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4.1 out of 5 stars209
4.1 out of 5 stars
Style Name: CT2ccChange
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18 of 18 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 September 2013
Style Name: CT2ccVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
From the opinion of the other half, this actually feels like a quality shaver, although heavier than usual in weight, it certainly has a lot of features going for it. It does provide a close shave and even picks out the tiniest stubble. However it struggles a little on contoured areas around the throat which could be down to the shape of the shaver. The ice feature or heat sink is a great feature for anyone with sensitive skin and can make the process of shaving less irritating. For sensitive skin the best aspect of this shaver is the alcoholic self cleaning system which also serves to lubricates for a better shave. The alcoholic wash tray lasts about a month and that is with a clean after every shave, every day. One alcoholic pack is initially supplied and replacements are also fairly affordable. The cleaning system is a breeze for anyone lazy, stick the shaver upside down in the unit, press a button and leave it to do it's thing. The only downside is that the cleaning process is a little noisy but only lasts a few minutes. The shaver does take awhile to dry but it's not a real issue if you shave at the same time everyday. The cleaning unit which also serves as a charging station is fairly bulky and not great for travelling with. But it does come with a very slimline charging caddy which can be easily packed for travelling. Unfortunately this particular model doesn't come with a travelling case. The shaver is very quick to charge, a 5 minute charge will get you one shave.

Both the shaver and charging unit feels well built, and it has been claimed that the product is designed to last 7 years which I feel is fair based on the performance so far. The shaver also comes with a cap to trim longer hair, cleaning brush and a small slide out shaver on the back for a more controlled shave. The LED lights on the shaver and charging unit looks pretty neat. I think the selling point of this shaver is the convenient features and everything about it is made for a more comfortable and closer shave especially for those with sensitive skin. There are even tips in the manual for a less irritable shave, for example shaving before washing, as the oil in the skin helps to lubricate, and you can also use this shaver in the shower as well. All the features in the shaver has been well thought out and I would recommend this for anyone looking for something that is quality and convenience.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 22 September 2013
Style Name: CT2ccVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is my third Braun shaver in a row and definitely the best. It really does feel cool and pleasant on the skin (to me, anyway) and I was quickly impressed by the closeness of the shave itself. I usually prefer wet-shaving, and still do to be honest, but this is the best electric razor I have used. I have never tried a Philips however, and several reviewers have expressed their strong preference for the Dutch brand.

When emptying the foil head into the basin after a shave, the waste hair appears more finely cut than anything I have seen before. This may not be the most pleasant of images for you, but I believe it to be evidence that this new product from Braun shaves closer and more finely than anything they have produced up to now.

I notice that Braun have moved the on/off button higher up towards the foil head in such a way that the user shouldn't inadvertently turn the device off - with previous models (the 790 and 590) the thumb naturally rests on the on/off button during use, which could be a nuisance. This problem has been addressed successfully with the CT2cc.

I would agree that it's a little on the heavy side, maybe this is a spin-off of having good battery lasting power and short charging times. I would have preferred it to have been lighter but it's not a problem.

For me the biggest negative has to be the cleaning system, which I reckon is nothing more than a way of generating revenue for the company. Yes, it does clean the whole razor head nicely but it's an expensive indulgence - not only in terms of energy consumption but particularly when it comes to buying a replacement set of Braun CCR3 Clean & Renew Refill Cartridges - 3-Pack. Braun state that "One cartridge lasts about 30 cleaning cycles". It's fine if you can afford it and don't care about such an expense, but in my case I'm happy to clean the CT2cc thoroughly with warm water; it's presumably not going to be quite as good or as hygienic as using the alcohol cleaner but it's good enough for me, so when my cartridges have run out that will be that - they won't be replaced. In theory, taking it to the extreme of cleaning the device every day, one 3-pack lasts 90 days so you'd need to get 4 of these a year, costing the best part of £50. Personally I'm not convinced that it's necessary to go to the trouble of cleaning the razor this way.

But the CT2cc is otherwise a good electric razor, I like it and I'm happy with it. I just hope the foil head itself lasts longer than the one on my 790cc, which disintegrated within a year or two. The price has come down a fair bit since Sept 2013 and it can now be considered good value.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 26 August 2013
Style Name: CT2ccVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This razor is everything you could ever need, for what it does - in comparison to a series 7 model we own, this I would actually opt for despite the price-tag. This razor is incredible, you can't even describe the refreshing cooling sensation as you shave but it is very skin friendly - having THE most sensitive skin, trying to find a gentle electric shaver that doesn't cause soreness and irritation has been tough - but this really is amazing and does what it says. it a nice small size and comfortable to hold. Also it is waterproof which is great it can be used in the shower, therefore easy to clean too, just rinse and go or use the clean and renew stand which leaves it smelling fresh and keeps it immaculate as new.

