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3.2 out of 5 stars76
3.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 July 2014
If only I have listened to this warning, I would have saved 90 minutes of my life which I will never get back... Sadly, I didn't. I really wanted to like this film, but ultimately I couldn't. Below, more of my impressions, with some SPOILERS.

In near future weather machines were build to control the climate change - but they malfunctioned... One day it began to snow and never stopped since... Most humans perished and the few survivors live in underground bunkers to escape the extreme cold of new Ice Age. In one such outpost, Colony 7, led by former soldiers Briggs (Laurence Fishburne) and Mason (Bill Paxton), a distress radio signal is received from Colony 5 - which after that remains silent... As Colony 5 is linked by a pact of alliance with Colony 7, Briggs takes two men, Sam (Kevin Zegers) and young Graydon (Atticus Dean Mitchell) and together they go to see what assistance they can offer. They will not like what they find... And then the film really begins...

This Canadian 2013 post-apocalyptic SF/horror had some potential, as the initial idea was good and the settings (grim industrial sites lost in the middle of frozen wastelands) were well done. At 16 million USD budget was honorable for a small production and two good, well known actors (Fishburne and Paxton) were hired. However, almost all this potential was cruelly wasted, mostly because of weakness of scenario, which seems have been written on the knee, during a short break taken by the scenarist from his day time job (which I would advise him NOT to quit...) .

Everything in this film is a cliché and every single development can be anticipated like 10 minutes in advance. We are told who will be Ze Bad Guy (ZBG) in the first 30 seconds of the film (it is the character played by Bill Paxton) and just in case the first scene in the film doesn't identify ZBG clearly enough, oh, I don't know, let's just name him Mason, to make things more obvious...))) Dialogs are completely devoided of interest and the ONLY memorable line in the film is the one used as the title of this review. In fact, the writer of the scenario was so uncomfortable with dialogs, that just to save himself some effort he made certain that half of the characters are unable to speak at all...)))

Both renowned actors, Fishburne and Paxton, are completely wasted in this film - one (not saying which one) has not enough time screen and the other is asked to do and say things that he himself cannot believe he is doing/saying them, so stupid and illogical they are... The main female character, Kai (Charlotte Sullivan) is just there to make some figuration and the main male character, Sam, is so pale and banal, that I completely didn't care what will happen to him... There are some action scenes, but they are really so lame that I simply fast forwarded them. Finally, last but not least, absolutely NOTHING in the story ever makes sense and every time when a promising idea or development appears, the director just kills immediately the person who could carry them...

Bottom line, this film is a major disappointment and almost a case study about how NOT TO make films... Two stars only for some nice images of this frozen world - otherwise AVOID this thing as if it was Mutant Drug Resistant Ice Age Flu...
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VINE VOICEon 19 December 2014
It is the mid-21st century and humans have built specialist weather stations, around the world, to regulator the warming climate due to climate change and global warming. However, these machines break down, and one day it begins to snow and does not stop. What is left of humanity tries to survive in isolated bunkers.

The cover art to this DVD is just so deceptive, as you see military helicopters being shot down. Then you see the three principal actors running for their lives over a burning bridge - which is not a true reflection of what happens, in the film. Returning to the film itself, I guess the beginning of the movie sets a sort of interesting atmosphere, where there is an ice - age environmental catastrophe. The film boasts some relatively good set of actors - alas, they seem to be there more for `window dressing' rather than as a vehicle for good narrative. For me, the film just turns into clichéd set pieces that are not knitted well into the fabric of the narrative, there are half-developed characters and their half-baked various interactions.

As the movie progressed, I came away thinking there is nothing special here, which I had had not already seen in many other productions, and done better too boot. This movie at best, is badly edited/abridged version of B-movie. I really do not understand what they were thinking about when they storyboarded this film, or maybe they did nothing of the sort. Who knows what went wrong here, and who is a guilty party for turning out this poor quality enterprise.
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on 2 July 2015
I don't know where to start with this. This idea was pretty good, but that's where it ends. The script is awful ; 'Close the door' 'You want me to close the door?' 'Close the door' etc. The lead character isn't particularly likeable, actors that I know are excellent are struggling with the material and there are SO MANY problems as far as physics, probability and other such common sense ideas. Really disappointed as I was looking forward to this one. Also; if the world is over/supplies are low, how does everyone have such white teeth/ make up/clean hair etc
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The film opens as a prepper's orgasm. 400 hundred people live underground in a self sufficient colony. The world has been hit by climate change, famine, and disease. Apparently the flu virus survives year round frozen temperatures. People who have a disease, are killed or forced to leave the colony to prevent infection. Briggs (Laurence Fishburne) is in charge of the colony. His antagonist is Mason (Bill Paxton) a man who has his own, less humane set of survival ethics.

When an incident happens at Colony 5 (they are #7) Briggs takes off to investigate along with Sam (Kevin Zegers) plus token landing party victim.

The post apocalyptic scenery was good. The acting was good. The plot didn't really go anywhere that I found interesting. I don't want to give a lot away, but they spent a lot of time building Sam's character for him to be the most boring of the lot. Things do pick up when they get to Colony 5, but it was too late in the film for them to finally introduce the action scenes.

A soft 3 stars.

