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4.0 out of 5 stars179
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 3 July 2008
The third part of the X-men trilogy continues the story of the rivalry between Magneto and Charles Xavier as they seek to control the diverse powers of the mutants. The film moves to a visually impressive climax as the two armies battle for supremacy on the Golden Gate Bridge.
Yet this film lacks the strength and integrity of the two previous films. The carefully constructed dialogue and attention to the details of character is replaced by action sequences and CGI-imagery. New characters are introduced but are not explored, serving only to deflect attention from the rivalries and affections of the leads. Crucially, three important characters from the previous films are eliminated well before the climax.
The film does boast some effective scenes, mostly when McKellen is onscreen and once again his scenes with Patrick Stewart generate an energy and tension that other scenes lack. The battle sequences are imaginative and well-constructed and the ending is fine. However, compared to the previous films in the trilogy, this movie does feel somewhat soulless and lacking the same passion for the source material.
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on 1 March 2013
This is the worst of all Xmen films.

Fox has no respect with the characters that we all love. What they did to Cyclops on this trilogy and in this film is beyond joke.
Basically you have 3x Xmen films that the leader is Woverine and then, not happy with this, Fox decides to release a Wolverine solo film which is just as bad as this one.

Avoid it like a plague!
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on 15 November 2014
I adored the first two films, they had great stories and actually went somewhere.The Last Stand, however, was terribly written and often nothing more than laughable. I was 13 when it was released and went to see it the day if the release. I'd been so excited and it was such a complete let down. It made me very angry at Brett Ratner, I can tell you!

Fortunately some of the more recent ones have been very good, such as X Men First Class. I strongly recommend in order to enjoy the movies you watch 1 and 2 but miss out this one. Make up your own version of this film in your head ... I guarantee it'll be better than what happened on screen!
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on 16 September 2008
Let's face it, this film, was GOING to get trashed. Whenever a writer leaves, the next installment is irrevocably slated - case in point with Blade Trinity where the director left and the writer was forced to take over all duties. But if you're analysing this film as an X-Men fan as so many reviewers seem to be claiming to be, then I fail to see what people are complaining about. This is THE film that stuck close to the comic book; there being a number of sequences that are quite literally panel-for-frame reproduction of the end of the franchise in comic book format. Sure, there may be a bit of stilted dialogue and hammy acting here and there, but what do you expect from a film where the main characters include a woman who controls the weather, a man with titanium protuding from any selected orifice, and a telekinetic in a wheelchair?

Judge this film if you must, I personally found it to be a valuable contribution to the saga, but don't use your own bias to mope about it being unfaithful to a franchise you claim to love.

Now, we must all wait in turn for the unofficial "X Men 4" aka Wolverine's Origins...
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on 2 May 2009
As a big fan of the first two X-men films, I had very high hopes for the third installment. X2 turned out to be a surprising improvement on the first film, could X3 go one better? Sadly not. To me, X3 represents all that is wrong with Hollywood today. Right from the very start it feels rushed and poorly conceived and constructed. It is a movie clearly made for maximum capital gain off the back of the success of X1 and X2, and with little regard for maintaining the quality of those two films, which warranted a vastly better end to the franchise than this corny mess. There are a few half-decent action scenes, but the plot, about the discovery of a mutant 'cure' is ridiculous, even by superhero movie standards, and the film is way too short to make any real sense at all. As such, I was still waiting for X3 to begin when the end credits started to roll. The final nail in the coffin however, is the appearance of a totally pointless character; the lion from the wizard of Oz dipped in blue Kraft paint. Garbage.
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on 30 July 2008
X-Men 2 was everything an X-Men film should be. Bold, exciting, challenging, and occasionally slightly cerebral. Bryan Singer had keyed into the mutant's universe and gave us a movie that fans of the comic books could be proud of. God only knows how good this film could have been if he had remained attached- unfortunately he didn't and we got this unmitigated nonsense.

