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on 10 February 2014
US layout so no pound sign, extremely annoying when you need to type one. If it had a UK layout I would have given it 5 stars.
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on 8 September 2014
To type on this keyboard you need to push the keys perfectly in the centre. If you push the side of they key it doesn't register, unless you are pushing it quite hard. The worst effect of the problem is the space bar, because you can't push the side of it (which makes it a bit silly to have a long button where you can only push the middle of that button).

If you are someone that pushes down on the keys quite hard as you type; then this keyboard will be fine for you. If however you like to type quite gently then avoid this product.

Just to note other details: Plug and play worked just fine, and the function keys are quite useful but are missing a sleep button.

Update: Anker got in touch with me and were very proactive and positive. I tried a duplicate keyboard but the problem remains exactly the same. However, I have been very impressed with their customer service and have changed my score from 2* to 3* to reflect the positive experience I had with their support team.
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on 27 May 2014
I got this as a substitute for the Apple Wireless Keyboard, which is a great device but very expensive. This little keyboard is amazing. It has 99% of the build quality of the Apple one, despite being a full plastic construction. The battery life is unbelievable - my keyboard gets plenty of use and I haven't changed the batteries once in 6 months! It's tough and will survive plenty of knocks. I use it with Windows and my Mac (a program called KeyRemap4Macbook will help you adapt the Windows layout for the Mac keyboard layout). I was just using it and was spontaneously compelled to come on Amazon and write this review. I'm very impressed with Anker - despite the name being a bit silly, I have a USB 3.0 hub by them that's also awesome. And you just can't beat the price. Yay for this product.
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on 7 May 2014
Don't know how anyone can report that this keyboard has poor build quality.
Maybe they've never had other keyboards of this type.

Don't listen to them. It's a solid little bit of kit.
Clean, tidy design.

It's like having a laptop keyboard you can hold in your palm.
Good size keys make for comfortable typing.
Again some reviewers commented that typing was not comfortable. Rubbish. It's is just like typing on a laptop.
If you're used to that then this its fine.

And unlike a lot of wireless media focused keyboard, it's consistent.
I blasted away typing a long text document and it never dropped a keystroke.

Only draw back is that it has a US key layout. But as I'm using this with my HTPC this is not a problem in the slightest for me.

I paid £11.99 for this last week, but it seems now the price had gone up to £15.99.
To be fair I'd have paid the higher price and still felt like I'd got a great product at a low price.

If you're looking for a media PC keyboard like I was, then I highly recommend this as an option.

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on 10 November 2014
I was looking for English keyboard that looks and feels like Apple's one, so I can hold on my lap and be free from the wires but do not pay for it like for a small Android tablet. :-) Previous keyboard wasn't very lucky, as it was broken from the beginning. However, AnkerDirect contacted me, then quickly replaced it without even asking to return back broken and the new replacement just works.

- It is just like Apple's Wireless Keyboard one, except it is black, not aluminum and you can buy literally 5 of these for the Apple Keyboard price.
- It is using USB dongle, so you can just stick it anywhere.
- Feel is exactly as same as on the Apple keyboard.
- Linux/Unix geeks: just stick the USB dongle and it just works, no worries. Compatible with Raspberry/Banana Pi, if you are wondering. :-)

- I would love to have CapsLock LED telling me caps is ON/OFF.
- Would be better to have "Go to sleep" force button somewhere below, like on the side of the case where USB dongle and batteries are placed. Currently keyboard is using 1 hour timeout and thus consuming batteries when I do not need.
- The Anker logo could go on the backward side under the keyboard. Having it on the space key is annoying.

