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4.6 out of 5 stars874
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 September 2013
I'm a big fan of Ellie Goulding since her debut album Lights.
The song of this re-release are all nice, especially "Burn", "Goodness Gracious", "Hearts Without Chains", "Stay Awake" and "Tessellate" (as well as songs from the original release Halcyon, including "Halcyon", "Figure 8" and "Hanging On").
But I have to rate this edition 4 stars because it is a pure marketing release... Re-relasing an album with 8 (or 10 as in this case) new songs is ok, but re-releasing it in two editions it's a shame! All the tracks should have been on a single edition! This version of Halcyon Days can be considered as a "deluxe-deluxe edition"! I'm very disappointed... also, two bonus tracks ("The Ending" and "High for This") are missing from this version!
So... 5 stars for the songs, but the rest is a shame!
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on 29 August 2013
But big complaint Disc 2 should have been a stand alone for those who purchased Halcyon already it's unfair to expect people to shell out more money for a product they already own. That aside i won't review Halcyon as i ahve already done that. So disc 2 Halcyon Days. Like the extra's on the Bright Lights reissue the new songs feel like a natural extension and accompniament to the original if not as good or to it's original standard. It's alot more straight forward dance with elements of dubsetep and Drum and Bass thrown in with some beautiful haertfelt balladry. Halcyon Days feels like the second part and final chapter in the Halcyon era bringing it full circle and finding Ellie in a much happier less contemplative mood ready to move forward and having fun whilst doing it. Halcyon Days is very much a more upbeat dance orientated piece. The quality and standard of both discs is extremely high and Ellie's voice is the star throghout and is as unique and beautiful as ever. choice picks:


My Blood
Anything Could Happen
I Know You Care

Halcyon Days:

Goodness Gracious
You My Everything
How Long Will I Love You
Midas Touch
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on 9 June 2013
I am the wrong demographic for even considering this album (50+), but what a voice! So pleased I don't act my age.
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on 1 March 2013
Great album and a great voice. Bought it after hearing a track on the telly advert on ITV. Glad I did !!!
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on 18 January 2014
Like others I don't understand why the second half of this album was just not released as a complete album in its own right. I do resent having to basically pay for an album I already have. As for the new songs they are ok, some are a bit hit and miss and I feel that they are not quite up to the standard of the songs on her other albums. But nice enough to make the album a worthwhile purchase.
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on 8 October 2012
Since hearing Ellie's single 'Starry Eyed', i've been hooked on her sound and writing style. I did have doubts about how she could possibly top such a fantastic first album as 'Bright Lights' (Which is still an exceptional album, two years on.). However, when i got to hear the buzz single 'Hanging On', i was very relieved. The sound Ellie has created on this album is a step in a new direction from her debut, and i think it's got the right amount of fresh sounds, alongside roots back to the debut album. 'Anything Could Happen' is a good single in it's own right, but when it's played alongside the album, it makes the song even better. If you're looking for specific tracks to try, to get a feel of the album, i'd recommend 'My Blood', 'Only You', 'Figure 8' & 'I Know You Care'. The whole album is beautifully written, and it's actually a breath of fresh air to listen to an album that is consistent the whole way through, and not one that has only got a catchy lead single. I really hope this album gets the success it deserves!
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on 26 August 2013
I love Ellie Goulding's music. I think she is one of a new generation of singer songwriters who will be around for a very long time. What I think is most shameful about this release - or rather re-release - is the cost and how it's been down. While I'm sure it's not purely down to Ms Goulding but rather the music company wanting to milk her fans but was it really necessary to re-release the whole album a second time with ten new songs on it for quite an overblown price... especially if you were one of those fans who bought the original album? Wouldn't it be more respectful to the fans to also have a second release of just the ten new songs as either a "Complete your album" for around £5 or £6 or release them as an extended EP. The original album came out as a non-deluxe and a deluxe back in 2012, and now we seem to have a deluxe deluxe version! For me, I am starting to wonder at Ms Goulding allowing this sort of practice - it smacks of money-grabbing when there is no need; I would have bought the album of new songs on their own without a second thought... now, I'll simply listen to them on Spotify. Sorry Ms Goulding but I feel that the record company are ripping off your loyal fans in trying to attract new ones and that is never a good thing. That said, the new material is, as ever from Ms Goulding, superb.

