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4.4 out of 5 stars116
4.4 out of 5 stars
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30 of 30 people found the following review helpful
on 5 January 2014
Although a Kaspersky user for the past few years, I was a bit hesitant about KIS 2014 after reading the reviews about it slowing down PCs etc. However, after reading various forums which stated this problem has been fixed by Kaspersky (patch "D", automatically downloads during installation) I went ahead with purchase & installed on Windows 7 & Vista PCs.
No problem with either, completely satisfied.
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on 18 October 2013
I have been a user of Kaspersky Internet Seccurity since 2007.
I am not a 'techie' so I want a simple life when I renew security software annually.
Kaspersky is very user friendly and I have installed the latest version on 3 computers
with no hassle. Just update the programme every day to get the latest and best
security coverage.
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37 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on 9 October 2013
I have used Kaspersky for many years, updating every year. Always been happy with it. Bought 3 PC version of 2014. Both PC's (Win 7) are very markedly slower browsing since moment of installation - as much as 50% I estimate. Will not be able to put up with this for long. Looked at Kaspersky Forum and it says its a known issue for which there will be a patch. I do not find this particularly reassuring for some reason.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 30 October 2013
After years of struggling with Norton slowing my computer down using memory and HD time 4 years ago I switched to Kaspersky the difference was amazing old computers that I was going to scrap once Norton was removed ( with difficulty), had a new lease of life and some are still going strong. for a small business the three user licence is a very worthwhile as I have six computers.

It's fully automated and sits quietly going about it business including updating databases without any interference with other Programmes I wold recommend this software.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 30 April 2014
Dear Adrian,
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Complicated if you already have Kaspersky. I bought a 3 Licence edition from Amazon. Kaspersky themselves wanted double what I paid to renew and I have been a customer for 3 years now. This is tantamount to business suicide. My problems got worse when one of my computers went wrong with one of the Licences for Kaspersky activated. I bought a new computer and contacted Kaspersky. I am still not sure whether I can activate the original product on the new computer and all I received from Kaspersky was a load of links about installing Kaspersky on my computer. Yes, I can do this and that was not my original issue! I was so annoyed that I purchased a copy of McAfee and this runs on the new machines. Sorry, but the customer service is shoddy and I feel very let down by Kaspersky as, until now, I was a loyal customer. I like the product but not the service which is unhelpful to say the least so be warned! In terms of installation it was not as simple as re-entering a new product key. | had to uninstall the new product and reinstall the new. To cap matters this was the computer which went wrong soon after and the keyboard ceased to work fully. This has now been sent off to be repaired as it is still under (extended) warranty.

Verify your review » Surprise surprise Kaspersky will not let me publish the review!
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I had to reinstall Kaspersky when I upgraded to Windows 10. It's easier downloading the most up to date version from Kaspersky and simply popping the serial number in.

This has three licenses and as a consequence could put it n the PC and laptops.

I think some have mentioned that it slows down their browsing or computer. As of today's date {Aug 2015) I haven't experienced any problems at all.

It's an effective ANTI-VIRUS software program.
Can go on Macs, PCs etc. Just download that version from kaspersky

I don't like the "safe money" aspect of it. Although you can un-enable that bit.

No problems. No fuss installation.
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Platform: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have tried and tested many different Virus/Safety software packages over the years and most have been limited in what they can do or they slowed my Ultrabook down so much, I end up removing the programme from my computer. To sum up, every programme I have tried via the Vine programme has slowed my Ultrabook down. When I saw the Kaspersky software on Vine with its claim that it does not slow the computer down, I was highly sceptical.

Firstly, the Kaspersky product comes in a CD type package and it contains a code, which when entered into the website allows for the downloading of the software. It did not take long to download and initially the whole operation was very straightforward. Secondly, once working the Safe Money feature does not work with Firefox and you have to fiddle with it to make it work. I gave it to a friend who is a computer expert to get it to work. Once working, the software does not seem to have slowed down my Ultrabook. It runs happily in the background and it is hardly noticeable. Whilst it may be too early to say for definite, but so far, it has protected my computer and no viruses have gotten through the firewall. Kaspersky is supposed to be one of the best Internet Security products on the market and I am happy with its protection.

