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4.2 out of 5 stars280
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2013
My previous two mice were the Logitech G5 and MX518 - two of the finest mice ever made. I decided it was time to change as the G5 was starting to show its age and I wanted something that would give extra functionality in MMO's, but also be a good all round mouse.

The mouse is well made and put together. It doesn't feel quite as 'expensive' as the G5, but it is nice with some good details. The surface is very slightly textured hard plastic which is easy to grip, and there is a rubberised area on the side where the little finger sits, which is really nice. Ergonomically it is good with a comfortable recess for the ring finger and a nicely rounded shape. It should really suit people who rest their entire palm on the mouse. It is slightly less suitable for claw grip as the keypad buttons can get in the way. I use a combination of palm / claw and found it pretty comfortable, but it does take some time to get used to having the thumb resting on keys. As a result I did get a bit of cramp in my little finger, but suspect this will reduce as I adjust from the G5. It should suit large or small hands OK. Unlike the Naga 2012 this mouse does not have swappable side panels for different hand sizes, but the design of the 2014 model should suit almost everyone.

The star of the show is the keypad on the side. 12 mechanical buttons are all within easy reach of thumb placement, although buttons 10, 11 and 12 need a little stretch. The buttons click nicely and are perfectly weighted / responsive, so accidentally pressing them should be rare. Out of the box these buttons are mapped to the keys 1 through 9 plus 0, - and =. This overcomes one of the biggest problems of MMO's which is reaching for the keys to the right of the '5' on a standard keyboard.

Adapting to and using the keypad didn't take long. The keys are perfectly shaped so that it is easy to know where the 2, 5 and 8 keys are, and finding any others from there is simple.

This is a wired mouse, with braided cable and gold plated USB connector. The weight is not too heavy or light - unlike some other gaming mice, there is no option to add / remove weight, but unless you lift the mouse a lot I don't think this is a problem. The feet are extremely slick so the mouse glides effortlessly across surfaces. I have only tried it on a hard mouse mat (Razer Exactmat X Speed) which was great - but I will be swapping it for a cloth mat soon to avoid wear on the feet. The sensitivity / dpi of the mouse is set to 1800 which I initially found a bit high in general use, but have now got used to. The Naga can go up to 8400, which seems ridiculous to me as anything over about 2800 is too fast - but I'm probably just getting old!! In MMO's I think sensitivity needs to be dropped, so I normally go for 1400 - 1600.

The mouse wheel could do with a little more 'click' as it is rotated, and I'd like a fraction more travel with the middle click. Side to side clicks are fine and I've not found any problem with accidentally getting a side click when going for a middle click. The mouse wheel is rubberised with little bumps so no chance of slipping, but I'm not keen on the feel - would have preferred a grippy smooth rubber.

Lighting is green only, and can be controlled through software to light up the logo and / or keypad and / or mouse wheel. It would have been nice to have customisable lighting, as I could then use that as a visual reminder of which profile I have selected.

Overall this is an easy mouse to recommend for MMO players. I immediately found it easier and more convenient to use the Naga keypad than stretch across the keyboard for buttons. Combined with the Synapse 2.0 software it allows far more functionality to be added - for example, I can map Ctrl or Alt +1 to = on my Razer Anansi keyboard, and use the standard 1 to = on the Naga. This gives a huge amount of flexibility and customisability.

The reasons I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is for a small number of nitpicky issues that many people won't care about. A slight issue with using it in claw grip gets a negative. The slightly spongy mouse wheel rotation (which is more personal preference than a fault). The lack of a general profile out of the box (for example mapping mouse keys 4 and 5 to sensitivity step changes. Mapping keypad 3 and 6 to forward / backwards in browser. Using left and right mouse wheel click to scroll left and right - all things the G5 did as standard). I would also say that to get the most out of this mouse you need the Synapse 2.0 software, which is good, but not great.

If you're primarily an MMO / RPG player - buy this mouse.

To get the most out of the mouse it is essential to download the Synapse 2.0 software. This allows much more control over the features such as creating macros and reassigning key mappings. I'm adding a review of the current version of the software (1.14) but as software can and will be updated this shouldn't impact the review of the hardware, hence why I've added this after my main review of the Naga 2014.

Synapse 2 allows every button on the mouse (except left click) to be remapped which is really handy, and profiles to be created for different needs. I currently have a general use profile for web browsing etc, and then separate profiles for each game. Setting up the profiles is really easy and there's a lot of functionality built in, such as mappings for media keys, ability to launch programs, assign and edit macros and more.

