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23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on 14 January 2014
I've had many types of headphones but these beat them all down.

* Use with iPad, Android phone, Windows laptop and bog standard MP3 player. Can be paired up with multiple sources so you will know someone is calling you when you are listening to music on your Windows laptop.
* Has a headphone jack. The controls will be rendered useless though.
* Has microUSB. Use same cable as an Android phone or a Kindle.
* Comes with two nice and thin cables - 3.5mm jack cable and a microUSB cable.
* Comes in a carry case. I use it for other stuff as well.

* Froze up one time. Had to wait around a day for it to discharge, as it would not reboot at all.
* The touch controls are weird with a very poor feedback mechanism. Back/Forwards is not particularly useful. Sound increments and decrements are too large, so you resort to using your source's volume controls anyway.
* Blue blinking light, and it is very very bright. Not sure why it's there.

Overall, the best the money can buy. I use it for phonecalls, when at the gym, and listening to music from my computer. I researched these devices for a while and this one is definitely worth the money.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 7 June 2015
Note: The maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

These headphones serve "double duty" with both Bluetooth and wired connections available, in the box you get a nice quality hard case, a cleaning cloth, a male to male (chrome plated) 3.5mm lead, a micro USB charging cable and clear easy to follow instructions.

The most interesting feature of the headphones is the "swipe controls" this took only a short while to get used to rather than "touch controls" here a definite swipe motion is needed the right hand side houses the main controls you'll see the markings on the side in white (4 arrows) to adjust volume swipe up or down, to skip tracks forward and back a side motion is required. It works well and responds to the touch quickly volume changes are incremental rather than by swiping speed each swipe has a pre-set increase/decrease in volume. Just as a test I tried using my hand and 3/4 fingers and it doesn't respond to this which is a good sign accidental touches from larger items won't effect it. Audio signals tell you when you're at the max/min volume level. Voice dialling is also available (speak the number or contact name)

At the front of the right earpiece is the multi function button this works the on/off and play/pause (a good move putting it here rather than trying to put it on the swipe area- long press to enter pairing mode) this also is used to accept/end calls (single press accepts ends calls double press to redial) Once paired you get an occasional "blue light" flashing to let you know it's in Bluetooth mode. Built in microphone worked without problems call clarity was good some background pick up as you get with many headsets but above average here. It took just under 3 hours for a full charge with over 8.5 hours continuous music playback that's quite acceptable for a set of phones like this battery will vary depending on volume/distance to the phone/device. I got about 9 metres coverage on Bluetooth again up to par here without any obvious cut outs in testing.

Left hand houses the 3.5mm input this flat type cable plugs in here allowing you to use the headphones as a normal wired set I like the inclusion of this as it's useful to have.

Fit and finish are good at this price level smooth softer touch plastics, very comfortable oval shaped earpads, metal hinges and fold up design nothing to fault at all they feel good to the touch and don't tire you out wearing them at all.
Sound is good, but has a distinctive "Bass emphasis" and on the upper range though a little less intense here this can be tweaked somewhat with EQ adjustments some tracks might be a little on heavy side for bass, it's quite a tight bass too which might appeal to pop/rock listeners. Mids take a bit of a back seat to the other two frequencies a little unbalanced for my own personal taste but headphones are very subjective to the listener I found dropping the EQ back on the bass and boosting the mids helped quite a bit. I wouldn't call the headphones "natural sounding" not like my Yamaha phones are, some listeners might really like this punch bass.

Quite a nice set of phones overall there isn't much to complain about design, comfort and styling are first class, the swipe controls work well and the included 3.5mm lead means you can use them with any device with a normal stereo 3.5mm output. Good to see a carry case overlooked by many makers. Really it comes down to the sound it's good but fairly meaty at the low end probably not the best choice for instrumental music listening, certainly has impact for pop songs though. I'd prefer a more balanced sound with a bit less on the bass a bit more on the mids, treble isn't far off the mark. Isolation was quite good not too much sound leaking from these at sensible volume levels.

Worthy of serious consideration and likely to please many listeners
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
I received one of these direct from the company to try out. They have not asked for or suggested that I write a favourable review, they have only requested that I leave an honest review. As far as I am aware this is identical to the retail item.

These headphones fold up on sturdy looking joints and come in a protective pouch with a USB charging cable audio connector, cleaning cloth and instructions.

