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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars64
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 7 May 2014
I now carry this camera with me daily, I keep it in the glove box where it is ready to go.

It gives a great image quality, the shots I bin are my fault - one way or another - the exposures are spot on as is white balance. I normally leave it on the Programme setting and occasionally use Aperture Priority, but there are lots of adjustments that can be made. My favorites are the ND filter, use of manual focusing via the lens ring and HDR setting for difficult lighting conditions. Adjustments and Menus can be easily accessed via the touch screen or buttons on the camera's rear.

For a Canon user the Menus are intuitive and easy to use.

A NOTE on battery life. The number of shots per charge seems to improve with charging cycles, I now easily get a days shooting from a single fully charged battery (but I do carry a spare). Whilst this camera uses the NB-L6 battery it is rated as providing 3.7V - 1060mAh and is marked as NB-6LH. It is important to use a genuine Canon battery of the correct rateing.

This is an expensive option but it is a worthwhile investment.

I have spent some time looking for a suitable carry case and have found the Lowepro REZO 20 a perfect fit.
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on 22 August 2015
I thought long and hard before I purchased this camera I knew that I would stick with Canon for this purchase as I have been very satisfied with Canon cameras for years. I have a Canon EOS 7D DSLR and some good lenses including a couple of L series add to that a tripod and 430Ex11 speedlight and you have a lot of weight. The Powershot S120 was never going to replace all that kit but it is a great little camera with a lot of potential and was purchased for those occasions when I didn't want to be taking a lot of kit with me. As a Canon user I have found that it is very easy to understand even though I have downloaded the brochure I found the controls and settings quite intuitive.
My first impression on taking it out of the box that it has a decent build quality and feels solid. I charged the battery up and inserted a 16gb SDHC Card and was ready to go. The controls are pretty standard and the control ring around the lens works very well. There is a lot of scope for creativity and having tried various settings I know that I will get along with this camera very well. My initial impressions of image quality are that it is surprisingly good - many reviewers have made similar comments. The zoom range will cover most situations - I tend to shoot portraits and landscapes but for those occasions when I need a lot of zoom I will have to use my DSLR plus a big lens as this won't cover that.
This camera fits well in the pocket but following the tip from another reviewer I purchased a Lowepro Rezo 20 (£5.99 from Amazon) which is perfect for carrying and protecting this camera - I probably won't use the strap as the belt loop will work well. All in all this camera is more than fit for purpose - I am delighted with my purchase.
I was pleased with the price on Amazon and as a Prime member got the camera in less than 24 hours.
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on 23 April 2015
Actually bought this Canon from elsewhere as I needed it quickly, but am VERY happy with it.
For several years we have had a Panasonic Lumix TZ20 which we bought as we were lured in by the tv aderts that promised an amazing zoom, and we have always liked Panasonic as a brand. However in all that time we have struggled to take pictures indoors with the Panasonic, and found them constantly blurred or dark - we thought it must be something we were doing wrong or some setting that we hadn't worked out how to use. Yes, we could and did use flash, but we found the images to be too brash and stark, so were constantly disappointed with the Panasonic's image quality.
Something had to change. Did a bit of research and found others also struggling to take non-blurry photos with Panasonic. Worked out that the Panasonic's f3.3-5.9 lens was the problem. Went hunting for the fastest lens possible on a compact and came up with the Canon S120.
This lens is unbelievably bright!! We have taken photos in my sons semi-darkened bedroom, lit only by a 20w night light, and the photos look like they could have been taken in broad daylight!! Of course you could still manually change the aperture to let in less light if you wanted the photo to look like it really was taken in a dark room. However f1.7 is letting in nearly 4 times as much light as f3.3 so the shutter speed can be 4 times shorter => having the F1.7 lens has been a total game changer for us - no more dark or blurry photos.
There's a lot of talk about battery life being a problem, but tbh we've found it really reasonable, you can take 40 mins of HD video or hundreds of photos on a single charge. If you really do need more just buy a 2nd battery.
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on 12 December 2015
I'm an avid photographer and am very impressed with the image quality this little camera allows. It's light and handy to carry around in my handbag meaning I capture shots that I would never get on my phone camera. I also own a Canon 5D but as it's far too bulky and heavy to carry around this little S120 fills in as necessary. I love that I can capture RAW and also use manual settings to perfect my images, although the auto settings are excellent too! However, I am slightly disappointed by two things. Firstly, as many reviewers have mentioned, the battery life is rubbish if you use the video at all. After charging for hours, I would expect to comfortably get a full day's use from the camera even after a few short videos. However, this is not the case and the camera will just die with very little to no warning. Secondly, when videoing there is a noticeable hiss which I really noticed when recording my daughter singing and assumed it was her keyboard electrics. However, when I switched cameras the hiss was gone. I tried with the S120 again and experienced the same noise. This frustrates me as I wanted a quick and easy way to record and upload videos but the overall effect of the videos is destroyed by the background hiss. I would still recommend the camera to anyone wanting high quality images, but not so much for videos.
review image review image review image
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on 17 November 2015
I'm not going to write a long review. This camera gives better results than my 18 Mega pixel canon using professional lenses??
Yes to good to be true?? but it does, it's versatile, small, well built and with lots of exposure options ---and an amazing 9 frames a second, I regularly ditch my SLR and take this.
I know that an SLR can outstrip this camera for specialised shoots but you know if you manipulate this one and read the instructions for it you won't be far behind an SLR option.
The only thing I don't like about this camera is there is no eye level finder, therefore I agree it's limited, but for all good quality day to day shoots you would be sorry if you didn't invest in this!!!!
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on 13 September 2015
