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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 21 May 2015
Anker is a brand which makes very good items, they also have very good customer services, for any problems which you may have!

~This keyboard can come in really handy, it will work on Android, Windows, IOS and even on the Play Station!
~The keys are low profile which feel really nice when you type and all the keys are placed in the right place, making this keyboard comfortable to use.
~The key has Fn like most keyboards on laptops, which allows you to use the shortcuts, making life easier and saving time!
~The keyboard also have a slight rubber coating which helps to prevent scratches, the keyboard is also very thin but at the same time it's strong which its metal body, so it wont be easy to bend!
~ Also Anker gives you the choice about adding gel fit to this keyboard or not, they give you a strip of self adhesive gel feet, so depending what you plan todo with this keyboard, you have the choice of adding feet or not.
~They supply a good quality USB cable to charge this keyboard up and it has a Velcro strap on the cable, which allows you to keep the cable nice and tidy when not in use.
~The battery will last you weeks (depending on use) but the battery also charges up fast! and you can still use it when charging.

There isn't much more to say really, apart from that it does everything a keyboard should and it does even more with loads of shortcut keys! All together this keyboard is a nice little package which will easily fit inside a tablet carry case, making it really portable for us!
I have uploaded a few pictures which may help you decide if this is right for you or not.

If this helped you, can you please tick this was helpful, Thank you.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 6 January 2015
First, this keyboard replaces an Apple bluetooth keyboard. Up front, the Anker keyboard is easier to type on. The keys are more substantial, and the spacing is better. The keys have a familiar "clickey'click" feel of the better keyboards out there. It has rubber nubs at the corners so it doesn't slip. Key layout is identical to the Apple keyboard, so there was zero time spent getting used to it.

Bluetooth pairing was a breeze. There's a bluetooth key ("Z") to press to get it to pair. This took all of about 10 seconds after charging (USB to microUSB, cord included).

In short, you can spend more for an Apple bluetooth keyboard, or you can spend less with the Anker and get a better keyboard. Best endorsement I can give is that it replaced my Apple keyboard completely. Well worth it.

I was provided the keyboard for a fair and honest review, which I have provided.
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on 28 August 2013
Anker® Ultra-Slim(4mm) Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Keyboard Review

This is my first review of anything on here to date, I've decided I am going to actively review more of my purchases to make other people aware of any pros or cons with products that I have tested. As such I will be going back though my hardware purchases and adding in unbiased reviews.

There were specific reasons that I chose this particular product over the many alternatives that I looked into before making my final decision:

It has an inbuilt (rechargeable) battery
The keyboard is only 4mm thick
The price point (£19.99) is excellent

Having a built in battery, aside from meaning that I don't have to purchase batteries for the keyboard, also means that it can be manufactured much thinner than competing products as it doesn't have to house any relatively bulky standard AAA or even AA batteries.

Being chargeable via USB cable (supplied) means that I can recharge this with my Anker Astro E5 (other portable battery packs are available :P) so I never need to worry about running out of power.

Overall I am extremely pleased with this keyboard, it is sleek and very easy to type on. In fact I am writing this review on it right now.

The keyboard is supplied with a user manual, USB cable and 8 tiny rubber feet which you put on yourself. The manual must have been updated following previous reviews as other people stated that it didn't point out what the shortcut keys do, it does now so that's nice to see a company actually taking on board customer feedback.

Without the feet the keyboard will slide around slightly on a flat surface and these feet do a great job of preventing that.

They do add a tiny bit of depth to the keyboard taking it above 4mm at its thickest point, but not so much that it bothers me in any way.

You do need to be careful where you put them as the keyboard is so thin that it will flex under pressure if they are not thoughtfully placed. I put four in the corners around 2mm from the edges and then 4 more in a square towards the centre of the keyboard spaced out around 2 inches apart from each other.

To give you a better representation, the feet I placed in the middle are roughly beneath the following keys... "5", "8", "V" and "M" I did this because I had read previous reviews saying that the keyboard was flexing in the middle. This eliminated that problem completely and the keyboard feels sturdy under every key press regardless of which key I am applying pressure to.

Setting up the keyboard is a doddle even if you are non-technical, it's literally just a case of turning on Bluetooth on the device and clicking the connect button. When you tap on the "Keyboard" from your list of detected Bluetooth devices it prompts you to press a combination of four keys on the board and then it pairs.

One very minor gripe with the keyboard is that the aluminium on the underside of the keyboard is very easily scratched. I am gutted that I have already scratched mine. I accidentally let the metal hinge of my Smart Cover run across the back of the keyboard and it has put a minor surface scratch in the back. With this in mind it may have been nice if Anker included a soft fabric bag/cover for the keyboard when not in use to prevent it getting scratched putting it in and out of your bag.

