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4.3 out of 5 stars309
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 18 May 2013
This is the best universal remote that I have owned... and I have used quite a few from both Logitech/Harmony and other manufacturers (including the Home Theatre Master MX-500, Harmony One and Harmony 900) as well as product remotes with learning capabilities.

Probably its best feature is that it has been kept simple - it only has the bare minimum buttons, but still manages to retain physical buttons for almost all commonly used features. This is achieved through a combination of migrating the number buttons to the touchscreen and allowing short and long button presses to trigger different commands. As a result the remote is far less intimidating than most universal remotes and is also more comfortable to hold. It is still possible to access less commonly used features via the touch screen; this is slightly less convenient than on some other remotes because the scrolling list of commands means that they are not in a fixed location which can be learnt, but they are still quick to access.

The Ultimate also fixes several of the main issues with the Harmony 900, especially it's sluggishness and unreliability of its RF link. The Harmony 900 suffered from an annoying and variable lag between pressing a button and the IR code being sent, long pauses when switching between pages on the touch screen, and frequent failures of the RF link between the remote and its hub even with direct line of sight at quite short distances. The Ultimate doesn't have any of these problems; both buttons and the touch screen respond almost instantly and the RF link even works from other rooms.

That isn't to say that it doesn't have its faults...

Firstly, this is a new product so the firmware still has a few rough edges. This ranges from minor annoyances such as "PiP" having a space automatically inserted to display as "Pi P" on the touch screen (presumably to improve the presentation of the many commands in the device database with names in CamelCase) through to fatal problems like not completing the initial setup (rectified promptly in my case by one of the software developers making a home visit and swapping the hub, with the issue subsequently addressed by a firmware update for other users). Hopefully these issues will be rectified quite quickly.

One of the big selling points of this remote is the ability to use an iOS or Android app of a smartphone instead of the Harmony handset. Whilst this works, and is a very useful feature, the apps fall short of the quality that I would expect from Logitech. The biggest problem is that other the only configurable buttons are on multiple pages of a regular 4x4 grid, which makes it difficult to locate the required controls quickly. There is also a more sensibly arranged numeric keypad and direction controls but they don't allow any customisation. Perhaps Logitech are expecting users to prefer the gesture controls, but remembering the meaning of 22 different gestures (including combinations such as a two-finger swipe and hold) for a single activity is rather counter to the simplicity of the Ultimate remote itself.

The Ultimate remote has very useful backlighting for both the touch screen and physical buttons. However, whilst the display lighting is configurable, the button backlight is fixed at quite a dim level making the buttons harder to see in the dark than on the Harmony 900. This isn't helped by all of the buttons feeling almost identical with the same smooth finish, whereas the 900 had a mixture of textures and button shapes making them easy to recognise by feel. The button backlights are substantially brighter while the remote is being reset, so hopefully this can be addressed in a software update.

The dim button lights are supposedly to help battery life, but it is still recommended to leave the remote in its charging dock when not being used. The battery is also not removable (other than for environmentally friendly disposal), raising concerns about the life of the remote... especially when combined with Logitech's desire to sell of the Harmony division.

The remote supports favourite channels to be configured. Selecting one of the channels from the touch screen automatically starts the appropriate activity (unless it is already active) and selects the required channel. However, all of the favourite channels have to be associated with the same activity... but the page of favourite channel icons always appears regardless of which activity is being used. Again, hopefully a software update will either allow favourites to be specified for multiple activities, or hide the favourites page when other activities are active.

These shortcomings are annoying, but they don't stop this being a superb universal remote. Highly recommended.
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on 5 September 2015
I rarely write reviews, but for this product, I really had to write one.