Overall it offers protection and it has not slowed down my Ultrabook, so far I am happy to recommend it, but get someone to fine tune the Safe Money feature, as it does not work properly and can be very frustrating to fix for a non computer whizz.
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Platform: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Kaspersky Internet security suite 3 device (2014)

The package.
This is a comprehensive computer protection package with the added advantage that it will also protect tablets and Android devices. There is also a disk for Mac computers in the package. This package will cover up to 3 devices.

On my PC with Windows 7 64bit it installed very quickly and immediately updated to the latest signatures. I already had a previous account with Kaspersky so did not need to register again. If this is a brand new package you will need to go through a simple registration process in order to get updates etc. just like any other package.

Multi device functions.
The disk allows you to protect up to 3 devices in a mix and match fashion. This can be done by using the disk for computers or wirelessly for phones and tablets using a download and a code to log into your product. It’s a bit fiddly but work well once you understand the process. I managed to install it on to my Google Nex easily and on the first scan it picked up loads of Malware.

You can do a quick scan, deep full system scan or custom scan. The speed will depend on your system and its overall speed but on my main PC with an i5 CPU, 256Gb SSD, 2 TB HDU and 16 Gb or RAM it took just over an hour to do the first full system scan. I consider that to be pretty good as my previous AVG setup would take two hours plus. On the first scan it did find lots of Malware and a couple of virusues that AVG had missed !

It’s hard to test a virus scanner but since loading it everything has stopped by Kaspersky and it just deals with any problems without me doing anything. I have read several computer magazine tests and it has always come out top for protection and ease of use. This gives me some confidence in using the system and Kaspersky is well respected along with Norton. We have both of them at work and the IT guys always recommend either of them for home use.
It also scans in the background so does not slow your computer up too much. Gone are the days where you have to let it run all night and can’t do much else while it scans. It has an intelligent CPU algorithm that lets it use spare capacity and hands back the bandwidth if the user needs it. I do a lot of picture editing and even while it is scanning the machine only slows a little even with large images and lots of layers working.
There are lots of features and parental controls as well so the protection can be configured. Kaspersky offer a help system in case a user runs into problems. The system is updated automatically and a boot disk can be made to bring your computer back to life in the event of a catastrophe.

I am very happy with this and the flexibility it has given me to protect other items I have. Just to point out once you have started the software on one device all the other licences run concurrently so they all run out at the same time. Overall it’s doing the job well, does not slow my machine and gives me a reassuring message that is looking out for attacks on the net. This package has everything and is great value if you set up 3 device together.
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Platform: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Kapersky Total Internet Security 2014 CD boxed retail version comes with an install DVD that will automatically update over the internet to the latest 2015 version on installation (you don't actually need the install DVD from the box either, as the code in the box will activate a downloaded trial of Kapersky Total Internet Security as well). It may call itself Kapersky 2014 but it will be the latest engine (2015) and virus definitions, and being 'last years disk' it may well be cheaper than the 2015 version (but often it isn't so do shop around). You can easily check that it's the 2015 engine, just click on KaperskyLab or About, and the pop-up window it will say Kaperksy 2014 but the engine will be something like, i.e. the '15' is the latest 2015 anti-virus/intenert security software version. Once activated, the licence will protect up to three devices (android, Mac or Windows XP & above, although as I write it doesn't mention Windows 10) for one year - all three devices count down from that first activation date. This anti-virus software CD came in a full size DVD box, whereas our 'latest' Kapersky 2015 internet security CD came in slim carboard sleeve.

Kapersky Internet Security 2015 is highly rated by PC magazines, with PCPro giving 5* and A listing it as the best anti-virus around the moment, and Computer Shopper (Expert Reviews) awarding it its 'Best Buy'. This security software combines a firewall, antivirus/malware protection and parental control'. In tests it scored very highly for malware and virus protection. In fact Computer Shopper found it "Protected against 100 per cent of the malware we exposed it to, so Kaspersky Internet Security is the best bit of security software we've tested." - although for pop-up browser malware (rather than a PC virus as such) I also use the free version of Malwarebytes that can run in tandem with Kapersky.

