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4.3 out of 5 stars324
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2014
I had an early Sony Walkman tape player and years later bought the original iPod when it first came out. I bought this Walkman as I was looking for a way of listening to music on something that wouldn't need to be recharged every few hours. A while ago I bought a 64gb iPhone 4S which does the job but the battery isn't great even though I have had the battery recently replaced and have as much background stuff switched off. I am just back from a 3-week cycle trip and felt there must be a music player that has a better battery life and here it is. Buying this has allowed me to transfer a pile of music files from iTunes indirectly to the Walkman (download provided software called Media Go. You then have both Media Go and iTunes open side by side as windows. Drag music files cross to Media Go). This has a battery life that would easily exceed the occasions I would have listened over 3 weeks on a single charge. But the bonus is the sound quality. No matter what I do to the same music file the sound from an iPod or iPhone through the same headphones are vastly inferior to the music from the Walkman. Yes it has a few downsides such as it requires a direct connection to add music or podcasts but the sound, battery time, overall size outweigh the iPhone. It is time for Apple to wake up as Sony is back in town. Apple has sat on its laurels assuming everyone would naturally migrate from an iPod to iPhone which will then allow iTunes to dominate but not everyone wants this arrangement. Some of us wish to manage OUR music OURselves. Last time I updated my iPhone my music library disappeared to be replaced by music I had bought from iTunes only. Enough ranting. The Sony Walkman is a better music player and I'll shut up.
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on 18 April 2014
firstly, i didn't like the earphones, (the shape of them) though there's nowt wrong with them, (my mate nabbed them), so kept my own from a previous much cheaper player.
it's loud enough for me when noise reduction thing is turned off (i'm a bit deaf so need it loud.)
It has a hold button so it doesn't get accidentally activated.
i can download any song i like in loads of formats and videos. also a function on it for audiobooks.
i have accumulated a lot of songs and stuff over the years in many formats from many different sources and all went on smoothly without a hitch. i like the media go software, seems very logical. i can make playlists in the software on my laptop and also 'add to' playlist thing on the go from the mp3 player itself. sound is brilliant. like the buttons, totally controllable and all of it does exactly what i want it to do, as does the media go software. i can rearrange, rename, and generally do what i want with my music in the software, brill. just what i want. I tell IT what to do, it doesn't tell ME.its small and light and battery life lasts for ever before i need to recharge it. I listen to it for 8 hours solid at a time and it only needs recharging after the 3rd day or so. love it to bits. wouldn't be without it. had fun with the voice record, picks up even the quietest murmuring and subtleties. the video playback was a nice surprise the quality was excellent, playing cartoons for my grandchildren when they're bored on the bus is a life saver and saves loads of battery on their parents smart phones etc (cos they don't have to use their phones to access cartoons on the net on the go for them, brill.
love it to bits. ordered it and got it next day. no probs. love it.
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on 2 September 2013
Always been a fan of the Sony Walkmens, from casette to MD and now MP3 ... so I just had to had this item on launch date.

I am very satisfied with the item. Its a very nice Sony product made in good quality, its simple to use though it also have some new features like "kareoke" (removing the vocals in the songs), dance (pitching the dancetracks), senseme (the walkman finds automatically the songs depending on your mood - and it actually works 90% of the time) - amazing ! Unit also do drag and drop podcasts directly from Sonys transfer tool called "Media Go", which can be installed very easy directly from the Walkman.

Most of all I bought this Walkman to play mp3s, and this job it does 10/10, it has a high volume output, which is missing on many other newer mp3 players. It is also not oversteering when it have to work for a high volume, I like this a lot !

When you get it in your hand you wont believe this small thing can give such a super sound output. Very nice finishing and nice to hold in the hand.

The walkman also have a very nice hires screen that can play videos in a very stunning quality, jpeg, bmp and other pictures can be shown flawless, even in high quality. When "importing" the videofiles from PC, the bridge from Sony will automatically adapt the file (smaller or bigger size) so it fits for the player. Good thinking from Sony !

Only things I missed was for Sony to include a 220V adaptor (the unit have to charge from PC USB), this can though be solved buying a standard 5V USB adaptor, the wire will fix right in. Also make sure to buy a cover, since this is not included in the standard package.