Parental Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.
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on 29 March 2016
I think the reviews here are too harsh. You're not looking for cinematic gold here, you're looking for a sci-fi thriller and on that level I think the colony delivers.
I found it entertaining and tense at times. By 2045, humans have built weather machines to control the warming climate due to climate change and global warming. The machines break down when one day it begins to snow and doesn't stop. Whatever humans remain live in underground bunkers at Colony 7 to escape the extreme cold. Their challenges are controlling disease and producing sufficient food. A distress signal is received and a team of them proceed to reach Colony 5 with shocking consequences. Good acting and fast paced. Definitely worth a watch!
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on 11 February 2014
It's the near future and nearly everyone on Earth has died due to plunging temperatures and continuous snow. It's an Ice Age out there! Food ran out, people starved, the situation seems hopeless. At least two groups manage to survive though, living deep underground, and they agree to watch out for each other. There is always the worry about contagious disease wiping out a colony and so if someone falls ill, they are quarantined. If they don't recover they have the option of being shot or walking off into the snow - not much of an option, is it? - but a ruthless guy called Mason (Bill Paxton) doesn't even want to give the sick that much. When Colony 7 receives an SOS from Colony 5, the leader of Colony 7, Briggs (Laurence Fishburne) decides to investigate and takes Sam (Kevin Zegers) and a youth, Graydon (Atticus Dean Mitchell) with him, leaving Mason and all the others behind. But what they find at Colony 5 is far more worrisome than the discontent they left behind at Colony 7.

The Colony (2013) has received very mixed reviews with some rightly stating that it seems like a lot of horror movies grouped together. I don't want to write any spoilers here (and be warned, the trailer is a bit of a spoiler) but it is true. However, I enjoyed the movie and I found the tension was building up nicely after the first half hour or so. Some of the science is a bit out of the window, I think. I mean, is it possible to have endless snow in a world that has frozen solid? Doesn't there have to be some warmth somewhere for water to evaporate, rise, cool, and fall as snow? Just asking.

Anyway, as I say, I enjoyed the movie and I did find myself holding my breath at times which is quite unusual for me. There are a couple or so of really graphic violence scenes which the squeamish might not like. I suggest you watch it with an open mind, give it a chance, and see what you think. For me, it was great, ghoulish, fun.
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2045; the Earth has succumbed to climate-change and much of it is frozen solid as a new Ice-age begins. Human survivors shelter in extensive underground bunkers under military rule. When Colony 5 stops responding, Briggs (Fishburne) & Sam (Zegers) trek out to see what the problem is. However upon arrival they realise that they have been duped and may have given their own Colony (7) away. Can anyone survive the coming horror?

The Colony is a low-budget action 'horror' - I say horror but it's not all that scary, nor is it that violent. Most scenes are filmed in some concrete bunker with a few chains thrown about here and there, the script is pretty wooden and it's upsetting to see Fishburne who played the lead in classics such as Event Horizon &The Matrix flounder in roles such as this. Whilst it's not the worst film out there by any means, the script is laughable at one or two points and the special effects are pretty cringe-worthy. The only piece that is mentionable is the bridge explosion (shown on the cover of the DVD...) and the rest is fake snow and actors who are meant to be freezing, wearing open jackets with no visible breath...

If you've got nothing better to do, possibly worth a watch, but don't go out of your way.
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on 12 September 2015
I wish I had read the reviews and believed them. An hour and a half I'll never get back! I always like to give films a chance even when they aren't well received but I wish I hadn't bothered. There's a very loose plot but it feels like they shoved 2 genres together and neither of them worked. I honestly couldn't even tell you what happened. If you're thinking of watching it, don't.
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on 14 August 2015
Although this films plot starts off with a lot of potential, with the idea of humanity being on the brink of survival. Where small isolated and desperate colonies eek out an existence and are constantly forced to make extremely difficult decisions on a daily basis merely to survive. It quickly becomes apparent that the film is ill thought out and amateurish.

Firstly the colony loses contact with a fellow colony, a decision to assist them is made and a promise is kept without any real discussion thus taking away any of the moral dilemmas a desperate colony in real life would have to face which I'm sure the audience would have enjoyed watching. Then Briggs the leader takes two volunteers, ( wooden) Sam and some other guy who was so dull I can't even remember his name. Off they go into the artic cold faces exposed to sub zero temperatures and dressed as if they were going on an Autumn stroll. I don't want to give away the story but basically they make contact with an extremely aggressive and incredibly shallow enemy and the film plummets from there on.
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Colony aimed to tell a big story, of people struggling to survive in an arctic future, of the internal conflicts that seethe and boil in an enclosed, claustrophobic camp of survivors; of power struggles, the fear of disease, and of attack from those who've embraced the worst possibilities of a starving struggle for survival.

But there's only so much you can do with a tiny little budget, and plainly too much was spent on a few bang-flash FX, a greenscreen snowscape, and Laurence Fishburn and Bill Paxton - both of whom should have known better than to appear in something this trashy. In short order it dissolved into people pointlessly shouting at each other, running from Bad Things in endless, clanking underground corridors, and the unfeasible notion that humanity might be saved by one single tub of seeds (plant not specified). Colony makes the low-budget mistake of confusing aggression with atmosphere, and dumb, slugging it out with enthralling action. Fight scenes consist of people hitting each other more times than any human could endure with blunt or sharp instruments, or daft big explosions from convenient sticks of dynamite. The violence was so cartoonish, I almost expected Bugs Bunny and W E Coyote to arrive. By the time the ravening horde turned up (led by an incoherent nosferatu-substitute having an especially bad hair day) we had almost lost the will to watch to the end.

But we survived. However, films like Colony make it hard to depend on Laurence Fishburn's choice of future projects when he used to be one of our fave actors who selected interesting roles in deserving movies. What has happened to his career?
(Bill Paxton survives to thrive in the big time, it seems, putting in a sterling turn in Edge of Tomorrow...)
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