I got this on the Lightning Deal for around £100. I kown that a new version of the remote is being released any moment now, but for the bargain price of this one (compared with the new model Logitech Harmony Elite which is £279.99), I did not resist.
The product arrived today and it took me 5 minutes to place and connect the HUB, IR Blaster and charging cradle. Now the remote setup is a different thing. You first need to register at the myharmony website and download the app to your computer. Please note that you can also download the Harmony app to your android or iphone and configure the remote from there. I used the computer option. The software is very easy to use (except when trying to pair the PS4). You type the manufacturer of your appliance and the model, the harmony software does the rest for you. It can prompt you a few simple questions, like what is the behaviour of your TV when you press the input button...
I connected 5 devices:
- Amazon FireTV: Easy to configure. You need to browse the FireTV settings and add the Harmony remote as an additional controller. Works flawlessly.
- TV: Medium difficulty to configure. It works really well, but in my scenario I had to turn of the HDMI CEC option on my TV. This was not specified in any logitech help article or the software. I was about to give up when I found this forum on the web saying that it was recommended to turn of the HDMI CEC option on the TV.
- Soundbar: Easy to configure. Just typed the brand and model and nothing else.
- Sky+HD box: Easy to configure. Just typed the brand and model and nothing else.
- PS4: Hard to configure. Instructions say one thing, but it really doesn't work. You type the Sony PS4, software recognises it, it then says that you need to have the latest PS4 and Harmony remote firmware installed. (which are up to date) Then it tells you to go to your PS4 Bluetooth devices and accept the Harmony Controller on that list, but in my scenario there was no harmony controller on the list. After several failed attempts, I downloaded the iphone app and tried it from there. No luck as well. I then started to navigate thru the options on the harmony remote itself and managed to pair the harmony controller with the PS4. Finally it's working. :)

1-touch on the screen and it turns your TV, Soundbar and Sky box ON. Really cool, no more 3 remotes required.
You can add up to 50 Favourite channels to the remote. You will get the channel icons on the remote. It is really nice. :)
Buttons are backlit, which is good for late nigh TV marathon. :)
The iphone app is also able to control all your devices just like the remote, so it's like having 2 remotes. Nice. :)

The only one downside for me, is not having the possibility to add discrete IR codes (if you do no know what this is, just search the web. :) ) to the remote. (it was possible many years ago, with the previous remotes generation) You can teach the remote to learn new commands from your IR device remote control, but if you do not have a remote and want to add new discrete IR commands, you just can't! - This is really an advance feature that most of the users do not care, but in my scenario it would be useful.

Overall, 5 star remote so far (few hours experience only, but loving it).
review image review image review image
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
You can tell this product is at the top of its tree by the fact that the packaging itself has quite a premium feel. It is well styled and neatly put together.

Pulling everything out, it becomes apparent that there are a few bits to this device. There is the remote itself, the remote's charger with associated power lead and plug, the main IR blaster intended to sit amongst your A/V equipment together with its associated power lead and plug, 2x mini IR blasters on leads that optionally attach to the main IR blaster, and the USB cable for hooking up to a PC. This is not just simply a remote control, and the requirement for 2x power points is worthy of note if you weren't expecting it.

Speaking of the power points, the form factor of the plug could cause issue for some especially in the world of A/V equipment, as often the availability and orientation of socketry can pose issues. Instead of the plug protruding down or up as you often find with transformer-plugs, this one protrudes outwards. That might be ok for some people, but in my case I have an 8x gang socket located underneath my entertainment centre. These plugs with their tall form-factor have required me to relocate it.

Setting the remote up is supposed to be a simple-enough process, and I work in the Digital sector so it should have been child's play for me. Unfortunately, it wasn't..
You are instructed to visit the `myharmony' website in order to get going, as instructed on the display of the remote. On doing so, you must create an account. Choosing a location shows USA and Canada at the top in a typical bout of geographical favouritism, and results in a long scroll down to get to United Kingdom. They suggest that you do this all in the same room as the main IR blaster, but for some that might not be possible. I didn't find it to be an issue though. Eventually I got to the end of the set-up process and the site requested I hook up the Remote to my laptop to process the changes using the supplied cable - this in itself is worth bearing in mind in case you only have tablets in your household.

It is at this point that I hit a problem. The progress bar would reach about 48% on the first step and then claim it could not communicate with the Remote. I rebooted and tried again, with no improvement. I was using Chrome browser, so tried Firefox, but again no improvement. I re-booted into Ubuntu Linux (which is normally a reliably fall-back when it comes to certain USB-device hookups), but the site proclaimed that it was not compatible with Linux!

I was all but ready to assume I had a faulty remote, but I rebooted back into Windows and tried Internet Explorer as a last resort, and low-and-behold it worked. Unfortunately it didn't completely work, because the Remote continued to request that I visit the `' website and refused to let me do anything else. I initiated a "Recovery" of the system, which forced an update of both the Remote and the Main IR Blaster via the USB lead. Everything then started to work as normal.

