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4.5 out of 5 stars95
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 5 August 2013
Colour Name: Carbon Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I picked this case because I was interested in being able to use a keyboard with the ipad 2 for typing emails etc.

My first impressions were that this was a VERY CHUNKY case. Up to now, I had been using a Targus cover / stand which is about 1 1/2cm thick - about the same size as an ultra book. The ipad 2 in the logitech case is about 2 1/2cm thick. You could slot it into a bookcase and it wouldn't look out of place. What surprised me was that the thickness is in the part of the case that secures the ipad, rather than in the keyboard part (I had assumed that it would be caused by the powerpack and mechanism for the keyboard!).

Fitting the ipad into the case and setting it up, it does look a lot like a really old fashioned computer. The keypad connects by bluetooth to the ipad. I have not noticed any particular difference in the battery life of the ipad not that I have the bluetooth on all the time. The keyboard also requires charging, but it arrived charged and, after 2 1/2 weeks I have still not had to recharge it. That said, there is sometimes a lag between opening up the ipad and the keyboard kicking in (the case has a magnet in it so that it automatically switches the screen on and off when it is opened and closed).

The case is awkward if you just want to use the ipad as a tablet, rather than with the keyboard open. The spine is flexible and it doesn't have magnets to hold it in place when fully opened. It slips about a lot. Also, I have not found a button for bringing up the on screen keyboard when the case is fully opened and the keyboard hidden under the ipad. I expect that you have to turn the keyboard off in order to bring this back up.

All in all, this case might be useful if you always want to use it with the keyboard and aren't looking to carry it about with you. But, it is expensive and cumbersome. A quick search on Amazon and I have already seen keyboards that I would prefer for occasional use.
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I do tend to use my iPad more than my MacBook, and with the addition of this Logitech Keyboard Folio for iPad 2/3/4, it looks like my Pro will be gathering even more dust.

The case itself is a robust Folio, and like other reviewers, I must admit that it does bump up the weight. All of the various holes and gaps are in the right place, so charging and Skyping are not impeded in any way.

Getting my iPad into the Folio required a minute or two, (it is a tight fit) but at least that means that it isn't going to slip out. I will mean that swapping covers (if you don't need the keyboard) will take a little more effort.

Connectivity was a piece of cake, and charging is done using a micro usb cable. The instructions state that the keyboard needs to be charged every month or so, so not something to worry about.

The keyboard itself has a nice positive feel to it, and the key surface feels slightly textured, so all in all, a good experience, and fairly easy to get used to.

For me, weight is not an issue, but for some it might be. The added functionality of having a proper keyboard means that I can be properly productive away from the office is a big plus.
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2013
Colour Name: Carbon Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This product provides easy to use keyboard options for all tasks for the IPad series 2/3/4. It is simplicity itself to use and is completely efficient.

Having positioned your iPad into the aperture within the case, you can connect via Bluetooth and the keyboard is ready for use. It is that simple.

The Logitech Keyboard case itself provides robust cover for your iPad, and it takes away the need to wait for the keyboard to 'pop-up' and then
navigate through the screen for letters, numbers and symbols.

The Keyboard is neat and provides a perfect position for you to type up documents, iMessage, Facebook and Twitter
and can of course be switched to horizontal for browsing. You can say goodbye to a significant degree for the need to constantly clean the
screen for smudges and fingermarks!

There is really good support online, to supplement the in-box brochure, which can take you through the process.
Re-charging the device is again easy- with a USB connector to your computer.

