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4.2 out of 5 stars167
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 13 July 2014
For 6 years I used the "legendary best mouse of all time" Logitech MX Revolution. (It is so good that, years after it ceased production, a few unopened boxes appear for sale at ridiculous prices of hundreds of Pounds/euro/Dollars: a caveat is that their aged batteries, main issue of this model, are unlikely to perform.). After some years the MX battery started failing. It is not easy to get a replacement battery and to dismantle the unit and change it. Even worse, problems develop whereby the replaced battery after a short while starts having troubles and hardly recharges at all. The solution is to bang the unit flat against a table: after a while this manoeuvre is needed daily and eventually the unit breaks down. It was high time to ditch the old MX.

After much searching, I found that this was the recommended replacement and bought it from Amazon. Shape, size and weight are very similar indeed. After 4 days of use, this is my review:

CONS (all minor):

1. WHEEL MODE: The fast "inertia-wheel" in the MX Revolution had an electronic device that, if the user decided to activate it, shifted automatically from "clicking" to "free", or else this was done manually by the wheel button. In the G700s the automatic device is no more: a dedicated button located immediately below the wheel does the trick. Admittedly, a minor issue.

2. WHEEL BUTTON AND DOUBLE-CLICK: The wheel button is as before very hard to press (and many users claim that this strong spring fails after a while). This is a pity, because a common use for it is for double-clicking. There was a solution in the MX Revolution: using for double-click the Search button, located below the wheel where now is the non-programmable wheel-shift button. (Double-clicking with the Profiles button is not practical if you need manual profile switching, and besides this button is much nearer to the palm of the hand and requires curving the middle finger a lot: this is OK when changing programs, but not for a frequent action such as double-clicking).


3. DPI: The MX Revolution had a 800dpi (dots per inch) resolution. Mouse speed change was software-controlled. The G700s has a variable resolution from 200 to a remarkable 8200dpi. These change the pointer's speed. The way you change the dpi is very convenient: for every profile you can set between 1 and 5 different resolutions. You move between them using two dedicated up-down-shaped index buttons. This is very practical for photo editing where you may need occasionally a very slow pointer movement for precision work. (If for a particular use you do not wish to change resolutions, you can program the buttons for any other action)

4. BATTERY TYPE: The MX Revolution had a rechargeable battery which, after its lifespan was gone (5-6 years) was (a) difficult to replace requiring disassembly, (b) expensive and (c) difficult to find and no longer available after some years. The G700s uses a common AA rechargeable NiMH battery. If need be, you can have outside the mouse a recharged spare ready to use, and if the battery in the mouse goes it is very easy and inexpensive to replace it.

5. RECHARGER: The MX Revolution recharged the battery by placing the unit in a cradle (wired to a charger plugged to the mains). Thus, while recharging you could not use the unit: a serious hindrance. The G700s recharges its battery by means of a special USB cable (this requires a 2nd USB port, a 1st USB port being used, as with the MX, for the wireless receiver). To require a 2nd USB port (ideally not in a USB hub) is a minor issue, but it has the huge advantage that this USB recharging cable doubles as data cable: while the mouse recharges the battery, the wireless is automatically disconnected and the mouse becomes wired. In other words, if the battery runs low you just plug the cable and keep using the mouse: a great advantage over the MX Revolution.

6. COATING: The MX Revolution had an upper glossy coating and lateral rubber surfaces. They both became easily soiled and were difficult to clean. Now the upper glossy coating is dirt-repellent, and the sides have a texturised finish that allows a very firm grip. It really feels better.

7. WIRELESS RANGE: The MX Revolution exhibited a minimal "wireless lag", fractions of second between mouse action and effect on the PC, and the wireless range was a few meters. The G700s exhibits no wireless lag at all and the unit has a 10m range (thus with suitably large mouse arrows and back-forward buttons it can double as a remote control in slide projection).


8. BATTERY ECONOMY: The MX Revolution's battery, when new, lasted a few days. We cannot expect this in the G700s if you use it for intensive gaming with high DPI: users (see other reviews here) have reported that if so the battery will hardly last a full day of use. However, most users only run action games a small proportion of their time at the PC, and they do not care if the mouse is slow to respond after minutes of not being use: if so they can set the unit to "Power Save" mode and it will easily last for 4 days. Anyway, with the new recharging-while-using system the battery duration is no longer a problem.