On attempting operate my devices (a Playstation 3, a Sony TV, a Sony A/V Amplifier and a Sony PVR) I was struggling to get the PVR from working (little did I know I was simultaneously also suffering the much-advertised Freeview / Sony PVR hardware failure of July 2013, which threw me off). Once I realised that, I continued to refine the positioning of the blasters, and all appeared well.

Total grief time consumed up-to this point - approximately 2 hours.

The remote itself locked up twice in the first week, but I discovered that holding 'Off' and 'Menu' will reset it. It has been stable ever since then, so maybe it was teething trouble.

Initially the Activity macros didn't start up all my designated devices, but that could have been down to placement of the IR blasters which I have juggled about a bit.

The IR blasters are a novel solution to controlling your AV equipment. It means that the remote itself, or any other controlling devices such as smartphones or tablets can issue the commands over WiFi and the IR blasters relay the signals to the devices. I hadn't anticipated it controlling my PlayStation 3, but low-and-behold it does! It pairs up using Bluetooth and can completely control the navigation. I make use of LoveFilm on my PlayStation, so being able to control that too was a bonus for me and meant that I could put away a fairly bespoke Playstation remote commander.

Now that I have used the Harmony Ultimate for a little while, I have warmed to it. The curved shape fits nicely in the hand, although it means you have to pick it up in order to operate it, instead of press the buttons with it resting on the table, as its curved profile is not suitable for this type of operation. The device can be set to wake up the display on detection of movement, but I have turned this feature off as I found it too sensitive. The buttons themselves are backlit, but not very bright. The Remote itself is a sealed unit, so you don't need to worry about batteries, but then even integrated rechargable cells have a limited lifespan so this could be a concern longer-term.

I have occasionally caught the touchscreen unintentionally and issued commands I hadn't intended, but that has diminished over time as I have gotten more used to the layout. I have found that I have not used the touchscreen for much other than the initial macro activation, instead resorting to the navigation buttons and the volume/channel buttons - which feel a little low-down for ultimate comfort, but I can live with that.

On the whole, it has met the needs of controlling several devices from one remote - like any good Universal Remote Control should. The fact that it also controls my Playstation 3 using bluetooth is very handy, and the fact that there is an Android app means I can also use my smartphone or tablet to do the same - although the App itself is very large considering, and not very customisable, not to mention there are no Homescreen widgets, which might have been useful - but then these are things that could be changed with software updates.

The setting up process proved a nightmare for me, but maybe I am an isolated incident. Linux incompatibility may prove to be an obstacle for some.

Then there's the price. At £229 (at time of review) this is a lot of money for something which is ultimately there to solve an itch (of having too many remotes) and could probably just be alleviated by a decent brand's main device Remote, such as my Sony TV's remote which could also control my Amp and my PVR. If you simply must have the top-of-the-range universal remote control, then this is your guy. Not having to point the remote over obstacles is a subtle plus-point that I didn't realise I would appreciate.

On the whole, it's a good effort. In some respects it feels a bit experimental, and there seems to be more effort required on the part of the user in getting it all set-up and configured - but then that's probably par for the course in this line of tech. The technical hiccups concerned me, and only through persistence did I overcome them. I wonder how many other people would have given up long before I did. The price is the elephant-in-the-room for me though.

As a result of my time with the Harmony Ultimate, I am prepared to give it 3-stars. If it were half the price and the setting-up process were more simplified (and trouble-free), I'd bump it up to 4.

UPDATE: There has been a Firmware and an App update for this device since I first wrote my review, which improved stability and added some setup functionality from the app itself.
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on 1 March 2016
After the death of my previous Harmony Touch (there is more about that and how it bricked in its own review) I am giving Harmony remotes one last chance, I was very disappointed with the Touch.

This control looks pretty much identical to the Touch but uses RF signals and rather working on its own it partners with a hub and two mini IR extenders. The rough idea is that RF allows the control to not even be pointed at the hub to work and the well placed hub and extenders control the equipment from there, this can be inside a cabinet which is the reason I looked to buy it as I have a plan to hide all my black boxes away.

The remote can control 15 pieces of equipment, I have 9 at present (over two rooms) all of which I could add to the control with no issues and 2 of them are late 80s audio separates which shows the items it can control is really as wide as promised.