I tried the razor without the cooling strip which shaves amazingly but it does heat up therefore could cause the irritation so from now on I keep the cooling strip on which admittedly more than halves the battery life - you do more or less have to keep it charged daily - if you don't use the strip you can get a few days out of it - but why would you not use the strip, that's the main feature! I've noticed much less regrowth than other razors i have tried, so it is staying smoother for longer and no irritation so far. It really is a winner and I couldn't recommend it more. It IS an amazingly close shave, I would say it probably is really as good as a wet shave.

The price is an awful lot but this razor does boast to be the first of it's kind for the cooling strip which clearly works and is a revelation! For the price though it would be nice if it came with a travel case to protect it. However it is worth it of course and I do recommend this - it is of excellent quality and does what it says - this is a breakthrough for sensitive skin! Amazing! - well done Braun!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 8 June 2013
Style Name: CT2sVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have recently gone back to going clean shaven at times and I used to have one of those disk style electric razors. When this came up in vine I thought I would give it a try out.

I am of an age to remember a certain electric razor which was marketed 'as close as a blade or your money back' well this razor did achieve a close shave but a blade would have been quicker and easier to use. I am not saying that this razor is bad it just took longer to shave my face using it than I thought it would.

The razor has a double foil cutter and a middle cutter as well as a so-called 'cool effect' metal wedge type thing. The charging station is easy to put together and a full charge takes about an hour. Without using the cool effect this gives about 45 minutes of shaving time. With the power hungry cool effect on this is massively reduced to 15 minutes. You also have the option of just doing a quick 5 minute charge which should give you enough charge for a single shave but doing this too often doesn't do the battery much good.

I find that this cool effect system is far too easy to turn on (and off) during shaving as it is a button on the front just above the off/on button. The charger comes with the standard two pin shaver plug so unless you have one of those sockets in your bathroom you will need to buy a separate adapter.

The razor does fit well in the hand and the rubberised coating does prevent it from slipping when in use. It is, however, quite heavy but I suppose it does indicate that it is well made and won't drop to bits in a few months. The cutting foils do produce good close results but it needs a lot of working over my face and neck to achieve the results I get from a blade. Although this could just be the shape of my face. Whilst this has become easier and quicker the more times I use it, a blade razor would still produce just as good a result in a shorter time. Whilst the idea of the 'cool effect' is novel one I personally don't see the advantage in it as I have used the razor with this both on and off and I have not noticed any difference in either the closeness of the shave or the comfort of it. The difference, however, may be more noticeable to those with more sensitive skin.

The size of the shaving head is fairly large and covers a good area of the face in one go. The shaving head is easy to remove to enable cleaning of the razor. Also the shaving head cover is easily put on and removed. A small brush is provided again to help with the cleaning of the razor. Also there is a small bottle of mineral oil which you are advised to use once a week if you clean the shaver head with water after each use. The small clipper on the reverse side to the controls does provide a quick way to trim sideburns etc and this is not so easily turned on during normal use nor is it flimsy like so many others can be.

There is a 'travel lock' on the razor to prevent it being turned on whilst the razor is in your case if you take it traveling with you. However, this is not fool proof. If the on/off button is pressed for more than 3 seconds this unlocks it and then switches the razor on. Whilst I realise it is unlikely that this will happen in your case it is not impossible.

Unfortunately there is no travel case with this particular model but you can't have everything.

The instruction book is nice and clear and is in a number of languages and the print is of a good size so you don't need a magnifying glass to read it.
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19 of 21 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 1 July 2013
Style Name: CT2sVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Braun shaver is a wonderful testament to Braun's build quality. It is not too heavy but weighty enough to give you an assurance that it will last. The removal blade simple to deal with and the units holder (which comes in two parts) easy to put together and charge the unit from. This particular Braun model comes with a blue button on it with a snowflake symbol. Press it and the shaver head becomes cold, in turn soothing your face as you shave. Perhaps the reason it is seen fit to inculde this button is because it takes so long to shave with. Despite the superb build quality I have found performance to be largely wanting. It takes ages to get even a decent finish and frankly that is just too long in comparison to my old wet razor. Part of the allure of these types of products are that they offer a quicker alternative to older methods but this Braun fails in that regard. I've been using it for a month now and although built to last (sorry to go on but it is genuinely impressive) the flaw in performance is hard to ignore.