9. PROFILE ASSIGNMENT: The MX Revolution used the SetPoint software, where one could assign every button different actions according to which program is running in the active Windows window. Thus you go, say, from a Internet browser window, where two thumb buttons perform "back" "forward" to a Picture editor window, and the same buttons automatically perform "zoom out" and "zoom in". The G700s uses instead the Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) where something similar can be performed setting the mouse to "Game Detection Mode", which detects which applications have been launched. Some users are not happy with this and prefer the "On-Board Memory" mode, where the Profiles (up to 5) are stored in the mouse and you cycle among them manually with a specific button (2nd one below the wheel): if you press it the 3 lights (green for battery test) glow orange showing the profile in use with a very intuitive coding (1: --X, 2: -XX, 3: XXX, 4: XX-, 5: X--) . I am happy with 3 profiles: 1 for general use, 2 for picture editing and drawing and 3 for flight simulators.

10. THUMB WHEEL VS BUTTONS: The MX Revolution had 2 thumb buttons and, below them, a thumb wheel which actually performed as three buttons: these were not practical for anything that required a fast reaction. The G700s has dispensed with the thumb wheel and there are instead 2 further thumb buttons below the original ones. This feels more practical. Problem is, now all the 4 thumb buttons have a very feeble soft low-feedback click.

I have read complaints about long-term duration of this unit and will post here any significant change. For the time being, however, I am very happy with this mouse and find it a very worthy successor of the good-ol' MX Revolution.

Joe C. Di Veroli, Rep. Ireland
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on 6 March 2014
Got this mouse for Christmas in order to donate my existing Logitech G700 (non-S) to my wife as I had found the G700 to be a thoroughly reliable and comfortable mouse.

The Pro's:
1. Extremely comfortable grip with excellent robust build quality, solid, non-creaky feel, good texturing on the sides
2. Good button layout, allowing fast and responsive access to main buttons, wheel and auxiliary buttons.
3. Extremely responsive in use, does not suffer from wireless "lag".
4. Uses a standard AA rechargeable battery, comes supplied with a top-quality Sanyo Eneloop battery.
5. Can be used as a wired USB mouse if necessary in order to charge the battery.
6. fairly surface agnostic, have successfully used the mouse on a range of surfaces but my preference is actually a good quality black cloth Steelseries QCK mousemat.

The Con's:
1. Some form of wireless interference with existing G700 mouse means that my wife is unable to use the old G700 in wireless mode when I am using the G700s wirelessly - have been unable to resolve this issue with a variety of internet recommended solutions. It's not a deal breaker and to be fair most people will not have more than one of these in the same household.
2. This thing eats batteries for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I have to replace the battery 2 or even 3 times over the course of a day of heavy gaming... by day I do mean 12-18+ hours though.
3. Using the G700s in wired mode is not overly pleasant - the wire is quite rigid as mouse wires go and it can impact on your movement/tracking ability.
4. Setting up the additional buttons for custom functionality can be a serious pain - by default they are defined for mouse related functions such as on-the-fly DPI changing and checking the battery charge level... I am loathe to use them for other functions so you end up with not as many buttons as you think you are going to have if you want to retain the ability to alter some mouse settings quickly.

In summary:
I liked the G700 enough to buy the G700s even though I could have had any mouse I wanted, at any price. It is still one of the most comfortable and well made mice around, even considering its flaws I would be reluctant to use a different mouse - and I have experience with several other high-end mice.
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on 22 January 2014
That mouse is a MONSTER. It's eating any shop batteries for breakfast (Duracells especially) :) So, if you're planning to use it, then better buy rechargeable batteries with higher power capacity (the one included wasn't very solid).

As I'm using mouse wireless all the time I barely used USB cable to charge battery, but it's working and is quite efficient.