The layout of the keys on the keyboard is very natural and there is only one point that will mean it takes a tiny bit of getting used to... The right hand shift key is very small and very close to the "up" key, which your little finger may find accidentally at times. So I've taken to using the left shift key as an alternative when I'm typing very quickly.

The only other thing I would have changed from a design point of view, personally, is I would have had the rubber feet in black, but permanently built into the underside of the keyboard. This way they could have been lower profile and much less likely to fall off once the keyboard has aged a little.

Both permanent feet and a supplied bag for protection would have increased the price point of this product so for 20 quid I think they have got it spot on. I would have paid £25-30 for it if it had a bag and some permanent feet, but I think for 20 pounds you really can't go wrong.

I can't really recommend this keyboard enough. It is brilliant. It is so thin that it actually fits inside my Belkin Pleated sleeve along with the iPad which has a Belkin Snap Shield Secure and a Smart Cover in place.

One thing I will say, of you are planning to work on this and using the "£" sign a lot then you have to use the iPad keyboard to do this as the Anker has a $ sign instead. This is not a real issue and it made considerably less of a ball-ache by the fact that pressing F4 on the Anker brings up the on screen keyboard; a nice touch.

I am so pleased with this purchase, although it is very early days I can see it lasting a long time if you take good care of it.

Although I am reviewing it from an IOS users perspective, it is worthy of note that it will also work with a Windows or an Android device.

In short, if you have 20 quid and want a highly portable Bluetooth keyboard, buy this.

I have given this product 4 stars, which for me is VERY good, I am not going to give a product 5 stars unless it really blows me away and I can't find any flaw at all.

If this was out of 10 I would have given 9, the only thing that lets it down, in my opinion, is having no £ sign for UK customers. The fact that I scratched mine within minutes of opening it is bugging me, but only because I'm an absolute perfectionist and I'm angry with myself that I wasn't more careful.

/edit since writing this review I have since learned that you can hold down the shift key and press 3 to get the £ sign! Have 5 stars Anker... Very, very well done.


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on 26 June 2014
I'm keen to move to a bluetooth desktop so I don't have to use one of my USB ports to connect the wireless receiver for mouse/keyboard.
I've not had much luck finding options but I'm currently trying out a wireless mouse as well as this item.
After a bit of fiddling to get it connected to my Windows 7 laptop and working out how to wake the keyboard up after a period of inactivity I've managed to get it basically working.
I've used some foam pads/bumper stops (bigger than those supplied) to lift up the keys to a better height/angle more like I've been used to with my full size wireless keyboard.
However I'm finding the size and travel of the keys to be difficult to use for any length of time. In particular the position of the ctrl key (not being on the extreme left hand side) makes it hard to do cutting, copying and pasting using the keyboard - that's a regular thing for me.
I knew that there was no numeric keypad and the edit keys being combined does make it more complicated to use, but it's fundamentally the shape and travel of the keys that makes me think this isn't going to work as a permanent replacement for me.
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on 12 November 2013
Updated: My initial review mentioned a niggling problem with the space bar failing to register presses when typing fast. As a result of that review Anker customer services got in touch and sent me a replacement which works perfectly. Superb customer service. Review updated to reflect experience with the replacement.

I've had this keyboard for a month or so now, and have written about 20,000 words on it at this point.
The keyboard looks good, is well made and syncs easily with my Nexus 7 tablet. Battery life is excellent (I charge it every few days when I remember and have never had it die on me).
Typing on it is smooth and easy - the keys are well spaced and the layout is good in spite of the small size of the keyboard.
It's compact and lightweight, and is a much better addition to my bag than a laptop or netbook.

Would recommend to anyone who wants to be able to type efficiently on the go. The only downside is the lack of built in stand for phones and tablets, but this is easily overcome. At the current price (£19.99 at time of review) it's superb.
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on 23 June 2013
I wanted to choose a keyboard to use with my Nexus 7 tablet. After much deliberation I chose the Anker Ultra-Slim, and have been using it for a couple of days now. It's arguably slightly less convenient than the type that clips onto the Nexus to form a hard case (which was my other option) but I believe the slightly larger size makes it more usable. It was supplied with low-profile rubber feet, and a micro USB cable but no charger, Anker expect you to use your tablet/phone charger.

The keys are well spaced and have a very positive 'springy' feel to them which, although I'm no touch typist, I find allows me to type at roughly the same speed as on a full size keyboard. Bearing in mind it's only 40mm wider than the Nexus when in landscape format I'm more than happy with that.

Although it's as light as a feather, and extremely thin, the build quality is fantastic. The back of the keyboard is actually aluminium, and the front has a soft rubbery type coating which looks great but can show greasy finger marks. The keys have the characters printed onto them, but the printing looks exactly the same as my 8 year old Logitech MX3000, so I have no concerns about the print wearing off over time.