I have no hesitation in recommending this product. It completes the task simply and easily.
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on 21 July 2013
Colour Name: Carbon Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Not everyone is a fan of the iPads virtual keyboard which feels like typing on a glass coffee table, so the satisfying addition of a "proper" keyboard is very welcome.( It also leads to fewer typo's and mis-spellings). With a professional appearance, it securely holds your iPad in place. The cover has a nifty magnet locking mechanism so when you want to do typing your iPad easily slips into place and is easily held in landscape mode. I prefer to use my iPad in portrait mode and when I try to hold it in portrait mode with the keyboard attached it feels a bit difficult and cumbersome to grip, but I guess I will just have to get used to using my iPad "sideways" instead of "upright" from now on! The bluetooth connection is very reliable. There is no problem using other bluetooth peripherals at the same time as the keyboard ( speakers, headphones etc) and the keyboard has it's own built in battery which only requires minimal charging with the supplied cable...just a pity that the cable is so short! (its about 30cm long) As soon as you pick up the keyboard it is immediately apparent that this is a quality keyboard and it feels weighty. And that is my only criticism of it: the weight.

One of the biggest attractions of the iPad is it's portability. Like most people I tend to do serious typing and word documents on a laptop, and my iPad is a light & handy device to carry round for general perusing of the internet and dipping into my emails. This keyboard effectively doubles the weight and thickness of your iPad, and as soon as you pick up your iPad with this keyboard attached the first thing that hits you is the weight. We are still only talking about an overall weight of 1.3kg when fitted, but after using your stand alone iPad then the initial difference is immense!
I would say that if you do a lot of typing then this is a worthy addition, but if like me, you just dabble with the odd game here & there, checking in on facebook and bidding on eBay then think long & hard before parting with the best part of £100 to add on a heavy accessory that you may only use on occasion.

UPDATE: The rubber/plastic surround that holds your iPad in place is made from that rubberised plastic that "yellows" very easily. It loves the dirt and gets very grubby very quickly. This case is less than 12 months hold but looks like I have owned it 12 years! still reliable and dependable but be warned it doesn't stay pristine very long!
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VINE VOICEon 24 July 2013
Colour Name: Carbon Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I will start with the positives:

The case holds the iPad securely and there is no danger of it falling out at a bad time

Typing on the keyboard was easy and I was able to touch type on it as well as I can on a regular keyboard (granted that is not all that well). The keys felt nice and you can tell when you have pressed them so if you do look at the keys when you type you know the key has triggered (some keyboards I have used on portable equipment this was not always the case).

Now for the not so positives:

The magnetic lock is not all that strong and I found that while using the iPad and keyboard on my lap it didn't take much of a knock for it to fall out of position and need to be replaced so I could carry on using it. I also felt that when not using the keyboard the case was not all that comfortable to hold 'fully open' with the keyboard behind the iPad as there didn't seem to be any magnetic lock to hold the case open so the front part holding the iPad slipped around on the back part with the keyboard in making it more awkward to use than a standard case.

The keypad also obviously adds a fair bit of extra weight to the equation making it less ideal for carrying around.

The problems could be circumnavigated by having a second case without a keyboard and swapping between the two as needed though the iPad is just about tough enough to get in and out of this case that you wouldn't want to have to swap cases all to frequently I think.