The thing to remember with Harmony remotes, which I love, is that they work using activities and not by controlling the equipment individually. So you will 'Watch TV' and the remote will turn on the TV, turn on the surround sound and the Sky box, whilst selecting the correct inputs and then it allows the buttons to be setup to allow you change channel on Sky, volume on the surround etc... It does take a little setting up but I actually found it easier using the mobile app (I have used the online and downloaded software in the past), first you have to connect the hub to the remote, then use the app to program the hub and hence the remote, but an improvement on previous software is that it updates as you go which makes updating activities or buttons so much better than in the days of synchronising using a USB. All in all it took 30 minutes for the initial setup and I have tweaked things about a dozen times since.

The weird thing is that the control just does what it is meant to and so for some reason is a bit disappointing as you don't get to play with it very much, you pick it up, press a button and put it down, this is great and very impressive but it is just that you want to hold it more and do more.

I have ordered Philips Hue lights as the remote should also be able to control these, film comes on and lights go down, can't wait.
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on 7 June 2015
This was the new "one for all" remote I settled on as a replacement for my very old, trusty Philips Pronto remote which has served me well and still works to this day (approximately 25 years old I think).

This Logitech remote is beautifully designed and really comfortable and ergonomic. The touch screen works well and is very easy to use and even very intuitive to set up. Simply tell the remote all the items you need it to control (most of mine where found in the device lists), then choose an action (Watch TV, Play a game, watch a movie, Listen to music etc...) and then choose which devices to use for the activity (eg in my case TV, Tivo box and Yamaha AX1 amplifier) and it's set to go. Set up another activity to play a game on the PS3, another activity to watch a movie on the Pioneer blu-ray player and then you pick the activity from the touch screen.

When you switch between tasks the remote will turn off any device you were using and switch the inputs on the TV and the amplifier to correspond to the new requested device, eg it will turn off the PS3 and switch on the Tivo box and turn over the inputs as necessary.

The remote is not perfect and misses out on 5 starts for a couple of small, picky problems, first of which is the battery life - not great to be honest. A day or so of use and it needs charging - leaves you stuck and searching for all the individual remotes for your devices when it dies.

Second gripe is that it misses off a lot of necessary buttons from the touch screen and there is some additional work needed to get them on there. A couple of essential menu buttons for my Yamaha amplifier are missing and the thumbs up / thumbs down buttons for the Tivo are not there but this can be sorted with some time and effort.

Another annoying thing is that if the PS3 shuts down automatically on the built in power saving option then the Logitech remote loses connection to it and as it does not know the PS3 was shut down and expects it to be on you are forced to run through the routine to pair the remote to the PS3 again as a BD-remote in the PS3 menu using the original PS3 remote.

All in all I'm glad I got this as a replacement but still find I need to keep all the other remotes close by just in case.
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on 7 June 2015
This is probably the best universal remote on the market. I had the Harmony One which was great at the time. It got broken so I needed a replacement and got this. It took me a while to purchase this because I was price watching so going back to using several remotes was a pain. Buying it directly from Logitech will cost over £250.00 pounds. I got this with a 30% discount on Amazon. That is still not cheap but a bit more reasonable.

This arrived the next day as I chose a next day delivery option. I must say it was impressive presentation in terms of packaging. The set up was very simple and straight forward. You can't go wrong if you follow the installation guide that came with it.
A tip to anyone upgrading from a previous version of the Harmony remote. If you try using the upgrade/change remote in the older software, it doesn't work. This is not so obvious in any of the information provided. The natural assumption will be that the "old" version of the software will be upgraded etc so you can transfer your setting from previous equipments via that process.
There is a far simpler way of doing this. Follow the steps I have listed below.

a) Download the latest software from the harmony site first. Install and create your new account preferably with the different password to your previous harmony account.
b) Once you have completed the installation and account creation, the wizard will ask if you want to transfer your details from a previous account. You will be presented with a login page. Please log in to this with your old account details. This will transfer all your details across to the new account. That’s it.

Probably the best feature of this remote is that it has been kept simple - there isn't a lot of clatter or over complicated looking buttons, but it still manages to retain physical buttons for almost all commonly used features. This is achieved through a combination of migrating the number buttons to the touch screen and allowing short and long button presses to trigger different commands. As a result the remote is far less intimidating than most universal remotes and is also more comfortable to hold.
It is still possible to access less commonly used features via the touch screen; this is slightly less convenient than on some other remotes because the scrolling list of commands means that they are not in a fixed location which can be learnt, but they are still quick to access. On the whole this is still very easy to use.
My other half likes it and finds it easy to use so that is a plus on the design side. Her view is I like complicated technical stuff so the fact that she finds this easy to use is a massive bonus.