There are three keys which, when used with the 'Fn' key, set the keyboard up for iOS, Android or Windows. The only downside I can find is that it has a US keyboard layout. However I got around this by using 'External Keyboard Helper' from the Google Play Store which re-maps the keys to a UK layout. It pairs easily, and stays paired, to both my Nexus 7 & Windows PC. I'm using it now to type this review on the PC and, when compared to my full size Logitech keyboard, it doesn't feel at all cramped or unnatural.

I do have to use a separate device to prop the Nexus up at a suitable angle - Anker make an iPad version of this keyboard that does just that, it's a pity they didn't think to include that feature here as it would be a great benefit.

Overall though I'm very happy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
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on 31 December 2014
Okay, I really don't get the people who don't give this good reviews, but I'm going to be completely subjective here and list the bad points as well as the good, so here goes.

The Cons:

-Battery does not last very long. It'll get you through about 6 hours of use so it'll need a recharge every night (depending on how much you type at work of course)

-It automatically disconnects after a minute to save battery. Although this saves battery 1 minute is too soon and if you're at a conference or lecture and taking notes it's annoying cause you have to wait for it to switch on and reconnect before you can continue typing.

That's it, Short list I know. Now for the good. Here I will also address some things said in other reviews.


-Connects to anything. So far I've used this with an Android Phone, Ipad, Macbook, iMac, Windows PC, Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 and it connects and works with all of it.

-Super slim and light. I've stopped taking laptops to presentations or conferences cause carrying this is a lot easier and you can just take notes or save presentations on your phone (even better if it has a large screen). These days IOS and Android have more han capable word processing suites.

-Just the right size. It's not too small for you to mistype things and not too large. I don't even have to move my wrists and this helps me type a lot faster than before.

-Buttons feel great and High quality. In fact it's on par with my Macbook Pro keyboard.

-Some people complained that there's no home button (Android) and I can only assume they are either very impatient or lacking in literacy. Because if you take a second to read the booklet that comes with it, it shows al sorts of Keyboard shortcuts including a home function.

-Super nice customer support. Not only does it come with a warranty but the customer support team even contacted me a week after delivery to ask if I was satisfied with the product, so if you're unlucky enough to get a faulty one please contact them and get a replacement instead of ranting in the review section of amazon.

That's it. Hope this helps.
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on 26 April 2014
Keyboard goes into standby mode too fast if not used so if you are typing an email and pause to think or review what you have written so far the keyboard is likely to go into standby mode. It connects again automatically when you press first key but there is a delay. Had there been an option to set standby timer or hadi would rate this product 5 stars but with this shortfall I think 4 is fair.
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on 15 May 2013
(ultra-slim 4mm version). There's plenty of super-small bluetooth keyboards around, this one is fantastic. Bought it to use with my ipad mini. It's about an inch wider than the mini - but only an inch narrower than my full-size macbook keyboard. This makes it extremely comfortable to type on - it's nowhere near as cramped as many of the other units around I've tried. It is well-built in aluminium and solid ABS plastic, and feels sturdy enough (although being so thin, its got quite a bit of flex so be aware). Paired quickly and with no issues, and no lag. I've written a couple of 2,000 word essays on it, and have had no problems. The upper row of function keys are super useful with the iPad as well. This coupled with the mini is the most incredibly portable near-laptop-replacement I could have wanted. It weighs nothing, works seamlessly, and is a great deal at this price. No idea about battery life - I've been using it plenty for the past 3 weeks and is still going strong.

One little tip - the keyboard comes with a pack of 8 sticky rubber feet dots; if you put them on the back of the keyboard around the edge, typing in the middle becomes quite bouncy and flexy. I recommend getting some thin strips of rubber tape for grip instead, to support the centre where your fingers are typing the most.
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on 25 August 2013
I bought this keyboard to extend the capability of my Nexus 7 as a tool for creating documents and writing lengthy emails when travelling.
I have to say that I was delighted by the overall experience of using the product. I bought the version focused more specifically for the iPad but it still has buttons that apply to Android such as home etc.
I liked the action of the keys whilst typing, I used the keyboard continuously for about a week when I got it to see if I could use it for typing and as a touch typer I didn't have any problems, though it was slightly trickier than using a full sized computer keyboard.
The Bluetooth pairing works perfectly and so far it hasn't dropped connection.
As for weight and sturdiness, the aluminum backing gives it a robust feel despite the ultra slim profile and it weighs next to nothing. Certainly no problem to bring traveling.
They also included the USB charger cable and the documentation was clear and concise.
In summary this will be perfect for times when I only take my tablet traveling but still want the ability to write long documents or emails without wearing my finger out.
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