Overall I liked the feel of the keyboard and found it very easy to setup and use however the extra weight and awkwardness of using your iPad as a touch screen tablet with the keyboard folded away mean that I would only recommend this case if you will be doing a lot of typing in fairly stable locations. This is certainly not for the more casual user in my opinion.
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VINE VOICEon 25 July 2013
Colour Name: Carbon Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a very smart folio cover with integrated Bluetooth keyboard. Pairing the keyboard with the iPad was easy, and the keyboard works exceptionally well. The big plus with this is that you don't get sticky fingerprints or rubber tipped pen marks all over the screen. The folio is lightweight and looks expensive, and comes with a comprehensive instruction booklet. It charges quickly via the included USB lead, and a full charge lasts several hours. The one downside is that getting the iPad into the folio case isn't terribly easy. I struggled with it for several minutes and do worry how many times you would be able to remove and replace the iPad before the plastic retainer on the folio breaks. However, that issue aside it is a fantastic bit of kit. Recommended!
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Colour Name: Carbon Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This keyboard/folio cover for the iPad looks very stylish with its tough and hardwearing black outer case and the inner keyboard with its black chiclet letters against a white background. Build quality seems very good as I would expect from the Logitech brand and there are gaps in the right places for buttons, charging port, camera etc. The iPad is held very securely by the edges of the case although it is a bit of a battle to get it in and out so you wouldn't want to be completely that operation too often in my view. Connecting the keyboard via bluetooth was the work of seconds and very easy, and the connection was robust. No annoying dropping out. The virtue of a separate keyboard to use with a tablet is that you don't lose valuable screen space taken up with the keyboard so if you are working on documents or spreadsheets, it's a real help. Battery life too is very good. You charge via a mini usb cable (supplied) so if you are an all Apple person, that is an extra cable to keep track of. You won't need to carry it with you unless you are going to be away from home for more than a few days though.
You can use the iPad at a variety of angles within the case - useful if you want to stand it on a desk to watch a film for example, but what strikes me about this keyboard/case more than anything else is that it turns your iPad into a mini laptop rather than a tablet. It also adds considerable bulk and weight to Apple's sleek device and makes it far more noticeable if you lug your iPad around all day with you.
Think carefully about what you use your iPad for before investing in this keyboard. If you do a lot of typing, then the extra weight and size may be worthwhile but if you use it mainly as a media consumption device, and just do a bit of keyboard work, I would stick with the onscreen version provided by Apple. It is just about feasible to swap the iPad in and out of the case although not something you'd probably want to wrestle with too often.
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on 23 November 2014
Bought this as a) it was on a great offer and b) MacBook had stopped working and I didnt want to replace it but liked the idea of having a keyboard.

Positives: The keyboard battery life is brilliant! It rarely needs charging and I do use it for 2-3 hours everyday. The keys are comfortable, I find the nicely spaced and the additionally function key do practically turn your iPad into a mini laptop. I use it with word processing apps and for emails and comfortably managed to write a cv with it. The case is a clever design and works well balanced on my lap but is definitely best used on a table.

Negatives: The weight. It does make it heavier than just the iPad, obviously and it over doubles the thickness but I havent really had an issue with this.

Overal I love it! It is so useful and so comfortable to use plus setting it up was a dream!
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on 10 October 2014
Love this. What a litle god-send. Yes the colour is a bit 'in your face' however I use it for my iPad and I don't intend to take it out much anyway but its not a bad colour either. The keyboard is set out very well and so easy to use. As a touch-typer I am finding it is just perfect.
Yes it's a little heavy but goodness sake I do think people are very over-the-top about it. Lets face it a iPad is heavy anyway this really doesn't add much more to the weight.
Once switched on the keyboard immediately jumps into action and I never have to go back as a key hasn't contacted like I have with other keyboards.
I am thinking of buying a second one so that I have one here if anything ever happens to this, I am so impressed with it.
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on 5 November 2015
I am very pleased with my purchase of this Logitech Keyboard for my iPad 2. The fit is perfect and tight. There is absolutely no chance of it disengaging from the cover. The carbon cover is very nice and looks like it will last for years. The keyboard is excellent and the keys are light to the touch without any real impact noise when pressed - no one wants clicky keys! I found the user guide too small, so I downloaded the PDF version: here is the link if anyone else needs it:
The keyboard was very easy to set up after I charged it. I cannot say anything about the battery life at this point, but will edit this review after the battery is depleted.
My only grip is the very small charging cord supplied with the keyboard. I suspect most people will discard this and use a longer one.
I would highly recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for a durable and decent keyboard for their iPad. I am thinking about purchasing another one for my iPad mini. This keyboard is well designed and very useful for anyone wanting to turn their iPad into a mini laptop. I do most of my work on my iPad, transfer it to Dropbox for final editing on my computer. No need to carry a heavy laptop around anymore! I have just used the onscreen keyboard up until now, but life has just got a whole lot easier.
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