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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Black|Style Name: Sony Xperia Z1|Change
Price:£4.99+ Free shipping
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on 26 October 2014
Very smart, formal-looking case. The phone clips into a polycarbonate frame. This was a weak point in a much cheaper case I had for another phone in the past. The plastic was thin and brittle and just crumbled away. For this case, the plastic seems much thicker and wraps around more of the phone's perimeter so I think the same problem won't arise.

Overall, the materials and styling has a "premium" feel that compliments the premium build quality of the Z3.

Cut-outs are all in the right places. The magnetic charging port is covered over when the case is closed (I think this is good because it protects the little copper charging points) but easily accessible with the front folded back.

When folded to function as a stand, there's no slippage because the interior surfaces are a textured rubber-like material.

Just a couple of very minor negatives...

1) The card slot. Seems pointless. I wouldn't want to put such cards so close to the emissions that come out of a phone in case it corrupts the data on them! It would be fine for a business card I guess. Maybe also practical for NFC tags such as those that Vodafone apparently supply because their e-wallet doesn't use the phone's in-built Nice chip!

2) The polycarbonate back of the phone is really thick...about 3mm of solid plastic. I have mixed feelings about this. It definitely contributes to what is definitely a robust case but it significantly adds to the overall thickness. However, by using transparent plastic, you can still see the much of the phone itself so it certainly doesn't waste the appealing look of the phone.

So even my negatives aren't really negative!

This is a good quality, smart. practical and protective case that is likely to last well. I recommend it.
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on 10 October 2014
I do not normally write reviews, but thought I ought to post because the product description is misleading and I wanted other potential customers to be better informed than I was.

The product isnt bad, the carbon fibre effect looks nice but is made of an average quality one colour pvc type material. I think this is acceptable given the price range. The crystal/plastic holder works well and keeps the phone securely fastened in the case. The material on the inside of the cover is a nice feeling woven effect rubberized material and I can see this giving the screen adequate protection. The flap at the front does not sit flush when shut, it will always "pop open" by about 10 to 20mm but again no big problem there I didnt want an unsightly clasp anyway. The case does allow multiple viewing angles when the phone is landscape - but I suspect calling it a "genius" piece of design is a little like me saying "my ability to fit two entire digestive biscuits in my mouth at once is a work of evolutionary genius, marking me as obviously genetically superior to the rest of the human race". Fair enough though, what is a little hyperbole between friends eh ?.

What I do take issue with is the following point. This is why the product isnt really useable for me, and why Ill be ordering the official Sony one instead.

* "The Roxfit Slimfit Book case is now fully compatible with the official Sony dock - just flip the case open, fold back the front flap and sit your Xperia Z3 Compact in it's dock without having to remove any part of the case."

This statement simply IS NOT TRUE AT ALL. The Sony official dock comes with two adapter plate types for the Z3 Compact (the other two are for the Z3 full fat version), marked "34A" and "34B". The Roxfit Slimline standing book case fits in neither. The crystal case clasps have a semi-circular cut out which allows access to the magnetic charging point on the Z3 Compact, however the cut out is not large enough - the crystal plastic fouls the charging dock, and as a result the phone cannot be pushed home into the dock and will not charge.

For the avoidance of doubt I have tried the following:
1) using the correct adapter 34A. Does not fit
2) using the adapter 34B (meant for use with a Z3 compact in a case). Still does not fit.
3) using the Z3 full fat adapters 43A or 43B. These do not fit the Z3 Compact themselves they are too small.
4) taking out all adapter inserts from the Sony charging dock. The Z3, with the Roxfit case on it, WILL then fit into the dock, and will charge, but it simply flaps about like an overly drunk giraffe attempting to negotiate a set of stairs and will fall out of the dock given half a chance. It is also at risk of damaging the magnetic charging pins with no adapter to guide/seat it properly.

If you are happy to charge your Z3 compact using the micro USB plugged directly into the phone this product will be fine (although it is of "average quality" rather than "premium quality" as advertised/stamped on the box, it is however not an expensive product). If you intend to use this with the Sony Dock as the product details suggest you can, then you will be disappointed.

Best Regards,

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on 20 February 2014
... a real shame that a that little extra consideration wasn't given to the design, because a single relatively small modification would have allowed it to be used with in conjunction with the DK32 magnetic charging dock.

That said, this cover really is a quality product that offers sturdy protection for the back and corners, whilst the extraordinarily slim carbon fibre front cover protects the screen well, leaves all the ports fully accessible, reduces bulk in the pocket and maintains the phone's lovely slender profile.

