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on 4 January 2015
This is my 3rd Garmin Satnav, and is a great improvement on previous models. The attraction (apart from the fact that it was on a lightning deal!) was the free lifetime maps. The problem is that in order to register the new device and download new maps you have to install "Garmin Express". Like thousands of other Garmin customers I tried to do this on my Windows based laptop only to find that installation repeatedly failed. Searching YouTube revealed this to be a common problem, with loads of supposed solutions that involve tinkering with the OS of the machine. Wasted nearly 3 hours on this, then rang Garmin UK - on hold for about 30 minutes, then eventually got connected and was told that this was an acknowledged fault, but they would email me a solution. The solution arrived but didn't work. More waiting, then connected again - and then was told that the problem was down to Microsoft, as they had supplied a Security Update back in August 2014 which prevented Garmin Express installing. Was sent another email, telling me to uninstall this update, then reboot the computer and start all over again. Did everything as instructed and again failed to install. Eventually got a link from the U.S. which enabled me to bypass the Security Update and install Garmin Express. About 5-6 hours wasted in total, and the failure to deal with this issue back in August speaks volumes about Garmin's Customer Service. Once I connected the Satnav via Garmin Express, upgrading the firmware was quick and straightforward, but the maps took 3 hours to download and install (even over a 100mb Fibre Optic connection). The machine works well, seems to be better made than the previous model, and the method of fixing to the screen is a great improvement - the ball/socket/rubber cup is fitted together as a single unit and attached to the screen, and a new simple "click on / click off" coupler makes the process quick and straightforward. The screen is clear, traffic system works well, and overall it is a good machine. However, given the Garmin Express problem - still unresolved as far as any new purchaser is concerned - I cannot recommend this unit (unless you have an Apple Mac, in which case Garmin Express should work).
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 23 August 2014
It seems Amazon are lumping together reviews of several different Garmin models - this review relates to the Nuvi 2598LMT-D EU.

We decided to buy a new sat nav largely because it was going to cost a fair bit to update the maps which made this model, with its lifetime updates and useful features which weren't available when we bought our last sat nav (also a Garmin) five or six years back, an attractive proposition. We also wanted to have all the European maps on the device and not have to fiddle around adding and removing maps because of capacity issues. We didn't buy it from Amazon because it was cheaper at a well-known car accessory supplier.

Set up was quite simple although downloading map updates took an age but this is more to do with our appallingly slow broadband connection than with Garmin. We tested it out on a few UK journeys that we are very familiar with to ensure it was working satisfactorily before we headed off to Europe on holiday. I have to say it is much better than our old satnav (which was a highly recommended one at the time of purchase). Routing was quick and delivered the appropriate route. We were delighted to find that if you divert from the route there was a much quicker re-calculation than the old machine, and without the 're-calculating, recalculating' chant that used to drive us mad. We also noticed how much better directions were - useful stuff like 'turn left at the traffic lights'. There is also a distinct improvement in instructions compared to our old model which seemed to notify turns far too early sometimes leading us astray and invoking the 're-calculating, re-calculating' chant. The lane direction split screen is also very useful - it doesn't appear for every junction (and frankly isn't needed most of the time) but it made life a lot easier going into Paris. The screen is very clear and immediately reacts to changes such as entering tunnels when it switches to a style more suited for night-viewing. It was also useful to know on the motorway where the next fuel services or roadworks were coming up so we could plan ahead.

The only problem we had was with the directions to a supermarket in Beaune chosen from the menu - we got there but to the delivery bay and had to re-trace our journey round the block to the customer entrance. On another occasion the map was out of date but in fairness the road had only just opened so I imagine that the next update will take care of that.

The one really irritating factor on this one was the English speaking woman (the default on our machine). To put it mildly she struggled with pronunciation in French. Initially this was very amusing (an Avenue Neuchatel was pronounced 'avu neighchaaartel' - it took several attempts for us to work out what she was saying and it only became clear when I noticed the road name on a wall!). After a while the joke wore thin and we chose to have instructions read out in French - I can confidently give directions in French now having listened to this for three weeks!

