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4.8 out of 5 stars759
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 15 September 2013
Starting from when Beauty and the Beast was first released on blu ray with classic numbering on its side, I've found myself collecting the majority of the releases to build up the set, and have been eagerly awaiting this as one of the better installments of the franchise.

The film itself would be an easy 9/10 as there are moments where the animation feels a little stilted and halfhearted (almost entirely in the opening sequence with the very plain dolphins etc) which drag it down, but once we first encounter the characters, the film picks up and never lets it sag for a moment.

The blu ray transfer is flawless, as mentioned in regards to the opening animation, I did have an initial concern when watching that it might look TOO clean and really highlight the flaws to detriment of the film, but this was not the case, and instead the colours are rich and vibrant and sound perfectly balanced between dialogue and musical interludes. Speaking of said musical numbers, absolute highlights of the transfer would be the flashy visuals to Poor Unfortunate Souls, and the enhanced mood and beauty to Kiss The Girl - both have never looked or sounded better. Overall transfer gets another 9/10 due to the slight issue taken with the initial few minutes as mentioned earlier. However if you have never had any issues the style and animation there, than this definately gets the extra point to a perfect 10.
The extra features are nicely varied and whilst personally not many I'd re-watch, all were interesting to at least see the once.

Of the many Disney blu rays I have seen thus far, this is easily one of the best transfers - right up there with the likes of Beauty and the Beast and Tangled and a must buy for any fan!
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on 5 August 2005
This delightful children's film is a timeless Walt Disney classic and is based on the fairytale by Hans Christian Anderson. It focuses on life under the sea, in particular Ariel, a mermaid princess who falls in love with a human prince named Eric. She rescues him from the sea when his ship is struck by lightening and sunk. On her quest to win his heart she meets the sea witch Ursula, who's ultimate desire is to rule the ocean, and transforms her from a mermaid into a human but at a price, Ariel's voice. She has 3 days to win Eric's heart but if she fails she will become mermaid once more and be Ursula's forever..........
The Little Mermaid is typical of its genre; it has a certain charm which draws the children (and parents) into watching it. The film includes an array of fun characters including Sebastian, the reggae singing crab, and flounder, Ariel's faithful companion. Sebastian brings a real humour to the film and after a vague start it can be assured that by the end of the film everyone will warm to him. Another amusing character is Scuttle the Seagull who claims to be the expert on all things human. So when presented with a fork from one of Ariel's ship exploration's, declares ' now this is a dinglehopper which humans use to comb their hair with'. The colourful animation keeps children riveted and the Oscar winning sing-along tunes involve the family with the film. Another element which keeps the children engaged is the fact that the film is only 79 minutes long, which as any parent knows the shorter the film, the better, otherwise the small children get agitated and bored. A good storyline is always vital and this Hans Christian Anderson fairytale is the perfect, enchanting tale. It contains key characters such as the dashing prince (Eric), evil witch (sea witch, Ursula), sidekick (Sebastian), protective father (King Triton) and, of course, the damsel (Ariel). As with all successful children's films the story has a happy ending and leaves the viewer feeling uplifted and joyful. Definitely a must see film for all the family.
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on 25 October 2008
joint with Lion King as being the best Disney film ever and another one of my favourite films of all time.
the animation is breathtaking and shows us the greatest set of characters ever.
Arial is the definitive Disney princess...who actually fights for what she believes in and remains a truely beautiful Disney creation.
Sabastean = the most hilarious Disney character after Robin Williams Genie in Aladdin.
Ursula is neck in neck with Sleeping Beauty's Melefacent as the ultimate Disney villain.
a remarkable film and Disney at its most epic and beautiful best that in turn marked a new golden age of Disney animation.
the astonishing Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, and (my fave)The Lion King followed this masterpiece.
simply amazing
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on 5 July 2004
The Little Mermaid is by far the best movie ever. It is a story of love between a beautiful headstrong mermaid called Ariel and a human prince called Eric.She has the most beautiful voice in all of Atlantica. One day she saves the young prince from drowning and falls deeply in love with him. But her father, King Triton, disapproves and destroys her hidden trove full of human treasures. She trades her voice with the evil sea witch, Ursula, to become a human for three days and to make him kiss her otherwise she becomes a mermaid again. But Ursula has plans to take Atlantica and steal Tritons kingdom from him. This has to be the greatest Disney movie of all time and i have loved it ever since i was a little girl (i am 16 now, the same age as Ariel!) and i still adore it. I highly recommend this to anyone. (The soundtrack's great too)
