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4.1 out of 5 stars
Forza Motorsport 5 (Xbox One)
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26 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on 14 April 2014
I've owned every Forza, I think the series has improved steadily (with the exception of Forza Horizon, which should be considered a totally different title and one to be judged on its own merits). This is no exception, the graphics are stunning (NOT life like, as many have claimed, but good enough to make you sit back and admire them), the cars' handle has been improved, the online features are great and the new features, which have been well implemented (especially for those who prefer to beat their friends list set times, rather than join live races; always a bit of a lottery in Forza that you'll get some idiot smashing you off the track!).

If you enjoyed previous Forza titles (or Gran Turismo; I'm a fan of both and this is certainly a step up), then you will love this game.

I won't say too much of the content of the game (except to say; if you like meddling with cars; tuning/designing liveries, driving without assists, etc you will enjoy this game even more than the "play through the career" crowd), as it has mostly been said in other comments or reviews.

I think it is worth mentioning the content not in the box though. Overall the game shipped with half as many tracks as Forza 4 (and remember that one track is a drag-race straight!), and even less than half of the number of cars (200 v 500 in F4!). The lack of cars was really disappointing, and while many have been added through both paid DLC (a season pass to download MOST - note: not ALL! - of the cars will set you back another £40, to download ALL of the cars you need both the season pass and a VIP subscription!), and one free DLC pack, the lack of content "out of the box" was a real disappointment.

Perhaps the most disappointing part was the lack of drivable space. This game was released with a significant amount tracks from previous Forza titles missing. Nurburgring is gone (it is worth remembering that previous games had several layouts of Nurburgring, playable in both directions), the Maple Valley tracks (a staple of Forza) are no longer in the game, Suzuka is gone, the New York street circuit hasn't returned, nor has Sonoma, etc, etc.

The lack of tracks became noticeable very quickly, as you were soon doing the same routes through the same circuits over and over again during career mode (and later; in trials/challenges/multiplayer, etc). This has been alleviated by new routes through the existing tracks, and the addition of Long Beach and Road America.

Hopefully more free tracks will continue to be added to the game, but I think, despite the excellence of the game play, the stunning graphics and the fantastic new features and game modes, the game that shipped (and the subsequent profiteering; if you're planning to buy this game and explore all of the features you should add another £50-£60 to the price of the game for a season pass and VIP!) was a real let down.

Having said all of the above; many of these problems have been rectified since launch (although some more tracks would certainly improve the experience!); if you can swallow the ridiculous cost of the extras you will own the best racing experience on any platform, ever! (IMHO; and yes, I do/have own(ed) all GTs, Assetto Corsa, F1 games, PGR, NFS, Test Drive(s), the SimBin games (& mods), Wipeout, Mario Karts, blah, blah, etc, etc... going all the way back to Pole Position!).

The 2 missing stars are because I believe the game which exists now, for me as a season pass/VIP paying customer, with all the extra DLC and tracks, would have been a passable 5 star game at launch (even with the DLC it remains far short of the amount of content that Forza 4 shipped with!). It just feels like they either rushed the game out with a lack of content (to be added later), or held content back so they could sell it on; neither of which is particularly acceptable. I don't mind paying for DLC as long as it is extra content, the DLC for this game feels very much like stuff which should have already been in the box when it was originally sold!

TL:DR Summary: racing perfection, with lots of missing pieces!
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 13 March 2014
When I first flicked through the reviews I was not expecting this much from the game, however, I am glad that I still went for it. This game is amazing! The graphics are fantastic, the sound is beautiful, the fact that you never race AI drivers, but real "drivatars" from real players in the game make the racing feel realistic! I no longer feel that I am racing against AI. This is good for me as I don't often play online, but now I get the feeling that I am playing online but with all the control of offline mode. The custom design of the cars are, as always, amazing. I love the fact that you can chose to turn off the car designs during a race if you want to feel like you are racing with normal cars. Knowing that my car will race around the world with other users made me want to immediately design my car! The vibration feedback in the controller is also amazing, it almost flows around the controller so you feel every bit of the track in your hands!

At first I was sceptical about the lack of money and cars, but I was soon forgiving Microsoft when I realised you can get by ok without spending more on cars. I managed to get a free car pack already and if you owned previous Forza games you can get thousands of credits from your old achievements from singing into Forza's official website from your Xbox account!