Another great feature is that if you have a Razer keyboard the software allows the two devices to 'talk' to each other. This means I can set up keyboard shortcuts that change the profile on the mouse, adjust sensitivity and other features. I can also use the Naga to change profiles on the keyboard. A nice feature that I hope is expanded on.

Other than customising the key mappings, the software allows adjusting performance (polling, sensitivity and acceleration) and it's nice to see that X and Y sensitivity can be split if needed. Lighting can be adjusted, and the mouse can be calibrated for the surface it is used on. In addition macros can be assigned and edited which works really well. The final feature is called 'Add On' which allows games that support the feature to have custom mappings / overlays added. I've found the list to be disappointingly small, but if you play WoW it has you well covered.

The overlay feature, which is well advertised hasn't worked in any game I tried. It is supposed to allow a keypress to call up an overlay in-game that allows mappings to to be created or adjusted on the fly. It sounds really useful, but I can't comment further. I hope Razer support this feature and the Add Ons better in future software updates.

One of the things that could be improved, is to tie together keyboard and mouse profiles a bit better. For example when I launch a particular game it should change both the keyboard and related mouse profile. It can be done, but requires more effort than I think should be needed. If you don't have a Razer keyboard the only option is to change profiles using the tray icon (a few clicks and easy to forget) or create mappings on the Naga itself, which takes up precious keys!

Another negative is the requirement to create a free account with Razer to use the software. This is annoying, and there should be an option to ignore the Razer cloud features.

In summary the software works and adds a great deal to the Naga, but needs more refinement.
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on 25 April 2015
Wow. This is one hell of a mouse!
21 buttons. Yes, 21. And that's just out of the box! As well as the 12 on the side, you have left and right click (of course) the scroll wheel which not only scrolls forward and backward, not only clicks down, but you can also click it to the left and right! The mouse also features 2 buttons for on-the-fly dpi.
You can of course customise games a lot nowadays, so when I hold ctrl on my keyboard I now have 12 more buttons for skill bar 2, hold alt and I've got another 13 for skill bar 3! And so on.
The mouse itself feels great to hold and is light enough that I don't feel like I'm dragging it across the mouse, but rather gliding it across.
The light effect on it is pretty cool, albeit unnecessary. if you wish you can turn them off on the synapse 2.0 application, but where's the fun in that ;) as well as light adjustment, the application can adjust many other features such as the dpi you wish to use, macros, and even tell the mouse what type of pad you are using it on so it knows how to react when you drag/lift the mouse.from the pad etc!
The 12 buttons on the side take some getting used to, and I have been known to start casting damage instead of heal spells during dungeons due to misclicking, but that's the same with anything new. Just takes time to adjust from the lowly 10+ year old Microsoft sidewinder I had before
The only one downside to this is ever since patch 2.0 for the PSN, you can't use the extra buttons on ffxiv. You can still use the mouse as a basic 5 button device (left right and scroll wheel) but that's it

So to summarise if you are an mmo gamer who wants to fling spells and swords at a thumbs press, this should not disappointed you!
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on 3 October 2013
Just upgraded to this mouse from my molten naga which was starting to fail on me :(, i thought i would give the new model a try, so far im liking it but just wish that the buttons on the side were a little more split up from each other and just a few mm bigger, but that can vary on preference for each person.
Apart from that it does what it says on the description and it doesn't get much better then this fora mouse tons of DPI, looks good, feels great especially with the anti-sweat coating it has, overall the size fit great in my hands apart from that little issue with the buttons on the side, plus the Razer Synapse software is really good tons of customization,

All in all ill recommend this mouse for anyone that likes gaming, in MMO's is where it shines brightest but in other games like BF3 were you dont have to take your hands of the WASD keys to swap weapons or even melee, plus the great DPI and and razer GOLIATH control mat works wonder for accuracy, the customization is nearly endless.

So.... BUY IT!!!
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on 30 September 2014
After using a Sharkoon Fireglider for 2 years before getting this mouse I can say that I am happy with my purchase. Some of the positives:

-Nice ergonomic shape for palm holders.
-Responsive mouse buttons.
-Lateral scrolling.
-The 12 side buttons are mechanical and feel very responsive but not too sensitive.
-The software allows you to customise the mouse for multiple uses, eg: 6 buttons can be used in game while the rest can be used for say, your media player in case you listen to music while you play.

