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3.8 out of 5 stars1,106
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360Edition: Standard EditionChange
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on 11 February 2014
I'm new to the Xbox and to Call of Duty, so I'm not comparing Ghosts with previous COD games. I was pleasantly surprised that the story line was not just a short video at the beginning of the game, but weaved into the 'campaign' single-player experience. The images are pretty stunning and the vibrations in the controller make the experience even more realistic. Not familiar with the Xbox COD series, it took me a while to figure out that the button and stick functions were in the options menu (e.g. how to sprint); but once I got that I managed to get through the recruit level campaign in a few days. Very fun, and apart from repeating it at veteran level, I have played specific missions over again.

The multi-player experience has been addictive despite my lack of expertise. I mean, I get killed lots. I suspect that my router configuration or bandwidth may be part, and maybe my slow reflexes and poor knowledge of the maps. But even an old guy like me can have a lot of fun if he builds up his squad and puts them up against other player's squads, or plays one of his characters with other players against bots at the recruit level.

One word of advice: don't squander your squad points, and choose the type of squad member you unlock carefully--they will come with perks and equipment that you would otherwise have to use squad points to get. I had to look up information on the net about this, and learn from experience. As you progress in level perks will automatically unlock, so don't get too impatient and start 'buying' them right and left. As far as what weapons and weapon customizations you should buy, I have bought many rifles for my different characters, but so far the Remington assault rifle with an advanced tracking scope and armor-piercing bullets has gotten me the best results. My favorite perks to stay out of people's sights is 'off the grid' and 'take down', but then again, I'm not a very fast draw.

So, great game, all in all, but I wish there were some instructions and a strategy guide for newbies like me.
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on 1 January 2014
Campaign 8/10: Thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't turn off my xbox and the dog wasn't overused (which i thought it would be). I like the story and the events but some missions a bit of the same as previous cods and the fact the person you play as never speaks nearly ruins it for me. Because of the last point it can't be more than a 8/10.

Multiplayer 9/10: Much better balancing than previous CoDs and generally fun. Shame about no 2500 kill or 100 headshots patches to keep you playing as gold camo is the only thing to aim for, maps can be a bit big and limited gamemodes with most gamemodes resulting in maps being unavailable. There is a lot to criticise but its still very good.

Squads Mode 8/10: a bit overhyped but it still delivers some fun and game time on the various modes. A good thing to do if you get a bit mad or bored of the multiplayer especially as you can still get XP for your MP soldiers even though you are on squads. I quite liked it.

Extinction 4/10 or 5/10: I was never that big of a fan of zombies on console due to limited players and no mods and i found extinction even more boring and repetitive. This is a good try from IW but I found it incredibly tedious with or without friends, and having friends just made the game more difficult and it's not a challenge I want to overcome. Nevertheless, could provide some amusement for people unlike me.

Overall, even though I might have seemed to say nothing good its a solid CoD and met my expectations :)
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on 9 January 2014
I've been a call of duty fan for a long time & have to say I've enjoyed most of the games in the series. Single player campaigns I've never really worried about playing to much I prefer the multiplayer experience, all in all I do like ghost I also thought black ops 2 was very good as well. The maps in ghost are bigger but I don't find it to much of an issue to be honest if your going spend time camping & not going for the objectives then I guess you will find it boring.. I agree with other reviews when people say modern warfare 4 was the best ever call of duty it really was a mind blowingly good game.. I've played mw2 mw3 black ops 1&2 and have pretty much enjoyed them all. Unfortunately in this modern age you are going to get fools who hack the games & spoil it for everyone else. I think sometimes with game designers your damned if you do & damned if you don't you really can't please everyone. I personally enjoy call of duty ghost it's enjoyable & fun would definitely recommend giving it a go..
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on 2 February 2014
It is a brilliant game, the campaign is epic with a cool story line. You get to drive tanks, fly helicopters, blow everyone up and lots of other cool things. The range of guns is really good with a whole load of new guns. There is a new type of gun class called "Marksman Rifles" which are kin of half sniper half assault rifle. The multiplayer is really good with some new gamemodes like safeguard and infected. The only problem is, on local,live and extinction you can only do 2 player you cannot do up to 4 players. The extinction game is really cool, it is basically zombies except you are trying to drill out these alien nests while tons of aliens are attacking. I would recommend this for and call of duty player but I would also recommend it for people who haven't bought played COD before.
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on 13 April 2014
First of all, this game is not quite as good as any other Call of Duty I have played (WAW, MW1-3, BO1-2) for a number of reasons. The first being the dry-as-sand storyline that left a lot to be desired. It is your typical kind of setup where supposedly badass characters live in a walking cliché and talk like it. For me, that ruins a character. It might be in the tastes of some younger gamers, and let's be fair, a large audience for this game will be under 16. The next for this (and the most infuriating of all) is the spawning system on multiplayer. It is near impossible to get a good spawn online (far enough away from others to get your bearings, but close enough to get into combat soon after moving while still being safe from spawn killing by snipers or run+gunners) which can make a lot of matches incredibly frustrating.