Overall, Sony did it again - this unit is amazing and very good quality ! 10/10 !
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on 5 December 2014
All I love to do is enjoy listening to music during my "me" time. This is by far the best investment I have made.

From the cassette walkman to the discman to the minidisc I used nothing other than Sony. When mp3 music came into our lives, I diversified to other brands before mobile phones joined the music player industry and I never looked back. The beauty of spotify/deezer means you do not need a music player with large storage capacity. What everyone fails to realise is, that those that spend most of their days listening to music, mobile phone battery life can die out very quickly.

SO, after hours of research, I went back to Sony and bought this walkman. FANTASTIC. It does everything I need. Ok, so there is no wifi/bluetooth connection but that is not really a hindrance.

What I love is that it is not touch screen. I love that you can press buttons and feel the 'click' at the tip of your finger. The navigation is very easy to use. It has a wonderful 'theme' option where the walkman browses through your music, and will select certain music based on the theme of 'day / evening / relax / running / etc. Yes its based on certain algorithms, and may not always select the right tracks but its a nice touch.

Sound! The noise cancelling headphones that come with the walkman and amazing. They dont just cancel the surrounding background noise, it practically obliterates it! Along with the software in the walkman, the headphones recreate the music perfectly. It can never feel like it is live, but it comes very close.

Not exactly gripes, as its not something that causes any problems but just two matters that I notice:
1. You cannot use the headphones with ANY other device. It seems they are tailored only to this walkman. If you decide to use them on your mobile as an example, you would get an echo that sounds horrendous.
2. Cannot play FLAC files. For music enthusiasts, the best music is uncompressed music files that is pure. If the walkman could play FLAC, I am sure it would enhance the experience.
3. Only comes in 16gb storage. I try and convert my music CD's into the highest uncompressed format or maximum bitrate mp3 file so as to store a far superior quality file. This would mean each song would create a minimum 10-15mb file. Yes that would still mean at least 1000 songs, but wouldnt it be nice to put all my 30 years of music onto one small walkman?
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on 25 May 2015
A decent bit of kit, to be sure, but be wary of some aspects.

First of all, it is NOT 16GB. It's yet again, companies selling you half truths. Yes, it has 16GB of storage but roughly 4GB are being used to store all the unnecessary programs that come with it; i.e. photo storage software.

Secondly, organising your music isn't exactly easy. All your songs are thrown together into one big mess and its "playlists" aren't very forthcoming.

Finally, if you are using windows 8, BEWARE. Even though the product says its compatible - which it is - Windows 8 will make uploading music to it a challenge. This isn't so much at the device's fault, but rather Windows 8. More than once my uploads have stopped and the device has completely frozen. It's easily fixable, just press the reset button on the back and you're good to go, but it does make a simple task very tedious and cumbersome. Believe me, I know it's Windows 8; aside from the OS' reputation, I had no issues linking the MP3 player up to an old Windows Vista system.

