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4.2 out of 5 stars348
4.2 out of 5 stars
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 19 January 2014
Possible Spoilers

It's very hard for me to mark down such an excellent series such as Dexter and maybe as a fan I should not have built up my expectations. There are three principal themes that season 8 follows, as we see Dexter forced to revisit his past when he comes across Dr Evelyn Vogel, a woman who claims to have structured the code for him alongside Dexter's father Harry. The season deals with a new serial killer in Miami that, almost surgically removes pieces of the victims brains. Lastly we see Debra beginning to self-destruct as she is unable to deal with the fact that she murdered LaGuerta - who was also mentor and friend?

I am sorry to say that Quinn's narrative, seems to be almost a filler if not a distraction here, since season 7 the Quinn character seems hold little or no worth as an associated character in Dexter. This is a season where the intricate machinations of the `code' are looked at. Some of the season's 12 episodes are good while others are not so good. However, if I were rating the overall series I would, without doubt give the series 5 stars - as it stands I would give this last season 4
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on 12 May 2014
This review contains spoilers and must be taken in context. I have watched all of Dexter's entire box sets from beginning to end, so I can only review S8 as a concluding part to a long running saga. I cannot review this without giving away the plot, or without sounding annoyed, so be warned.

Let's be clear: This season was the last chance for the writers to redeem themselves, to restore the tension, mystery, intrigue and suspense to Dexter and pull everything together in a satisfying concluding act that answered the key question of what happens when Dexter finally gets exposed. The death of a key person at the end of S7 was a perfect trigger for the net to close in on Dexter and for Miami Metro to turn Miami upside down looking for the killer.

The opening two episodes of S8 seemed to be nicely pushing us toward a manhunt with Dexter in the spotlight, with the smart and unflappable Dr. Vogel seemingly teasing Dexter with hints and suspicions. So it seemed that S8 would become a brilliant test of Dexter's ability to deflect suspicion while trying to survive long enough to kill a cruel bad guy.

But then the writers decided not to bother. Instead they brought back Hannah and the pathetic fatal attraction storyline. Then they revealed this season's killer to be a bit-part character who'd only spoke two lines. (At this point it became clear they were making it up as they went along). Then they introduced a possible protege for Dexter (a teenage killer) to teach 'the code'... but then killed him, off-screen, for no reason. Then they killed Vogel, on-screen, for no reason. Then they killed Debs, off-screen, for no reason. Then they killed the sub plots for Angel, Masuka and Quinn by simply abandoning them mid-story and never mentioning them again. Then they had Dexter fake his own death and abandon his son for NO GOOD REASON AT ALL having built up the fact he loves his son.

This whole season felt like a desperate grab for ideas, none of which stuck, and all of which were aborted in later episodes. The very end was terrible and made no sense at all. If only they'd piked just ONE idea and stuck with it, this could have worked. I can imagine the writers' meetings, with everyone having the "best" idea of their own, and the chief writer saying, "Calm down lads, we'll find a way to use them all. Now let's go for a beer."

People talk about how awful this final season was, or that it started going bad as early as S6, but for me it went wrong in S7 when Hannah was introduced. She destroyed the whole premise of Dexter. She gave him too much humanity and emotion. She turned him into a simpering fool who's nothing more than a lovelorn puppy. She also provided him a way out of trouble, somebody to confide in and keep his secrets. She was somebody for him to lust after, which is totally out of character for him. Dexter is a killer not a lover! And then we are asked to care less whether this woman escapes justice and we have to see Dexter try and protect her. No! We don't want this! She ought not to be in this series at all. Get rid of her! Every moment she appears is a moment of worsening quality of Dexter.

There are other mistakes too. The utter refusal to acknowledge or allude to Quinn's earlier suspicion of Dexter (in S5) is a major irritation. With Quinn randomly falling back in love with Debs (who incidentally murdered the police chief and got away with it) it seemed the perfect point to ramp up the pressure on Dexter... But no. Instead it's just a sub-plot romance between Debs and Quinn, with Dexter not involved at all. Quinn seems to be best friends with Dexter in this season and it's not realistic at all. They should have made Quinn suspicious again and work with Vogel to bring him down.

The S7 cliffhanger is conveniently glossed over, nobody suspects Debs or Dexter of anything, and it quickly becomes obvious that it will stay that way. It felt like even if Dex and Debs walked into Miami Metro shouting their guilt to the rafters, nobody would bat an eyelid.

The utter anti-climax of Debs' death is quite frankly ridiculous. She effectively dies off-screen (goes brain dead in a coma) and then Dexter switches off the life support in secret while the doctors are distracted by a big storm. Eh? Seriously? Is that the best they could come up with? It would have taken guts for the writers to have Deb confess everything and land Dexter in trouble, but no, the writers had no guts.

The very final scene? All I can say is just, what the hell is that all about? Dexter having killed his sister, faked his death and abandoned his son to the care of a serial killer who's fled the country, sits in an unexplained log cabin and stares into camera looking miserable. I like to think he's silently apologising on behalf of the writers for the mess he's made us watch. If only he'd shrugged his shoulders, it would have been perfect.