There are no regrets about this purchase and, had it not been for the inability to use the use the Sony DK32 Z1 Compact Charging Dock for Smartphone without first removing the cover (a fault that appears to be common to all the available covers for the Z1 Compact) I would have had no hesitation in making this a five star review.

NOTE: there is no magnetic clasp for the cover - for me personally, because my pocket achieves that just fine and it significantly reduces bulk, that is a huge positive; but you may want to keep that in mind if the ability to securely hold the front cover closed in a bag is an essential requirement.


1 - The case is still as good as new and shows no signs of wear and tear.

2 - I've had no problems with compass interference.

3 - Touchscreen Sensor interference isn't a problem, PROVIDED you keep both the screen and the inside of the cover clean .. but this in turn leads on to the one minor bugbear ...

4 - The felt-like inside of the front cover is a bit of a magnet for dust and grease from the screen and environment - which in turn means that, over time, every time you close the cover, it transfers this grease and dust back on to the screen (which then in turn makes the screen hard to view in bright light and interferes with the touchscreen sensors). This is easily remedied by giving the inside of the front cover a quick light scrub with a nail brush and soapy water.
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on 17 April 2013
A very nice and professional looking case. It makes the light weight Xperia Z heavy, but that's a price am willing to pay to protect the expensive hand set.

You can access the following whilst the case is closed:
Head phone socket
Power button
Volume button
SIM slot

You can't access the following whilst the case is closed:
Charging slot
Memory card slot (don't need to open it often anyway)
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on 20 September 2013
Generally very happy with this case for my Xperia Z1. Looks and feels like a quality product. Two things to mention, it's a little prone to flopping open as there is no catch mechanism to keep it closed. My old iPhone case of a similar design had a tiny magnetic catch which worked well. Maybe this issue will go away when the materials loosen up a bit? That said, if you place it face-down this becomes a non-issue. Secondly, the credit card holder is a great idea if you just want to take a single debit/credit card out with you, but it would have been even better if there were space for three cards. The case is big enough to accommodate more cards, so it's a shame they didn't incorporate that. I'd give this case a 4.5/5.0 stars and would recommend it.
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on 3 September 2014
Having been very happy with a Made for Xperia case for my previous phone, I purchased this case before using my new phone in the hope of keeping it pristine. Unfortunately, it has not provided anywhere near the level of protection I was hoping for. Made of smooth, hard plastic, the Book Case offers little in the way of grip. And, upon dropping, the phone comes free of the case and ends up on the ground anyway.

Whilst a slot in the cover offers somewhere to store a credit card or similar, the cover appears to be slightly too deep to work with an Oyster card reader thereby rendering it ineffective for my purposes. Also, the book style design makes the case tricky to open one-handed which has contributed to it being dropped and sustaining damage on more than one occasion in the last few weeks.

I am very disappointed with this cover and switching to a rubberised open-front case in the hope the greater grip will offer better protection against drops.
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on 12 October 2014
Case is OK but as mentioned by another seller this does not fit in the dock with the adapters. The only way I can use the dock to charge the Z3 Compact in this case is to remove the adapter which means the phone isn't that secure. I have kept the case even though I was offered a refund. I am just careful when charging the phone in the dock
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on 31 May 2016
I have had to change my review of this product. I re-ordered this because my originally purchased case deteriorated after quite a few drops - the previous design also allowed me to stand my phone for when watching things on my daily commute. However, the most recent item sent to me, whilst a simple 're-order' of the last case, turned up completely different. It was thinner, yes, but at the expense of the ability to stand the phone on it's side to watch shows. Also, after one drop the case developed cracks and a piece of plastic fell off two day later - vital for holding the phone in place on the top left. I tried to pay it no mind until I realised the lower left corner support was also cracked and several days later is succumbed to the very same flaw - the case is now useless and I have ordered another from a different supplier because I refuse to pay this sort of price for an item that isn't as robust as previous designs had been. This is an expensive product - the original could warrant the cost, however, please be aware the design is different and the quality reduced. I would recommend going for something much less expensive.
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on 6 February 2016
How can this possibly be stated as a Sony executive product?
It has nothing to do with Sony at all.
Very misleading statement.
In my opinion it looks cheap and of poor quality.
Returned mine immediately.
Thank goodness Amazon has a fantastic and simple to use method of return policy.
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on 20 June 2016
nice cover with space for debit/credit cards although the most I have is two . it also has a compartment for notes although again you wont want to be carrying much more than two maybe three notes in there at any time bulks up too much three, its handy for carrying small amounts
the case is hard wearing and I've dropped the phone a few times and no doubt this has saved the screen from damage....maybe the notes help soften the blow,
only complaint I have is the catch hangs over the screen when your trying to use the camera or trying watch anything on the phone but this overall for the price was well worth the money
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