Brilliant camera with all the manual controls you would want and for a bargain price. The low light ability of this camera puts its miles ahead of any mobile phone camera and is only one of the main benefits of this pocket camera. I've used the S series pocket cameras for some years and started with the S95. The S120 improves greatly on all previous models with WiFi, touch screen and faster lens of f1.8 and improved low light ability. If your thinking this model is behind the times for the money you could not be further away from the truth. The S200 sells for more but offers a lot less just check out the specs.
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on 19 November 2015
I love this camera. I did have issues at the beginning as it seemed to eat through the battery but be patient. Once you have used and recharged the battery a few times it holds the power much much better. Would definitely buy again.
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on 27 February 2014
I previously reviewed this camera quite harshly because of its battery life. However, you can easily get an hour worth of HD video recording (though if you want to use this for filming it is best to do so on a full charge. The filming time reduces if you also take photos, but my wife tested this and it definitely can film for an hour on a full battery, which is the estimated time by Canon).
There are a lot of manual settings to play with in photo mode, but since neither me nor my wife are expert photographers, we leave it on auto and it has produced quality images out of the box.
One thing to note, if you use this for filming, the battery indicator will start to flash at around 25 minutes or so. It will easily record for another 25 minutes so it is nothing to worry about. Also if you have used the camera for around an hour of photography, when you enter film mode, the battery may start flashing. I called Canon and they told me this is because it requires more battery power to film than take photos so when you switch to video mode, the camera bases its calculations on how much battery will be required to continue. If you have already used the camera for taking photos for some time, the battery indicator will flash because there will not be enough juice for it to film for very long. There is no problem with video mode. As it happens, the HD film clips are easily comparable to a dedicated camcorder. I think with one extra battery, users will barely notice problems with batteries. Although one can complain, it is a very small pocket camera with a lot of sophisticated tech inside, and it all requires a lot of power to run, and to make a device this small, the battery cannot be very big. I think if you take a few photos everyday it should be OK. I have not used the wi fi mode nor have I connected it with anything yet, but those features are there for those who want them. The next big thing with compact cameras will be 4k filming but for now that is pointless since very few people have the necessary equipment to exhibit video of that resolution. This camera will last quite a long time, and it will easily produce usable printed photos up to A3 in size. Also, the star mode is a lovely bonus and I am sure it will be fun to use the feature at some point. It is easier to capture star trails on this than on other compacts. The Sony Rx100 II and the Panasonic GM1 are the main competitors here, but they are a little bigger, and more expensive so in this form factor, this camera stands alone. It pffers good image quality and it is small. There is no one camera to rule them all anyway. This has never been the case and cannot ever be the case. You will never have the best camera because people have different requirements, priorities and expectations. There are always things other cameras do better, which is why professional photographer's have many different cameras and lenses. That is because most cameras are not good at everything, so if you think going for the other two cameras I mentioned will be better, the results will be similar. This is why the S120 is a good choice as it does most things and doesn't cost a fortune so you won't be as disappointed by its limitations. It also defeats the purpose to buy a compact camera that is not pocketable. This is for people who just want good quality images that are a step up from smartphones, which often struggle with getting closer to the action. I think smartphone image quality can be very high these days but they cannot zoom. Even if you crop into a high resolution image noise creeps in and I think a camera of this sort is more versatile in various lighting situations. In some years' time, the compact camera market may be dead but for now very few smartphones can rival the quality of images produced by this Canon camera. I highly recommend this and think it is one of the best available models of its class. It is always good to have a proper camera made by a company that actually has a pedigree in the research and development of imaging products. This is also good for beginner photographers as it has manual controls that you can learn to master. Anyway, I am happy to recommend this product.
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on 23 March 2016
Basically I love this camera but I got the 'low battery' problem. Now I could tell that this was some sort of software issue because I would get a low battery indication after using video mode for a short while, but if I then powered the camera down and then back on again the battery was once again showing a full charge. So obviously the battery was not being flattened as others have claimed. Canon informed me that I needed to get to get the camera to one of their service centres who would send it to Germany and I choose to use Thomas Cameras of Tunbridge Wells and these guys were helpful. The camera was sent to Germany and after it came back they had updated the firmware, cleaned the terminals and checked the battery. I was so impressed with Thomas Cameras that I am going to take my faithful (but big & heavy) Canon 50D to them to clean etc. Anyway back to the plot. On getting home a quick test revealed that the low battery indication problem looks as if it has gone. Fingers crossed and I will get back on this.

We cycle a lot and a camera this size is a must for a day out on the bike. But it must have good quality and this camera does give excellent quality shots. I shoot in Raw with my 50D and the same software for conversion (Canon's Digital Photo Pro) is used for both units. So I am more than happy to shoot in raw with the S120, storage is so cheap now I can see no reason why not. If you haven't shot in raw then do give it a go, you will have control over your final image that you just cannot get with JPEG.
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on 26 August 2015
It seems to do just about everything you could expect,small booklet (basic) charger & battery,also handy to have a spare these canon 1080mah are expensive at £30 so bought 3 duracell equivalents which are 700mah x3 = 2100mah about double the capacity of original for similar price.The camera has a F1.8 lens (W/A) and comes with a ND filter for creative results also sports a touch screen and full manual too
For those who prefer to shoot RAW this is included it will shoot sd/hd movies.
There is a small strap included but the full instructions you need to download OK
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