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4.3 out of 5 stars151
4.3 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 25 March 2014
Even without this expansion the standard Diablo III game has taken on a dramatic improvement with recent updates and pretty large updates at that. The latest Update came in at over 6GB and has dramatically shifted the game in preparation of this incoming expansion. The whole auction house system has now been removed in which you could buy and sell weapons, armour and other items including magical rings. To sell items you have to do it with the merchants you find in the game, pretty much making every item worthless compared to what you use to be able to get for them on the Auction House. Don’t see this as a bad thing as gold pickups are far more generous and the items you find are of a better quality, they are also tailored to an extent to fit your character. Meaning if you are a Witch Doctor for example you may find more Witch Doctor specific weapons when exploring rather than generic items.

This naturally makes crafting your own weapons and armour even more important and increases the importance of exploration. In essence it makes you want to play the game more and more in order to get the money and items in order to craft what you want but at the same time like I said earlier pickups in terms of items and money are more generous than ever even though they are less frequent. The map has also been altered so now you can see a close up of the area you are (as you always could do) but also a larger scale map of the whole act.

Finally onto the expansion, which I received yesterday. Besides the same characters you get in the standard Diablo III game (and you can carry those character forward into the expansion) you now get another character class. The Crusader! Essentially a human warrior much like the paladin from Diablo II but with much better skills and weapons. Where as all the other characters are by and large mythical you could quite easily envisage the Crusader being the more realistic of characters. I’ve started a new game and must say I am thoroughly enjoying the new character class probably because I find it just different when compared to the other characters in the standard game. There are also new powers available for each character class (Avalanche for the Barbarian is great) and obviously they have extended the level limit on each character to 70, Paragon levels are now unlimited! I have continued with my Barbarian into the new Act introduced and have to say I’m very impressed. It looks stunning and has the music to match but I also like the new monsters and indeed the storyline to go with it. “Malthael” the Angel of Death really is a ruthless enemy in this new act, in some ways I fear him more than Diablo himself, alas I haven’t fought him yet but I predict the battle will be brutal.

There are two new modes, one where you can jump to any area of the game you want from any act to any act. It essentially creates a sandbox mode, it works especially well if you want to go hunting for items and money in caves in different acts (think of it as allowing you to do your own custom “Butcher run”). Now the new Bounties system is something I really like, if you capture the bounty by either killing a target or clearing out a dungeon for example tones of gold and items drop on your head and it certainly gives an additional incentive to explore each and every area in every dungeon or indeed cave. Besides all this you can get “Nephalen Rifts” which can take you to random dungeons and you never know where or what will be there till you go.

Difficulty levels have also been tweaked, there are now Normal, Hard, Expert, Master and Torment (make sure you prepare your character as Torment is seriously hard work).

Pros: A new Act which looks fantastic and is a lot darker * Crusader Character is a welcome change * new monsters * Loot 2.0 system * Bounty system * New Skills and level cap * Focuses more importance on exploration and crafting * Servers seem very stable post update!

Cons: Not cheap for one more act as many of the changes are happening to the standard game anyway

Verdict: On the whole I like this new expansion, the new character class is impressive and was a good choice to bring in. The new loot system definitely changes the game and rather than people finding and selling those rare weapons now it’s down to each person and their character alone to find or craft decent stuff. The downside that you will have to justify in your own mind is its quite expensive for just one more Act especially when you discover many of the updates and changes as I state earlier have been applied to the standard game anyway.

RECOMMENDED if you can justify the price!
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on 13 January 2016
This was actually a bargain price for a phenomenal quality fold out digi-pak style slipsleeve containing the usual dvd case, dvd and code on a printed label. The biggest surprise was that the serial label was actually printed in the ubiquitously awful 'comic sans' typeface, when so much effort and thought had clearly gone in to the design and packaging of the product.

I won't rave too much about the game because I assume that if you're looking to purchase this expansion then you're already pretty knowdledgable and enamoured with the base game, of which this is lots more of the same!

At the time I purchased it this version was less than one quarter of the price for the digital delivery, and this includes all the traditional packaging along with a courier delivery... pure, delightful madness!
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on 13 November 2015
A great expansion to the base game which is continually being updated still the day I write this review. The extra chapter to the story mode is a great addition to the story and the addition of the ability to level to 70 and seasonal mode adds a lot of replayability to the game. I f you are planning on buying diablo 3 I would definitely recommend getting this along with it.
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on 9 September 2015
With the base diablo 3 being a great game, reaper of souls takes it to the next level. If you just play casually or you are a hardcore diablo fan, reaper of souls is for you. The addition of the seasonal ladder a new act, and the much needed adventure mode, reaper of souls turns diablo 3 from a good game into a great one.
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on 26 August 2015
Been an avid Diablo fan since Diablo 1, and this doesn't disappoint. It's an add-on to Diablo 3, and with new patches and even more expansion to the game, there many more hours of demon bashing fun still to be had. My sons tell me I'm way too old to be playing computer games, but I love it!
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on 13 January 2015
Blizzard, in my opinion, has corrected everything that was wrong with Diablo III in this wonderful expansion. With the addition of the Adventure mode, bounties, rifts and seasons, the game has become much more versatile and enjoyable.
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on 8 January 2016
If you're buying the game for the story, then you're buying it for all the wrong reasons. Great game for value, hours of gameplay while pushing the highest levels of difficulty competing for world ranks. 10/10 would recommend
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on 27 December 2015
Great Christmas gift. Thank you Santa :D and thank you blizzard that you did not changed camera view to fist person and left it like that thanks to that all memories from playing Diablo II and Diablo coming back. Thanks !
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on 15 July 2015
Vanilla D3 is long gone and Reaper of Souls has addressed so many issues. RoS is the Diablo 3 everybody wanted.