Mouse itself is outstandingly well designed and fits hand very well. All buttons are nicely positioned...well, maybe without the most first one button on top. For short fingers hand could be hard do reach without some training ;)

I'm using it to play with Guild Wars 2 especially. Provided drivers are very good and easy to manage so I didn't have a problem t o setup my shortcuts. Also mouse have nice possibilities to optimize battery usage which that I found very recently.

I had Razor Naga (cabled version) which was really nice, but... I wouldn't back to it now.
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on 8 January 2016
This mouse has served me well, for over 2 years now. I purchased the Logitech G700s back in early 2013 and I can honestly say it’s the best mouse I’ve ever used.

After nearly three years of regular use (I’m at my PC every single day) it’s put up like a champ, as you can see in the pictures the hard coating has not worn away at all, neither have the low friction feet under the mouse. The all the buttons (right and left click) still feel responsive and ‘clicky’, maybe a little less than they did on day one, but still in fantastic condition. I don’t think I’ve came across a mouse that will last so long and maintain it’s great condition.

Here are a list of pros and cons for this mouse-

- Lasts long, really long without any signs of wear or tear.
- Extremely comfortable in your hand.
- Almost glides across the mouse mat, it’s that smooth.
- Wireless mode works well for both gaming and work.
- Using the mouse with the wire connected is just as good. It’s a little more restricted but after a couple days of use the wire loosens up.
- I find the buttons easy to use and press (on some other mouses they have been placed in awkward locations).
- The software is easy-to-use.
- If you don’t want to use the software you don’t have to even install it, it works straight away as soon as you plug it in.

- As another reviewer mentioned it eats your battery. I have a bunch of rechargeable Duracell batteries which work well, but if you don’t have them the original battery will struggle to last long than 12 hours of use.

Overall this is a fantastic high quality product from Logitech. It was built with the end user in mind and it was built to please. I highly recommend this mouse.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 9 October 2014
Having owned the Logitech Performance MX for a couple of years I decided to upgrade to something more customisable to use it with web design/development software on a Mac - it's obviously meant for gaming, but this kind of mouse seemed to be the most suited for using with Adobe apps etc.

TL;DR ***
Decent mouse altogether, best test before use when possible, to see if it sits right. Promising features, advanced customisation, but glitchy software, poor technical customer support on Logitech forums.

Ergonomics ***
Coming from the Performance MX, you'll appreciate the similar profile (if you're right-handed that is) that makes your hand sit on the mouse more comfortably. That is especially noticeable after having worked for several hours straight. It is however a step back from the MX, as the shapes are not so dramatic, making it something halfway between the MX and a generic mouse. For a person with a medium/regular-sized hand this means that you can't exactly grip the mouse with a whole hand (for best accuracy) and fully rest your wrist at the same time - there's always a compromise you've got to make - accuracy or ergonomics. It's just too small. The devil's in the detail, and in my case it is the index finger that must not entirely rest down - if it does, each click will move the mouse slightly. The G700s is also lighter, which doesn't help, and the texturised plastic under your thumb is no match for the MX's rubber surface in the corresponding spot.

Software ** / Features *****
I love the features. Every single button can be customised in many different ways. You can select from standard mouse functions, keyboard shortcuts, system functions, media functions, blocks of text, you can even record macros, including the delay times between each press. The DPI range is great. You can set up several profiles and switch between them using your mouse. You can also set up application profiles that activate when an app is detected (pre-defined profiles include games only, but you can easily create your own and select an executable file as the trigger). Another nice addition is the fact that you can use the mouse over a standard micro-USB cable, so you're not totally dependant on the wireless dongle (btw there's a slot for the dongle next to the battery compartment) or the battery.

Having said that, the problem is that you can't simply set it up and forget about it, at least not in my case. In fact, sometimes you might even struggle to set it up, as the software simply won't detect the mouse (it tells you to turn it off and on again, but it doesn't always help). At one point I lost all my profiles that I had saved to the on-board memory - this had happened when I dual-booted to windows, setup the software there and came back to OS X, but can't confirm that's the reason. Another annoying thing is that whenever you wake the system from sleep, the mouse goes back to default profile - which is something that you might not notice until you actually try to use a specific function. At one point, when still setting up my profiles, the software seemed to treat the wireless connection and the wired connection as two different units (so different profiles saved for each case), but then it came back to normal for some reason. Weird. Having looked up some of the annoyances on google, I found plenty of the official forum posts, but little helpful advice from Logitech.
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on 22 July 2014
Can't complain with this device, it exceeded my expectations. No wireless lag at all, it performs the same wirelessly as it does with a cable.