However not every product is perfect so here are some of the negatives:

-Not very comfy for claw holders.
-Right mouse button is a bit too sensitive.
-Lacks the interchangeable side panels from the previous Naga.
-Software requires system restart after an update.

There may be more things wrong with this mouse but so far I haven't encountered anything too drastic. One minor niggling issue I have is that it makes my hand a bit too warm after just a few minutes of use, nothing major just a minor annoyance.
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on 20 November 2013
I play a variety of games from MMOs to FPS; however, I was finding that in my current phase I'm leaning more towards the MMOs. I wanted more buttons easily accessible than I had on my previous mouse (Steelseries Sensei Pro), which I also disliked due to its symmetrical ambidextrous shape.

The Naga is slightly shorter and taller than most mice I have used, and appears relatively 'squat' compared to the Deathadder I also have. Nonetheless, it's pretty comfortable. It's best suited to a claw or claw-palm grip, and I personally found it very comfortable.

The buttons on the side are actually relatively easy to orientate yourself on due to the unique angles each key is placed at. Your thumb can rest very naturally in the center. I do occasionally lose track, but that's more due to my incompetence than their placement.

The Razer software, despite its initial online setup requirement, is actually one of the better packages I have used. It's easy to use and has a neat overlay that you can pull up whilst in game to change settings and keybindings on the fly.

Two downsides to the mouse, which both relate to standard buttons. Firstly, the traditional back and forward buttons that would be on the side are now behind the mouse wheel. My hands are fairly large so they are a real pain to press and require me to lift off the mouse. I ended up rebinding some of the number keys to these functions, so it's easily solved. Second minor issue is the scroll wheel's side movement. I find it a little too soft and therefore easy to trigger accidentally when doing a middle click.

Overall a really nice mouse, and perfect for MMOs; still very usable outside.
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on 22 August 2015
This mouse has proven to be an absolute game changer for me, literally. I recently purchased the latest Hyperdimenion Neptunia game on Steam and I ran in to similar issues as I did with the first release where the game controls feel incredibly clunky and almost impossible to play with just one hand. Thanks to this mouse I was able to rebind all of my controls to the sidepanel and can now easily navigate my character and controls just as smoothly as using a keyboard, while my other hand is occupied. It took some time to get used to, but the transition was absolutely worth it. I would actually recommend purchasing the left handed version if you're right handed if you're buying it for games like this though, that is my only regret, but I guess that's personal preference.

Highly recommended as a gift also for people who are fans of the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise, Nekopara Cat Paradise, or Sakura Angels. They might be confused at first but they'll thank you later.
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on 29 June 2015
Very good mouse, but be warned!!!!! the LASER will brake or be faulty after heavy use. I have used this mouse for a few months and recently the laser has be very funny. Randomly stops working when lifted of the desk and will not work for (5-10) mins after.

After several purchase's of this mouse they have all done the same thing. The laser in this mouse is not good. AVOID if possible and go for g600 or something.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 9 November 2014
This is a great mid-high range option for most gamers. The weight, form and balance are well engineered. This mouse is a programmable and has enough buttons for most common game setups. In fact, right out of the box, it is compatible with most games on the market and requires little adjustment.

The new Naga brings the best of both worlds. Mechanical keys which are angled a lot nicer than the previous editions, and the new placement of the two topside buttons. Before they were on the left side of the left click, now they're in the centre below the scroll wheel. It feels a lot more natural to use them now. I have them set for volume up and down. Another big upside, is that this model features left and right scrolling. An absolute must if you ever deal with long spreadsheets, and Photoshop.
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on 26 May 2015
Broken today, it has lasted 4 months or so and apparently is ineligible for a refund and Amazon have made it very hard for me to contact them and ask about the warrenty it comes with. It has a lose connection on the wire by the mouse disconnecting my mouse from the pc ever 2 or 3 seconds making it impossible to use. I have treated the mouse with upmost respect and it has only ever layed dormant on my desk only to be used for the odd gaming session, which I don't do often. For £60 the mouse itself is good. When it did work it worked well. However... I also have a £20 unbranded mouse with side buttons and it has lasted over 2 years and it came with a 3 year warrenty. Worked exactly the same. No point paying out £60 for 4 months use and then find out you can't even get a refund. GG.
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on 21 October 2013
had this beastie for a week and I had great time in every game I played. MMOs,shooters,anything,with thumb buttons you get a lot of new options,leaving your W-A-S-D fingers always where they should be.many ways to customize pretty much every feature it has,and fits hand wonderfully- anti-slip surface,very light get your money worth ten times over.
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