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on 4 September 2013
I want to start with myself; I am not a 12 year old girl who has watched this film 5 times, I am a 17 year old boy who has watched this film near 100 times. The Little Mermaid will always be my favourite Disney film because of its characters, animation, story and score. This film combines each of these crucial aspects and formulates a well-rounded Disney film which will be loved by all. Do not be discouraged by the title or protagonist; this is NOT a girly film. Yes, Ariel is female but the story is not gender specific; we can all dream and take chances and there is no way that everything is targeted at little girls. In fact, there seems to be many areas which break the "Disney princess" convention e.g. the final fight.
Two things anger me about this film: the fact that some people deem it feminine and are drawn away from appreciating this real work of art and not enough praise is given to Alan Menken for his Academy Award winning musical score which resonates throughout. Now with this HD upgrade, hopefully it will gain more praise in both areas.
Besides the background details which should have more appreciation, the film throws you into the underwater world where you will meet Ariel and her friends as well as her father who stands in between the mermaid and becoming part of the human world. To "help" her is the brilliant and iconic Ursula but little does Ariel know how much her hopes will cost her and those closest to her. One major criticism of the film is Ariel herself whom some say throws women's rights back a few decades but I see Ariel as (certainly the first princess) a figure who shows conviction and determination to involve herself in action and does not rely on her prince to save her. When the final fight commences, Ariel directly orders Eric to get away in fear of his safety whereas others Disney have created prior to this film will cower away. Ariel is a positive role model and should not be criticised for having a wish and taking chances to see them come true.
The Blu-Ray copy brings a modernisation of this film with darker, more realistic colours and crisper sound to fully appreciate the world-famous "Under The Sea" number which truly the message of this film: to be part of their world (sorry) and since being taken off the big screen, Blu-Ray is the best way for fans and kids of the Renaissance to return and even to introduce new fans with maximum immersion and enjoyment.
Everything about the box is beautiful, especially the slip cover which I had hoped would be included with embossed lettering and for a few of the characters as well. It is a real collector's item.
Overall, I couldn't be more positive about this film. I'm so glad that a Diamond Edition has been released to keep for many years to come and I can rediscover all that it had taught me from my earliest memories from believing in myself and the real strengths of women which were so irritatingly overlooked in the earlier princess movies. The Little Mermaid is an iconic film and will be remembered as a work of art. Buy it and you will enjoy it; I still do.
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on 30 May 2008
I absolutely love this film it's quite short but has some awesome characters and catchy music. It's nowhere near as environmentally teaching as Finding Nemo but is still just as fun. Some of the extras on the DVD are really cool as well especially a feature on a 'would have been' ride for the Disney theme parks but never went into action, I hope they put it in the parks one day.
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on 29 April 2000
The little mermaid is the best.You'll meet Ariel the mermaid in love with a human and her unforgettable friends,flounder the fish,sebastian the crab and scuttle the seagull.You'll also meet Ursula the great villainess and many more characters.Also experience the award winning music(you'll be dancing in your seat.) This movie on DVD is excellent but it could have more features,nevertheless you see this masterpiece in all it's true glory! It is certainly my fave film of all time and I'm a 15 year old lad!Enjoy it!
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on 5 March 2006
This film was released when I was 1 year old and my mum bought it for me when I was two-ish. I fell in love with it, and watched it so much that you would have thought I'd grow sick of it. But I never have. It's THAT GOOD.
The characters are wonderful. By this point Disney seemed to have realised that all their heroines needn't be blonde, bland and harmless. Ariel is very spirited, you might almost call her a bit of a brat, but she's also insanely lovable. The relationship between her and her father is so well played out. I challenge anyone to watch the ending when she says 'I love you, Daddy' and to not shed a tear. Her sidekicks Sebastian, Flounder and Scuddle are all hilarious, especialy the Jamaican crab Sebastian.
However, my two favourite characters are the evil sea witch Ursula, and Louis the French chef. Ursualla is so fabulous yet so evil, like Cruella Devil but with tentacles. You've just got to love her, despite her nastiness. And Louis is only a bit part, but his scene where he tries to capture Sebastian (with the music for the can-can in the background) has me screaming with laughter.
In conclusion: Buy it. Watch it with your children. And your grandchildren. I know this will still be popular for generations to come.
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on 5 November 2006
14 years before 'Finding Nemo' splashed into cinemas, 'The Little Mermaid' had already taught us that it is indeed better, down where it's wetter Take It From Meeee....