I bought this mouse because I am a professional engineer that works from home and I wanted something robust and comfortable to use, I also do a moderate amount of gaming with it. It gets about 9 hours use a day, easy. The battery hasn't run down once yet, I generally leave it charging overnight.

The cable that comes with it is very stiff, but thats fine, you can replace it with any other micro usb cable and it's just fine. The socket won't take any significant damage unless the cable is pulled to tight, I have lots of slack so there is no tension.

I can confirm that this mouse works flawlessly with a passive KVM including profiles stored on the mouse. The only gotcha being the mouse always defaults to the lowest sensitivity when you swap with the KVM...not really a problem, but might annoy some of the more pedantic people out there.

The mouse also works nicely with Linux, but you will need to configure your profiles with the tool on a Windows box. This will likely be a one off thing though as there are way too many variables to tweak! Get it the way you like it, then leave it.

Profiles will work within Linux, just remember to select the right profile after you swap over (there is a key on the mouse for this).
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A gaming mouse designed for the task and that actually works on a great many surfaces. This one factor makes it vastly superior to the product immediately below it, the G602, which seemed unable to work completely reliably on some surfaces or some colours of surface - I never quite worked out its problem as it was returned in favour of this.

The mouse is weighty, solid and well-designed with excellent locations found for its controls. The scroll wheel is wide and easy to use and an improvement on that of the Performance MX which I have used for general computing for the past few years and which itself has seen a further recent upgrade in features and performance, not that it is particularly lacking in any area.

It is not inexpensive but you are definitely getting what you would expect at the price. It is cordless and rechargeable, powered by a single AA-sized cell. It uses Logitech's gaming interface receiver, a larger and more complex device than their much used Unifying Receiver and which supports the features of the mouse.

A micro-USB recharging cable is included as is an extension cable for its receiver which some, although perhaps not all users, may need to use in order to obtain the best possible connection between the mouse and receiver.

Definitely recommended!
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on 12 June 2014
Been using this mouse now for a good few months to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and for general PC use. Set to a low DPI setting for general use I can get a whole day or two from the battery. When playing GO however I pump up the DPI a little (to only about half of what the mouse is actually capable of) and after 3 or 4 hours of gameplay at that setting the mouse is dead.

So long as you remember to plug in the USB cable to let it charge when not in use I doubt this will be a problem for most users but don't expect a full day of gaming on the higher DPI settings.

The mouse is fairly weighty and feels familiar having been a Logitech mouse user for many years (MX510, MX518, G5, and now G700). and I've not really noticed any delay in the pointer movement (though gaming purists would likely say otherwise).
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on 14 January 2014
Many great features. I love the inertial and finite scrollwheel switch, super useful for browsing code and long documents. The precision is good, but the sensitivity switch does not seem to be clear to use.

I don't travel very much so this is my desktop mouse. I use it for software development and serious online browsing. Why wireless and so expensive? I don't like the wire tailing around all the time. But don't mind having it in there for the recharging periods.

The microUSB charging is great because I can [re]use the cable for other devices. However I keep on forgetting to switch off the mouse if it is in wireless mode. The switch is at the bottom of the mouse.

Scrolling is very important to me and this mouse does it very well. So it gets 5/5 despite some oddities.
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on 21 August 2014
Brilliant mouse, easily the best wireless mouse I've ever owned as it can be plugged in on the fly when you inevitably forget to charge it and it just keeps going.
Lots of buttons if your into that although I don't use them all (left and right, click able mouse wheel that can tilt left and right also, 3 extra buttons on left of the left mouse button, 4 buttons near the thumb position and 1 behind the wheel although it is next to a button which is used to allow the mouse wheel to spin freely so isn't that useful even if you wanted to use it).
The only downside I can think of is that like a lot of logitech mice is very right hand orientated so if your left handed and want to use the mouse in your left hand then this isn't the mouse for you.
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