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4.4 out of 5 stars407
4.4 out of 5 stars
Style Name: HiveColour Name: PinkChange
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on 17 April 2015
Excellent for what it is, sound quality is great as long as your expectations are realistic. Obviously a portable speaker of this size is never going to sound like a proper hi-fi, it's not something I'd recommend as your only source of audio at home. However, this is great as a portable unit that's good for camping trips, hotels, out in the garden etc or just as a quick and easy boost to the audio output of a laptop. I've previously used the popular X-mini speakers and, in volume terms, this sounds roughly comparable to two of those daisy chained together but the sound quality of the Hive is better and whereas the X-minis tend to bounce around all over the place and fall over this is much more stable. The 'passive bass radiator' on the bottom actually does seem to help extend the bottom end a bit, particularly if the speaker is placed on a hard surface and the bass response is pretty good (again - if you're realistic about what can be achieved at this size and price). I've had no problems with the bluetooth but I do tend to use the 3.5mm stereo jack more often simply because it uses less battery power both on the speaker and on whatever device I'm using to play music from. The battery life is excellent too, I've certainly had more than the advertised 10 hours out of a full charge when connected through the jack input. For about a quarter of the price of a Bose Soundlink Mini you can't go wrong.
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on 1 March 2015
...every single time that I use the Pocket Hive, I am completely blown away by the high quality that has been packed into such a small size!

The packaging is really fun - the hexagon speaker is in a clear plastic section, and below that is all of the details and specifications. Like all other KitSound products that I've had, I found it incredibly difficult to actually get into the product, but I guess the wait is always worth it. I discovered that as well as a great manual, the Pocket Hive came with a charging cable, an aux cable to connect it to something that didn't have Bluetooth, and a gorgeous soft touch carry case.

I was really eager to listen to my music, and as I always do, I listened to Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells' first. I think that listening to the same song first time is always a good way to compare different speakers and headphones. I switched on the Pocket Hive, and the square around the 'ks' in the front flashed blue. It was really simple to connect my phone with Bluetooth, and then the flashing blue light became static.

As soon as I pressed play, I was astounded. The sound was so clear, and so loud! I couldn't believe that much volume could come out of such a small speaker! But what's even better than that is that even with high volume, the sound quality didn't diminish. Cheap tacky speakers often have that problem, but no matter what I listened to, the music sounded amazing.

I was also able to connect the Pocket Hive to my laptop through Bluetooth. It was just as simple, and made watching a film on it so much more enjoyable. The words were clearer, and the sound was much rounder than the tinny speakers of my computer.

The battery life of the Pocket Hive was another unexpected surprise - ten hours! It only takes a couple of hours to charge too, and when it's charging the square around the 'ks' glows red. I particularly liked the fact that when my husband used the Pocket Hive with his laptop and connected it with the cable (his laptop doesn't have Bluetooth) the square glowed purple! Such a nice way to combine them.