With the storyline, as explained, the characters are pretty dry and the levels follow suit. There is not a great deal of the storyline I would want to experience playing again. The storyline way hyped up quite a lot by the description of the product advertising all of these 'new' features, and I was heavily disappointed in them. While some of them are new to the franchise, I have seen almost everything in this storyline in another Call of Duty game, and everything in other video games. While it is getting harder to create a 'new' and 'innovative' feature in a game with how many are on the market, it should not be impossible. I would have preferred playing this a year later with an amazing game than this quite bad one.

The multiplayer seems to have had some 'improvements', but not all of these make it better. Firstly, and this is something I wanted in these games for a long time, was the ability to quickly kill someone without playing on hardcore. The kill times on hardcore in previous games is what I want for all game modes. While some players may not agree with me, being able to down an enemy in a few bullets is better than emptying an entire magazine into the general direction of someone and not get a kill because the desynch on the servers made only a couple of rounds hit. Even then, it takes a sizeable amount of ammo to kill someone in the previous games. Secondly, the maps are bigger. While again, some people will disagree, this is better for the game. Having maps that are too tightly packed makes spawning terrible (even though somehow, with all of the space available, it still is) to the point half your deaths might be found within seconds of spawning (and half of your kills, if you catch someone else out).

One more thing that was bad about the multiplayer was the terrible level deign. Most people I have spoken to about multiplayer either sit in a corner or complain about sitting in a corner. The people that complain about these so called campers having no skill and ruining the game are completely wrong in my opinion. If a level was to be properly designed to limit this sort of thing, it would be hard to do. I can see that the developers have made an attempt to try and stop it, but this should not really be needed. Snipers are supposed to be difficult to counter, and the real skill of the game comes from how you can be able to stay in one spot for so long and survive, as well as being able to counter this. I can see where some of this frustration comes from, as some of the maps are pretty open, meaning there are some great sniping points that can see all over the map. This would not be an issue if any Call of Duty game had the ability to spawn people in good places, instead of the same twenty places all game. The levels are also lacking elements that make them fun to play. Sure, one level you can shoot a tree over. It's not enough.

The new class system is fairly interesting, as it allows you to unlock items from as soon as you can afford them with the squad points you earn from levelling. This takes the fun out of levelling for some people, but allows you to carry your favourite guns as soon as you can. The perks seem to have removed anything allowing you to remain in one place in a futile attempt to counter the terrible level design. I would expect the next game not to have any form of long-ranged weapon the rate they are going. They have even added new 'marksman rifles' which are more mobile than snipers in an attempt to get people moving.

If you are getting the game for multiplayer, which a lot of people are looking to do, I would not advise it. Stick with the other ones if you don't like the new gun/class mechanics. If you are buying for the storyline, steer clear. It does not tie in with the others.
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on 28 December 2013
I loved black ops as it had a very good story and good gameplay. I missed out on black ops 2 but ended up with ghosts. They said it's new, they are taking a risk and changing it up, it's dead the same really. Officially the Fifa of first person shooters and get rich off it. New features? Some peaks and killstreaks, some weapons, and keeping gun raised vaulting over objects so you can shoot (nice) Also contextual lean, and move or sprint faster. People also die quicker in MP.
But dead the same formula, follow some invincible NPC team mates that take the lead, barely make it out of each mission alive through coincidental events, get to the end and whilst nearly dying just about win in some struggle of sorts. It can be fun but there needs to be big changes now, let the player take the lead, mix it up. And the biggest problem with single player? Weak story, basically Mexico and Brazil (south America) join forces as The Federation for some reason and hijack a satellite, shooting north America, before invading, why? Goodness knows. But you play as (eventually) ghosts, soldiers who for some reason fought 600 man and when down in numbers survived.. It's a s*** sorry to be fair and a shame. The mini plots within like character twists and such are alright, but don't expect a modern warfare 1 or 2, or black ops storyline.
Multiplayer has some new modes and bigger maps, an alien invasion mode etc, but with infection and favourites back (no theatre this time) it's fun as you'd expect, though many bugs and spam problems needed to be patched. You can now edit your characters uniform and features a little.
Worth £30+? Nope, wait till its below £20 atleast.
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on 26 June 2014
I find the COD games hit and miss, each to there own opinion to which one is best - I know i have had many an argument.

