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4.7 out of 5 stars353
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 31 August 2015
Firstly, I am a gamer who uses PS4 and PC, coming from and old acer VGA monitor and an old 24 inch 720p TV! I have had the monitor for around 2 months now, it is my first bought specifically for gaming so please continue reading to find out how I felt about it!

Delivery, First Impressions And Setup:
The monitor was delivered very quickly in 2 days and as soon as I opened it I knew that it was going to be of high quality. Everything from the box to the accessories was well made and felt expensive. The monitor came with a DVI cable and a VGA cable which surprised me a little bit actually, it also came with a nice two-part stand to mount the monitor on. The setup was extremely easy, all I had to do was click together the two-piece stand and slide it into the back of the monitor. The power cable (came with the monitor) was attached and I then added my PS4 and PC both via HDMI connections.

The First Experience With Gaming:
The very first thing I did was boot up Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 and jump straight into single player, WOW did I notice the difference coming from and old 24 inch 720p TV. Actions felt smoother and quicker and the picture quality was amazing! It was so much brighter and more vibrant than anything I had used before. The black eQualiser feature seems to work great, as I have noticed that colours look stunning. Dark scenes are just bright enough to give good visibility without being oversaturated and overexposed.

The Bad Things:
As far as I am concerned there is only one drawback to this monitor which is the speakers. As I consider myself a bit of an audiophile I noticed this immediately. When playing music it seems like it is playing through a pringles can! This could be a huge drawback for some people however, I did not buy the monitor for the sound nor will most other people.

-Stunning picture quality
-Well made and expensive feeling
-Easy setup
-Great response time
-Good entry level gaming monitor


My experience with this monitor is so good that I am infact planning to buy another one to create a dual monitor setup!
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on 31 August 2014
I bought this monitor used, from Amazon because it was £50 off and only the packaging was damaged (It wasn't even damaged when it arrived) and so far I'm absolutely loving it, it's AMAZING in fact, probably one of the best I've had. Although I love it so much, there are a few things that need changing and some things you need to be weary about when buying this monitor.

I'll sort it out though pros and cons below.

- Amazingly sharp display
- Brilliant viewing angles
- Size is spot on, perfect for the gamer
- Monitor looks amazing, really like the red strips on the base.
- Monitor is relatively thin, this may be troublesome for some webcameras but overall makes the look brilliant.
- Buttons are really nice and the menu is perfect!

- Speakers are dreadful, get a decent speaker set or some headphones
- The default display setting (RTS 1) is dreadful for computers, change it to standard (or sRGB) if you're planning to use it for a PC

Even though these points may hinder your thought a little bit. It was by far one of the greatest monitors I've had and I would recommend to anyone without a second thought.
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on 1 May 2015
Brilliant quality, extremely good detail. Perfect for fps shooters like Call of duty Advanced warfare and battlefield. Used it with my Xbox one and PS4 and all games look amazing!
review image
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on 29 March 2015
Just received this monitor for my new pc. It is fantastic for the price! The picture quality is great and is very sharp, blacks actually look black which is nice. Also the in built speakers are pretty good considering its from a monitor. Build quality is also very impressive. Haven't found a fault with it so far.
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2014
This is by far the best monitor I have ever had. My last one was a 2ms refresh rate 24", but Asus. The BenQ knocks it into a cocked hat. Not just by the 1ms refresh rate either. The whole thing from build quality to the menu system, refresh rate to the auto-lighten is just superb. Yes, this model automatically lightens the screen when you are "in a dark place", such as in a game, at night time. The detail is superb and even on an old game like CoD2 (my all time favourite) it really packs a punch.

There is nothing about this product that I do not like.

The performance is superb, the ratings and effects are stunning and the price is unbelievable - I paid under £150 for this "pro gaming monitor", so you will forgive my "e-shouting" when I say BRILLIANT !!! Six Stars!
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on 4 May 2015
This monitor is pretty good for consoles; as advertised. It has a decent amount of inputs (2 HDMI, 1 DVI, 1 VGA, 1 AUX) and the headphone/speakers output is, what I'd consider, a must for a HDMI monitor. Another thing that makes this great for consoles is the features and adjustments built into the menu. Fair enough, on a PC you can download things that do the same thing, but consoles just don't have that option. I found the Black eQualizer to be really useful in games/movies with dark areas.

