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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 29 August 2014
I bought this as a replacement for my Naga after the clicker wore out for the SECOND time, so rather than shelling out 50 quid for a 'proper' gaming mouse I thought I'd give this cheaper option a shot...after all, for £10 where could I go wrong?

Surprisingly the answer was not far - make no mistake this does look and feel like a budget mouse, but it performs exactly as advertised. There is no software to adjust the sensitivity, rather you must observe the LED under the mouse wheel which will increase in brightness as the DPI is increased. This can be quite difficult to check, but as there are only 3 settings and you will see a noticeable difference in the speed of the cursor onscreen it's not really a problem.


- Fits my hand quite well
- A decent stopgap replacement for a more expensive mouse
- No software necessary, just plug in and play
- Wired so no batteries necessary
- Assignable side buttons


- Initially the right mouse button was quite stiff due to the button rubbing against the rest of the mouse construction - after some non-mechanical adjustment it seems to have gone away however
- I had to unplug it at night since the mouse was not powering off with the PC, meaning that the bright blue LED stayed on (after reinstalling Windows however it powered off correctly so this isn't a problem any more)
- It does feel very plasticky and cheap but I didn't expect otherwise
- The clickers are embarassingly loud so wear headphones!

2,000 DPI is not quite enough for my current needs but I'd definitely be willing to check out the other TeckNet mice based on the strength of this one.
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on 25 August 2014
Recently my mouse broke so I started using my backup mouse which is a wireless Logitech MX Revolution, however upon plugging it in it started skipping.

I suspected this was just a quirk of it being wireless but have my mouse break and now my back up not functioning properly I thought maybe it was a USB port problem on the motherboard itself, so rather than blow £80+ on a brand new mouse which may suffer the same problems I just wanted a cheap test so headed to amazon.

Upon seeing this mouse I suspected the worse, it looks very cool on the images so I figured I'd roll the dice and you know what? I'm glad I did.

The cheapness only really shows in 3 aspects:

1) The lack of support documentation and drivers
2) The no frills packaging
3) The "shell" of the mouse is just that, a shell and it's only purpose is to look cool it's not really there to aid function.

Now whilst it doesn't come with much documentations or drivers you really don't need any, and the mouse is a straight plug and play. I hate paying more for packaging that will end up in the bin roughly a week later so the little box is actually preferable for me.

Now the "shell" is a build quality thing and the only place where you can see evidence of them cutting corners on this mouse. It's not that the quality is poor it's that the shell wasn't designed with the components of the mouse itself in mind. The cutout groves in the side which are usually DPI indicators aren't actually anything at all, it's as if there's just one really bright blue LED in the mouse and all the holes exposing the light give the impression that there's a lot more going on than there actually is.

Also the optical/laser (no idea what it is tbh, at £10 I didn't care lol) light shines through the font of the mouse so if you have a dual/tri monitor setup you'll probably get some glare on the the screen as the light reflects off it.

That's really the only gap in quality I can find, granted I've only had it for about an hour but unless it falls apart in my hand at some point in the next week I have to say it seems like incredible value.

Oh and worth adding I don't generally buy rubbish, all my previous mice (if that's the plural form) have all been what most would consider quality products. They include Razer Copperheads, Razer Diamondbacks, Razer DeathAdders, Logitech G7, Logitech G5, Roccat Kone+ as well as non-gaming mice such as Evoluent 4 vertical mouse, Logitech Air, Logitech MX Revolution... you get the point.

I mention this because typically you get a lot of people judging products as being good because they're not used to quality, I am, and this mouse really surprised me.
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on 13 February 2014
I bought this mouse for my little brother whom i've been slowly bringing from the darkness of console gaming towards the whimsical wonder of PC. Coupled with my old laptop and a steam account i decided that as christmas was coming up that this would be a good mouse for him to use while gaming and snapped it up in November. The mouse arrived in minimal packaging with no damage and my first thoughts were good, in fact i almost thought about keeping it for myself. But that would've required another present so i stuck with giving it to him. Christmas comes around and a big smile from my smaller sibling as he opens this assuming it's a top priced gaming mouse (how little he knew) and was happy with it way up into the beginning of February.

