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4.5 out of 5 stars570
4.5 out of 5 stars
Style Name: 52 inch Travel Tripod|Change
Price:£51.29+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 17 June 2014
I have used other similar designs including the original Sirui T-025 (not the current "X" version) and this inexpensive tripod is far better for my purposes. However there's a big "gotcha" that may be a show-stopper for some: the ball head.

The ball head was a big disappointment. The good news is it feels smooth and locks solidly, the bad news is it moves slightly as you lock it (very annoying) and although it looks like it will take "Arca Swiss"-type plates they don't fit, only the plate supplied with it works. This is an awful (and stupid) piece of design making it totally useless to anyone like me who uses Arca-type plates already.

The rather heavy head also amounts to almost a third of the total weight, so even had the head been more usable I would probably have discarded it because of the weight. To be fair the tiny (but excellent) head supplied with the Sirui T-025 costs far more on its own than this complete tripod so direct comparison is unfair. Fortunately I already had a suitable replacement head.

Although the legs are not particularly well made, feeling a bit cheap compared with the Sirui, the design makes them very stable. In fact the the cheap Amazon Basics tripod legs are significantly more useful - "better" - than the much more expensive Sirui. I was unable to compare side by side but at full leg extension (not centre column) the Amazon has less leg flex than the Sirui. I quickly got over the lack of "quality fell" when it became clear that functionally the cheap Amazon wins hands down.

I didn't get this at the £25 price quoted by another reviewer (wow, what a bargain!) but the £50 or so I paid is still a very good price indeed for carbon fibre legs, even allowing for the modest build quality. I think of the head as a free extra which may be of use to some but not me. Replacing it with a smaller, lighter, better quality head transforms the tripod into something that challenges the performance of much more expensive alternatives.
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on 13 May 2015
this is simply the best tripod for the money you'll ever buy, its rock solid and the head alone is worth more than the asking price, i got it mainly because of the height it goes up to, i am disabled and unable to bend down, i am 6 feet 8 inches tall and this tripod will extend to way more than my head height so i have no need to bend whatsoever, an entire avenue of photography is again open to me, also twin this with Neewer® LCD Timer Shutter Release Remote Control for pentax k5iis (or to suit your individual camera) and you have a rock solid time lapse / extended exposure set up for next to nothing, check out the spec its a re-badged Ravelli APGL4. very heavy and built to last, it inverts, the legs can lock at allsorts of angles, has an extra quick release camera plate too, with its own carrying case. bargain of the century, nothing comes close. top marks amazonbasics.
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on 20 December 2014
This is a rebadged Ravelli APGL4 pro tripod, the pistol grip head is removable, so you could use the head on anouther tripod. The building quality is far greater than you would expect for this price. The head is solid cast aluminium so is far heavier than plastic tripod heads & anyone used to budget tripods with thin aluminium legs and plastic heads will get a shock at how heavy this is with thick gadge aluminium legs, cast aluminum joints etc it inconsiderately heavier, but as such very sturdy; this will not get knocked over easily. The head can also be connected to the bottom of the center shaft as well as the top, combine this with legs that can be angled in multiple ways, you can get your camera very low and angled in almost always you can imagine. The tripod bag is better than most bags supplied with budget tripods, but with the weight of this tripod I am not 100% confident about where the strap is sewn to the bag. The bag also contains a small zipped pocket on the inside to carry the spare quick release plate, manual & allan keys.
To summarise,
would I recommend - absolutely
Would I want to carry it round with me all day - no
Ideally a person would want a smaller lighter tripod as well as this one, I myself have 3 different tripods, an 2 different monopods each for a different purpose, there is no one shoe fit all! Although trying to explain the to my wife......! ;-)
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on 30 May 2014
This is an absolutely brilliant little piece of kit. It's incredibly light weight, around 1.3 kg folds up to a very portable 400mm and is actually pretty sturdy for it's size. Being carbon fibre helps it remain light and rigid.

It appears well made, the screw locks on the legs and centre column are quick and precise and the ball head is fluid and again locks nice and tight. The catches for the setting the leg positions are plastic but sturdy enough and standard for this type of tripod.
As a ridiculous experiment, I put a D800 with a 500mm lens on this and fully extended the legs and centre column. Not surprisingly with that much weight at that height the camera was waving around a bit if touched but was nice and secure and the head locked it tight. This is absolutely not what a light weight tripod is designed to do but with a little set up (cable release, mirror lock up, hold breath etc.) I could get sharp exposures even with this extreme test. When used in the way it's supposed to be with a smaller camera / lens combination this tripod works very, very well. If the real test of a tripod is, "would you actually take it with you and use it?" then, unlike the heavier more expensive one it's replacing, this one passes with flying colours.

At the time of writing (May 2014) Amazon UK are selling this for £23! On it's $85 and similar designs on eBay are £85! Even at £85 this would be good value for a compact carbon fibre tripod. If you can get one at £25 it's a steal.
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2012
Style Name: 60 inch Light Weight|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Amazon basics tripod is constructed remarkably similarly to the Hama Star 62 (which retails at seventeen pounds). As this Amazon Basics model is currently un-priced on Amazon I would assume it would be a similar, if perhaps lower, in price than the Hama.

