- Lots of presets and also manual options: I need it to be more of a point and shoot really, I don't want to fiddle with too many settings (I leave that for the 6D).

With that in mind the SX510 is a great camera. Ok so it is not the most portable digital camera (due to that monster 30x lens) but it is small enough to chuck in a bag when you go out for the day.

In use the camera IQ is exceptional for this price. Using auto settings the colours are vibrant and there is an excellent amount of detail. Using the portrait setting pops out the features, people I've photographed when out have been very impressed. I like the face recognition (it even picked out my dog!). Macro shots showed up a lot of detail and allowed me to get very close to the subjects.

I don't really use a digital camera for video but I found it to be really high quality. Again, impressive.

Long range shooting is aided by the IS, which works well. Like the 6D you can feel slight shake but looking at the screen shows there is no movement at all. I know it's all about gyros but this doesn't cease to amaze me!

I got some nice cricket shots but this is probably the only time it let me down, but only because unlike the 6D it just isn't fast enough to capture a moving ball at 50 metres: to be honest I don't think any compact camera could compete with a 70-300 IS lens so this is not a reason to mark the camera down.

The WIFI set up is simple. Download the free app, connect iPad (or whatever) to the camera's network and transfer the photos: simple and very useful, eg for posting to social networks if you have an iPhone to hand.

I bought a very nice case, the Canon DCC-970 Leather Camera Case for PowerShot SX500 and SX510, which is made by Canon, is currently less than £15 and is top quality. Only downer is that it screws in to the bottom of the camera so accessing memory cards and the battery is a minor pain.

All in all this is an amazing bit of kit, one I will take around with my when out and about. Shame it's not as portable as the Samsung WB800F Smart Camera 2.0 with Built-in Wi-Fi Connectivity - White (16.3MP, 21x Optical Zoom) 3.0 inch HVGA Touch Screen but that's the price you pay for the longer optical zoom.

Highly recommended.
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