Unfortunately it developed a little problem of randomly disconnecting. Not usually a problem while browsing but while in the middle of some hectic online PVP 5 seconds worth of no mouse every 10 minutes or so was an experience killer and so this mouse found it's way to being put back on my desk by a disgruntled little gamer. I gave Teknet (or bluebyte, not sure who runs the show) a message through Amazon and the next day they sent me out a replacement. so far this one seams like it'll last for a while so all in all top customer service and a great product. Five stars.

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on 3 June 2016
Ordered this as my Logitech B-110 started having problems after a fairly long course (must be around 3 years with moderate gaming and computer use). I thought about simply getting another b110, but last time i ordered a replacement, it came deffective - i ended up using my old mouse for another year, until now.
On to this product: this mouse is less suited for gaming than a regular mouse! The side buttons are positioned so that when in game you try to grab the mouse and lift it, you press both -back- and -forward- at the same time. It is less of a problem when browsing internet or using some applications, but that is not what I bought the mouse for. I thought it is my hand size, at first, but my brother had ordered a cheaper, smaller mouse from a less known Chinese brand, and, honestly, that one is a lot more comfortable to hold - the sides were mostly grip for the fingers, and back/forward buttons were higher up, out of thumb's way.
Another problem is the wheel - it's flimsy, and middle-click doesn't always register - feels like it snaps out of it's axis. Could be deffective model, could be just an artifact of the price.
I have been using it for a couple of weeks now, so I can't send it back, but I will be looking to invest into either a proper gaming mouse, or just stick with the good old Logitech. Would not buy this again.
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This is a great looking mouse and of course it works as good as it looks . When i got it out of the box it was cold to the touch which made me think it was metal but i am quite sure that it is not any way i plugged it into my desktop windows 10 and it downloaded straight away the actual download took about 10 seconds and i have a very fast download speed 200mps
So then i turned my other mouse off and started using this one and it was very responsive and fast which can be changed by using the dpi button in the middle but that is all you can change because this is a none programmable mouse but it still as all the features you would expect like left and right click scroll wheel which you can scroll also you can push down for your auto scroll and it as a very nice rubbery feel to it and then there is two thumb buttons for back and forward which also have a nice feel to them and has a satisfying click to them
The usb cable is very long about 67 inches or 5 foot 7 inches and it is a braided cable
the mouse is very shinny and not mat like it looks in the listing it also lights up blue which is perfect for me because my pc lights up blue and i have a blue keyboard any way i have put some pictures on to try and show off how good it looks and it should fit in with any set up you have at home
I should also say i got this at a discounted price or for free for my honest review
Thank you
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 February 2016
This is my sons favourite looking mouse. He loves the sleek bronze effect on his desk and would love a key pad to match. The LED's on this mouse look amazing, they are blue and look brilliant. it's a plug in and go which is great, no waiting around for discs or drivers to instal just ready to go.

This is a six button mouse including the dpi button which is great for gaming. I have three teens all into gaming at all different levels, so choosing the right mouse is important. It feels great in the hand and very responsive. It feels weighty too which is much better than a lighter mouse for gaming. The buttons are placed in great positions, and easy to use, this helps with hand fatigue. It has a strong cable with gold plated USB for great connection. And an 18 month warranty which is great, I would definitely recommend this product.

* I was kindly allowed to purchase this product at a discounted price or for free for my honest, truthful and impartial review.

I know people can feel suspicious with reviews left by people whom have received items discounted or free. But I am not affiliated with Amazon or the seller and if I find an item unfavourable I will give my full honest opinion.

I will point out areas that I feel may be negative of the product and my stars will reflect this.

I work very hard to do detailed and helpful reviews. If I miss anything please let me know, or if you have a question about the item please ask.

I do have a short time frame to review these items this means that I cannot provide details of the long term benefits of a product.
However, I still try supply as much information as I can, in terms of my initial experiences of the product.

If you like my review, please click the button that says it was helpful. I promise, you'll make my day! :)

Thank you for your time, Elle x
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on 17 May 2016
Not a bad mouse for the price but if you plan on playing Fps shooters it is very unresponsive when you try to focus your aiming. Good for general tasking on the computer and has 2 page back/forward buttons on the side of the mouse. The mouse is very light and is more of a claw hold than a palm hold. *Update* I wouldn't call this a gaming mouse for the "shooter" gamer, but for any other type of game this mouse works fine. After further thinking about this mouse, that is the conclusion I have came to. I have decided to increase my rating on the mouse with the non "shooter" gamer in mind.
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on 22 July 2014
I bought this because the glides under my old mouse were wearing out taking my cloth mousepad with it and I couldn't find replacement glides for it anywhere since they were an unusual shape. The glides under this mouse are more conventional with an oval shape which is easy to find and they are really good for making the mouse easier to move despite the 40g extra weight.