Fortunately we've never encountered any problems with our Kapersky install under Windows 7 64-bit over the last 4 years, although I don't use Kaperksy unified 'password control' in case I remove Kapersky at a later date - plus I make sure all traces the old anti-virus are first removed if its not Kaspersky. My daughter did have a major OS problem with her Windows 8.1 Viao gaming laptop recently, however it wasn't due to Kapersky (it was a Microsoft Window update that went wrong) and she fixed it herself.

Kapersky Internet Security 2014 was already installed perfectly on our Windows 7 64-bit PC gaming PCs and Windows 8.1 laptop, and adding the supplied box code to our PC install (under Licence, New activation code, Enter activation code) automatically gave us another 365 days of valid licence for three PCs. The front end of Kaspersky has a classy feel, and the main settings interface alone lets you tweak settings across many areas of protection and configuration. Although you can limit access to websites via the parental control software, it's the Kapersky firewall I value on the kids netbooks and laptops as they are used on the school and college open networks.

Tweeking Kapersky is a bit technical though if you delve deeper into the underlying menu systems. PCPro also recommend the simpler freebie 'Avast Free Antivirus 2015' if you don't want to pay. But for me, Kaspersky's high degree of low-level control delivers enough to be worth the extra cost, and it offers superior protection and is very unintrusive. I also found that it doesn't seem to have much of a hit, if any, on PC speed when gaming, which my teenage son, daughter and I do a lot.

As the year licence nears it end, buy a new copy well beforehand, as the protection drops dead at expiry, and renewing via Kapersky will probably be expensive (although sometimes it offers good discount deals). If you have more than 3 PCs, it's generally cheaper per PC to buy the alternative five licence Internet Security boxed version via Amazon (although all three or five licences count down from the first install, and these are all shown on-line in your Kapersky account). Kaperksy also sell an even cheaper 'Kapersky antivirus 2015' but that lacks a firewall and parental controls, and relies on Windows less effective inbuilt firewall. Plus there's the top of the line Total Security version that adds in password synchronisation and backup/encryption/shredding, and may be cheap on the day. I prefer to buy decent anti-virus/malware/firewall software with teenage kids about; my brother-in-law uses AVG Anti-virus Free and his PC was brought down by a malware attack recently. To quote Computer Shopper: Kapersky Internet Security 2013 offers "Brilliant malware defence, and with it's great interface this makes it our favourite anti-malware program".
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Platform: Standard PackagingVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Although described as the 2014 edition, the product delivered and later installed is the 2015 edition; the 2016 edition is likely to be relased before the end of September 2015. The extended capability Anti-Virus solution from Kaspersky that can be used on a PC, Mac or any Android device. It could be used on all three simultaneously.

You get two CDs, one Mac the other PC from which you can install it. In the event that you do not have an optical drive, and many of the recent MacBooks and several laptops do not, you can download the installer package from Kaspersky, save it to your hard drive and install from that. The CD key will license the software. For Android, you will also need to download the relevant installer package. You need not use the suggested group of machines; two or three may each be PC or Mac or Android without you needing to own another.

On installation, the product will check for any later version and, if one exists, it will be downloaded and installed in preference.

Functionally, Kaspersky Internet security is safe, secure and reliable. It is not known to produce many false reports, either of infection or otherwise. It offers the user the option to set preferred frequencies of scan which may be daily, weekly or monthly and automatic or you can leave it to perform on demand. protection includes e-mail, anti-spam and anti-phishing, rootkit removal etc.

Functionality and presentation does vary with each new year's release; the basic functions remain but they may be re-arranged, moved or the interface re-designed, which is usually the case.

Although probably not the market leader, it is this product and the brand that the professionals and those involved in selling you the other products will themselves choose to use.

There is one curiosity with Kaspersky and that is that they will urge you to renew the license when it expires after one year. It is invariably less expensive and advantageous to buy the most recent release (for example, 2016 edition is likely to be available from September 2015) and to gain from any additional functions it may have rather to use one that is two or three years old.
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