One of the awesome features I like is that you can create your list of favourite channels and customise the screen with your own icons. It’s a nice touch.

I have tried the iOS app via my iPad which also works very well but could do with some UI improvements. The layout is a bit too busy. I have not tried the Android version yet but will assume it’s very similar to the iOS version.

One minor moan I will have is the price. However if you want good quality you have to pay a fair bit for it. On the whole I am very delighted with my purchase and will recommend it.
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on 28 December 2013
The remote is really good, quite pricey and the WAF is a hurdle. I got this because of the smartphone integration, which does beg the question if I can use the phone to control it all, why both with the actual remote ? Set up is easy and the new MyHarmony web site is easy too, although I was used to the software having had previous Harmony remotes.

All that said, I had an issue with my SkyHD box, I had the make and model exactly as described on the unit, Harmony recognised it, however, some buttons just don't work, for example, backup, nothing, no way of backing up or exiting out of a Sky menu, also, the up, down, left and right buttons jumped two or three items, so I couldn't select what I wanted, after LOTS of digging around I read that I should re-assign the buttons myself, so the Harmony could learn how to use these buttons again.. come on, really ?? Well that didn't work either. I finally resolved this by choosing a different model of SkyHD box, as I have two in my house and that solved the issue and it now works perfectly. I can only assume that Logitech don't have the database quite up to date for my SkyHD box (2Tb box).

So what worked and what didn't...
Thompson 607120Q - this is the none working 2Tb box that had issues with direction and backup and jumping around.
Pace TDS-850NB - This is the model that worked correctly.

So, if you have issues, try this solution, hope it helps someone else not spending hours google-ing and re-programming.

In short, it's a great remote, and you shouldn't let my experience put you off, just be aware that you might, (and I say might, because in all the years I have used Harmony remotes this is the first and only issue that I've come across) have to tweak something.

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on 18 October 2014
Remotre arrived next day, thank you Amazon. Very easy to setup with software, remote was up and running in 5 mins controlling Samsung TV, Virgin Media, Apple TV and a B&O dock. I would have given 5 stars but the remote seams to loose the hub every now and then which means it does not work....
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on 5 January 2015
Where to begin..? I bought this from the Amazon Warehouse with some vouchers I had from work so it only cost me £37. I had a Harmony One until the dog knocked it on the floor and broke the screen so decided it was time to upgrade.
The initial set up is so easy it's shocking. Install the Harmony app on your PC (helps to use a laptop in the same room as the equipment you're going to be controlling), plug in the various bits when you're told to and the software does the hard work. I was given the chance to import all my settings from the Harmony One, but couldn't remember my old Logitech log in so had to skip that and do it manually. This was the hardest part, get the make and model of my TV/AV Receiver/Sky etc and which HDMI's they're connected to.
One bonus is that if you have a PS3, the hub will sync with it via bluetooth without the need for any extra hardware although I do have the PS3 Sync addon from my Harmony One. The hub will also sync to Nintendo Wii consoles, but unfortunately not PS4's! Apparently this is a long standing issue and is in the hands of Sony.
Once all my activities were set up, it's been fault free viewing ever since.
I've had a couple of issues with putting the remote in the cradle and changing but a little bit of re-seating sorts it.
Can't recommend enough.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 November 2015
This device is simply outstanding. Reading through the reviews, most of the key factors have been discussed so apart from adding my vote to the fact this is probably the best investment you can make towards your home entertainment system or Philips Hue lighting set up, I just wanted to point out one thing about this Harmony Remote:

If you take the time to set it up with all the pre sets, other members of your family who are useless at working with technology can finally easily switch between various devices and settings.

In my case, my girlfriend has no idea how to change the input settings to go from my Amazon Fire TV to the PS4 etc. Now at long last she can do it all without any assistance from me, this is a game changer and whilst I don't have kids of my own, my mate's 4 year old can now select cartoons on sky without any assistance.

For those of you that normally get scared off by stuff like this, take my word for it that once set up the Harmony Ultimate will make life so much easier when trying to operate all the multimedia tech in most homes.

Easy 5 stars for me
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