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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
HP Deskjet 2540 All-In-One Printer
Price:£29.00+Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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477 of 485 people found the following review helpful
This was a second printer for me to replace an older HP model I had for years.
The white is quite attractive and makes a change v the normal black printer colour, but that's a minor point the performance is what really counts.

The HP is easy to set up simply pop the CD in and follow the instructions (which are very basic and hard to get wrong) I prefer a wired connection to the desktop but the wireless works very well on this (useful for other devices)
Onto the main printer itself on the top part there are a few buttons and a fairly small LCD which shows the wifi strength and no. of copies. The buttons let you control the wifi, power, and black/colour copy, as well as a low warning indicator for both cartridges.

My quick fire pros and cons.

+ Good print quality for both text and photos
+ Excellent bang per buck, low price
+ Built in wifi, connecting is easy and trouble free, also has Wireless Direct Printing (so you don't need to join the wifi network)
+ Apple AirPrint compatible
+ Fairly good build, easy to set up and use
+ Acceptable print speeds (it's no speed demon but fine for this price - around 7ppm at high quality faster draft)
+ Good instant scan quality (like a photocopier)
+ Ink carts are "not chipped" you can re-fill them

- Not so easy to scan books (could use a double hinge)
- Scan quality is good for documents, acceptable for photos (for photo scans a dedicated flatbed will do better)
- No slots for media cards, small mono LCD

Size is fairly compact at around 425 mm width and 306 mm depth. Input tray holds around 50-60 sheets of normal A4 paper
Front has an extendable output holder, above that you can flip down the cover to reveal the ink cartridges.

Despite being a lower cost printer HP have managed to deliver one that has very good print output both for text and photos, it's on a par with printers costing quite alot more (but not up to the super fine quality of the officejet range not unexpected ). Text is very clean, crisp and impressive. Photo output is also good with lots of detail and good colour reproduction (watch your colour ink though for larger photos it will go down rapidly) For the low price getting wifi is a part of the appeal too.

Watch the ink use on wifi though people can get carried away so be sure to keep an eye on the kids (I've learnt this the hard way!)

Ink cartridges are the HP301 range which I have for other printers, they are quite low in cost (HP do a combo pack for black and colour) Do note if you are a heavier ink user then the 301XL carts whilst more expensive hold quite a lot more ink and are more cost effecitve longer term. HP unlike some other makers don't chip their carts (it will complain the ink is low), so you can re-fill them yourself and save a small fortune (don't throw the empty ones away either sell them or get them re-filled) THe 2540 is better suited to users who are doing light to moderate home printing, there are better alternatives for small offices or heavy users.

Bar a few minor niggles this printer punches beyond it's price point and a very easy recommendation for those looking for max bang per buck, but with good print output.
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868 of 889 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 December 2013
After 5 years my much loved Kodak wireless all in one gave up the ghost and I spent a long time reviewing HP, Cannon and Epson printers to replace it. I print little and infrequent, as I do scan and copy, and even though I have no requirement to print from anywhere else other than my pc, I prefer wireless. So basically I want the basics which meant I could exclude a lot of the mid/top range printers for having far too many functions that I would never use together with the high price they command.
The other thing that concerned me was the alleged amount of ink some printers use to clean printer heads when printing is only occasional(The worst being a massive 276% extra!). This lead me to the Canon MG and HP wireless all in one low end range that apparently use only an additional 11% of ink for occasional use. I chose the Canon(purely because I preferred the design)but quickly regretted my choice. The wireless set up was a nightmare (3 hours) and it was only achieved by chance after pressing every available button. The documentation was poor, the function keys and the okay key interchanged constantly which is annoying and the software that installed on my desktop was intrusive and not user friendly. My frustration only heightened when I was asked for a USB cable when attempting to scan and with my patience finally gone I brought the HP.
In comparison this is a breeze! The printer and wireless set up was complete in an amazing 15 minutes and required me to only install the ink cartridges and mains cable. No inputting of network codes and no guessing which key, just a connection to the web and all done by HP. Couldn't have been easier. The only noticeable software to be installed on my pc was a single, very user friendly, printer icon, fabulous again! (To be fair I deselected two other options during setup but this was not an option available with Cannon). The scanning, copy and print are easy to use and printing is good and clear. The only downside for me is that I don't really like the colour (white/cream) or the design, but I am more than happy to compromise on these for the ease of use, easy set up and low ink costs. Hope this helps.
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466 of 480 people found the following review helpful
The HP Deskjet 2540 is a small, easy-to-use printer that works fine for occasional users, like me. It is a three-in-one color inkjet printer, and is a wireless printer. The price is right and should fit into most household budgets. The big point for me is that it allows me to print from mobile devices using ePrint and AirPrint. unable tomprint from smartphone or IPad.

With the HP ePrint app installed on my iPad, the Deskjet 2540 automatically found photos or files, emails, and cloud services. Once you have your file, you just hit "print". The cartridges are in the front and come right out, they're easy to remove and replace. The printer is slow, but that is fine for my printing needs.

The scanner makes a fan noise every time you scan a document, but it's easy to use and includes a number of settings, such as resolution and size, depending on what type of document you're scanning. The brightness and contrast are adjustable, and you can rotate and crop.

For the money, this is an excellent printer for occasional family use. If you have a business or print a lot, look for another model.

Recommended. prisrob 11-27-13
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59 of 61 people found the following review helpful
on 17 July 2014
So, it's me, Techno Phobe here!

Did my usual and left the printer sitting in it's box for several days while I braced myself for all the inevitable set-up issues.

Upon opening the box I found It came with one double-sided A4 sheet of pictures and symbols to decipher - sigh - problem number one.