The mouse itself doesn't have changeable weight tuning, which is a bit misleading. Instead, the 40g of extra weight is already placed into the mouse for you which makes the back of the mouse seem heavier. If you're not used to weight tuned mice then you will find this mouse hard to use but once you're used to it the extra weight at the back helps to stabilize your aim.

Overall it's a good gaming mouse if you won't need more than 2000 dpi. The only reason that this mouse didn't get 5 stars is because there is no option by default to set macros for it and that the "MOUSE4" and "MOUSE5" buttons (the ones at the side) don't work in games but this can be overcome by downloading a program called "X-Mouse Button Control". Unlike games this program will recognize your side buttons but for some reason they're the wrong way around ("Mouse4" on the physical mouse actually registers as Mouse5 and vice versa) and you have an option so these buttons can emulate a real MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 key press and this will solve the issue of not being able to press MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 in games. You will still be able to go back and forth in web browsers as normal once you've done this. I guess you can also use X-Mouse to make macros for the two extra buttons if you wish but be aware that you will have to manually change it for each game.
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on 11 September 2015
I can't believe how good this mouse is.

I have two gaming PCs, two workstations in my office and I've used v7 M30P10, Logitech B100, Logitech g400, Logitech g9 and Logitech M900s mice for extended periods - £4, £6, £25, £50 and £90 respectively. I've also used a smattering of other models, as I work in IT. It's not exaggerating to say that this easily competes with the two premium Logitech mice.

It's a near-perfect weight, quite heavy but still easy to lift with your thumb and small finger pinch. Some would probably like it a bit lighter; it's a pity the 40g weight isn't removable (you could dismantle it and remove it if it's really too heavy for you, I guess).

It's long, textured in places to avoid sweat buildup and the plastic is very hard and expensive-feeling. The main buttons curve up towards the front and middle, rather than curving downwards, which makes them easier to click regardless of hand length - a clever tactic I haven't seen other designers use yet.

It's not quite as tall at the back as the Logitech mice, which is a shame - that extra height supports the heel and palm of your hand and makes for a more ergonomic pose and better control if you have really huge hands, but this is still very comfortable for most people. The width is perfect - slightly wider than the g9 and most of the Razer mice I've seen, and consequently easier to control.

The wheel is chunky and rubberized and has a very distinct but smooth action - the best mousewheel I've used except for the G900s, which has the free-wheel mechanism. This one lacks the left-right clicks on the wheel, too, but frankly I've had those for years and I've never once used them.

The DPI button just behind the wheel cycles through three sensitivity settings. They're all usable (none ridiculously fast or slow) and exactly what I'd want them to be.

One niggle I found is that the sensor on the underside has unusally long reach, and you have to lift the mouse further off the desk than normal for it to stop registering movement. There's a little action that we do with mice without even realising it, where we pick up and replace them to complete long motions or recentre our cursor; for the first time I was conscious of doing it, because it wasn't working and I had to lift the mouse further. If you normally 'reseat' the mouse like that all the time, you'll need a bit of time to adjust to lifting it up higher.

This is nitpicking, though. Basically, this mouse is high-quality enough that I'd be happy using it as my main gaming mouse if I didn't already have the G900s. It's £10 at time of writing, and that's just insane.

I was going to knock a star off for the shallow rear, which means it supports your palm less, and the laser's long reach, which makes reseating harder, but for £10, who on earth cares? I didn't expect this mouse to be half as good as it is. It's as comfortable and useful as mice that cost 9 times more (I should know, I bought one, like an idiot). I'm going to buy another of these as a backup just because I can.
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on 7 July 2016
Need a mouse, bought a mouse. But sadly what looks good on paper, sometimes doesnt look too good in fact. The LEDs in the mouse are so strong that when the light are off, it shines like a beacon. Secondly, the LEDs never turn off. I havent figured that out yet but unless I plug my PC off from the mains directly, just shutting it down keeps the power in the USB port coming for some reason and the mouse's LEDs keeps shining through the night. Lastly it is something you have to get used to as it feels quite sharp-edged and rough and the wheel if also very bumpy and loud.
But still does the job so for the price, I wont complain.
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