This game is truly a good game, the 8GB update was kind of annoying but the Xbox One could play the game within 10% of the update so it was not really an issue. Overall, this is my first Xbox One game. And I'm so glad I chose this game to be my first!
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13 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 30 November 2013
Offers the ultimate driving simulator experience. Graphics are superb and a great showcase, to demonstrate what the new hardware can deliver. Gameplay is of the highest standard (as is always the case with forza). The sounds are great, the environments are detailed beyond belief, and the cars look almost life-like. A few disappointing touches include the loading times, the lack of tracks/cars and the repetitive sequences between races. A great launch title to demonstrate the potential of next-gen hardware.

+ Graphics and visuals look stunning.
+ Fantastic gameplay and physics.
+ Awesome use of the impulse triggers.

- Loading times.
- Lack of circuits.
- Relatively small roster of cars.

Overall a solid launch title, and a great game to show off next-gen to your friends/family.
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27 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on 25 November 2013
** Dec13 update: Turn10 have listened to feedback about in-game pricing and have taken 50% of all cars **
** June14 Nürburgring and others Long beach tracks added for free and yes I still play it once and while **

Its a great racing game as it stands but in the shadow of other Forza's its a little half baked around the edges, the cars are very detailed, the simulator feels very accurate and the new controller really maximizes the experience.

You can tailor the difficulty to be as hard(realistic, tough opponents) or as soft as you like(drives itself, easy opponents) and the controller lets you have more feeling and feedback about what the car is doing. Those who can drive in the real world may know what it feels like when ABS judders in after a heavy stop and this is reflected in the new XBOX one triggers VERY well.

The driving side of things is 5/5 end of,
+ its a great great racing/simulation engine,
+ new controller triggers REALLY adds
+ GFX are uptodate, the texture/grip/bumps of the road really stands out with the new lighting GFX. HDR tech light sun rays also play a part in tunnels and blind the driver at various parts making some tracks tricky in locations/directions.
+ seeing the paint/carbon jobs on the cars never gets old, you can see the weave and the paint flakes. this is where its almost photo realistic.
+ the DRIVAtar system makes a huge change, gone are the days of AI controlled sheep in your single player modes relentlessly following the perfect line nose to tail. instead, for each race get a stack of personalities and you see cars making random but human mistakes and taking strange lines.
+ scoring system, you don't have to finish first most of time to get maximum points(top3), you don't have to relentlessly 'restart' trying to banzai into the first corner melee to come out on top. This is key to making you work at the track and getting better
+ rewarded for playing at harder difficulty, to get the most points and progress you need to increase difficulty, Forza rewards you for driving as harder levels.
+ Top Gear presenters add a very polished and cinematic intro to each mode/class you enter with similar production editing as seen in the TV show.
+ uber short cuts are met with forced retardation to keep you within the track limits.

- It takes forever to load, like 2mins from starting the game to Menu main, 3mins to load after choosing a track, this is not next gen :(
- When finally loaded you get the exact same sequence of car rolling to line, then pit crew standing around in the exact same positions and motions, after 40 races it gets very sad to see and you cant skip.
- Kinnect head tracking sounded good but in practice I cant keep my head in the level/neutral position while playing however hard i tried. Maybe some tweaks or different rooms will make it work better( nice idea though).
- DLC and payment systems are way over board - progress is slowed down unless you have actual cash, rewards/achievement are less meaningful/rewarding as other can just buy them and it just feels like a money spinner. as an aside, if you do just want the car you once owned or dreamed of owning, it can be as little as £3. but its a hard pill to swallow on a £40+ game that has just come out.
- it doesn't rain or snow, weather effects, night time are missing.
- some effects, like smoke, dust kickup look sadly 2D
- it has crashed once randomly

Bad, If you've played Forza before
- not many cars compared to old, but still 200+ VERY VERY detailed examples
- 15-20 tracks, still plenty and very detailed, but not as many as before. Nürburgring, Abu Dhabi and top gear test track ASOTV are there however.

A great driving game with next gen feel, seems slightly rushed to market as some corners were cut(only seems this way if you've played F4), but it shouldn't worry you, the racing element is great.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on 15 December 2013
Can't believe dlc came out same time as release. Won't be buying another forza game. Have to pay for dlc to get the better cars. A fifty pound game can end up costing you £100. Your have to pay more to get the complete game also not enough tracks and no weather or day and night system. Feels a rushed game to get out for day one realise..
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83 of 99 people found the following review helpful
on 24 November 2013
I am not a driving game expert by any means. I don't know if this handles better than Gran Turismo V, for instance. To me, it's a typical racer that handles like a typical racer.