Foolishly combining elements of the classic Dark Phoenix Saga with elements of Joss Whedon's Gifted storyline from the more recent series- and chucking Magneto back into the mix for good measure- this is a movie pulling in too many directions at once. It is hampered further by the insultingly done elimination of several key characters for much of the movie (the removal of Cyclops, a character with 40+ years of history, in such an offhand manner as we have here is particularly crass) and the introduction of a whole new bunch of X-Men and villains who are given next-to-nothing to do except fight in the climactic scenes. The project went through several writers and directors before being rush produced to a deadline and it shows with a total lack of, well, direction. If an overdone story, faceless characters, and several slaps in the face to fans of the source material were not enough the movie has one other crippling flaw... Halle Berry.

I've never watched Monster's Ball so cannot comment on how much Berry deserves her Oscar. However in any other film I've seen her in she has stank, and the previous X-films only got away with it because her role was limited. However post-Oscar and with an invigorated star status this is "her" movie and her poorly delivered dialogue, missed timing, wooden acting and blank expressions are painful. Hugh Jackman is a decent enough workmanlike actor but gets saddled with trying to feed lines to her and accept them from her and his performance suffers for it. Poor Ian McKellan is given a shorter straw too as the witty and complex Magneto of the previous two movies is not the one featured here. As for the other characters? One dimensional and pointless.

If the film has one slight saving grace its that its action sequences are as good as the average summer blockbuster requires. There's nothing in them that's particularly interesting but they distract well enough from the tripe that surrounds them. The X-Men franchise is not dead yet, the Wolverine film is due in 2009, but this film is a fairly serious blow. I'm hoping that Jackman- once free of Halle Berry and with a new creative team- will be able to recapture the heights of the first two films. I'm not holding my breath though.
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on 11 February 2016
What was originally supposed to be the final X-men film, turns into one of the biggest problems a few years later when they want to revive the franchise and bring back some of the characters they killed off and changed here. This film itself is really good, with the cast once again performing fantastically strong, through and through. With introductions to characters such as Vinnie Jones as The Juggernaut and Kelsey Grammar as Hank Mcoy really being the icing on the cake, bringing both humour and fanboy joy to the film. Hugh Jackman continues his dominating performance as Wolverine and continues to develop the character who is now more at peace after the events of X-Men 2.
The plot itself holds up, as the mutants face their biggest threat to date, a medical breakthrough humanity calls a cure is posed to wipe them out and finally pushing Magneto into all out war with humanity. Its down to the X-men to once again broker peace whilst also facing the most powerful friendemy to date as Jean Gray transforms into her alter ego The Phoenix.
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on 22 November 2007
It'll never win any oscars, but it's good fun for what it is. OK, it's probably not as good as the other 2 X-men films, but I still enjoyed it. The effects are top-notch, as are the action sequences, and at least some of the good guys die, which makes a change, let's be honest! True, the door is left oipen for more, but that's what they all do, isn't it?!
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on 26 December 2007
With a change of director, a lot of people were concerned this would be really bad. I'd have to disagree, though this film does have a few flaws such as 1) the story demanded a longer running time 2) a continuity glitch in that the final battle is at night (you'll see what I mean) and 3) beloved characters such as Psylocke are used out of context. That said, it was very entertaining and it was nice to see (via the DVD extras) that Bryan Singer (previous director) was in touch with Brett Ratner (director) during filming in a sense that he hadn't abandoned the franchise completely! Ratner does a decent job in keeping the continuity re: the look of the film, stating that he was a fan of the previous movies.

I'm a bit disappointed in the use (or lack of) of Cyclops but then I feel that way about all 3 films! It does make sense though from a movie perspective given what happens to him and Jean. And the DVD commentary reveals more about the man in the hospital bed that could have ramifications for an X4!
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on 13 October 2014
A truly pathetic sequel which proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, that a mountain of Hollywood money is no substitute for a decent idea and a gifted director!

X-Men made the world sit up and take notice, X2 attained cinematic perfection, X-Men III provided the DVD and Blu-ray buying public with a novelty coaster.

'nuff said!
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