This final season was a wasted opportunity.

My perfect final season would have gone something like this: Dr. Vogel appears and (wrongly) suspects Dexter of being the Brain Surgeon, puts him under pressure and then finds something linking him to other killings in the past. Quinn too begins to reignite his own suspicions from S5 and the two of them go to Angel with their concerns. Angel dismisses them but then he begins to suspect Deb and puts two and two together. Vogel pursues Dexter and using her psychologist skill gets him to accidentally confess. Dexter takes the blame for LaGuerta's death and clears Deb of any trouble. He then spends the final 3 episodes trying to escape the team. In a final shoot-out, Dexter ends up dying in front of Harrison who sits in a pool of blood and is destined to become the new Dexter. Debs resuces him and brings him up as her own. The End. (And no Hannah anywhere to be seen).
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on 29 January 2014
I just finished watching season 8 of Dexter and have to say it isn't as bad as people make out ,It picks up 6 months after seasons 7 ending. I think it was handled well you see how Maria's death has affected everyone and given reasons as to why everyone believes she was killed.
It does have the big bad in the form of the brain surgeon. While the identity is unknown till the last few episodes it was still done well and they are small arc's this season rather than one long arc. Which I think was fine I enjoyed the Zack arc granted it was done better in season 3 and 5. I know a lot of people complained that season 8 had a lot of surreal moments such as ....... spoilers ahead


When Deb was shot by saxon it was a shock and the fact in the end she ending up dying due to a blood clot was a good idea as Deb and Dex already got to say there goodbyes and it helped Dexter realize no one is safe around him. Since if he had killed Saxon before hand Deb wouldn't have died.

How Did Dexter manage will wheel Deb's body out of the hospital and not set off any alarms when he unplugged the life support , now this has been done in other shows in 24 season 1 a character is taken off life support and no one hears it because the machine is switched off which is exactly what happens here yet no one complained when it occurred in 24.

Now to talk about the last few minutes when dex places debs body overboard he does it the only way he knows how to "bury " Someone. I know a lot of people also mentioned how Hannah is able to walk around Miami with no disguise well as far as people know she is the wife of a VERY powerful and wealthy man so people may just leave her be because of it.

As for Dexter's fake death as to how he survived the boat crash who knows he could have jumped into the sea just before impact. Also isolation in middle of nowhere is the only way he feels he can keep the last few people he cares about safe. So I think the ending. I know a lot of people may have been expecting a big manhunt type ending with dexter getting killed or caught but at the end of the day the show dealt twice with Dexter's crimes getting uncovered season 2 and 7 so to do it all again in season 8 would not have been as interesting. ultimately the show was about Dexter's journey from being a monster to trying to be human but in the end as Dexter said he felt human but hated it so he did what he thought was best for himself and everyone.

With regards to the subplots. I feel Vince's daughter subplot was ok it was dealt with as Vince wanted to know if his daughter was wanting money he got his answer thus it was resolved and we get some more scenes after that event to show us what the future holds for his character.

I will admit the battle with Quinn and Miller wasn't all that great but again it gave us a idea what kind of future the characters would have.

Overall I thought Dexter season 8 was a well done and interesting finish to a great series
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16 of 20 people found the following review helpful

I have followed Dexter from the very start and some of the eight series have been a mixed bag. Season 4 was without doubt the best of the lot and featured the Trinity killer. It was a terrific series. Series 1 was great and I liked series 5 as well with the character of Lumen making a memorable impact. I felt that series 6 and 7 were OK but not great and the 12 episodes seemed to be padded out. The final series is what I am supposed to be reviewing here so I will concentrate on that.


The series was too long winded and even a little boring in places and most of the filler stories such as Vince suddenly finding out he was a Father added nothing at all. Dexter changed too much and all because of dreary Hannah. Letting off the brain surgeon would never had happened and he just didn't seem like the same character that we had grown to have a grudging respect for and things started to go wrong in season 7. The main cast were great as usual but a couple of guest spots weren't too good. Charlotte Rampling was hit and miss as Dr Vogel and Julian Sands was awful as Hannah's husband. I just felt that the series was losing it's way and developed into a soap opera. There was one instance in the final episode when little Harrison turned to Hannah and said 'I love you Hannah' and I cringed at the way it felt so out of place. The big problem for me was the character of Hannah ever since she appeared in season 7. She was one of the least plausable character's in the shows history. A much wanted criminal with several murders to her credit, she turns up as bold as brass, no disguise, not much attempt to hide, she was a weakness in my opinion and not the type of person that Dexter would sacrifice everything for. Dexter fell head over heels in love with her and Dexter in love meant Dexter becoming boring as his character started to change. I just didn't warm to Hannah and Lumen was a much better and stronger character. It's funny that for the first 3 or so series I couldn't stand Debra but by the end she was pretty much my favourite person in the show and huge credit to Jennifer Carpenter for consistantly great performances. Now I will give my take on the ending and some of it worked and a lot of it didn't. My biggest gripe was Hannah escaping and the only one to emerge virtually unscathed. She was a killer of innocent people and quite annoying a lot of the time. She didn't even seem too bothered when she read about Dexter's 'death'. Why kill off poor old tortured Debra in an almost underwhelming way just when she had hope in her life and what was that all about with Dexter dumping her in the ocean, a place that he reserves for the scum of the earth. Given the context of how things panned out, I think they did the right thing with Dexter choosing to live a tortured and empty life as punishment for the lives he had ruined. The easy way out would have been for him to throw himself off his boat to his doom but the choice to carry on living and to suffer felt correct, at least to me.