It looks stunning, and the rumble works brilliantly. The ability to play with the AI of a friend is clever; a natural upgrade of training your own AI in earlier games. The tie-in with Top Gear is fun if you happen to like that show.

However, that's where the good points end for me. Compared to other titles, this game is seriously lacking.


Lets put it into context. Forza Motorsport on the ORIGINAL Xbox had more cars and tracks than this game does. This is still the case if you buy the £60 'Limited Edition' version of this game. What essentially you are being asked then is, do you value graphics over quantity of stuff.

To a point yes, but in this case... no. The game looks great, but it's not a revolution away from Forza 4. Ironically, despite better looks there's less to see; as someone mentioned there are no weather effects, etc.

Personally I would prefer more tracks over slight graphical improvements. I would also EXPECT more from a game that is asking me to buy a new, expensive console to play it.

Here is what I see instead:

- Less tracks/cars than the original Forza as mentioned.
- The ability to drive as any car in FREE PLAY mode is gone.
- Crippled multiplayer; you can only race with cars you own. If an online lobby requires a certain car you don't have/can't rent, too bad.
- Small touches missing: distance of driver behind you non-existent.
- Drag races removed.
- Cars from previous games being held back as DLC you need to pay for.


The most galling thing about this title however is the micro-transaction feature. The inclusion immediately makes you cynical of what they have changed/taken out of the game. In many cases, micro-transactions are justified. But not here.

Take the Lotus E21. You can get this in the game by amassing 6 million credits and buying it (ignoring other things you want) To obtain those six million credits, you'll need to collect them for upwards of 20 hours. ...or you can buy it for £32.50 in real money.

Here's the problem though... the game INTENTIONALLY makes it difficult to get your own credits. You can no longer sell car parts. Few tracks means acquiring cars is a long, drawn out process. There are no longer discounts on upgrade parts. The game economy is simply appalling.

Appalling enough to knock this down to a one star rating? For me, yes.

Remember the days of cheat codes?
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26 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on 27 November 2013
The Game:
Pros: It looks great and plays great.
Cons: Loading times are disappointing, the game content and the interface, both fall short of Forza 4

I should say if you're only ever planning to play the game with an Xbox controller then I would absolutely recommend it, read this review no further.


I am a massive fan of Forza & Gran Turismo. Forza 4 for me was the best video game ever made and certainly best driving game in most every way (I still play it often). Knowing since the summer that Forza 5 was one of the release games for the new Xbox I was ready to splash the cash, right now I'm glad I didn't (My friend has one and we've put in a couple of full days on the game).

BUT, since Forza 5 was my biggest reason for wanting the console on release I'm very glad I held off.

Why Microsoft don't have my money yet:
I have a 'Playseat Challenge' driving seat (which I can highly recommend if you're not loaded and space is an issue; £180 new on eBay) and an FF steering wheel & pedals. It's a great little set up, sat in front of my 55 inch TV in proper driving position I'm in heaven. So as the release date got close I was disappointed and frustrated to find that there's only one steering wheel currently available for the console and it costs £350. An adaptor to allow the use of Xbox 360 steering wheels with the new console surely wouldn't have been too difficult to engineer and I would happily pay £50 for one. If such an adaptor was available Microsoft would already have my money for the console, game and adaptor.

Microsoft have had plenty of time to issue licences or the give required specs to manufacturers of steering wheels, so it's hard not to see this as a very cynical attempt to exploit money from its customer base.

So, I'll be sticking with Forza 4 until Forza 6 comes along. There are still thousands of online players for Forza 4 and graphics aside it's a better game than Forza 5. I'm hoping to see Forza 6 before the end of next year. Obviously by then the console will be cheaper, there'll be a lot more games to choose from and some sensibly priced steering wheels or an adaptor to be had.

Reading gaming forums I know I'm one of many that feel this way, I could gripe on for much longer, suffice to say `Microsoft fail'.