These are my main concerns, but if - like me - you're just looking for a small device to play music on then it does the job. It's not a great replacement for, lets say, an iPod, but I can't really say its a bad product either.
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on 29 December 2014
Started freezing straight away, reset it, same result only now it wouldn't transfer any songs .. just got error messages constantly.. sent back for refund
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on 27 October 2014
I had been debating upon which product in which to best suits my needs and in the end after much deliberating decided on this clever little device.Upon its arrival it is just what I am looking for.Slim design,robust,stylish,lightweight and easy to use.Had been hearing good things about this model so I wasted no time in purchasing one for myself.Good value for money considering the amount of storage and the number of functions it has.Both the voice recorder and radio have crystal clear audio and good reception however not needed for my purpose as to me the music is what matters first and foremost which I have to say packs quite a punch for such a small device,and both the clear audio function and dynamic normaliser do the job nicely and can only add to the value which is reasonably priced.Easy navigation of folders though not so easy to upload files.These things are always temperamental at first but can be such a joy to use once you get the hang of it.Easy access to all ports and controls and ease of operation though will take time if you are new to these wonderful devices.Holds a vast amount of music and video.Clarity of both video and text are very sharp but i fail to see the appeal of wishing to watch video on such a small screen without straining your eyes.I would not recommend you watch movies on here but is just the job for music videos for when you are on the bus.I cannot comment on battery life as I had chance to use it much but you will find these things are reasonably long lasting.Like everything this will have its pro and cons.It is just a case of weighing up your options and a matter of preference.Furthermore this is not 16gb as stated and is infact just under 13gb as will will need to make storage space for the programs that are pre-installed which is slightly disappointing if you have a lot of big files.So to overcome this you may need to update your playlists regularly.However this may not seem like much but will indeed keep you going for quite some time.If this is still not enough then maybe this is not the model for you.Would be good if they made a 32gb in this model which I have yet to come across,though I have a feeling this will increase the value somewhat.In the meantime this will do very nicely once you learn how to use it properly which you will find such a joy and give you hours of enjoyment.Both the size and style and second to none.Well built and easy to carry around with you.Would recommend a stylish case for added protection since these things can be rather pricey so it is a must if you want to keep it in tip top condition.The sensme function is a nice addition if you are down the gym or relaxing at home for those of you who like to mix things up a little but maybe not for me as I prefer to listen to the tracks in order and to know what I am listening to.Also displays cover art and has a nice scrolling display.Also can add your choice of wallpaper from you photo gallery.You may need know the correct format to do this properly if you are new to this but for photos and videos would be best on a bigger screen.Finally I cannot comment on the noise reduction as I have not got around to this.However the earphones supplied look rather cheap and not very comfortable but I assume they will do the job just as well once they are inserted correctly and on the right volume setting.Also has a pre-set function to suit your mood and numerous function to enhance the sound to you preference.However I have a pair of bose earphones that are just as powerful and can imagine lasting a lot longer which suit me far better and not constantly adjusting them or falling out.I do not find them to be that impressive though may take a little getting used to,but I would still choose the ones I am more suited to.So all in all, as for the walkman itself you could do a lot worse than go for this model.In conclusion I have given this four stars on account of the earphones not being up to my expectations.This aside you can't fault this model but for storage capacity I would go with the good old fashioned iPod classic everytime.Still I have a feeling this may grow on me over time.Maybe Sony should think about bringing out a 32gb model, but for sound quality you can't fault it.A big thumbs up from me!
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on 13 January 2015
Lovely sound from this gadget. Good capacity and hugely long battery life. PC software (MediaGo) comes with handy analyser that reads the music and based on beat, loudness etc classifies it into virtual playlists such as relaxing, energetic, daytime etc. It took forever to analyse my entire library but gives surprisingly good results with only the odd surprise track.
Like: the volume control on the side so you don't have to go through menus.
hold button stops you accidentally jumping tracks if you brush the buttons.
Don't Like: Power off - does not! puts into sleep only switches off after 24 hrs so carrying in pouch or bag is easy to accidentally switch on. You an use the hold button to prevent it coming on but it still flashes the screen on saying you are in hold before switching off again. Could be a battery drain if jostled a lot,
Don't like - when it fully powers down it loses where you were in your play list
This model is supposed to have noise suppression but it seems very poor or non-existent. You have to go through the menus to switch it on or off which stops the music while you are doing it which makes comparing it difficult. Buy a cheaper model without it and get a pair of decent noise suppression headphones
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on 7 March 2014
Better than expected , simple to use once you try couple of times even without any instructions.
Easy to access pages searching for a particular song , and although it is NOT 16 GB , more likely 13.5,
there is plenty of space to squeeze your CD library . And for those prospective crooners , the karaoke function
is great fun . After going through two iPods the last four years and both developing some problems , I opted
out for the Walkman , and I am glad I did . Fully recomending it .
Takis E.
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on 23 January 2016
I bought this to replace my ancient iPod Nano after the battery started to fail, and not being a fan of iTunes I was looking to switch away from Apple. The Sony NWZE585 seemed to fit the bill perfectly, a small (only slightly thicker than a Nano) MP3 player with actual buttons (rather than a touchscreen), and a long battery life.

However, after a week of trying the unit just won't function properly. Every time I try and sync songs to it (whether in Sony's MediaGo or Windows Media Player), it crashes, requiring a hard reset (in 7 years of owning a Nano I never had to do that once). It's a real shame as the player itself looks like a lovely bit of kit, but this is going back for a refund (although the 50 songs I have managed to get onto the player are great, I don't want to be listening to them for the rest of my life). I thought it was just me, but check out the other negative reviews - this is a common problem.

Back to Apple it is then.
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