Hope it won't break. Giving it 5 points from usability perspective, but if Anker company would take an advantage of the list of my "Cons" section, they easily could raise price few pounds up. :-)
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on 1 January 2014
No problems installing, and there's a good positive feel to the keys. Picking it up needs learning, there's not much room around the outside and it's easy to hit a key while moving the keyboard. It's a US keyboard, but for me all I have to do is remember that the " and the @ have changed places. I think. I only use this keyboard when I'm using the telly to view the computer through HDMI.
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on 14 November 2014
Really wanted to like this. Great design, very slim, small little USB plug ... but while using it, it occasionally skipped letters - especially the space bar. I think this is an issue because I'm a fast touch-typer, and by the time I noticed it had skipped a space, I'd already be a few words ahead, and it was taking lots of time correcting missed letters and adding in spaces. In the end I had to return the keyboard, because it was just too inefficient with all of the mistakes. Going to order another wireless keyboard instead because I really want to find one that works!
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on 10 January 2015
Over the late 2013 period and all throughout 2014 I have always recommended Anker products for their quality and bang for buck. Every person I have recommend them too (mainly for mouses of wireless and gaming variety) they have been extremely happy with the products, as have I with my multi colour gaming mouse.

On this basis, I purchased this wireless Ultra Slim keyboard for my house mate for Christmas. He has his PC connected to the TV in the front room, and had wrestled a 3m USB cable across the room for quite some time, so I got him this.

Opening it, the packaging it comes in is of a high standard, as with all of the other Anker products received. The instructions are nicely printed and it is easy to open.

Connecting the keyboard to the computer is no facade, is as simple as plug and play and thats it, and insrting some batteries into the keyboard.

The keyboard was working fine and as always we were impressed with Ankers quality and feel for their prices.

However after a short while, we noticed the keyboard would cut out and skip pressed keys as if it was too far away from the reicevier, although it is plugged in about 2.5m aways with almost no obstruction. We found this strange, given that our wirelss Anker mouse has no trouble being extremely far away from its reciever.

Although still being impressed with Anker's quality, we shunned this aside and ept on being content with the keyboard, but then, we noticed the '5' keys started to stick, like it was not attached properly, but after checking it was, is and is just rather strangely sticky when typing.

To summarize, this is a fantastic keyboard. As with all other Anker products we've bought and recommended we were always impressed with their approace into the market. Just a bit upset we were let down this product, its not given Anker's keyboard department the shining impression their mouse departments have delivered us over the year.

I'm hoping something may come of this review, I will still however continue to recommend and love my Anker products every day! :)
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on 26 November 2013
Before using this keyboard I had used an Apple Wireless Keyboard on Windows 8, but unfortunately Windows did what it always does and randomly decided to just make life difficult. Result: No Bluetooth keyboard at all, despite all reasonable attempts to change things like Bluetooth adapters and keyboards, a reinstall... all of that stupidity.

I went to find something that suited my needs, and after a failed attempt at Microsoft's Arc keyboard (don't waste your time on this if you need to frequently use F keys - it's hopeless) I decided to take a chance and buy this cheap keyboard, since it seemed to closely resemble the layout of the Apple Wireless Keyboard that I'd been using before. I wasn't expecting much, it was dirt cheap and coming from a company that I had never heard tell of before.

However, I am delighted to be completely wrong about practically everything I thought I was getting. The keyboard works, which is more that can be said for the Arc (if you'd like your text to look like ttttttthis, then go for it). Not only that, but it's pretty well built. Granted, it's no Apple Wireless Keyboard, but for all I paid for it, it's amazing. It's solidly built, responsive and quiet (at least as quiet as the Apple Wireless Keyboard, perhaps a little quieter, I haven't tested this yet). Typing is just as easy as it was on the Apple Wireless Keyboard, and it's not glossy... so no gross fingerprints after the first use. It's also black, which happens to match nicely with my computer.

One thing I will note, it is a US keyboard (as said in the title). This is what I wanted, but I understand that it won't be ideal for most people ordering from Amazon UK.
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on 5 October 2014
I definitely would not recommend buying this product. The battery life is promised as being a year but I have only had this keyboard for nine months and have had to change the battery six times, using Duracell batteries (the best on the market). Also, the configuration is completely out and the keys don't match their functions , for example the @ sign is in a completely different place to where it should be and also the f-sharp sign # is in the wrong place, and you actually have to press the forward slash key.

Do not b this product as it will only let you down.
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