I'm a naturally perknickety person, but try as I will I simply cannot find anything to fault the Pocket Hive on. For the price that KitSound are asking, it's a marvel that they've created something so wonderful.
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on 21 March 2013
A great speaker in my opinion. I did a little box opening season so you can see it in more detail then the pics but was really impressed by the build quality of this product! Remember - this is made by the same people who make the BoomDock and that thig is epic!
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on 28 September 2014
Based on the positive reviews and having heard (and been frankly underwhelmed with) some of the comparable models available from other manufacturers first hand, I thought this was worth a go at this price... I was still expecting to be disappointed, given the small size and low price, but I was very pleasantly surprised! This kind of product generally has a tinny sound with a distorted, eye-watering bass, but that isn't the case here. I have now spent a weekend with the Hive, listening to a variety of music from dance to indie, and I've been impressed. I should start by saying I have used a friend's Bose unit of comparable size and found it had an excessively accentuated mid-bass and top end treble that seems initially impressive but is ultimately really tiresome to listen to for any length of time. On the other hand, whoever designed this unit should be congratulated for producing something that is really pleasant to listen to in the longer term. Of course, something this tiny can't compete with a full-size hi-fi, but it does an impressive job nonetheless. I still can't quite believe how much distortion-free volume it can produce from such tiny drive units. The passive bass port on the bottom sounds like a gimmick but actually works incredibly well and the overall sound is a nice, warm and rounded sound provided you put it on a hard surface (like a table) and close to a wall or similar reflecting surface. The money has definitely been spent on the critical ingredients here, so the carry case is just a basic velvet-fabric wallet with drawstring (still reasonable quality) and there are just the 3.5mm and micro-USB cables included; some people seem to rave about the packaging - yes, it's quite nice, but fortunately this isn't where the money has been spent either! Battery life better than quoted. Only downside is that at max volume it can eventually vibrate it's way off the table! All-in-all though, really the best unit in this class that cannot be beaten :)
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on 20 March 2015
Having owned this speaker for a few weeks now i can safely say this is by far the best blutooth speaker in its catagory.
I tend to use this style of speaker often whilst cooking in a noisy kitchen, as a teaching aid for music playback and also for listening to music in the garden.
I have previously used speakers from "Phillips, Sony and Bush". This is just a completely different kettle of fish. The quality of sound compared to other similarly priced units is very noticable. Bass response is clear and NEVER distorts even when pushed to the limit. Trebbles and mids are punchy and and balanced with the bass well.
The fit and finish are second to none and the unit feels like it will outlast any rivals especially with the bespoke carry case. It also looks classy in black.
Connectivity could not be simpler. It looks like you can daisychain these together aswell which is a big bonus if you want extra power.
Although "Kit Sound" is a fairly new kid on the block, i would seriously consider looking into their speakers before going with some of the obvious manufacturers, i guarantee you will be surprised.
I am already looking into the hive headphones by Kit Sound as my next purchase.
Keep the products coming.
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on 31 January 2015
I bought this as a present for a member of the family who was very impressed with my Bose Soundlink Mini. Now I love my sister to bits but no way could I afford to get her a Bose so I took the plunge and got the Hive speaker. Its slightly smaller than the Bose but the sound quality is very nearly on par with its more expensive rival, crisp high notes that don't distort, mellow mid range, and a very good amount of down firing bass that you can feel. It has a very warm, soft, rubbery feel to the case that makes it very easy to handle and the "honeycomb" design makes it stand out from the crowd. Pairing up is very simple and it has a very good range, easily covers the length of the house and has enough ooomph in it to fill your average sized room. All in all a very good buy and if I didn't have the Bose I would definitely have one of these.
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on 1 February 2015
Absolutely love these speakers! My friend had his similar BOSE speakers with him and I did a comparison between the two. Honestly, the sound is clearer within the Kitsound Hive speakers and the bass pump is so good for such a size! The price is superb and you get more than what you pay for quality wise. Do not be afraid to buy it, the biggest difference I felt between the two speakers were that the BOSE speakers had a slightly (very unnoticable) stronger bass kick and the grip within KS when you place it on the table could be a bit better when on full volume, because on heavier bass tracks it starts moving a bit. But that is not a big problem in my opinion. Would recommend it to anyone! Worth the money! You save a fortune and get excellent quality!
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on 7 March 2015
I use my pocket hive as a speaker for my phone and iPod for work.
The pocket hive was recommended to me by a friend as a replacement for my old work speakers.

The carry case is soft but robust enough to protect the speaker and has a handy little clip on it which is useful to hang it from a belt loop or rucksack.
There's a separate compartment in the top of the case which is big enough to house the 3.5mm aux input cable and a charge cable.

It's small size makes it easy to transport and it takes up next to no room wherever I use it.
It is so compact that It'll be ideal to take to festivals/ camping/ on holiday this year.

The Bluetooth, once setup, pairs quickly with my phone and I use the aux input connected to the phone jack on my iPod.
I haven't had any high pitched buzzing as reported on earlier reviews but my phone automatically pairs even when I use the aux.

The battery is as good as it says in the instructions and after an initial overnight charge I used the speaker for nearly two days without needing to recharge.

When I first tried the speaker I couldn't believe how punchy the sound was!
Considering it's barely 9cm tall and 8cm wide, the power and range of sound is quite simply staggering!
I've tried many different speaker options over the last couple of years and by comparison the Pocket hive Is louder, higher quality but much less expensive.

If a friend has another pocket hive you can link units together using 3.5mm jack to jack cables.... I haven't tried that yet but hope to soon.