The headphones can be adjusted by simply pulling down on the cups until they sit right on your ears. I generally prefer headphones that encase my whole ear so I don't have to turn the volume up to compete with my surroundings. These are surprisingly effective at blocking out external noise, more than any others I have tried. The foam padding on the headband and cups makes them very comfortable to wear and after a few hours use, you are not left with dead ear lobes.

Connecting up to my phone and tablet was simple and completed in just a few seconds of setting my device to scan. When connected I started up a few songs, the sound came through crisp and clear with no nasty hissing. The top notes were clear and the bass notes had a nice thump. Singing and music was equally clear with no distortion, vibrating or breaking up. Adjusting volume and skipping takes a little getting used to. You swipe your finger on the right ear cup. Up and down for volume and left and right for skipping through songs. The swipe works, but my hand to ear-cup co-ordination is going to take some time to develop!

Taking phone calls is via the power button. A quick tap and the call is answered, tap again to end the call and double tap to call the last number dialled. The call clarity is extremely good with no difficulty hearing the caller. The first few calls I made the caller said I was muffled for the first few seconds, but the call cleared up. A few more tests and all calls are clear.

If you don't have BlueTooth, you can still connect up via the 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack plug (supplied), so this is good for older devices too.

The usual test for me with items for review; is if I was in the market for headphones and had purchased these, would I be happy with them. Yes, absolutely. I would have made a good purchase.
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25 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on 21 September 2013
I've tried several bluetooth headphones including ones from 7dayshop - 7dayshop R7 Premium High-Fidelity - and Sennheiser PXC 360 BT. This one I see as more of a budget pair of headphones. I've had them for a week now, and found myself very skeptical of a brand I've never heard of and was close to unwilling to spend £80 on bt headphones but after being disappointed with 7dayshop's ability to sell some earpads for their R7's, and the lack of PXC360BT's around, there wasn't too much choice.

The battery life is just brilliant. I use my headphones on my 2 hour commute to work and back (so 4 hours each day) on bluetooth and on Friday, on the way back they died. Not much of a warning though, within 10 minutes they were dead after the warning beeps. So about 16 hours of life? Brilliant.

Noise cancellation is great. Comfort is okay but not brilliant, however I find that with a majority of headphones. It is well padded though. Leaking sound - now this is what I was most concerned about - however it is pretty good at isolating sound. Volume can go pretty high on these headphones too.

Main niggles are that you cannot turn off the LED light which can be pretty bright as it is facing forward on the headphones. The controls take some getting used to... I find that whenever I swipe to switch to the next track, it forwards the tune a little.

Happy with the case they give you along with a usb cable, audio jack and cleaner. I wouldn't suggest using the headphones as a headset for phone calls though. There is no mic so you have to hold it up anyway which looks a little silly.

The headphones are stylish, foldable, support bluetooth (very well btw) and produce good sound... not much more that I want than that.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
I certainly made the right choice when I chose these Sonixx X-Touch Wireless Headphones in stunning white! They look absolutely fabulous in real life, the picture does not do them justice at all, really. I’ve already got a few sets of headphones in black and one thing I like here is the choice of colours available - Black, Blue, White and Red. It was a toss up between the red and the white to be honest but I think I made the right choice with the white. I’ve uploaded a picture of me wearing them so that you can see how they look when worn.

I’m very much used to fancy packaging being an Apple geek, but I was still rather surprised by the premium quality of the box these gorgeous headphones arrived in, very impressive! When I opened the box and saw a lovely firm case inside I was very pleased as this firm full-zippered case will protect my headphones when I am taking them out and about with me or when travelling on holiday etc. The case is very good quality and the headphones fit snugly inside when they are folded up.

I then took the headphones out and opened them up and thought wow! I admit I like things to look good as well as doing what they are supposed to, but these are beautiful. I only hoped they sounded as good as they looked! They did fit me snugly without having to adjust but for added comfort I did adjust them a wee bit so they were more comfy. Once I’d got them just right I could barely feel them. After extended use throughout that first night of use I learnt how very comfortable they were to wear. I haven’t changed that opinion in the days that have followed. Superbly comfortable in wear whilst I’ve been exercising, listening to audio books, listening to the radio whilst working or just listening to music.

The sound quality to me is phenomenal. Id say these match the sound quality of Bose headsets at substantially less money and they look better! I find myself reaching for this pair always now.

Now, the thing I struggled with initially and the only thing I struggled with was the swipe controls! That was very odd initially having been so used to pressing buttons on my other headsets etc. The touch controlled interface is all happening on the right cup, which was good as I am right handed lol. You have to swipe the control panel vertically to increase or decrease the volume and it only goes one step up or down at a time, so bigger swipes won’t turn it up more. Just do another swipe until you get the volume you like. You also have to swipe your finger horizontally to move to the the next track or go back to the previous one. Once you get used to it its so much better and quicker, the intuitive control panel making it all rather painless. No more buttons!

