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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars79
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 13 August 2013
I am also in my late thirties, and I too love this programme. I think it must appeal to those of a similar generation brought up on Mr Benn, Jamie and the Magic Torch etc.

This is a wonderfully imaginative animation. It's simple yet it has a depth that is lacking in much of today's contemporary childrens programming.

It follows the daily adventures of Sarah and her friend Duck. The 7 minute long episodes play out with gentle coaxing from narration by Roger Allam. The dialogue, which at times is quite matter of fact, gives rise to some genuinely funny interactions between Sarah, Duck and the narrator.

Although the show is aimed at pre schoolers, although I think it does appeal to a wider audience and older children would engage with this just as well (and clearly 30-40 somethings too).

Oh, my 13 month old daughter loves this too by the way.

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on 26 November 2013
I can only concur with the reviews above. We all watch Sarah and Duck in our house and my nearly-4-year-old son loves it, perhaps in a slightly different way to how his 30something parents both do.

Any programme with a talking pile of wool, a girl who always carries a plate, and a forgetful lady who has a grumpy bag to remind her what she is doing is always going to be a winner.

I have a passion for the satisfyingly surreal and this gentle, odd little programme fills my heart with warmth! I shall definitely be purchasing this when it comes out, and recommending that every person on this earth does the same.
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on 8 November 2013
sarah and duck is one of my favorite programmes,its just brilliant,narrated by a much less sweary Roger Allam(the thick of it) the animation is quirky and utterly charming,to be honest i would quite happily watch it with or without my three year old.And i want a duck.
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on 3 September 2013
I think I am looking forward to this DVD release more than my child! It is a fantastic little cartoon (about 7 or 8 mins long per episode) and my 2.5 year old daughter, my 31 year old Hubby and myself love it! It's calm, unassuming, funny and quirky. I wish there were going to be more than just these first 10 episodes on the DVD though - but maybe I'm a bit greedy!
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on 17 July 2013
I am 39 years old and this is quite simply the best television programme in the history of mankind.

Buy it.

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on 16 August 2013
This series is an antidote to all the limp, irritating, saccharine dross that gets pumped out by Disney. Sarah is real: She's imperfect, naive, funny-looking, and completely charming. Sarah and Duck stories don't necessarily have a beginning or end, they certainly don't have a preachy message - other than perhaps to "find joy in all things".

Her adventures are impeccable observations of a young mind. On her travels, Sarah meets talking rainbows, cakes, and vegetables. She accepts them all without prejudice as her friends. Fantasy and reality are blended in a way that only the very young would be completely comfortable with. Sarah is not pressured to make the "right" decision to solve her gentle predicaments, and often comes up with an unusual approach, whether it obeys the laws of physics or not - just like real a real human child.

The folky and kaleidoscopic music is wonderfully soothing, and complements the deep voice of the narrator wonderfully. The editing is also spacious and calm, making this a perfect bedtime wind-down for pre-schoolers and infants. Importantly for parents, this makes repeated viewing less annoying too.

Sarah and Duck is a BBC gem which revives the tradition of great british children's animation!
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on 9 November 2013
I am ridiculously excited by the imminent release of the Sarah & Duck DVD. My partner and I are in our early 40s and have a 9 month old who couldn't care less about Sarah & Duck. Us grown ups on the other hand end up crying with laughter at it every day. I cannot get enough of it and can often be found doing the Fireworks Dance in our kitchen :D
The release date is just in time for my son's birthday so I'm buying it for my partner and I as a "survived our first year as parents" prezzie :D

This DVD could only be improved by including a billion more episodes. Five stars is insufficient to show how much I love this <3
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on 11 August 2014
The best TV programme for preschool children ever made. If you think that's a rash claim, try thinking of a better one. Look up your old favourite on YouTube. I did. I was both delighted and rather saddened that Sarah and Duck beat the Magic Roundabout, and all the others I ended up watching, hands down.

The gentle flow of the programme masks a depth of writing that entertains children and parents, and subliminally educates, often through the interjections of the narrator, a sort of off-screen Uncle character. Roger Hallam voices this role as beautifully as it is written. My favourite character is Scarf Lady's lovingly ignored husband, who has been reduced to an occasionally talking handbag. One of the writers must know a characterful older couple to have had that particular inspiration.

My children (better not forget them) love every character in every episode. This programme is funny and charming. Heaven forfend that the series should ever be withdrawn from the iPlayer. But then you could always buy the DVD, I suppose....
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on 6 August 2014
My 4 year old brother being off school, and me being the only person able to look after him, meant that I was going to have to survive a 2 week bombardment of CBeebies. Within the first day I was grinding my teeth at half the shows, and close to tears at the other half (what had they done with my beloved PostMan Pat?!). In a world of blinding colours, pop-music theme tunes and constantly condescending scripting I was quite startled when a simple, bouncy, stripped back tune came on - the theme tune for Sarah & Duck.

I fell in love quite instantly with Duck. Never before had I seen a duck animated with such a wide range of emotions, so easily identifiable, when his only line is "quack". His mannerisms and interactions with the world he lives in had me constantly laughing, and Sarah's wide-eyed and always fascinated approach to the world made me nostalgic for my childhood days.

I'm always forgetting to watch The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. I never forgot to watch Sarah & Duck. As soon as it was available to pre-order I was on Amazon with my debit card out and not a single regret in my heart; it remains to be one of my favourite DVDs, and I have the next one pre-ordered for the 8th of September.

So there you have it, perfect for 22 year old university students who are feeling a little negative about the world. I'm not 100% how my little brother feels about it though...I never asked him.
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on 8 March 2014
So, there I was, doing a search for a Sarah Millican TV show on my set top box. A list of suggestions with Sarah related programmes appeared, & on it was one called Sarah & Duck. I've never heard of it before. My girlfriend's name is Sarah so I pointed it out to her & I clicked on an episode. It was called Sarah Gets A Cold. My gf had a cold. So we watched it. She thought it might be new, cgi type animation but was happy to see it was old school, which she loves. We saw that Sarah wears a hoodie. My gf likes to wear hoodies. She, my gf, also likes wearing funky hats & her fave colour is green. So many coincidences. Oh yeah, she likes ducks too.
So, that was that. I had to do a quick search on Amazon for any S & D merchandise & I found the dvd & bought it for her, to cheer her up because of the cold. ( I also bought her the Sarah & Duck talking toy, she loved them ).
Normally I would never write a review for a dvd I hadn't watched, but I'm basing it on the episode we did see, which was great.
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