The OSD (menu) is nice on this monitor too. It's not the easiest or quickest, but it works and has a vast amount of options. The physical buttons (located on the right of the unit) are big enough to use without looking and are responsive enough. The only 'issue' I had with the menu was that some things take too much time such as changing the brightness from maximum from minimum. Also, some sliders had very little impact. For example: brightness at as low as it can go (0) is still quite bright.

However, for a display designed for 'console gaming', I'd expect the speakers to be reasonable; they're not. They're really intolerable. They make the tiny speaker in my phone seem 'good'. I wouldn't even consider using them. Easy enough fix by plugging some speakers into the audio output. Thank lord I had some spare Logitechs. Another thing to note is that the volume slider is also very slow and doesn't vary much between different levels.

To the 'important' part. The actual screen. What a let down. This monitor could have been great if not completely crippled by poor colours and horrific viewing angles, especially vertically (can't use it in portrait). Even looking at it straight, the colour shift near the edges is bad. I'm aware these are just regular traits of TN panels but I'd never do it again; IPS all the way. I also couldn't see a noticeable difference between 1ms and 5ms. I honestly wish they'd have sacrificed a few ms for a decent VA or IPS screen.

Last thing I'll cover is the design. Its basic and smart which is quite nice to look at actually. Even the rear is well designed to look well presentable. The bezels are slightly too large for me to recommend this for a multi-monitor set-up though. Some may be able to deal with it. Not a huge fan of the stand however. Its a nice shape but lacks any adjustments other than basic tilt. Height adjust would have been really nice.

In conclusion, its a really average monitor but with a lot of options and adjustments. If its going cheap, I'd go for it but there is many other options which have a much better display for the same, or even less, money.
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on 18 October 2015
I have had this monitor for a few decent months now and i have to say it is the best monitor I have ever Used. The colours are pristine and there are so many, any photo would look amazing. The 1080p is pure and crisp which is amazing also. I would of preferred touch buttons but it is not a big deal. The 1ms Delay give no shadowing to see with the Human eye and makes fast paced action games such as Call Of Duty and Battlefield look ever so much better. I like all of the video options you get with this and I would recommend using RTS1 if playing Games on console or PC

Screen Is beautiful with amazing quality
Colours are vagrant and beautiful
Vast variety of picture modes and video modes.
Bessel is really nice and perfect size. Not to big or too small
24" Was the perfect size for this monitor.
The base looks amazing with a Black/Marron table

Integrated Speakers are not very good, Use your own if you have any

Overall the best monitor that I have had the privilege to own!!
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on 18 November 2015
Fantastic monitor I took a while as I was playing on a 49inch Sony which is good, but the level of detail on a gaming monitor way better than I thought, 1 week in and no complaints I would definitely buy again, and would recommend to any one serious about gaming.
I use my XB1 on mine and it works great so far so good. : ) and it would work just as well with PS4 or similar HDMI in good to go.
review image review image
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on 18 December 2014
I have a mid range gaming p.c but for the last 5 years used a non HD 19 inch monitor,i got this gaming monitor today and I must say,i am blown away,i did not realise what I was missing out on,the detail,colour,sharpness is fantastic,this is a quality monitor,high quality at a good price.
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on 20 December 2015
Absolutely out of this world! as a big call of duty and fifa gamer ive got to say what have i been missing out on for so long playing on a 40inch 4k tv!!
the graphics are way better than on a 4k tv, the response time is so quick its actually that quick that its hard to get used to at first as im not used to being able to aim so fast down my sights lol, this monitor looks the business, and the performance is amazing, i was abit weary at first in swapping over to monitor but its the best decision ive ever made(gaming wise) lol my gaming has automatically improved, i can see long shots across the map that i would have never seen on a tv, it makes dark corners and rooms look really light too so no campers going to go un-noticed, people moan about the sound but its a monitor what do you expect and i actually find it quite loud its just theres no bass and it can get abit annoying, i use headset anyways so it doesnt affect me, anyways if your looking for an absolute steal of a bargain and want to improve your gameplay massively with better graphics and lighter dark spaces then i suggest you purchase this without hesitation, get it next day delivery and find out for yourself how bad your tvs really are.
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