A full battery will give you 9 hours of continuous play. I seem to have been using them forever and I’ve not needed to charge them up again yet. But, and this is great! if you do run out of charge to use them with Bluetooth, simply plug in the included 1.2m audio cable to continue to use your headset - but you won’t be able to swipe the controls in that mode, you’ll have to control your music via your devices controls etc.

I paired this quickly and easily with all my devices from iMac to laptop to iPhone. It works great with all of them. Another great feature of this headset is that when your phone rings, the headphones will automatically pause the music and switch to phone mode. As soon as the call has ended, the music will resume playback. You can’t go wrong there!

You also get a little cleaning cloth in with the headset and the case. To keep them dust free and clean :)

The headset is also quick to charge up. I plugged mine into a USB wall charger and it was charged in just a few hours and I was using them before I knew it.

I love rock and celtic music and my music sounds great with this headset, even at high volumes. Fantastic crystal clear sound and superb base. There is simply nothing to dislike about them and everything to love. I think they are certainly worth their price tag and I highly recommend them to you. Get yourself some, I think you’ll love them as much as I do.

10/10 for innovative design, build quality, colour choice, sound quality, value for money.

NOTE: I was contacted directly and was sent this product for free. I was asked to use it fully and to write an honest, unbiased review. My being given a free item in no way influenced my review of this product.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
There is a lot to like about these headphones. Full instructions are provided. Both my wife and I find them very comfortable to wear. They are adjustable up and down. The best thing is probably the sound quality which is very clear and crisp. They really do give excellent sound quality for the price point. I'm an audiobook listener and they are is excellent for this.The other thing I like about these headphones is that the noise cancellation is very good.

I had no problem paring them with my tablet and with my phone. The lead is provided. I was also very pleased to see that there is an aux-in cable provided so that I can also plug in my non-Bluetooth MP3 player. Be sure to push the audio jack well into the headphones and make sure it clicks in securely otherwise sound cuts in and out.

I like the fact that they come with their own hard carry case. This is great if you want to have them handy but don't want them to get splashed or trodden on.

It should be noted that the volume control and track change swipe touchpad _doesn't_ work with non-Bluetooth devices. The swipe pad is a good idea but I would have preferred old-fashioned up-and-down volume buttons. This wasn't a big problem as I usually use the up-and-down volume buttons on my phone or MP3 player anyway.
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on 3 January 2014
Was dubious about spending 100 euro on what i thought were a cheap pair of Beats knock-offs.

However these are most definitely the best headphones i have ever bought. Premium build quality, great styling and rich sound drivers all add up to a class product. (bit heavy on the bass, which is the way i like it)

A great set of headphones for the gym due to the bluetooth functionality that really works and is super simple to set up, providing a stable connection between the headphones and whatever device they are paired with (Iphone 5).

Don't waste 3 times the money on Beats when these are on the same level in terms of build quality, styling and audio quality.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 27 December 2014
After having 2 pairs I'm having to return as the volume control 'swipe function' did not work on either. I'm really disappointed.
We also purchased a red pair of these. They work but again the swipe volume control is not very positive. They were Christmas gifts so rather
Annoying. Very good service from Amazon,
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Review price: £59
The headphones were sent to me for review.

Headphones, cleaning cloth, big hard carrying case, micro usb wire and 3.5mm interconnect

Build quality:
The build quality of the headphones is good - what they offer is interesting.
First of all the headphones actually fold, meaning you can carry them around with greater ease - they are big headphones though, so even with the carrying case, you'll need to put them in a bag - it isn't something that you could easily put in your pocket.
The locking mechanism of the headphones is decent - it's made out of metal, however I feel one side to be a little looser than the other, where I think over time will cause problems. I would have hoped that it was a little more sturdy.

Within the assembly of the headphones there is a left and right indicator. On the right hand driver - by the end of the headband assembly, there's a microUSB slot for charging the headphone.
The left hand side has a 3.5mm jack for aux connections.

Now what's quite interesting about the headphones, apart form the different colours it comes in, is the fact that they're touch sensitive - the right hand driver has a small pad on the side of it, where you can control the volume and your music (skip and previous)! This is really nice and works flawlessly, if anything is a little too sensitive at times. It works flawlessly with my Android device and I can see this being a very cool feature to show friends and family!
I should also say that there's a button situated on the right side used to turn on/off the headphones and also connect them to Bluetooth devices. It can also be used to answer/reject and play/pause music.