There is then an 83 page manual - double sigh - problem number 2.

Shouldn't have worried!.....

The A4 sheet of paper actually made sense, just follow it slowly and logically, don't think you know it all. Then you put the CD in your computer and follow those instructions. They are idiot proof, believe me, if I can do it, anyone can. I did need to temporarily plug the printer into my computer to connect the two, again, the instructions are very clear on whether, when and how you may need to do this. The printer reads your router code from your computer, so no code input is required by you. Haven't needed the manual yet, will keep just in case. Haven't set up on any other PCs yet, can't see that there should be any problems.

And of the 83 page manual, only 6 pages are English - excellent!

(Had one self-inflicted problem; the colour ink registered as empty and I spent some time trying to sort that out. However, it would have helped if I'd removed the protection tape before installing the cartridge. I managed to do so for the black cartridge, obviously couldn't cope with the colour one as well. Can't really lay the blame for that at HP's door.)

In conclusion, given my own inadequacies when it comes to anything IT, I would say buy this machine if you need a decent wireless home printer. Haven't tested the printing in anger yet, but it's started off very well.

I took me about half an hour to set up, excluding my cartridge issues above, and including my very slow pace.

Hope this helps other Techno Phobes out there.
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113 of 121 people found the following review helpful
on 12 October 2013
I chose this printer because i did not want to spend much money. The installation was as easy as breathing. Excellent for college use to print coursework and to scan notes. I am completely satisfied by this purchase.
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20 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on 2 April 2014
This is a brilliant buy especially for the price. Would definitely recommend. Prompt delivery and works fine. Easy to set up and good size not too big.
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26 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on 5 February 2015
In September 2014 I purchased this product as I was looking for a reliable all in one printer that wasn't too costly as I am a student. After seeing that it had numerous 5 star reviews and was highly recommended by Amazon, it seemed the ideal option.

Upon arrival I was able to set up the printer with relative ease and connected it using a wireless connection to my laptop using the instructions provided. After trying to print a couple of documents I soon started to face some problems. It would seem to lose connection completely and I would have to restart the printer every time I wanted to print a new document. Often after restarting the printer, going through all the settings and HP programs on my PC, it would refuse to connect at all.

Trying to connect with the printer using a wireless connection became extremely tiresome and frustrating. I then tried connecting using the very short USB cable provided where I encountered a number of error messages and other problems. Eventually, this seemed to work well and I was able to print documents with ease and to a quality I was pleased with.

However this successful streak was short lived and I soon found my self facing problems again. I purchased good quality A4 paper from amazon which should work well on any printer. It often becomes jammed or an error message will appear telling me that it thinks it has run out of paper. This can be EXTREMELY frustrating when this happens mid-way through printing a large document. Especially when you choose the two sided option as this means you then have to go through and print each missing page individually until the document is complete. The printing queue often has errors and will mean you cannot print anything. I could only solve this by running a command script that I have written which overrides and clears the printing queue.

On a positive note, the scanner works perfectly which I am very pleased with it and the fact that parts of the printer can be folded up when you are not using it which can save room around your work space.

I am a very patient and tolerant person (which you may not believe from reading this!) but there is only so much a piece of technology can frustrate you and almost seems to function in contradiction to its purpose. Overall, I would NOT RECOMMEND this product because of the reasons discussed and would advice looking elsewhere for a low budget, reliable, all in one printer.
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184 of 201 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 January 2014
I wanted a printer I could set up in a different room from where I used my laptop, an having researched several - and the cost of ink cartridges, chose this one as being good all round value. It's so easy to set up, taking about fifteen minutes to get it all up and running, with no head scratching, shouting or swearing - makes a pleasant change!

The print quality on both black and colour is good, certainly for my non-professional purposes, and the cost of replacement cartridges is reasonable- I don't ever buy genuine ones, by the way as I've found them to be way over-priced, and the alternatives are good. I also like the fact that the colour comes in one cartridge and not three separate ones.

My only quibble with this printer is that it feels flimsy and lacks any sort of weight or substance. This was a nuisance when inserting the cartridges as the pressure needed to insert them kept pushing the printer back across the table - so either hold it firmly at the back or put it against something solid whilst replacing the ink. Other than that I'm really pleased with it, and for the money it is a good buy...PLEASE BE WARNED - READ MY UPDATE!

Update: 1 August
The time has come to replace the ink cartridge, and was I in for a shock. The cartridge I bought fits, but as soon as I clicked "Print" up came a large box telling me that this was an "old style" cartridge and it refused to work! I think this is outrageous of HP; they obviously programme the printer to refuse anything but genuine cartridges. I'm held to ransom by a machine, and will now downgrade my rating to two stars; I would give it one and a half if I could.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 11 June 2014
If you are looking for an all in one printer than simply prints and scans or makes copies then this is the one for you. It took me 20 seconds to install on my mac, and under 5 minutes to install on my PC (but it was only 3 clicks of the mouse, the CD-ROM does all the work for you). It took my hardly anytime to set it up on the wi-fi and works fantastic. The reason it's cheap is because it does's have the fancy tricks of the other more expensive printers like having multiple trays for different paper, or double sided printing or a multi-touch colour screen. This printer just prints and scans, and it could't do them any better.

I highly recommend this printer
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23 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on 28 January 2014
Received this item on Friday last week, the expected delivery date. Setting up was easy using the usb cable but it took me about 40 mins to download the software from HP to allow the automatic installation of the wireless set up, which it carried out very easily. So all in all it me about an hour to get it all up and running. Having said that it performs well, downloads scanned images, copies, prints and prints photos as well as my old 6100 series all in one (which died after about 16 years of faithful service).
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