I have to say the 'cold' button does work but feels more of a gimmick. I'd much rather have a shaver that shaves to a close finish. All in all I am sure Braun will keep producing improved models of shavers - after all they've been doing it for long enough. But right now I'd suggest you take your time before taking the plunge. This particular Braun has its merits - it will depend on what you as a buyer are mainly looking for. I'd have thought its ultimate performance would be the number 1 priority and for me right now this doesn't quite cut it. I'd be interested to see if they develop a better blade - if they do and it works this would be great. As it is I feel it is good - not quite good enough.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
Style Name: CT2sVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Upon unboxing the shaver it felt and looked like a really top end product, it charges whilst resting in the holster. This review is based upon a day, two day , four day and almost a week of stubble so have given it various chances.

The cooling element albeit quirky and a little bit of a gimmick does get cold very quickly but doesn't prevent the electric razor burn post shave - I feel you still need aftershave or post shave balm of some description...

Side burn trimmer could be a little more beefy / wider too, it's that slim that you strugle to get a nice neat level line.

Where this product lets itself down is the fact that you've been rubbing it over your face and hearing lots of cutting and clipping noises of the blades against your stubble only to find some patches that have had little to no effect, ok for an underwater shaver or the lazy bloke that wants a shave in the shower or something!

So in summary if you've got a few quid to waste on a gimmick this one is for you - it's a good product but suffers doing the job properly in my opinion.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 9 December 2013
There have been many reviews on this product already and there seems to me , to be an element of truth about this shaver in all of them. It is expensive, or rather could have been had I not bought it Amazon UK ,(Black Friday) for £80 complete with the cleaning system !
The cooling system works a treat and with my sensitive skin then a real bonus. Yes, it is heavy and the cleaning system cartridges only last a month before replacement, so wash it under the tap every other day and it will last that while longer and if you re visit Amazon you can get replacement cartridges for around £10 each.
The cleaning system works very well although the 'Bells and Whistles; of the higher spec systems with a cleaning system does make it easier to read and see what's going on rather than looking and listening to a black box. Cosmetic perhaps but lacking a nice touch.
The shaver does give a close shave although not as good as a wet shave (do any electric shavers ?) and the convenience of the shaver more than makes up for this as it is very good rather than outstanding.
At £80 which I paid (thanks Amazon) this was some £35 lower than the now cheapest price and that is lower than most if you don't shop around so over all a bargain and a good product .
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 26 September 2013
Style Name: CT2ccVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I mainly prefer the closer shave that a conventional shaver will give and have never really used electric shavers for some time, having not been sufficiently swayed by the closeness of the shave the last time I used one.

I got one of these to see if the experience might have got any better. Well in terms of closeness its certainly a lot better than I last remember, providing a close shave, but still not on par with conventional razor blade due to the guards protecting the blades, but nonetheless impressive. The only criticism being it doesn't always pick up the hairs on the first attempt especially on the awkward curves, so you need to go over it gain Coupled with the convenience factor of these things I am pleasantly surprised by this shaver. The cooling mechanism really is very good helping to lessen that burning sensation I inevitably feel when using these shavers.

The quality of the build shows the moment you pick it up, well up to the typical standards expected of Braun products. Easy effortless cleaning, Rechargeable definitely recommend.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 June 2013
Style Name: CT2sVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Strange thing is I'm more likely to shave daily with the Braun. I don't press as hard with that more powerful motor. I get-up have quick Braun shave but trim with the Philips.

1. The Braun is waterproof - can be used in shower
2. Philishave is 'Aquagenic' so can be washed under tap
3. Braun side trimmer is useless
4. Philips' trimmer is wider and works
5. I love the minutes left window in Philips (max 60mins)
6. The Braun has a built-in refrigerator - reducing redness
7. Braun ideal in car for late meeting - no red marks before you even shake hands!
8. Braun transformer in two-pin plug not ideal (see video)
9. They are both electric shavers
10. Suspect sixty quid shavers in local supermarket shave the same.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 26 September 2013
Style Name: CT2ccVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My boyfriend has sensitive skin & he gave me this feedback:

This shaver gives a very close shave indeed & as promised, does not irritate skin & has a cooling sensation to the skin & gives a very smooth shave. It is very impressive indeed.

Also, it charges quickly & the charge lasts a very long time comparatively (depending on how much you use). Thus an Eco-friendly product.

It has 3 different settings for different facial contours for the most close shave.

What I really love about it is that is has a cleaning & hygiene station (Clean&Charge Station) which removes bacteria very effectively & thus is a modern product & hygienic to use). Plus it fully washable with water which is good for everyday cleaning & actually can be used in the shower also (although I don't recommend this for sensitive skin as skin is more sensitive at this time).

It also has a long hair trimmer.

This is a first class shaver & I highly recommend it.
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