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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 August 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have to assume that, if you're interested by this case, you're someone who uses their iPad professionally and is on the move quite a lot. By that I mean that you probably do a lot of typing and have an iPad mini to avoid carrying around anything bulkier or heavier.

So, would you, as that person, benefit from this case from Logitech?

Firstly, the immediate advantage in a folio cover is the recovery of the half of your screen that would be used by the touch keyboard.

The first disadvantage is that the folio is surprisingly heavy. A lot of the weight appears to be in the outer material of the cover, which is of very good quality and probably highly durable. If you own a mini rather than a full size iPad with the specific goal of not carrying anything heavier, then this isn't great. The folio is also very chunky; the hefty covers and the fairly thick keyboard combine to more than double the thickness of your iPad.

Look more closely at the cover and you'll find a beautifully soft interior lining and a padded backing where your iPad sits. The caddy itself has a plastic that is a mix of flexibility and rigidity; strong enough to firmly grasp the iPad, soft enough as not to scratch or mark. There are also little magnets on the edge that match up to more magnets in the keyboard to hold everything in place when using the folio as a stand.

The keyboard is set into a shiny plastic slab that also contains the rechargeable battery. This is the only part of the folio that looks a bit tacky, even though the plastics feel good to the touch. It is about 5-6mm thick (measured by eye), which is disappointingly thick. The keys themselves are a bit too button-like for my taste too, with a soft action that is lacking in positivity. On the upside there is a power light and a Bluetooth link light (though no CAPS indicator), to let you know where you stand in terms of connection and battery charge.

Connecting to the iPad via Bluetooth is incredibly simple, at which time you discover that this is a very weird keyboard indeed.

I had expected the keyboard to be compact given the dimensions, but I hadn't noticed from the photos how far the guys at Logitech have innovated in the way they've economised space. The Tab and Caps Lock keys are shared with Q and A respectively and need a simultaneous push of the Fn button to operate. I found this very off-putting, hitting the S key in place of A very often at first (it just felt wrong looking for A at the edge of the keyboard) and feeling like all the keys were offset to one side. With use you get the hang of it and all is well until you go back to your laptop or desktop and find you can't type on them anymore. The right hand-side of the keyboard, if a little unorthodox, poses no major problems. The cursor key layout is especially nice for a keyboard with such a small footprint.

One question you'll also need to ask yourself is what to do if the battery dies. Being built-in you don't have the option to change it out, so you'll need to find a charging point for the (very short) USB charging cable. This might mean carrying a USB charger socket with you on top of the folio, but if you don't already carry a charger for your iPad then the question is moot.

So in all I've slightly mixed feelings about this folio. It is a quality item, despite the plasticy keyboard, but it defeats the iPad Mini's strong points, which are lightness and small size. Typing on it is not quite as good as I'd expected for a Logitech product, but is still pretty good given the limited dimensions and that it wins back half of your iPad's screen when typing.

If having a quality case is more important than keeping the bulk and weight out of your bag then this would probably be a good buy. But you might need to adapt your typing style and get used to a short transition time when coming and going from a normal keyboard.
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on 10 August 2013
This item, although expensive, is of very high quality.
I arrived direct from Amazon in less that 24 hours after ordering it.
You will get the GB version, with £ key!
The keys are full sized, except for the numbers, and the case itself fits my ipad mini perfectly.
I read many, many other reviews of cheaper items, but decided to pay more for quality, and
I am not disappointed.
I had a cheap keyboard on my Blackberry Playbook, and it was rubbery and you had to press the keys
very hard to get a response; this Logitech has brilliant keys, just like on my big full size computer.
Admittedly they do need getting used to, but it is much better than screen tapping, and as I need to
write lots of documents in work, I will now be able to type speedily on my ipad mini, rather than having
to take my computer with me, plus its big case, charger, etc.
I have also bought a slip in 9inch case to pop everything in.
The item is admittedly quite heavy, but your ipad screen will be protected as it sits on a frame provided
by the keyboard. The whole thing has been expertly designed!
Highly recommended!!
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on 22 July 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
...for the button layout.

⦁ The keyboard overall is scrunched together (because of space constraints)
⦁ Some keys are missing (you have to use convoluted key combinations to get the functionality back) (for example, there's no TAB key, you have to press Fn + A)
⦁ Some buttons are mispositioned (e.g. whenever I aim for '1', I always hit the top left button, which is the home button)

That said, I love everything else about the product. If you look at the keyboard whilst typing, the buttons won't be an issue for you. If you touch type, as I do, you find that you love it 90% of the time but hate it the other 10%. [I'm so used to the '1' button being above and slightly to the left of the 'Q' button; I keep accidentally launching the home screen].

Now that I'm done moaning... What's good about this?

✅ design
✅ materials
✅ use of very strong, carefully positioned magnets
✅ attention to detail

🎥 Please see the video to see what I mean. [🔇 NB - the video doesn't have any sound.]


It is deeply frustrating that with iOS 7, the arrow keys have stopped working! I'm using 7.02
I have no doubt it will be fixed in a future update but you may want to hold off until then.

UPDATE 24 NOV 2013

I'm updated to 7.04 - the hardware arrow keys work, once again! [I haven't used this since the update written above, so I'm not sure when this was fixed]
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
From the minute you open the magnetic flap on the Logitech packaging you know you have a purchased a quality item.

The Folio case exudes class and is the perfect housing for your Apple gadget! The materials used are top notch and feel as though they will stand the test of time.