Overall the build quality is very good, but could be slightly improved by the headband assembly.

The comfort of the headphones is good, the pads are just about right in terms of depth and have the right size for most sized ears. My only complaint would be to have the diameter of the oval, where the drivers are to be a slight bit bigger.

The top of the headband has a good amount of padding, meaning they sit comfortably for a longer periods of listening.

Sound quality:
The sound quality is quite important to me and at £59 these headphones compete with a lot of really good headphones.
The sound is OK at best - they really reminded me of Beats headphones, which is disappointing. The highs are overdone, with the mid-bass being overly present - this all leads to a V-shaped headphone and therefore drowns out the mids, as they become recessed from the mid-bass drowning them out.
The sub-bass is present but is not really well extended - I would have liked to see more extension in the sub-bass region - this could have been achieve by having the mid-bass tamed down a little.
The soundstage is decent, but could have been slightly better if it were for slightly bigger pads. The sound does have a decent width and depth to them.

Overall the sound quality is decent, but nothing I would really pay near £60 for.

In conclusion the headphones are decent for the price, but you're paying more for the looks and the actual touch-sensitive pad the headphones have, rather than the actual overall build and sound quality. Still they do well, but could have been better!
review image review image review image review image
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 June 2015
Another set of headphones to review and these I was very interested in as they offered a feature that as yet I have never had on headphones. This headset has a touch facility instead of traditional buttons that allows you to control the volume and move forwards and backwards through tracks!

On opening the box I was pleased to see good packaging and the item was In perfect condition. The instructions were easy to follow and the headphones came with charge in them so I had them up and running straight out of the box within minutes. The headphones came with a very nice 'turtle shell' case to put everything in, well made and very handy for chucking in a bag or case on a long journey or holiday.

Comfort wise they are well padded and the material used on the ear pieces is very comfortable. This makes a big difference as if you are intending to wear them for long gaming sessions, or like me you wear them around the house when working from home, then it helps when the material is soft and not going to make your ears or head feel sweaty or uncomfortable. I've been very happy with these, wearing them for up to 4 hours in a session without any discomfort.

The Bluetooth connection has been solid. I've tested them with a Sony Z2, Nexus 5, iPad mini and iPad Air. All connected easily and with no loss of quality in the audio. Range also seems to be very good, easily handling distances of around 20m around my home. Battery life is also excellent. In continuous listening terms I would think I am getting about 15-20 hours of life from a full charge. The full charge takes around 2 hours in my experience.

The Bluetooth handsfree also works well. The mic is clear and picks up the voice at normal conversation levels, definitely no need to shout. The signal starts to get a bit choppy with the mike at about 10 metres distance, so for some reason not as strong as the audio/music feed into the headphones, but the distance is still plenty good enough for me.

Sound quality is excellent. No loss even at a reasonable range. The bass is rich with good depth, the mids and trebles clear and precise. I'm ashamed to admit I didn't expect them to be as good as they are but they are on a par with my SMS headphones and easily as good as my friend's Beats. At less than a third the price! I did my usual tests across a range of music - Beethoven's Late String Quartets, some Elvis Costello, a bit of Hendrix, a little Nick Drake and a bit of the Burton recording of Under Milk Wood. All were handled with ease, the vocals coming through very nicely particularly on Under Milk Wood. The classical music had none of the hiss that often trips up lesser headphones, and no breaking up even when I pushed the Hendrix louder than would be comfortable for normal listening.

Onto what I mentioned at the top of the review - the touch facility is the key differentiator on these headphones. And I really like it. With my Android phones and with the iPads it works without issue using Spotify. Tracks move back and forth easily and the volume is easy to control. A word of warning though. You can easily forget about the touch facility and it is very easy to accidentally brush the volume and suddenly get a rude awakening. The only minor issue I would raise is they may have made the touch control a bit too sensitive, but once you get used to them I'm sure, like me, you will find it easy to live with.

The only true minus point I found was that whilst the touch facility worked with all my phones and iPads it did not work with the Mac in the house. The Bluetooth still connected fine and music quality was as good as with the other devices, just the touch controls don't work. A minor point but worth bearing in mind if you are contemplating these for use with a Mac.

Overall these are an easy 5 star product. Comfortable, great connectivity, excellent sound quality and solid build. Highly recommended.
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