I've played over 1500 hours in this game and I consider myself a casual gamer.
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If paying for a small DLC (which adds a single character, 2 hours of gameplay and randomized dungeons - unrelated to the story), the same amount the money you would for a complete full-priced game makes sense to you, kindly stop here. This review is not for you. In any other case, please read on.

Charging 66% of the original game's price for only 20% of extra content is disgustingly greedy. This is not an expansion in any sense of the word. It is an overpriced DLC - and a small one at that.
Are we paying for BLIZZARD to fix their game(!) or do we need to pay as much as a premium game to get randomized dungeons in a game that was way too short to begin with?
And, they are not fooling anyone, the Crusader is basically the Paladin (the most popular hero choice in D2) that was withheld and replaced with the Witch Doctor only to be the selling point of the first DLC. Does this mean we can expect the next £30 expansion to include an Assassin and then yet another £30 will give us the Druid? With these people at the helm of BLIZZARD there seems to be no low they will not stoop to.

Let me make this as clear as possible: the problem was NOT the Auction House. Some people liked it, others ignored it, me, I found it a brilliant idea. In fact, I have had more fun in the Auction House than in the game itself.
The problem was the drop rates of Legendaries. The entire game was designed in such a way as to ensure that it was unbeatable unless you payed real money to buy virtual gold from BLIZZARD's Gold sellers (remember all those PVPbank "friend requests"? guess what!). After Hell level (and especially true for Inferno) it was impossible to survive long enough without full sets of powerful Legendary items. BLIZZARD made sure to keep the drop rates of Legendaries into the infinitesimal (a single drop after a complete playthrough. If you were lucky). Even at those small drop rates, it was still very unlikely to get a Legendary with useful attributes and stats! What is the use of a +300 Intelligence Manticore when high level wizards are useless with crossbows? Hence the need for you to keep visiting the Auction House - where the prices were always kept super-inflated. Hence the need for you to pay real money to buy millions of virtual gold.
So, if they were able to milk their own customers for more money, why did they yank it out? Because, once the number of people playing the game dropped dramatically, it got too expensive for them to operate. At the same time, the class-action suits were amassing like a storm. More and more people lost great amounts of real money to Auction House "glitches", mostly after selling items - and the lawsuits kept coming in, one after another.
So, no, they did not do us any favors. And no one believes them when they claim to have decided to remove the Auction House because "it was hurting the enjoyment of the game". They just decided to take away a major feature the original game was sold with, just to stop losing some money.
You still think they "listened to their customers"? Please read on.

After 2 years the verdict is out and it is definite: BLIZZARD cannot run enough stable servers to properly support a popular always-online game. Or they are not willing to unless they charge you a monthly fee like they do with WoW. In any case, their servers are fickle as ever, prone to loose connection at any time, in need of weekly day-long maintenance and always ready to kick you out if you leave the game to take a break longer than 5 minutes.
Have you ever lost a legendary because the servers hiccuped just after it dropped, not allowing you to pickup or open anything?
Have you ever had a Level-60/Paragon-50 Hardcore character die because of a usual server lag?
How about having to start over an area (missing on that random spawning of a rare event), just because the servers lost it once again? Yes, I am sure you know what I am talking about.
So, now that the Auction House is no more, what is the excuse for not making private/Single-player games free of any need of an online connection? None!
The game takes up 15GB of our HDD. Are they going to lie to us all (like EA did with The SimCity) that it cannot run offline for private/Single-player games?

Without warning,a about two months ago, BLIZZARD forced the Loot2.0 patch on all of us. This is what this much praised by the usual company shills patch did: it made sure that every single hour you had spend on the game up to then was utterly wasted!
Did you grind for hours to get Legendary items (or, even worse, did you pay real money to buy gold and then buy them from the Auction House)? Well, you wasted your time (and money). Those Legendary items were now insultingly weak, much weaker than Rare (yellow) items.
Did you make endless runs of the same areas, again and again (the infamous Alkaizer grind), to bring all of your heroes up to Paragon 100? You guessed it, you wasted your time. Now Paragon levels are shared between all of your characters.
Any time you sunk into the game prior to the Loot2.0-Patch was now very much wasted. So why would anyone trust BLIZZARD ever again and play any more D3? Next time they want to release their next DLC, they will not hesitate, once more, to render all of your time spend in the game totally wasted.

Replay Diablo II or Titan Quest. They are complete games.
Play Torchlight 2. It is an honest game.
Play Path of Exile. It is the game D3 was not - and it is free on STEAM.
Or wait for Grim Dawn.
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