where do i start This delightful Disney-fied adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson's tale of the same name still holds its own after all these years of advancements in animation. It's partly because the studio really pushes the boat out, as it were, when it comes to getting the visuals right. But it's also because this is a great story, with a strong female lead, a nice array of supporting characters, suspense and romance in all the right places and some better-than-decent tunes.

Jodi Benson does a fantastic job as the voice of Ariel, the "little mermaid" of the title (actually, she's 16 so not really all that little) For reasons we can only hazard a guess at, she longs to leave her deep sea life behind her and live up-top with the human types. So, despite the strong advice of King Triton (who's also her dear old daddy), she makes a deal with the tentacled seahag Ursula which involves swapping her voice for a pair of legs. The catch? She's got to get the handsome and unfortunately named Prince Eric to snog her before the sun goes down on the third day, or she'll be tossed back into the sea like an old trout Of course, it goes without saying that pop's is gonna chuck a wobbler when he finds out lol

The colourful and imaginative backdrops make for a visual treat, particularly in the underwater scenes, whilst the characters are much better written than many of their counterparts from other Disney flicks of the period. Perhaps the only exception to that is witchy woman Ursula, who's a bit like Madam Mim from 'The Sword and the Stone' only without the comedy value. And you can't help but wonder why, if she's such a great sorceress, she doesn't use some of that magic to make herself vaguely presentable instead of living her life as some sort of aquatic Grotbags.

i hope this review helps. to those who are not already familiar with the little mermaid my advice is simple.. "BUY IT" and if you have seen it my advice again is 'BUY IT' i have been waiting for the release of the little mermaid for years' all we need next is 'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST' :) hope you lovely people of amazon enjoy this film..
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on 15 November 2006
The Little Mermaid was the film to kick start a flagging company. It re-invented a genre and shed new and interesting light on all animated movies to follow.

To say this movie inspired is an understatment when you look at what has followed in the last decade: Aladdin, The lion King and the sublime Beauty and The Beast!

So why was The Little Mermaid so good? Well to start with you have some of the most memorable characters in Disney history. You'll never forget the panicked tones of Sebastion, the ever faithful crab, or the wicked and fantastically theatrical Sea Witch, Ursula! But most of all you have a brilliantly cheerful and endearing heroine to root for!

And then you have the wonderfully bubbly tunes that help move the story on without clogging the running time or getting in the way. You'll be humming "Under the Sea" for days afterwards.

This dvd does an excellent job of restoring the quality of the picture. It's colourful and bright. The sound is perfectly crisp. I dont usually mention the special features, but even they are worth a mention this time, with an interesting and informative look at the making of a classic and important film in Disney's history!

A film which has been loved for nearly twenty years, will now be loved by more generations to come. Buy and enjoy. This should be in any dvd collection!
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