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4.4 out of 5 stars949
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 20 December 2015
A ramshackle movie that has such gaping plot holes its laughable. Robert Downy Jr is a charismatic figure as ever, but since this movie has him running around as a rather shaken version of Tony Stark, who's not nearly as much fun as usual.
Window Dressing, also known as War Machine makes some token appearances, but in a rather uninteresting fashion (Most redudant sidekick Ever, since Jarvis could/can operate the Iron Man Armour remotely, and with far greater accuracy anyway.)..
Shamefully Guy Pierce is in this movie, and he's a rather uninspiring for such a great actor.
Ben Kingsley is Awesome. But thats pretty much a given.

Essentially the movie takes its story from The Incredibles.
Cant believe I'm going to say this but... yes. Iron Man 2 was better.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 May 2013
I think this is the best "Iron Man" until now! I liked it and, even more important (and quite incredible in fact), my wife liked it even MORE! Below you will find more of my impressions. This review in principle is FREE OF SPOILERS.

"Iron Man 3" is a merry, cheerful adventure, very fast paced, with excellent fighting scenes, but mostly relying on humor and excellent dialogs, full of typicall Tony Stark's jokes, half acid, half bitter but always pretty funny. Quite obviously this film has for only ambition to entertain us - and it succeeds in doing just that.

The story is mostly about Tony's past coming back to kick him in the butt with the maximum speed and strength, forcing him to visit places even more exotic than the wormhole in "Avengers", like deep ocean and rural Tennessee - and no more will be said. There are some darker moments, but general mood of this film is light - this is an amusement ride, not the voyage to the heart of the darkness.

Robert Downey Jr offers here to his public a spotless, brilliant performance, even better than in previous parts and "Avengers" - and honestly, I think here he is even better (funnier) than in his "Sherlock Holmes" franchise.

Gwyneth Paltrow is a very, very beautiful woman - but in this film she is much more than that. She is HOT, she is smoking hot, she is burning hot, she is lava hot, she literally bursts in flames so hot she is, in fact she is so hot that by moments she outshines the principal hero...))) No, for real, it is not an exaggeration - I will even hasard an opinion that in this film she reaches the degree of hotness never before attained by any other Hollywood actress...)))

Guy Pearce does well in this film. The character of Tony Stark's loyal bodyguard named Happy plays an important role. There are also some more hot bad guys and girls involved.

Dora the Explorer makes a short but remarkable appearance in her debut on the big screen - but nothing more will be said. And no, this is not a joke!

But it is Ben Kingsley, who plays the "Mandarin" who completely steals the show once we arrive to his evil den, which is a place of vile infamy, maleficent plots, decadent delights and rotten corruption so infamous on so many levels that it defies imagination! Believe me, in whole history of cinematographic villains, you have never seen a place so abominably unique as the horrifying hostile heretic hideous hidden hideout of "Mandarin"! And the lord and master of this place matches it in infect depravation!

Very exceptionally for a Hollywood super blockbuster, this film is not offensive to French or Muslims. No, really. I am serious.

As I already stated above, this film is so good, that my wife, who usually is not at all into comic books and/or superheroes almost died laughing and she actually thanked me for taking her to see it (and that doesn't happen often!). Therefore I recommend it without hesitation for a viewing with your wife or girlfriend - this should be a very pleasant common experience.

I will say nothing more here, but I will definitely buy the DVD as soon as it is available! Enjoy!
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on 9 May 2015
This film came across and generally fantastic and a real eye opener. Where the superhero was stretched to this extent, but a definite nope to 5 stars. The ending made no logical sence for the future of marvel films. It would of been perfect, if preserved for any fanalie Marvel film, so it's magor flaw was just the fact it came in too early for the Marvel series. I think the rest of the play worked out great. The powers of the enemy looked inlogical too but as long as the production played it to the comics then they have my respect..... ending plot was wrong though.
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on 2 February 2014
I always found Iron Man to be one of the most interesting Marvel superheroes.For,contrary to most,his only "superhuman"ability is his intellect.In fact he is an ailing man,surviving only thanks to his "electronics"ingenuity.His "complex"character,his high intellect ,combined with pointed humour,the playboy / business magnate amalgama, provide an excellent background for stories to be built upon.
I fully enjoyed I.M.1 and I.M.2 .No masterpieces,but extremely entertaining movies ,in more than one ways.A singularly contributing factor was the use of excellent actors to portray very interesting villain characters in both movies.
When I saw that in I.M.3 the great actor Ben Kingsley would portray "The Mandarin",arguably the most interesting enemy of Iron Man,I prepared myself for a treat.
I was wrong.I failed to factor in my "calculations"mr.Shane Black.Writer AND director of this movie.
Still,this makes things easier.There is no need to look around much to establish who is responsible for this "disappointment".
Even if I choose to neglect the superficial approach to all characters-no one is portrayed "in depth"-and the tottally unnecessary complexity of the story in some points of the plot,even if I pretend that I did not notice that perhaps a dosen schenes could be drastically shortened,or even deleted,without affecting the movie at all,I cannot tolerate total absurdity.For instance ,Tony Stark actually INVITES the Mandarin to attack him at his Malibu beachhouse without taking the slightest measure to protect his residence from a"military"type attack !!! On top of that he keeps his beloved girlfriend with him (plus his ex girl friend)exposing them to mortal danger!!!He acts like a moron,not like the 'superbrain"he is.Please........
But what is truly unforgivable ,as well as illogical,is the reduction of the dreaded Mandarin character into a clown!!! I cannot even begin to imagine what Ben Kingsley would have produced had he been given the opportunity to portray Mandarin as a villain .A memorable performance,at minimum !
Mr Shane Black is a third rate actor,but purportedly a good scriptwriter.At least if we ignore what he,himself,has admitted,that most of his scenarios were so much altered(by producers and directors) prior to being filmed that he could not recognise them.
Judging by this,his second movie(I never saw the first one),one thing is painfully obvious.He is not a good movie director.Not even a passable one.
Unless,of course,you really like this string of missed opportunities.
I expected more,Much more.
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on 19 January 2016
I loved this film, and despite a few personal issues i cannot deny it five stars because it was really good. Now yes the villain was a huge let down but at least Marvel rectified it in a later on one shot and reopened the possibility of an Iron Man 4 to include the real Mandarin villain. Despite this it was yet another beautiful example of a personal journey for Tony, left defenceless for the first time he really has to go out to prove that its not just the suit that makes him special. and albeit hes no Bruce Wayne but he certainly proves his worth. Using his ingenuity, people skills and improvisation Tony traverses and foils a terrorist plot. Like Iron Man 2 this is more of a personal story than an action one, as Tony deals with the fallout of Avengers Assemble and his post traumtic stress disorder this again provides some great development moments. Definitely recommended
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on 30 January 2014
Iron Man 3 (IM3) is a somewhat tricky film to review, as, looked at in isolation, it's not a terrible movie, nor a great one, it's simply okay, but has some smart dialogue some decent action sequences and the odd good twist. However, you can't looked at it in isolation, neither what has gone before in the film franchise, nor, crucially, from the source material.