So the ending was frustrating but not a complete disaster. It certainly wasn't perfect but not quite as dreadful as so many people think it was. I would rather Hannah had been caught and arrested and maybe Dexter and Deb to have a suicide pact with both administering a fatal injection to each other at the same time. The writers had obviously decided that she wouldn't survive and this would have been a better way than the awful way they eventually killed off Debs in this episode. Harrison? I guess he would have gone off to live with Rita's parents. Blimey, I've rambled on a bit, sorry about that. To conclude then, Dexter was a programme that I will remember with fondness but it went on for maybe a couple of series too many. Micheal C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter made a great couple with fabulous chemistry and their acting was always spot on. It wasn't the ending I wanted but it did need to be bleak I suppose.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 7 April 2014
The final season, a wonderful finish to a very powerful and dynamic franchise and leaving the possibility and yearning for more.
Looking back, Trinity was Dexter at it's best, though there isn't one singular episode I haven't enjoyed all have become fond memory's !!
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36 of 45 people found the following review helpful
on 24 September 2013
Dexter was about a journey. The journey of the protagonist, from emotionless monster to fully emotional human being. Each year took him a step forward in that journey, with each experience Dexter got closer to his ultimate goal. By the time season 8 arrived he was pretty much there. At this stage the series could have gone a couple of ways: go for a plot based, crowd pleasing high drama manhunt season going out with a bang, or, explore the character now that his journey to humanity was almost complete. Perhaps bravely, perhaps stupidly, the writers decided to focus on the character. The result is a somewhat unsatisfying weak season that's low on drama. Yet I respect their decision, despite the many negativity reactions to the season, personally I can still appreciate it for what it is. We see Dexter dealing with things emotionally, but not doing a very good job at it. This results is him making stupid decisions, and struggling to stay in control. It makes for frustrating viewing at times, but what else would you expect from someone who is relatively new at this human emotions stuff? Add to that the usual plot holes and leaps of faith, the usual padding in the form of the secondary characters and the end result is something that feels lethargic and unfocused. Moving on from the main body of the season and focusing on Dexter's ultimate fate, I'd say it is tragic and in my opinion a perfect way to end the series. All in all, a very good series, with highs and lows (this season would probably count as one of the lows), but one that as a whole I will look back on with great fondness.
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VINE VOICEon 29 January 2015
i was forewarned before i had even seen a single episode of dexter that the ending was crap and the final season jumbled and messy but i dont see it. I have loved every season of dexter and i am gutted that it is now over for me and i will miss tvs greatest serial killer. Dexter was a show that explored many things and made us love a man who killed and killed again, that for me is talent from the writers. The cast has been so important throughout although i would say some key members fade into the background during this and thats a shame but there is only so much time dedicated to a series so i forgive.
The ending which i wont reveal pleased me, it was strong, it wasnt world class but i liked it, its what i wanted and i got it. Do i want more dexter, well i suppose i do but i am happy to let it lie now and forever.
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on 9 May 2014
love watching all the episodes of Dexter, when i first heard about this series i wasnt too sure about watching it. it took me a very long time to start and now wish i had watched it when it first came out.

The fact that he kills and more or less gets away with it, in some episodes you sat on edge of your seat thinking OMG he gonna get caught and then he doesn't, he does try stopping but you know yourself he can't. my favorite episode where the Ice Truck killer, that the ending of that was great how he learns he had a brother, but for his brother to be a baddie and that he had to kill him, i think if he hadn't would it have been different. Oh and The Bay Harbour Butcher, in this it made you think oh no he gonna get caught but he didn't

In all ive enjoyed watching them and a shame he had to end.
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on 22 August 2014
I think it is fair to say this isn't the best season of Dexter (Series with the trinity killer is my favourite) but it was always going to be a bit of a struggle with so many loose ends to tie up. Where this series is let down isnt so much by the closing off of these loose ends but by Dexters nemesis and the new psychiatrist. Both are a little clumsy and seem to have been put in there not because they are needed but because its something that hadnt been done yet and this was their last chance. As a result the episodes where these characters played the smallest roles were the best.

I'll leave the ending alone as thats for everyone else to decide on.

With the dexter series over, what will replace it, I for one will miss it despite its ups and downs
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 9 April 2014
Absolutely fantastic. Ending left me haunted by the performance of Michael C Hall and what happens to his son with Hannah. Just a shame this has come to an end as I have been addicted to this whole series.
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