If you're thinking of paying £350 for the Thrustmaster Xbox One steering wheel, bear in mind that for the same amount of money you could get yourself an Xbox 360, Forza 4, an excellent `playseat challenge' and a decent force feedback steering wheel.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on 20 August 2014
I'm a big fan of racing games and would certainly rate this as my favourite so far. The accessibility it permits due to being able to fine tune the difficulty to suit your abilities makes it approachable for anybody whether they prefer a more arcade or simulation style approach.

Throughout the single player career you are regularly pitted against the same 'drivatars' giving you the illusion of rivalries with both your friends and people randomly picked even though it is only a representation of them. I was a little sceptical of this feature when I first heard of it but you will quickly pick up on certain peoples driving mannerisms being accurately represented by the new AI and can adapt your own ways of dealing with them accordingly. It certainly adds a little more depth and personality to what are generally fairly dull processions.

Also new is the ability to qualify for a gold medal for finishing in the top 3 which, instead of making things too easy as I first thought, makes races much more exciting as you can now increase the difficulty of the AI to ensure that you are racing right to the finish instead of just taking first place on lap 1 and going through the motions. I find myself trying much harder on tracks I find more difficult and it is much more interesting now that a single mistake can cost me a race.

The cars are fantastically recreated and each have their own distinctive feel. Being able to fine tune my favourite cars to get the most out of them is ever rewarding as well as the feature to let the game automatically apply modifications to suit a certain level if you just want to jump into a race.

Overall this is a huge improvement on the last Forza game and introduces a way of playing with friends and people around the world when they can't actually be online. The single player is extensive and due to the reworked medal system and drivatars it is much less of a grind than racing games usually end up being. The multiplayer is also extremely varied and introduces a large number of fun game modes and challenges as well as the standard class based competitions. Everything that could be wanted from a racer in a single game.
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on 27 March 2015
I have only played Forza 3 previously to this title and never really got the time to play it so I can't really offer a comparison to this title. I've had plenty of time to get into this one and I am seriously impressed. Took me a while to get a feel for the game but once I did I was hooked. I love the way the different cars handle in different ways and I love being able to tune the cars to get them to handle the way I like. It adds a different dimension to other racing games I've played before (like F1 on the old PSX and on XBox360, MSR on the Dreamcast).

There are some glitches in the game which aren't really that annoying, but I seriously dislike the DLC. I know this is the direction a lot of games are going now, but it doesn't add to the game at all. It actually detracts and annoys that you milking us for money to use other cars.

That being said, I found there were enough free cars and cars that you can buy with in game credits to keep me satisfied. I like the tracks too. People have complained here that there aren't enough, and to a degree I agree there could be more, but as it stands, including variations of tracks, there are about 50 tracks.

Being able to select a ghost to race against is a great feature. I've found it very useful to make me push harder on tracks for better times. I'm not an expert racer but I'm getting with 10% of the fastest time on all of the tracks now, and I still want to improve my times.

I've given it 4 stars which I have based purely on playability.
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on 11 February 2014
So this was the very first game I bought on the xbox one, As a long term fan of the series I couldn't pass it up. Now normally this would be a no brainier and I'd give it 5 stars straight away, But my experience with the game so far I have had some ups and downs. It's defiantly not as good as forza 4, but it is still a fantastic racer weather your new to the series or a long term fan like myself.

First of the all this game looks beautiful, I mean REALLY beautiful. It's one of the best looking (best in my opinion) games on the next gen. everything to the cars, the road and the environment's look stunning. I guarantee buying this it will be the first thing you notice and you will be blow away.

Anyone who has played a racer before knows that the race mechanics are solid. The racing in this game is great. With the new system drivatars the stale boring A.I are replaced with real online ghosts which are much funner to race against. However I tend to find the system annoying as most driveatars will crash into you any chance they get. If you prefer to race cleanly (Like myself) You will find this a huge pain.

Now for the biggest dip in this game, the tracks. There is only 13, no that's right only 13. This is a huge problem to me as it's so easy to get sick of racing on the same tracks, plus a lot of my all time fav's (The suzuka circuit) are absent. This is the biggest problem in the game in my opinion, and the thing most keeping it from getting 5 stars. The car selection is a little narrower compared to the rest in the series, however there are still are lot of fav's and far more then most other racer, and with plenty of DLC packs to choose from this isn't a huge hassle.

All in all this a fantastic game everything in it looks great and works, It has it's bumps but don't let these put you off. Forza 5 is a great racer and will keep you entertained for hours If you enjoy racers then buy this game and you will love it
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