As time has moved on with the COD games it seems the creators are finding more and more ways of making a quick buck though!
Map packs i grant are a given and require some of our well earned cash, but paying for additional load slots, making your attack dog into a wolf or paying over £3 for a spaceman outfit!?
Ok - i know its our choice but feel somewhat pressurized to buy it and being a long term COD gamer of course i have bought them - Hypocrite i hear you shout!

The campaign game - i liked and will be playing it again at some point, i feel it was better than some of the previous campaign games but not the best.

Multiplayer - I have read some of the reviews and CAMPERS Galore! i hear some people shout. Yes i agree entirely this seems to be the most camp tastic game ever - however overtime you adapt and get the little blighter sat behind a wall for the whole of the match. The maps i have to rate a 3 out of 5, one of the maps is obviously "Scrapyard" from MW2, yes i feel they have improved it but when i see that it sorta makes me feel like they didnt put to much effort into it - though im sure they did.

Im hoping the next COD wont be as profiteering though and that they will give a little back to there many many customers of the COD gaming circuit!
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on 28 December 2013
I have loved Call of Duty since Modern Warfare, but it hasn't always been great. Treyarch really let down the Call of Duty name, but I have always liked Infinity Ward and Activision's work.

Treyarch's campaigns were always confusing, but I always liked Infinity Ward's. Ghosts is no exception, as I was extremely involved and engaged in the story.

Multiplayer is where Call of Duty was destroyed. Since Modern Warfare 3, the multiplayer mode has gotten worse. The maps became less fun. There were no clear strong points, or bases on most maps. Also, the amount of map packs they bring out is disgusting! You spend just as much money buying map packs as you do buying the game! I stopped buying map packs after Black Ops.

Also, due to YouTube, the multiplayer has become unbalanced. You get the few proper gamers, who play the game properly, and then you get the lot who try to get trickshots, always using snipers, always dying, and always camping.

In conclusion, although it is the player's fault as well as the game's, you guys have really let Call of Duty down.


(I have been gaming for 5/6 years, and I am interested in multiple genres of games, so this review is based on my experience.)
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on 12 January 2014
Ive played this game for about 5 days in multiplayer and can now say a little something. The game itself has real potential to be a great COD game but there are a few downfalls, the servers are slow and in parties with your friends you can be sat for 10 minutes just searching for an empty lobby. When you do eventually get into a game and start winning... Everybody quits, endlessly, and new players are hardly ever added to games that have already begun, meaning, if your team quits, you're on your own. Also guns are overpowered, there is no red screen, just instant death 99% of the time. Death occurs after 2 bullets in most cases with your high power AR classes. Perks are nice and allow lots of cool class set ups, killstreaks are kinda fun but lack real worth, 5 kills for my dog to stare at somebody while i get shot is most annoying. And battle hinds wander the map hopelessly getting 3 kills if youre lucky. Maps are fantastic, in desperate need of a ground war dlc or something though as maps are large and difficult to get used too! All in all though i found this to be a really great game, and i say give it a couple hours to get used too, my k/d was at 1.17 and now its up to 1.71!
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on 6 March 2014
This review is only about the online multiplay game mode as i only bought the game for that reason.
Theres not much more you can offer anyone when you play a genre, ie, F1 you drive a car to win a race, you play COD to shoot people etc.
Extinction is better than the usual zombies fare.
I'm new to this game so i am just getting used to the maps which i find im liking at the moment.
I have spotted several games where lagging is a massive problem,along with the game being hacked to death.But saying that i haven't had any hosting problems that i see in BO2.
I played a couple of games last night and spent the majority of my time not finding anyone to kill only to find it was dominated by snipers because this game does indeed tend to favor the poor gamepaly tactics enjoyed by campers who have no skill whatsoever.
I do believe there should be a system that limits the amount of snipers you have on one team to balance it out and the servers need to be dedicated to sort out the muppets who exploit the system.
I also do not really like the credit system on here and i prefer experience points based systems like the one on BO2.
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