From our point of view, aside from a couple of minor niggles, we think the upgrade to the new model was worth it, providing lots of useful features, a better screen and faster directions as well as lifetime map & travel updates.
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on 2 August 2014
Much improved over my 5 year old Tom Tom as you might expect. the interface is especially good and the screen crystal clear. Large screen means easy to see from both driver and passenger perspectives, very important as my wife argues with the woman in the satnav about directions.
This unit exceeded my expectation and I recommend it.
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on 3 August 2014
I bought this to replace a Garmin Nuvi 360 that I'd owned for about 6 years. By comparing the devices, you can see how far Garmin have come in that time. Finding satellites seems to be almost instant, digital traffic is excellent and appears to be very reliable. I drove from Surrey to the French Alps after buying this and the fact that it displays the current speed limit in MPH in Europe was a real plus for staying legal when not driving on motorways. The junction visualisations for motorways is also impressive and was again very useful on unfamiliar roads in Europe. The Up ahead function makes it a lot easier to find, restaurants and fuel en route. I thought the 5 inch display might be a bit too big, but actually seemed about right. Very impressed with this unit.
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on 12 March 2015
Satnav is easy to use, directions are clear and rarely seems to have a problem getting a GPS lock (unlike my previous TomTom). However all this is let down by Garmin's awful update service. With a fibre connexion and fast modern Mac PC it quotes 2 hours to update the maps. Unfortunately this is a lie. When downloading the maps estimated time will increase until it reaches hundreds of hours and then say there was an error and you have to manually start the process all over again. It's like snakes and ladders, you need to be able to sit at your PC for days retrying the update. Plenty of reports of this on the web so it's not a one-off problem. Simply not an acceptable level of service in 2015.
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on 30 March 2015
I've been using the Garmin nuvi 2598LMT-D Sat Nav for a little while now and I have to say that my confidence in this device is very low. I've set it to fastest route but it regularly diverts you off main roads for no apparent reason and most definitely isn't using the fastest route on many occasions. I am intending writing to Garmin to complain about this device as I've found myself reverting back to my 10 year old TomTom! As an example, we recently visited Devizes and decided to explore Chippenham, which is 24 mins and 12 miles away along the A342. The Garmin Sat Nav very quickly tried to take us off this route onto the A350, which is 31mins and 15 miles away. Even worse still, when comparing a journey from the Limoges region of France to Calais on both the Garmin and TomTom, there was an hour's difference in the fastest route shown by each device. We stuck to the TomTom and gradually the Garmin recalculated to match the journey time as we went, although again, it kept trying to take us off the main roads for no apparent reason. This device has definitely cost me time and more fuel than my old and very out of date TomTom and I don't trust it at all, which is disappointing when you consider I thought I was upgrading to a better device! I think Google should bring out a Sat Nav!
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on 10 January 2015
This was my 2nd Garmin from new generation...and worked well initially on the outskirts of my city....until I travelled to Nottingham recently ..and got totally lost, as Sat Nav..road map turned itself sideways...and all street names and voice directions disappeared...Had to stop several times to see if it would work properly and resolved to using my phone GPS to finish my journey and get me home...Hence it went back to Amazon...Old Garmin Sat Nav of 4 years is still doing what it should do except got to buy expensive map updates....Not sure what's going on with new generation ones...Now brought another Garmin model...and if this fails will definitely be my last. ...
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on 11 January 2014
Have just completed a 1500 mile journey across Europe having just acquired it .The problems I encountered were.
1) In planning the trip I tried to download Garmin Basecamp to my computer but this failed repeatedly.
2) Voice-over commands were frequently incomprehensible. In France she neither spoke with a French accent nor an anglicised phonetic rendering she just got the names wrong. This did not matter too much because :
3)She gave the street names you were turning into . Not very useful because you usually do not know the name of the street anyway so it does not provide a check. It would have been better to give the direction stated on signpost..
4)S lightly unreliable on roundabouts. Method was to tell you to take a numbered turn off eg 'take the third turning off' but would fail to include one of the minor turnings. Great care was needed
5) Once directed to a dead end. On the other hand once directed on rutted track through graveyard which was just fine!
6) Trip -planner quite hard to use because you could not enter where you want the journey to end only intermediate points. What you have to do is go to 'Edit journey' then 'optimise route' then 'Done' then 'Save journey'. Odd glitch as it is such an obvious one.
7) You have to provide an address for the place you are going to. You must enter one of the addresses provided and it might be some way from where you want to go. Perhaps this is the most annoying thing about the device.
By and large an excellent device and I would recommend it. Don't bother with the travel pack if you are offered it.It comes with a case which does not fit.
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on 17 September 2014
Performs well and is an improvement over our old Garmin satnav - faster to load and recalculate with clearer lane guidance. Free lifetime map and traffic updates are well worth having. Pronunciation of some english place names is wrong and the mangled versions of french road and place names is poor. Having a selection of routes is good but it doesn't always include the best one eg approaching Cherbourg it wanted us to go through the town rather than follow the signed dual carriageway to the ferry terminal. A further limitation is the need to enter an address in your destination town when what you really want is a selection of car parks.
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on 20 January 2015
A few points that raised my interest:

- The Bluetooth works but if you pair it to the phone and try to have a conversation the sound quality is very bad for the other person (it's okish for a short chat but you won't have a conf call on this thing). I don't know if there are models that handle this better as the satnav is quite far away from the driver;

- The traffic updates aren't very useful because there is a bit delay in getting them and you could probably get better updates with an app such as Waze. BUT the updates come through a radio signal so they are FREE outside the UK, whereas most other competing models and phone apps use your Internet connection and data roaming is still expensive;

- Traffic updates include details such as roadworks and accidents not just congestion, which I found very useful

- The SatNav will attempt to find a better route based on the traffic details as mentioned above. In a 3000 km trip it suggested this once (since I was mainly on motorways) to save 11 minutes.

- Some people complain that it does not pronounce street names well. This is true, but I didn't find that bothersome - mostly funny :). I am sure this can be fixed with a software update at some point.
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