All in all a fantastic speaker for the size.
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on 20 February 2015
I've reviewed a significant amount of different bluetooth speakers over the past 12 months but none have been as unique as this. It's bee hive design is very appealing indeed and it's performance is superb. This will no doubt appeal to a wide audience (including me) and sets it aside from its competitors.

It's presented in an uniquely styled inner packaging and the bee hive speaker sits elegantly inside a hard transparent plastic display case on top of 2 yellow boxes (inner and outer) which hold the accessories and support the hive display. It very much resembles an indoor bee hive on show in a glass display feature.

Inside the box you get the 'KitSound Pocket Hive Bluetooth Speaker', Micro USB charge cable, 3.5mm audio cable, Carry case and User manual. The manual itself is very well written and explains everything that you need to know about the A-Z of the product in a clear and well structured manner.

The speaker itself would be classed as small and compact (approx size of apple fruit). It's hexagonal in shape and it is well built and solid with a really nice feel. The design is modern, unique and appealing and has a rubbery side finish with a honey comb bee hive metal grilled meshed effect on top and near the bottom next to a flat base with a special material for stability and added bass effect.

All the function controls are located on 2 sides of the unit and here we find the very cool and colourful multifunction button (MFB) with its surrounding LED and on the opposite side the aux input, Micro USB charging port, aux output and NFC contact point. The presence and location of some of these controls and features are where you would expect them to be found but the flashing coloured LED surrounding the MFB and aux output are rare to come across (the first that I have come across). Whilst the LED adds greatly to its appeal the aux out port allows you to for example to add an additional speaker.

Pairing my iPhone with the speaker was very quick and straightforward. I simply pressed the MFB button for approx 3 seconds and waited about 10 seconds until the LED flashed blue. I then activated the bluetooth function on my device and they successfully paired a few seconds latter after I had confirmed the pairing by pressing on the name 'Pocket Hive - Not Paired' on my device screen. I also paired separately, very successfully at the first time of asking with my Samsung Galaxy S4 with built in NFC.

Seconds latter I was blasting music through the speaker and the only way to describe the sound quality was outstanding. For such a small speaker the 5W helps to pump out room filling sound that's very clear, crisp, smooth and rich music with very little effort. The presence of the special base feature greatly enhanced the bass on my kitchen bench and this is a feature that will appeal to many. There were no sound deviations recorded such as hissing, distortion, crackling or amplification and the sound was equally impressive during use of the call calling feature. There was no trace of latency audio lag whilst watching a movie as I have seen with other speakers in the same price range.

The bluetooth wireless connection remained very strong and stable when operated within the 20m radius and the speaker performed equally as well when I connected it to my non bluetooth laptop directly via the 3.5mm audio lead. The free carry case that it comes with is with the best that I have come across and it even has a solid clip to attach to your trouser belt holder.

To charge the speaker you simply connect the Micro USB charge cable (supplied) to the charging port and connect the other end to either a USB plug, Desktop Computer, Laptop etc and charge for approx 3 hours (indicated by red LED and disappears when fully charged). This will charge the Li-ion battery to a full capacity of 750mAh and this should last approx 10 hours of active play time (I took just under 3 hours to charge the unit and my play time was just over 10 hours).

Verdict: Outstanding Bluetooth Speaker.
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on 5 January 2014
No matter what room I'm in, I like to be listening to music. This speaker is small enough to remain portable but carries a voice loud enough to be used at parties and it sounds awesome. I've read that people are experiencing bluetooth drop outs in their reviews however using this speaker at a party on new years eve, it was bluetoothed to a Moto G for a solid 4 hours without a problem.

The battery life on this unit is great, I've charged it once when I first got it and since then I have used it for an estimated more than 30 hours and it so far is doing fine, and I always use it on bluetooth only.

However, reason why this isn't 5 star is because, as others mentioned, on lower volumes it does tend to make noises over bluetooth anyway. I still haven't tried the 3.5mm jack.The noises it'll make is usually a bit of buzz for 1-2 seconds, as if something is interfering, despite no other bluetooth devices are in the area. It seems to make such noises around ~6 times a minute.

I only really use the device on around 50% max volume and above, I only noticed the buzzing once when I went below 50%, but to be fair it's a decent price. If you're looking for total quality then I advise you try looking at higher priced units, if you just want something that's great to take places and blast when you're in the shower or whatever, then yeah this product is great, I'm still happy with it.
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