The keyboard is also of excellent quality, with a reassuring click as the keys are pressed. The layout is somewhat cramped but adequate and obviously it has to match the size of the iPad Mini so not much they could have done.

The case is magnetised so when you open your iPad it awakes and when you close the case it goes to sleep. When typing, the screen rests on the keyboard with magnets also and when in place it is quite secure.

There are various short cuts on the keyboard, specific for iPad operation which are also a nice touch.

Logitech claim that it will last up to 3 Months on a single charge. Based on 2 hours of use each day. I have not tested this claim yet but I have only charged the keyboard once so far!
It connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and has a range of up to 10m but not sure how relevant that is if your using it to connect to your iPad as is it's purpose.

Included in the box is the folio case & keyboard, a USB charging cable and Documentation. Which is basically a quick setup guide if you want more info you have to go online. I would prefer more details in print but that's the way of the world and if it conserves the rainforest then its all right by me.

It really is a lovely accessory and one that turns your iPad Mini in to a lovely little travel companion!
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on 13 September 2013
Firstly, it works well and it does look great! The feel of the fabric is nice and although it has been taken out in the rain, it does look like it should be resistant to a few splashes.

I've never had a case for anything before, let alone the iPad mini so I can't compare it to other cases, but the Keyboard works like a treat and it is instant - I was worried that there was going to be a delay in typing - but no :)

It is easy to set up, a delight to use and really transforms the iPad mini into a better device. It also looks great, and I look forward to pulling it out in Starbucks - the iPad mini that is :)

The case itself is hard and is absolute quality - kudos to logitech for creating a near perfect keyboard case. Near perfect - because it's not quite perfect...

For one thing, when you use the keyboard, the magnet positions the iPad mini into only one position - there is no way to have flexibility with it, it simply connects into place. It is a perfect angle mind you but I would like to move it up or down occasionally.

Also, the case is rather heavy, much heavier than the iPad mini itself - okay so we're not talking kilograms but it does feel weighty.

Apart from that though, and in every other way - it is a wonderful addition to the iPad mini and looks fantastic :)

Benny B - The Cyberdog
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on 8 August 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Have been waiting for a good keyboard/case for the Ipad mini and I think that this ticks all the boxes. Small, compact and allows for faster typing in crowded trains on the way to some distant outpost (who knew the train from London to Cornwall could go on and on and on). I digress, good keyboard - add into your travel backpack.
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on 15 September 2014
I've given it 4 stars even though the original one shipped didn't work. A good keyboard with good layout, very easy to touch type on. Unless you don't want to protect your ipad this is probably the smallest case you can get that incorporates a keyboard that you can touch type on - all the logitech keyboards seem good though. The only thing I'm really annoyed about is that the case plastic is so hard/inflexible that it peels off the screen protector (a really high quality Anker one so I know it's not just that I have a cheap screen protector) this happened with both the case I have now and the case I returned as the keyboard didn't work so I know i's not just the individual case. I think sadly next time I put a screen protector on I will have to cut it down by about 3mm on each side. I still give it 4/5 because I'm so impressed with the keyboard. Handy that it charges with the same cable as the ipad mini as well.
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I only recently bought the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad Mini - White which in itself is a great product but I was faced with the option of keeping my iPad mini in the case and then taking it out to use the keyboard or using the keyboard as a case. Two problems: 1. the case only covered the front of the iPad and the keys pretty much sat on top of the screen. 2. the iPad was not protected at the rear.

What you really wanted was a front and back cover with an integrated keyboard. Step forward the Logitech keyboard folio for iPad mini. It's a nice blue colour with a durable fabric protecting the FRONT and the BACK.

The keyboard is almost exactly the same as the previous one (I've noticed the iPad's own on-screen keyboard is disabled when this is connected via Bluetooth but no bad thing). The iPad sits very snuggly in a rubbery grip protecting the sides. Infact, the back of the iPad does not touch the rear surface of the folio which means the cut-out for the camera is raised above the lens - great protection and doesn't interfere with the camera at all.

The thickness has all but doubled in the iPad mini in size and added a bit of weight but it's no worse than carrying around a little A5 notepad or small book. The great thing is that this is not a notepad or book but a super-slick tablet/micro PC (with the addition of the keyboard).

My only annoyance was that the grips holding in the iPad were so snug that it caused my screen protector to ripple and I ultimately removed it leaving the bare iPad screen but not worried as it's nicely protected. On that note, whoever designed this has done it well enough that the keys and the iPad screen never meet - genius.
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on 7 October 2013
this folio is (from the reviews I read) probably one of the best on the market, and the protection offered to the ipad seems very good. The connection is (generally) quick and fast although in common with all bluetooth ipad devices is occasionally not usable on some web-sites (I think this is an iOS issue rather than a keyboard one). I was surprised however at how much heavier it makes the ipad to carry around (approx doubles the weight I think) - If this might be an issue then be aware, otherwise this does the job very well and turns the ipad mini into a cut down lap-top. As with all smaller keyboards there is a bit of function+shift+button key pressing to be undertaken for less used keys.
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on 14 July 2013
This makes typing on my ipad a LOT easier. Even though the keyboard is small, it's still comfortable to type on it. There's some added weight, but I see my ipad mini as a small laptop now. Very easy to take along, protected by the folio. Since i bought this I always take it with me when I'm going somewhere. It's like taking a book (in fact it is because i got kindle on it), a notepad, and a showcase (I have some self developed software running on it) with me in a super compact form. Also on a few occasions i needed urgent access to a linux server. Typing linux commands without this keyboard was very frustrating and slow, but this keyboard made ssh access quite comfortable.
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