UPDATE: A friend sent me the digital booklet that accompanies this release. In the acknowledgements section at the back, Ellie has written, "... Lastly I want to thank my manager, Jamie Lillywhite, and those friends and fans who
have been with me from day one, when it all began, and have continually believed in me, kept my spirits high and my feet firmly on the ground. Thanks to those who have joined me on the way and never looked back. Long may
this mental journey of mine continue, with all the wisdom, faith, humour and kindness of all the incredible people I am lucky enough to have in my life. Love you."

Hmmm, Ms Goulding. I think, after how this re-release has been managed those "fans who have been with [you] from day one, when it all began, and have continually believed in [you], kept [your] spirits high and [your] feet firmly on the ground" may think twice about shelling out for the next album... I think they'll be inclined to wait for the inevitable re-release a year later which, it seems, is the norm for you now.
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on 19 October 2012
Lights/Bight Lights with it's sparkly production catchy hooks was a concise elegant and beautifully straight forward mix of folk and pop brought to life by Ellie's stunning vocals. For those expecting or wanting Lights part 2 you won't find it here. What we have is a progression into darker more electronic/dance beats sparse but beautiful lyrics and the melding of her voice as an instrument as well as a tool for singing.It's eerie self reflective and has a bombast and certainty not found on lights she is more self assured and confident and striding forth as an artist. This is an overall great album with a variety of sounds and themese for all and the extra's on the duluxe are worth a look too. Best songs Explosions, My Blood, Joy, Atlantis, Don't Say A Word, Only You, Anything Could Happen.
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on 9 February 2014
Have to say, overall I really liked this album - bought it for my car and have listened through a few times now. The concept and tracks really do have a peaceful and reflective feel (hence its title), and there is some great versatility there.

My personal favs: Halcyon, Dead In The Water, Anything Could Happen, Burn, Explosions, I Need Your Love, Figure 8, How Long Will I Love You?, My Blood

Some of the others I felt were a little weaker to be honest, and with over 20 tracks (27 on the deluxe edition!) it does become a bit hit and miss, especially some that I thought were too high-pitched in terms of key that make it difficult to understand what Ellie is singing about!

Conversely, the good tracks massively outweigh the less-good and give the album the quality it retains, and I should concede there are no especially 'bad' tracks at all. I also agree with some of the other reviewers in that this should have been a separate album from Halcyon, as some of the new tracks (although great) drift away from the concept and leave you with a very long album with a sense of confusion at the end.

Overall though, Ellie is a special talent with a beautiful voice and would highly recommend this album. Bearing in mind it is now only £5, it is very good value for money.
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on 7 February 2014
Some pop acts transcend generations. England's Ellie Goulding is one of them, and possibly comparable female acts such as Little Boots. The "one for the Dads" Christmas hit "How Long Will I Love You" drew me in, and then I came to appreciate many other great songs, such as "Burn". It's clear that this album is about broadening her appeal, and the change suits her. Even if we had never seen what Ms Goulding looked like (which is an obvious bonus), there is a certain "studenty" sex appeal that comes over quite clearly in her voice, and in lyrics that balance the heartfelt with the downright thoughtful. There are some great ballads on here - not released as singles - as well as some dance tracks that keep the sensitivity in evidence. Even if this sounds at times like a female NUS President at a kareoke contest, circa 1998, frankly, who cares? She has captured a particular kind of 'studenty rave' beautifully, and that feeling of being young, curious, in love, introspective and slightly at odds with the world. Treasure Ellie Goulding. She is a rarity and you'll miss her when she's gone.
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