Construction is sound but not excellent. I've used my main tripod (of which I forget the make) for quite a number of years and it's of a very sturdy construct, though it was more expensive than twenty pounds. The Amazon Basics model is clearly inferior, but not to a huge degree. Some criticisms I would level at it are: The leg fasteners are a little flimsy (but do hold in place), the spirit level is quite small, the metal materials used aren't as strong as I'd like, and the height lever doesn't have a locking mechanism also the feet grips don't have a metal spike to give you extra hold.

However if I'm judging by price alone you get a very good tripod that will last as long as you're not throwing the thing around too much. A carry case comes in very handy and keeps the tripod stored neatly. It has two spirit levels to make sure you're on level ground (which is helpful) and a hook to hang cases, bags etc from when shooting. The feet grips swivel, which again gives you additional help leveling the tripod.

Assuming the price is below twenty pounds for this tripod I would certainly give it a shot if you're on a budget. It's not cheap and flimsy and will last.
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Style Name: 60 inch Light Weight|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This looked heavier than it is. It is nice and light, not too large to throw over your shoulder and carry or to pack in a suitcase if you want to take it away with you. The adjustable legs adjusted very easily with the quick release clips and by the using the very useful 2 spirit level indicators provided it was easy to get it set up dead level to be able to take nice straight photos.

It also comes with a quick release attachment to attach the camera to it. Unlike my old one which you had to position the camera on top and screw into from a knob underneath. This attachment made it easy to quickly attach the camera to the base and slot the base into the tripod in less than 30 seconds.

It's stable despite its weight and folds up easily to move with or without the camera attached. It is a good height and has a screwturn winder to further adjust the height of the camera once attached and of course the usual tilt handle.

For the price, it offers everything. If you are starting out in photography or want an inexpensive tripod for occasional use, this one will do the job. It is from the Amazon Basics range so do not expect top of the range but it is certainly sturdy enough and offers all the features you need to do the job it is intended to do. In fact, I am so pleased with it I have now started thinking of upgrading my camera and doing a bit more photography using this.
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on 28 March 2015
To be honest, I was dubious before receiving the tripod of the quality. I had no need to worry though, this is a fantastic piece of equipment for the price and I don't believe there is any reason to go for an alternative in this price range. I have mainly used this at work with an iphone 6 plus mount to record tutorials and it has done the job really well. You can adjust the tripod so much that it will fit almost any situation. It's lightweight so very easy to carry around, yet gives you a option to hook weight on to it, to stabilise when using outside in wind. Although probably not recommended with this tripod, I have also used my Nikon D600 with 300mm lens, which is pretty hefty! But I must say the tripod coped extremely well.

All in all a very good tripod, worth every penny and not worth risking going for another brand at this price!
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Style Name: 67 inch Monopod|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had a couple of monopods over the years, one was an expensive once which still provides excellent service, the other was a cheapo one which eventually failed to extend - it got binned.

This isn't as sturdy as the expensive one I had (which was carbon fibre) but this plastic monopod still feel rugged enough to give years of service. It comes in a little travel pouch and I just chuck it into my bag so it's there if I need it. I don't use a monopod often but when I do I find them essential, usually when longish exposures where my hands aren't quite steady enough, screwing my camera onto a monopod (this has the standard fitting you find on every camera) means that I can rest on it and keep my equipment still enough for a wobble free shot.

I also find it very useful when taking a series of panoramas to stitch together, a lot of cameras do this without the need for additional software and allow you to simply pan across as it automatically stitches the images, if you're into that then a monopod is fantastic for enabling you to pivot from a set point.

In a nutshell: Not as solid as the uber-expensive monopods, but who needs a monopod that's going to live longer than you? This doesn't feel like a budget option and I certainly recommend it.
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on 19 February 2014
This is a really good tripod. the quality is pro standard. the up and down motion on the video head is super smooth. The left and right motion needs a little work, but being that you can change the head to any tripod video head you want there is no reason to complain.

100% recommend this product
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on 9 October 2012
I got this Tripod from Amazon back in August and was immediately impressed with it. Having checked out a few Tripods in a couple of local camera shops prior to ordering this one, I was not expecting too much. This one compares very well with those of similar quality I had previously viewed. Yes, the legs are aluminium and yes, the locks on the legs and all the components at the top of the tripod are plastic but it feels good, substantial plastic. With regard to its stability when used outdoors, well, I would say that on level ground and in a non windy situation it would be fine. Let's be fair, to leave expensive equipment on a tripod unattended and especially outdoors would be rather foolish. Even with a weight hanging on the hook provided, it would not be a wise thing to do. I recently purchased from Amazon a Nikon D5100 SLR camera with the 18-55m kit lens. At the same time I bought the 55-300m lens for zoom use. With the big lens at full stretch, attached to the camera, I have mounted it on the tripod and it is very stable especially if you ensure the lens is directly above one of the legs. The features on the tripod are very good. Camera attaching plate, panning arm, levelling bubbles, cranking facility and locking points are all there and they work well. With careful use, I have no doubt that this piece of equipment will serve me well for a long time. For the keen amateur like myself, this is a good tripod to begin with at a very good price and I would recommend it.
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