For the casual viewer what IM3 does in it's limping away from what has gone before on screen is uncomfortable. Yes, the film nods vaguely in the direction of the first two and at The Avengers, but it never truly handles them well. It's really just a cursory glance at what has gone before in order that it can tell it's own story. That would be fine, truly fine, if the story it wanted to tell was worth it. But it isn't the story of IM3 (nerd rage + vengeance = Tony's screwed) is poor. The jokes are okay, but hardly worth the cost by themselves. Indeed, without the brilliance in a can which is Robert Downey Jr. I suspect that it would have been a disaster.

The biggest problem is Shane Black's utter disregard for the source material. The very particular run of comics from which this film was hewn (the run of six following the extremis storyline by Warren Ellis) is one of the best in the whole of Iron Man. It combines excellent writing, fascinating political, philosophical and moral arguments and some quite brilliant action. It presents us with a different type of villain, one who's motivations make a whole lot more sense that that which Guy Pierce was given (Lord above I feel sorry for Pierce in this role). I mean why bother telling the Extremis story if you're going to do this with it? Why on earth do we need to use Extremis at all? Any macguffin would do. So why use Extremis which is so much more than that? It honestly saddens me, as if it had been done properly this would have been head and shoulders the best film in the franchise. Deeply troubling with an horrifically sharp edge, but brilliant.

It would seem though that Shane Black doesn't give a damn about any concept which the audience might find difficult to grasp so he gave us this meh-mess of a movie, with some sharp dialogue and a couple of decent action scenes.

It's sad.
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on 19 December 2014
poor film other two far better
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on 31 August 2015
A good film but with one fatal flaw the mandarin is a bumbling idiot he could have been so much better given the chance but in this film Shane black turns him into a puppet which turned a great film into a good film. Also at £13.99 after being out for two years its expensive as like I say it isn't a great film wait for it to come down in price if you want to buy it as it really isn't worth the money.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 January 2015
I loved the first two Iron Man films. In fact I have loved at the time of writing this ever Marvel studios made film, except this one. Iron Man 3 was such a huge disappointment from start to finish I found it difficult to even wonder how it happened though the change of director from Jon Favreau to Shane Black who also had a part in the script as the most likely culprit.

So where to start? At the start. The first song that played was Eiffel 65 - Blue during the opening credits. What happened to AC/DC? The soundtrack for the whole film was pretty bad, even the original score was lacking any memorable moments.

That on it's own couldn't truly ruin the film but sadly it's not the only problem this movie has. The storyline follows on from the events of Marvels Avengers with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) being rather traumatized at the events, struggling to sleep building dozens of new Iron Man suits. During all this a terrorist known as the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) rises making threats at Stark.

The story makes a mockery of the beloved Iron Man villain the Mandarin in what, I assume, Shane Black thought was a clever way and while I praise Ben Kingsley's performance in the role I found it insulting and pointless. On the other half they integrate the Extremis storyline from the comics as well as Tony Stark's ability to remote control suits from his armoury but what should have been a pretty thunderous finale simply turned into a dull thud when his suits were as useful as paper dolls. There were special effects everywhere at the end but it felt so hollow.

So much of the film was also surprisingly slow. The idea of the film was to focus on the character of Stark rather than Iron Man but I feel they forgot Stark is Iron Man. In both Iron Man 1 & 2 they manage to develop both Stark and the other characters without bogging it down yet the reverse is true here, I feel they tried too hard and they lost the charm the first film had, even Robert Downey Jr could only carry it so far.

All in all I really didn't like it, I would go so far to say I hated it in fact, I was bored in fact for most of it. As a non comic book fan or casual movie goer I can see how people may enjoy it but to me it's just a blemish on Marvel's record.

Not recommended.

+ Robert Downey Jr and Ben Kinsley are superb.

- Music is terrible.
- Made a mockery of the Mandarin for fans.
- Wasted the Extremis storyline.
- Finale went out with a pop, not a bang.
- Felt slow.
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on 12 January 2015
This was okay but this is the third film in this franchise I'm realy not sure there should be a fourth .
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